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13 Best Drysuits for Kayaking – An Essential Guide for 2023

If you’ve been on the search for the best drysuit for kayaking to wear next time you get into a kayak, you know it’s no easy task.

Some of the issues that you may face include the sizes not being accurate, or you don’t know if the material will actually keep you dry while you go on your adventure. 

Sometimes, a drysuit is a real necessity instead of a luxury. 

This is especially so when you plan to go kayaking in cold climatic conditions or waters, in which case you must definitely need to remain dry.

So, here you’ll find the best drysuits for kayaking to keep you dry and cozy while doing what you love.

Let ‘s begin!

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Our Top Picks!

If you’re in a rush, check out our top picks of the best outfit for kayaking:

Our PickKokatat Hydrus 3.0 Meridian Dry SuitPros:
-It has a version for women.
-Breathable and comfortable, so you can paddle with no -discomfort.
-Bright coloring and reflective trims, so you’ll be identified from a distance and at night if there’s an accident.
-Neoprene socks attached to keep your feet dry.
-Pockets and over-cuffs added for packing small items and keeping you dry.
-Keeps you warm. 

Best For The BudgetStohlquist Amp DrysuitPros:
-It has a version for women.
-Breathable and comfortable, no extra fabric in the way and no more being soaked in your sweat.
-Bright coloring and reflective trims, so rescuers can see you from a distance, if anything happens.
-Relief zipper for comfortable trips to the bathroom.
-Neoprene socks attached for keeping your feet dry.
-Pockets and over-cuffs added for storing small items.Keeps you warm, especially good in colder settings.

Best For WomenKokatat Women’s Hydrus Swift Entry DrysuitPros:
-Awesome fabric, so you should have this drysuit for  a long time.
-Front-entry type, so it’s easy to wear.Built-in drop seat for durability.
-Can be adjusted to your body type, so awesome for every type of women’s body.
-Latex seals, which are very high quality.
-Good breathability to prevent discomfort.

Best For MenVZKAK Men´s DrysuitPros:
-High-quality fabric that ensures a long time using this drysuit.
-Waterproof zippers, so water won’t leak through them.
-Neoprene socks attached for keeping your feet dry.
-Different sizes and bright blue colors, so you’ll be seen from afar.
-Top and bottom can be separated, you can wear it however you like.
-Reinforced patches for extra durability.
-Easy to put it on and remove it.

13 Best Drysuits For Kayaking 

1.Kokatat Hydrus 3.0 Meridian Dry Suit

best drysuit for kayaking kotatat hydrus meridian dry suit


  • Superb quality
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Reinforced patches on knees, elbows, and seat
  • Several sizes and colors
  • Waterproof zippers and pockets
  • Neoprene and latex seals
  • Lifetime warranty 


  • Getting into it might be complicated

This drysuit is by far the best drysuit for kayaking out there, considering its high-quality three-layers of GORE-TEX fabric which is generally deemed to be the best fabric for drysuits.

The fabric will not only keep you dry but is also super breathable, making the drysuit a very comfortable one.

More importantly, this suit is extremely budget-friendly.

This drysuit has a waterproof front entry and relief zippers, this last one is placed differently in the suit’s version for women.

This is not something you’ll encounter with every suit! Some of them might not feature relief zippers for women, which makes bathroom calls extra difficult for us ladies.

It also comes in different sizes (S,M,L,XL,XXL) and colors, which means you’ll be able to pick whatever suits you best. 

Additionally, there is a bungee cord in the waist area that you can use to adjust the fabric around this part of your body.

The seat, knees, and elbows areas are reinforced to improve durability.

This dry suit also has waterproof pockets (with lanyards that give them strength) and integrated dry socks – two features that help position it as one of our favorites from the market. 

The dry suits have seals from both neoprene and latex, so you’ll have choices in case you’re allergic to latex.

It also has over skirts for extra protection.

Best of all, the brand offers a lifetime warranty! So no worries if your dry suit tears at any point – you’ll be covered.

The main downside is that it might be a bit more complicated to get into this suit because the seals are very tight. 

