7 Adventures in Singapore You Can’t Miss!

7 Adventures in Singapore you Can’t Miss! 

Adventures in Singapore
The Merlion, Adventures in Singapore

 Singapore, though physically small, is packed with infinite escapades for you wondrous souls with a passion for adventure.  WWB writer Nursyafiqa has found 7 best adventures in Singapore that you can’t miss!

Located at the tip of the Malay Peninsula, Singapore is showered with an abundance of parks, nature reserves and lush, tropical greenery for you to explore. 

There is no better way to appreciate this beautiful island than by participating in various adventures in Singapore that promises to send you screaming at the top of your lungs!

Why adventure in Singapore?

If you are touring South East Asia, you should not skip Singapore as this diverse island country has something to offer to every traveler. 

Be it a fancy night on an expensive rooftops bar or a day of thrilling adventure for the adventurous travellers, Singapore is a place that never ceases to amaze. 

Adventures in Singapore
Sentosa Island, Adventures in Singapore

Photo from Arulonline from Pixabay -Beautiful scenery of Sentosa Island

Here are some adventures in Singapore that you can’t miss:-

Adventures in Singapore You Can’t Miss! 

1. Segway Sentosa

Do you ever get tired of walking when you’re sightseeing and you just wish you can glide through the day? Well, why not try the Segway Sentosa Tour?

Segway Sentosa is a two-wheeled self balancing personal transporter that allows you to explore the beautiful Sentosa island at your own leisurely pace. 

If you are on a tight schedule to cover the exceptional view of Sentosa beach, Segway Sentosa is an efficient way to do so as it helps you to cover more ground compared to walking. It’s eco-friendly too!

To hop on this segway, you do not have to be an expert at all as it is really easy to maneuver. Make sure to listen attentively to the instructions from your guide. You will be given time to get accustomed to the segway before riding it alone. 

It is cheaper to pre-book your Segway Sentosa tour online rather than buying on the spot, but be careful as the rides are not open during rainy days, so make sure you check the cancellation policy. 

A few websites for you to book your tour:

2. Forest Adventure Singapore

Forest Adventure Singapore
Forest Adventure Singapore

Photo from Stephanie Ecate from Unsplash

Forest Adventure Singapore, located at Bedok Reservoir is a 2.5 hours of exhilarating tree top adventure varies from swinging like a Tarzan to suspending on a hanging bridge. 

If you would like to reminisce your camping days back in high school, going through several obstacle courses while your friends cheered from behind, then this adventure is definitely designed for you. 

There are three courses available for you to choose,

  • Grand Course, $36 USD/pax (50 SGD)
  • Junior Course, $28 USD/child (39 SGD)
  • Kid Course, $26 USD/child (36 SGD)

For each course, there will be different obstacles for you to go through.

The Grand Course, like its name, is the most challenging one. With 44 wobbly crossings and 3 breath-taking ziplines over the water, this will surely send your heart pumping with adrenaline. 

If you’re travelling with kids and would love to let them have some fun too, try the Junior Course or the Kid Course. Bear in mind that all these courses are unsupervised by instructors, although they will be on the ground to help along.

Before you go up amongst the trees, you will be strapped with a harness and go through 20 minutes of safety briefing where you will learn to use your equipment and how to move on the course.

Due to Covid-19, Forest Adventure Singapore is no longer taking walk-in bookings. Make sure you book online beforehand and adhere to the safety guidelines provided by them. 

To book your adventure in Singapore’s only treetop adventure course, go to https://booking.forestadventure.com.sg/booking/booking.aspx?date= and get ready to have a day of unforgettable swinging, balancing and climbing.

3. Megazip Singapore

Megazip Singapore
Man hanging on a zipline, Singapore

Photo from Perry Grone from Unsplash

If you have always wondered what does flying feel like, well wonder no more and head for Megazip Singapore to experience flying at 60kph!

Located at Siloso Beach Road, Mega Adventure Park offers various heart pumping activities for you thrill-seekers out there. One of their highlights is the Megazip, a giant zipline hanging at 75 meters high and 450 metres long. 

Before they send you off flying across the canopy of Imbiah Hill to the white sands of Siloso Beach finish point, you will be carefully strapped in harnesses. 

