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Is Paddle Boarding Fun?

So, you are wondering – is paddle boarding fun?

Paddle boarding is a fun full-body activity that is extremely good for your body and mind. 

It can also be calming and spiritual as you get to explore beautiful nature with it. Moreover, this sport has grown in popularity among individuals who enjoy other fun activities while paddle boarding such as yoga and meditation using Standup Paddleboarding.

Wait, is there a difference? Is Standup Paddleboarding fun too? 

Relax and let WWB Writer, hzyie, guide you on the 11 things you need to know about Paddle Boarding, so that by the end of it, you will be able to plan out your next trip to explore great hidden gems using your very own paddle board (Woohoo!

11 Things You Need To Know About Paddle Boarding

  1. Paddle Boarding Is Easy To Learn
  2. Paddle Boarding Has Many Benefits
  3. You Can Do Lots Of Activities Using Paddle Boarding 
  4. You Can Paddle Board Anytime
  5. Explore Beautiful Places While Paddle Boarding
  6. Paddle Boarding Is An Affordable Sport
  7. Paddle Boarding Is Easy To Maintain
  8. You Can Look Like A Pro-Paddle Boarder With These Easy Tips
  9. Safety Tips When Paddle Boarding
  10. Paddle Boarding Can Improve Your Survival Skills 
  11. Paddle Boarding Is For Everyone


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So, let’s paddle in!

11 Things You Need To Know About Paddle Boarding


1. Paddle Boarding Is Easy To Learn?

Is Standup Paddleboarding fun

Sure, there’s a lot of water sports that are readily available for people to try out.

 So, why paddleboard? 

Well, did you know, Paddle Boarding is actually one of the easiest water sports to learn and one of the highest calorie-burning water sports?

If you are already bored of using those dumbbells to get rid of those flabby arms, then Paddle Boarding is definitely a great exercise for you to try!

Moreover, if you already have experience in surfing, you will definitely be familiar with paddle boarding, plus you get to carry one less item (sans the paddle sticks).

Is Paddle Boarding Hard?

No, not really. All you really need is your two arms & a paddleboard.

How To Get On A Paddleboard?

    Here are 3 steps to start:

  1. Buy or rent a paddle board 
  2. Find a calm & safe water area to practise
  3. Position yourself at the centre of the board and start paddling

Okay, perhaps that sounds too simple, but the main point is that paddle boarding shouldn’t be hard for beginners to try.

Oh, let’s not forget about the cooler cousin of paddle boarding!

So, Why Try Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUP)?

One of the main reasons why stand-up paddle boarding is gaining popularity is that it is highly versatile and more intense as you need to have a good balance and engage all of your core muscles.

In fact, it is so relaxing and fun that even your furry friend can get to experience it on a SUP board!

2. Paddle Boarding Has Many Benefits

Of course, just like most sport; Paddle Boarding has many great benefits, both physically & mentally.

Here are few awesome benefits that you will gain from Paddle Boarding & Standup Paddle Boarding:

  • You’ll get a toned body & amazing tan lines
  • Improve your balancing
  • Help with your body posture
  • Reduce stress level
  • Improve your Cardiovascular
  • Great eye coordination

3. You Can Do Lots Of Activities Using Paddle Boarding 

One of the few reasons why paddle boarding is fun is because you can do other activities while paddle boarding with any user group. 

You can paddle board alone (which is great, especially if you are an introvert), or with a partner (Great couple activity, by the way) or with family/friends. 

Let’s get on ‘board’ on some of the activities that you can try when paddle boarding:

1. If You Are Single

Sometimes all you need is to break away from all the hustle & bustle of life by doing a physical activity that is immersive with nature.

SUP Yoga
Is Paddle Boarding Fun

Yoga is one of the best activities for solo travellers as it helps to relax the mind. Most people usually perform yoga in a studio or at a park but doing yoga on a paddleboard in the middle of Lake Tekapo, New Zealand?

Now that’s an exciting challenge especially for those who are seeking to elevate their yoga game. 

Meditate / Reading

Perhaps you wish to unwind yourself after all the adventurous activities that you did throughout your trip. So, a little paddling activity while catching up on some of your favourite books is another fun activity to try as a solo traveller. 


If you are looking for a change in your workout activity, paddle boarding is a good exercise to consider as you get to perform various paddle boarding workouts such as planking, lunges which can significantly improve your core strength, balance and stamina. 

2. If You Are A Couple

A couple who does adventurous activities tends to have a better travelling experience than those who prefer to wander independently.

So, why not try these out as part of your bonding experience as a couple:


Breakfast at Hotel’s restaurant? Dine-in at a 5-star rating local restaurant? Boring…Spice up your foodie game by having a breakfast picnic while Paddle Boarding at sunrise. It is a fun and romantic way for you to exercise before and after your meals.  

Night paddling
Best Paddle Board Accessories

Paddle Boarding at night is definitely a thrilling experience, but like any sport, always be mindful of your surroundings and take additional precautions such as installing waterproof LED lights underneath your SUP boards, headlamps, flare guns (for emergency) etc.