After a while, however, you’ll master it.

2.Kokatat Women’s Hydrus Swift Entry Drysuit

best ddrysuit for kayaking kokatat womens hydrus swift entry drysuit


  • Awesome fabric
  • Front-entry type, so it’s easy to wear
  • Built-in drop seat 
  • Can be adjusted to your body type
  • Latex seals
  • Good breathability


  • Only available in light blue
  • No zippered pockets

This is a top-notch women’s drysuit for kayaking due to its 3 layers of Hydrus 3.0 fabric, which is waterproof and has great breathability.

It’s a front-entry type of drysuit, so you’ll be able to get into it without having someone assist you.

It was designed with a built-in drop seat for an easy bathroom escape and a drawstring waist that you can adjust to your unique body type.

Additionally, it also has reinforced patches in the knees and seat areas, and has integrated socks as well.

The seals made from latex and the ones at the wrists can be adjusted thanks to a hook-and-loop design, which makes it easier to fasten them.

On the downside, the only color available is light blue, and it doesn’t have zippered pockets.

3.Stohlquist Amp Drysuit

best drysuit for kayaking stohlquist amp drysuit


  • It has a version for women
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Bright coloring
  • Reflective trims
  • Relief zipper
  • Neoprene socks attached
  • Pockets and over-cuffs added
  • Keeps you warm 
  • Budget-friendly


  • Can get too hot for comfort in warm seasons
  • The neck opening might be tight

This drysuit is made out of four layers of Twin Sensor fabric, which makes it breathable and comfortable, and all for a budget-friendly price.

It has a version for women as well, so that’s a plus if you’re a lady, although this version doesn’t have a drop seat.

The yellow and orange color variations with reflective strips will keep you visible in case things go south and you find yourself stuck in a place with very little light..

This is a cross-chest entry type of suit, with universal-size neoprene socks for extra comfort. 

It’s a relaxed kind of drysuit, which means you’ll have enough space underneath the layers because of its loose-fitting, especially when kayaking in cold settings.

This drysuit also has Cordura-reinforced sections to increase durability and has several pockets and wrist over-cuffs.

It has a relief zipper and a built-in spray skirt tunnel for extra protection if you’re kayaking in choppy waters.

One of the best features of this drysuit is that it is capable of keeping you warm inside. Which is great if you’re kayaking in cold weather.

But if you’re kayaking in a warm season, it can get hot in there! 

Other users have mentioned that the neck opening is too tight, so keep that in mind.

The company offers a lifetime warranty as well, making it one of the best kayak drysuits out there.

4.O’Neill Men’s Boost 300g Drysuit

best drysuit for kayaking oneill mens boost drysuit


  • Budget-friendly
  • Good fabric
  • It has suspenders
  • Good seals


  • It doesn’t have a relief zipper
  • You might need help to get the rear zipper pulled up.

This is one of the cheap drysuits for kayaking that fellas will appreciate, thanks to the three-layers plus nylon material, which makes it comfortable and gives good breathability.

It’s a rear-entry type of suit, so you might need help from someone else to zip it up. 

The seals are made from latex in the wrists and ankles, and neoprene in the neck. It has suspenders to keep things in place while kayaking.

On the downside, it doesn’t have a relief zipper, so keep this in mind if you usually go kayaking for long periods of time.

5.VZKAK Men’s Drysuit

best drysuit for kayaking vzkak mens drysuit


  • High-quality fabrics
  • Waterproof zippers
  • Neoprene socks attached
  • Different sizes and bright blue colors
  • Top and bottom can be separated
  • Reinforced patches
  • Easy to put it on and remove it


  • Expensive

This is one of the best men’s drysuit for kayaking out there, although it is also more expensive than your usual finds.

It’s made of GORE-TEX as well as nylon in some parts, both superb materials for drysuits.

The top can be separated from the bottom at the waist, so you can use only the kayak drysuit top or bottom, or both, according to your preference.

It also has a protective layer that is abrasion-resistant, which, along with the seat and knees reinforced patches, makes it very durable.

