women wandering beyond
Ladies, We Are Going On An Adventure!

Welcome to Women Wandering Beyond!

Hi there! My name is Aisha. Founder and owner of Women Wandering Beyond. 

Welcome to my adventure travel site dedicated to helping women travel more, step outside their comfort zones and experience wonders of the world beyond their wildest dreams!  

I set this up because I realised us ladies are a tremendous bunch (don’t know if you noticed…. but yea YOU ARE FABULOUS)

Nevertheless, sometimes we hold ourselves back from traveling because there isn’t enough relevant information out there, it costs too much and we convince ourselves that it’s a surefire way to end up with a one way ticket on a pirate boat. O_O

To help you overcome these doubts and fears, on this site I want to share :

·      Detailed practical guides for you to explore different nooks and crannys of the world, without compromising on your safety 

·      Tips on how to travel cheaper and safer 

·      Ways you can make money on your travels, so you can travel longer! 

·      All the best travel gear and products that can help you travel with comfort, without breaking the bank

·      A bit of inspiration so you have some good ideas for your next trip

I have travelled to over 30 countries, most of them solo. So, don’t worry if your friends are too busy monging out on the couch watching paint dry.

Women Wandering Beyond will show you how to adventure around the world alone, and you WILL make new friends along the way!  

Having said that, if you have a family to travel with or you and your bestie plan to trailblaze across the world, we have got some cool stuff for you too!

There is a little something for everyone 🙂

We are in this together ladies , tighten your bra straps and stick some practical underwear on because we are going on an ADVENTURE!  

Thank you so much for swinging by my little corner of the internet. I am super excited to start helping you explore parts of the world you always wished and wondered about.

I am stoked for you to join me on this journey and if you want to see me in real time follow me below.

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Let’s get you started on exploring the world sista!

Aisha xx