You can even try night paddling while watching fireworks.

3. If You Have Family/Friends

Some of the craziest adventures that you will truly cherish in life are doing silly activities with your wacky siblings or close family members or friends. 


You can incorporate fun games while Paddle Boarding like: 

  1. “Tug-of-War” using your paddle sticks.
  2. Polo paddle Boarding 
  3. SUP Racing
Best Paddle Board Accessories

The whole point of paddle boarding is to be in nature, so grab a board and start nature sightseeing with your loved ones through beautiful streams or calm lakes.

4. You Can Paddle Board Anytime

When it comes to water sport activities, you really have to follow mother nature’s schedule to get the best experience. Ideally, the best recommended time to do Paddle Boarding is early morning session at sunrise or late afternoon at sunset.

Some of the reasons why it is highly recommended that you try paddle boarding during these periods are because: 

  • You get to soak in those sunshine vitamins (yes, get that Vitamin D from sunlight!)
  • Take advantage of lighter downwind during those periods for a breeze paddling experience
  • Ideal for your holiday photoshoot

At the end of the day, you get to decide the best time to do Paddle Boarding but always keep a lookout on weather conditions first.

5. Explore Beautiful Places While Paddle Boarding

The world is your playground but here are some of the beautiful locations that are worth being on your bucket list such as:

Moraine Lake, Canada

Go here for its emerald-coloured water & scenic glacier-covered mountains

Is Paddle Boarding Difficult

Lake Tahoe, USA

Go here for its accessibility for all levels of paddle boarding and nearby SUP rental centre.

Is Paddle Boarding Difficult

Islands Of Greece

Go here for its 6000 islands and wondrous cave systems to explore.

paddle boarding is a good exercise


Go here for an authentic origin experience of Paddle Boarding as well as an opportunity to paddle with amazing sea creatures and beautiful coral reefs.

paddle boarding is a good exercise

6. Paddle Boarding Is An Affordable Sport

If you are still new to this sport, you can always opt for the rental option first before considering buying your very first paddle board. 

Though, it is worth noting that on average, paddle boards can cost between $300 to $1,200.

Best Paddle Boards On the Market 

There are various types of Paddle Boards that are now available in the market based on their material & usage. 

Hence, you must have a clear objective on your paddle board usage so that you can buy the best paddle board that will optimise your paddling experience.

So, here are the types of paddle boards that may be suitable for you:

1. Inflatable Paddle Boards 
Best Paddle Board Accessories

What we like:

  1. Super great for beginner and frequent travellers 
  2. Easy to bring when travelling
  3. Very stable board to practice

What we don’t like: 

  1. You have to inflate or deflate upon usage which can be taxing at times. 

(Alternatively, bring a portable air pump for your convenience and to help save you time.)

2. Hard (Epoxy) Paddle Boards
Best Paddle Board Accessories

What we like: 

  1. Most durable board 
  2. Suitable for SUP racing and Long Distance 
  3. Best performing paddle Board (Great for experienced users)

What we don’t like:

  1. Most expensive
  2. Very difficult to transport (you need additional and specialised storage) 
3. Soft (Foam) Paddle Board
Is Paddle Boarding Fun

What we like:

  1. Most affordable board (compared to Inflatable SUP Board or Hard Paddle Board)
  2. Great for beginners or children (It will not hurt in case you do fall on the board)

What we don’t like: 

  1. It can be heavier
  2. Limited usage in terms of performance

Paddle Boards For Specific Activities

It is worth mentioning that several types of paddle boards are also available based on specific activities such as:

why paddleboard

The name speaks for itself. The nose of the board is rounded and can be used for all paddling activities. It is a great paddle board to start with.

why paddleboard

A long narrow shaped board that is commonly used for long-distance paddling or racing. This type of board is ideal for an experienced paddler.

why paddleboard

This board is slightly wider than an all-round paddle board as it allocates a wider deck area for your yoga activity.

Best Paddle Board Accessories 

Here are some of the best  and probably essential accessories worth checking out if you plan to include paddle boarding in your next holiday trip:

7. Paddle Boarding Is Easy To Maintain

why paddleboard

If you are committed and love Paddle Boarding, well good news for you! 

Its maintenance is hassle-free though we highly recommend that you use these maintenance tips so that your paddle board can last longer:

1. Inspect Regularly

Always inspect your board condition prior to any trip or usage as it helps you to be well-prepared for any unforeseeable outcome. Plus it wouldn’t be great if you bring your paddle board across a continent, only to find out later that it is damaged. So, always inspect!

2. Paddle Board Bag

It is good to invest in a durable paddle board bag as it helps to protect your board from any long exposure to sunlight as it can potentially deflate your paddle board & wear out the board design over time as most boards are made from plastic material.

3. Regular Rinse

Keep a good habit of washing your board before and after usage and dry the board before storing to prevent any moulding on your board.

4. Do Not Drag 

Always remember to carry your board once you’re done paddle boarding as having punctures and scratches can reduce your board’s shelf-life. 