The sizes for this drysuit go from S to XL, and the zippers are waterproof to keep you extra dry. The bright blue colors would help to identify you if you find yourself lost (hopefully not!) and a search party has to come to rescue you.

It has a dual-adjustable overskirt to provide extra protection, and it’s fairly easy to get into and out of it.

The drysuit has neoprene socks attached, to help keep your feet dry.

On the downside, some users have mentioned that the seals are tight when new, which might feel a bit uncomfortable.

Plus, it’s more pricey than others on this list.

6.Level Six Emperor 3.0 Ply Drysuit

best drysuit for kayaking level six emperor ply drysuit


  • Different sizes and colors
  • Warm pockets
  • Great features
  • Can be adjusted at the waist


  • Doesn’t have a version for women
  • You might need help to put it on

This drysuit comes in different sizes (XS, S, L, XXL) and colors, so rest assured that you can pick your favorite, and even make it match your gear and keep yourself stylish while going on an adventure.

There are panels in the seat and knees areas to increase the durability of the drysuit, and it’s made of proprietary laminate materials.

The seals are made from neoprene.

It has several important features, such as a whistle, a chest pocket, adjustable neoprene seals, and fleece pockets that will keep your hands warm.

This drysuit can be adjusted at the waist, and it’s a rear-entry suit, so you might need some help to get the zipper pulled up.

On the downside, the brand doesn’t have a specific version for women of this particular drysuit.

7.Gill Men’s Waterproof Breathable Pro Drysuit

best drysuit for kayaking gill mens waterproof breathable pro drysuit


  • High-quality fabrics
  • Several sizes
  • Latex socks and great seals included
  • Can be adjusted to your body type
  • Comfortable
  • Saltwater-resistant


  • No version for women
  • No relief zippers

This drysuit is very high quality as well, with a 3-layers design (of polyester, nylon, and PU), that will keep you dry for sure.

That being said, this is a men’s drysuit for kayaking, and it doesn’t have a version for women.

The zippers are also waterproof, and the latex seals ensure the water stays out of your neck, wrists, and ankles.

It’s breathable and has reinforced patches on the knees and seat areas, which increases the drysuit’s  lifespan.

It has several sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL) and includes latex socks, which make this drysuit a complete solution if you’re looking for a drysuit for kayaking.

Also, it has elastic braces for adjusting the drysuit to your body, which enhances comfort.

Additionally, it’s a relaxed kind of suit, so you’ll be able to move comfortably, with no extra fabric in the way.

It is  suitable for kayaking in the ocean as well, since it is saltwater resistant As such, this is a huge advantage if you prefer to go kayaking there.

On the downside, the brand didn’t add a relief zipper. O_O

  But it has a pocket on the thigh, so you could try to pee using it. Not ideal, but it’s something.

8.Ocean Rodeo Soul Breathable Drysuit

best drysuit for kayaking ocean rodeo soul breathable drysuit


  • Several colors and sizes
  • Awesome seals
  • Comfortable
  • Great features
  • Removable hood


  • The warranty is quite short
  • The seals make it difficult to put the drysuit on, in the beginning

The brand behind this drysuit is certainly committed to accommodating different body sizes since it provides a wide variety of them for this particular model (XXS, XS, S, M, Medium King, L, Large King, XL, X-Large King, XXL, XXXL). O_O

On top of that, it is comfortable, comes in different colors, and it has a removable hood that helps to keep you dry and gives you protection from wind.

It is even saltwater resistant,so you can it for kayaking on the ocean.

The seals in the neck, wrists, and ankles are made from Polytex, which seals the moisture out so efficiently that you can even wear it without boots.

However, the tight seals may make it difficult to put the drysuit on in the beginning. You should master this over time as the suit becomes more flexible and curved to your body.

It has several features such as relief zippers, and several pockets located on the chest and waist.

This brand provides only a one-year warranty period, which is short considering that others on this list offer lifetime warranties.

9.Gill Dinghy Sailing Drysuit

best drysuit of kayaking gill dinghy sailing drysuit


  • Abrasion-resistant and good quality
  • Many sizes
  • Good four-layers nylon fabric
  • Front entry
  • Reinforced patches
  • Elasticated waist
  • Affordable
  • Attached socks


  • Not many color options
  • No warranty that we found
  • Might have size issues

This is another great front-entry drysuit, made out of four layers of nylon and a PU coating that makes it abrasion-resistant.

It comes in many sizes (from XS to XXL), is comfortable and breathable, and has attached socks.

It’s also easy to get in and out of it, thanks to the waterproof front zipper. Additionally, it has reinforced patches in the knees and seat areas, as well as a side pocket.

The elasticated waist will allow you to wear it comfortably and adjust it to your own measurements. 

It is very affordable, compared to others on this list. Granted, it is not exactly at a kayak drysuit clearance sale price, but it is definitely not as expensive as other high-quality drysuits in the market.

Some users have mentioned issues with the sizes, and it only comes in black, so keep that in mind.

10.Typhoon Women’s Ezeedon Front Zip Drysuit

best drysuit for kayaking typhoon womens ezeedon front zip drysuit


  • Wide variety of sizes
  • Great fabric
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Elasticated waist
  • Front waterproof zipper 
  • Neoprene seals
  • Integrated socks
  • Great customer service


  • It only comes in blue

This is a great women’s drysuit for kayaking!

I love that it has many sizes, from the smallest sizes to plus size, and has 4 layers of fabric.

It is extremely lightweight and breathable, so it’s perfect for us ladies. The front zipper and pockets are waterproof and the drysuit has internal suspenders and elasticated waists.

The neck and wrists’ seals are made from neoprene, so the water will stay out.

It’s comfortable and allows mobility, and the integrated socks prevent sweaty feet!

It’s also great to know that the company offers awesome customer service and are quick to respond to any queries or issues that you may have in relation to their products!

best drysuit for kayaking what to consider before buying a drysuit

What To Consider Before Buying A Drysuit For Kayaking

Before buying a drysuit for kayaking, there are some considerations to take into account. 

This is extremely important because a kayaking drysuit that doesn’t fit you well, or that has poor breathability, or that doesn’t keep you dry (aka, its main purpose), will affect your comfort while paddling.

Needless to say, this will make your paddling experience rather bothersome. So, let’s get into what you need to keep in mind when buying a drysuit.

1. Material

The material of your drysuit should be in that sweet spot between being waterproof and breathable.

Unfortunately, many drysuits in the market have one of these features compromised, and you might end up wet or damp with sweat when your adventure comes to an end.

There are usually two options when it comes to drysuits manufacturing: nylon and Gore-Tex

There can be others, such as proprietary laminate materials, that can almost perform as well as Gore-Tex and are less expensive.

Make sure your kayaking drysuit is made of one of these materials before purchasing.

2. Size

Although you might feel tempted to pick a drysuit of the same size as your regular clothes, keep in mind that you’ll wear this attire over your own clothing.

If you’re planning to go kayaking in cold weather, you’ll need to wear a couple of layers of clothes under the drysuit!

So, it’s better to buy a drysuit that’s larger than your regular size, so that you can feel as comfortable as possible.

If you’re planning on only wearing a drysuit with no clothes underneath, or just thin ones, such as merino wool or spandex clothes, then by all means, go for a drysuit that fits your body and allows you to move better. 

As long as your drysuit doesn’t interfere with the moving of your limbs, you are good to go!

3. Seals

The seals of a drysuit are also very important when it comes keeping you dry during your kayaking adventures. 

They are located in the neck, wrists, and ankles, and should be waterproof as well. Otherwise, water will soak those areas, and it will be rather uncomfortable for you.

Usually, drysuit seals are made of latex, and although there are alternatives for those with latex allergies, such as neoprene, they are not as efficient at keeping the water out.

4. Features

Does your potential drysuit have an attached whistle or a reflective trim, both useful during emergencies?

While we love being optimistic, life happens, and if you find yourself in trouble during kayaking, these features can be life-saviors.