8. You Can Look Like A Pro-Paddle Boarder With These EASY Tips

Is Paddle Boarding Fun

You should follow these tips (if you’re planning for an adventurous date with your partner or with your friends over the weekend) so that you can leave a lasting impression:

  • Always look forward when you stand up and paddling to maintain your balance
  • Posture: Bend your knee a bit and make sure to stand on the centre of the board to prevent yourself from falling
  • Use proper paddle techniques
  • Always practise basic safety guides 
  • If you do fall, do not wrap yourself around the board and kick underneath the board instead start kicking forward and gradually climb over the board

Paddle Board Techniques

why paddleboard

A pro paddler can easily spot a newbie simply by observing their paddle techniques. So, let’s avoid those by knowing the proper techniques:

  • Hold your paddle properly – Please do not hold your paddle sticks like a broom, always make sure to place one hand on the T-grip and another hand on the paddle shaft.
  • The direction of your paddle blade –  Always remember that the angled blade must be away from you when paddling.
  • Make sure to dip the entire blade of the paddle and engage both your arms and back muscles to have more power in your stroke. 
  • Use proper stroke techniques such as:
  1. Forward Stroke – To move forward
  2. Reverse Stroke – To slow down or stop
  3. Sweep Stroke –  To change direction

Here’s a video that can help you with your paddling techniques!

9. Safety Tips When Paddle Boarding

Is Paddle Boarding Difficult

Never compromise your life by skipping any safety guide regardless of any sports.

 As fun as it is, always ensure that you’ve taken the necessary safety measures before you start paddle boarding.

For those who are new to Paddle Boarding, it is important to adopt these basic safety tips such as:

  • Practise in a safe & calm water area first
  • Wear a safety ankle leash & PFD at all times
  • Practise falling into the water ( Avoid falling on board as you might risk hurting your wrist or knee)
  • Have a buddy to help spot you for any potential danger
  • Try to allocate a limited time as a beginner (Perhaps try paddling for one hour first to observe your stamina level)
  • Always be prepared: have a water bottle to keep you hydrated and other essential emergency items such as tow rope, flashlight
  • Wear bright neon attire to stand out

10. Paddle Boarding Can Improve Your Survival Skills

Is Standup Paddleboarding fun

Once you have enough experience or are comfortable doing paddle boarding at any open water areas (i.e islands, open shores), follow these advanced safety guides which will greatly improve your survival skills such as :

  • Always check your weather forecast and wind speed. Never paddle boarding when there is strong wind above 10mph as it is highly risky (even Pro hates it at times!)
  • Please do update your loved ones on your location and expected time to return if you plan to do solo paddle boarding. (Though, we highly recommend that you paddle board with a buddy!)
  • Have good basic knowledge of wind reading and be familiar with the types of wind: 
  1. Offshore Winds: Winds that are travelling away from land
  2. Onshore Winds: Winds that are travelling towards land
  3. Cross Shore Winds: Winds that travel parallel with the land

Paddle Boarding is fun if you use the offshore winds or downwind properly as these winds will help you move faster and further when paddle boarding.

However, it can also be very dangerous if you do not pay attention to your surroundings as you can easily drift further away from shorelines.

  • Always observe your surroundings
  1. Lookout for any flags or trees for wind direction
  2. Analyze the water condition: If you see a lot of water ripple or whitecaps in the water area, it is a clear indicator of strong wind.
  3. Find a physical landmark as a guide, so that you can immediately shift your direction back to land (in case you got caught by offshore winds)
  • If you do get caught by sudden strong winds, do these:
  1. Stay calm
  2. Get low to reduce wind resistance, either be on your knees or lying down
  3. Seek wind shelter if available

In short, always remember: be alert and never fight mother nature. Respect her direction and she will guide you home safely. 

11. Paddle Boarding Is For Everyone

You don’t need to be an Olympian to have fun with paddle boarding. This sport welcomes all types of users; (from children up to senior citizens).

If you still feel sceptical about this sport, take a look at some of these common questions on paddle boarding:

Is Paddle Boarding Fun? FAQs

why paddleboard

1. What Is So Great About Paddle Boarding?

It is one of the best sports that is a low-impact exercise that highly engages with all of your core muscles (i.e arms, body and legs).

2. Is Paddle Boarding Worth it?


There will always be both pro’s and con’s to all sports, but ultimately, only you can determine whether paddle boarding is a worthy sport for you.

Because it is a new, exciting outdoor activity that can help people to either lose weight while exploring or even enjoy multiple activities such as SUP Yoga.

4. Is Paddle Boarding Difficult?

Only if you want to believe that it is difficult. With proper knowledge and appropriate equipment, anyone can learn paddle boarding and enjoy its benefits and fun experience.


So coming back to the main question: Is paddle boarding fun? 

I think you already have your answer based on these 11 things about paddleboarding. 


Ultimately, paddle boarding is a fun exercise regardless of whether you are doing it alone, with your partner or together with your loved ones. 

Do share this article with your partner, family or friends that are still deciding whether to include paddle boarding in their next travel itinerary. 

Is Paddle Boarding Fun?