If the drysuit you want to buy has waterproof pockets for keeping critical belongings safe, this is a huge plus.

If it has mesh draining areas or other features to keep you dry, even better!

Other features that you will encounter while researching for the best drysuit for kayaking, are:

  • Hoods (for kayaking in windy or rainy weather).
  • Built-in dry socks (that will help keep your feet dry).
  • Gear loops (for attaching lightweight gear).
  • Reinforced patches (in areas such as elbows and knees, to enhance the durability of the drysuit).

Think about this before making a purchasing decision.

5. Warranty Period

If kayaking is your hobby, you’ll probably be using your drysuit a lot, which enhances the chances of any sort of tearing.

Many drysuit brands will often provide limited warranties, so make use of the drysuit while you can still replace it for free.

Alternatively, you can purchase a high-quality one, so you get a drysuit for kayaking that you can wear for a long time.

6. Entry Type

Everyone will have their own drysuit preference. You may prefer your drysuit to be closed in the front or the back, or have two separate pieces, a kayak drysuit top and bottom. In any case, the entry type of your suit is up to you.

If you pick a “top and bottom” type of drysuit, you’ll be able to decide when to use one or the other one, or both components.

If you choose to buy a back entry drysuit, you might need someone else to pull the zipper up.

Zippers must be waterproof, otherwise, water can leak through them and compromise your dryness underneath the suit.

Take all of this into account before making a decision.

7. Relief Zipper

If you’re on your merry way kayaking, and nature calls, you won’t want to take off the whole suit for doing your business!

This is where relief zippers play a major role. 

They are located in strategic places on the bottom back and front of the suit, and the design is different for men and women.

Make sure you buy the best drysuit for kayaking that allows you to go to the bathroom in the most comfortable way.

best drysuit for kayaking frequently asked questions


What Is A Kayaking Drysuit?

A drysuit is a type of water sports gear, with the main purpose of keeping dry (and sometimes warm) the person wearing it, even if they are in the water. This made them game-changers in the watersports industry. 

They are easier to get in and out of than wetsuits because they are not as tight-fitting, so they’re more comfortable. A drysuit needs to be breathable, though, because if not, your sweat will make it unbearable to wear.

It’s made of different fabrics or a combination of them, and it’s reinforced with water-tight seals in the neck, wrists, and ankles to keep the water out.

It’s crucial when kayaking in cold weather conditions or cold waters, where getting wet means getting cold and risk hypothermia real fast.

So, if you’re planning to go kayaking in similar conditions, or you simply want to remain dry, wearing a drysuit is a great idea.

What Do I Wear Under My Kayak Drysuit?

Aim for clothes that will protect you and won’t allow moisture to stick, even if they’re wet. You can get sweaty when kayaking, or the drysuit might have a leak.  Many fabrics are suitable for this purpose, such as merino wool, polypropylene, spandex, polyester, among others, except for cotton. 

Stay away from it while kayaking.

It’s wise to always use clothes underneath your drysuit to prevent hypothermia and keep you comfortable.

How Do I Choose A Kayak Drysuit?

Check carefully the drysuit characteristics and features, taking into account what we’ve mentioned before.

Is the drysuit made of a proper waterproof material? Is the size the right one for you? Does it have waterproof zippers and seals, as well as extra features? Is it breathable?

A drysuit will be an important investment, so make sure you’re getting something of high quality.

Final Thoughts

Now you know what to look out for if you’re planning to buy the best drysuit for kayaking out there.

Think about how long are you planning to go kayaking. If it’s too long, you’ll need a relief zipper for bathroom calls.

If you get out there in cold weather, remember the water will be freezing. Make sure your drysuit has no leaks and the seals are tight enough.

Extra features such as pockets, reflective strips or trims, whistles are also very helpful and critical to your safety.

Remember to layer up beneath the drysuit and keep yourself protected to prevent hypothermia.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Do share it with your fellow kayakers if you find it useful. 

Do you wear another drysuit for kayaking? Let me know in the comments below!

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