Don’t worry as it is perfectly safe and you will be guided by experienced and friendly staff. However, you do need to pass the requirements needed before you can experience this.

Height and weight requirements:

  • Min Height : 90cm
  • Min Weight: 30 kg unaccompanied
  • Max Weight: 140kg

The cost for this exhilarating Megazip is $40 USD (55 SGD). It is definitely worth the money as the zip was long enough for you to appreciate the beauty underneath. 

To book your tickets and channel your inner Tarzan, check out their website at

4. Bungee Jump Singapore

Bungee jump in Singapore
Siloso Beach, bungee jump in Singapore

Photo by Nazim Zafri on Unsplash

If hanging on a zipline is not challenging enough for you, experience the ultimate thrill of the first bungee jump in Singapore.

Locate AJ Hackett Sentosa Bungee Jump at Siloso Beach and push yourself to your limit by plummeting down from 47m above the ground and free fall for 2.5 seconds.

While you’re up on the tower waiting for your turn, take the time to appreciate the breathtaking view of Siloso Beach to calm your nerves. 

When it’s finally your time to jump and you are all harnessed up, get ready to take your leap after the count of three. The free-falling will have your heart pounding hard with an adrenaline rush.

AJ Hackett is a trusted and experienced company that has operated this bungy experience for more than 30 years! 

So even if this is your first time bungee-jumping, fret not as you are in the hand of professional and experienced crews. Pheww. That’s a relief right?

Besides being experts in bungee-jumping, they are also super patient. They practice zero pushing policy so don’t worry about taking too long to jump. You won’t be surprisingly pushed until you’re ready.

The cost for the lifetime experience is $35 USD (49 SGD) inclusive of:-

  • one bungy jump experience
  • an e-certificate and 
  • AJ Hackett lifetime membership. 

If you would like to have your photos or video taken for your keepsakes, or to post in social media to claim you’ve done this, there’s an additional price that you have to pay.

Additional media pack

  • Photos only, $28 USD (39 SGD)
  • Video only, $28 USD (39 SGD)
  • Photos and video, $35 USD (49 SGD)

5. Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore

Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore
Adventure Cove Waterpark, Singapore

Photo from https://www.rwsentosa.com/– Riptide Rocket

If you are in need for a splashing good time, take yourself or your family to Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore to get splashed! 

Set in the beautiful Sentosa Island, this waterpark consists of various mixes of slides from sliding down high-speed water slides to drifting on a lazy river, offering something for everyone. 

Besides rides, you will also have the chance to encounter marine life such as snorkeling with 20,000 tropical fish, wading among rays and even come face to face with sharks!

For the price of $28 USD (38 SGD), your admission ticket offers all-day access to the park’s attractions, including water slides such as:-

Dueling Racer

You will be plunging yourself down the steep Dueling Racer on a racer mat  for the biggest thrill ever.

Pipeline Plunge

Experience dropping yourself through an elevated chute, making turns, twists and dips before splashing out a pool of water.

Riptide Rocket

This is Southeast Asia’s first hydromagnetic coaster that will send you plunging, twisting and turning into the water.

Spiral Washout

Funnel yourself down at a rapid speed into an oscillating tube that will leave you reeling through a twisting, turning water flume before spewing out into the splash pool.


Want to reenact the scene in Pirate of the Carribean? Splashworks challenges you to balance yourself on a beam, cross a tightrope, climb a cargo net and leap off the platform cliff jump. It’s your day to become a pretend pirate!

Wet Maze

Ever dream of navigating your way out of a maze, thinking you could do 

better than the boys in The Maze Runner or Jack Torrance in The Shining? Well, you can now! Do watch out for sneaky water or you gonna end up freezing like Jack.

Adventure River

If you wish to just take a leisure ride, then grab your tube and head down the Adventure River and float through stunning scenes of lush jungle garden and underwater tunnel. 

These adventures in Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore will surely leave you coming back for more. 

Book your ticket online to avoid long queues and exhausting waiting. 

6. Pulau Ubin Kayaking

Pulau Ubin Kayaking Singapore
Pulau Ubin Kayaking, Singapore

Photo from Razvan Chisu from Unsplash

Still not getting enough of water adventure activities? Let’s get them arms working with Pulau Ubin Kayaking. 

Unlike Sentosa Islands, Pulau Ubin has a more rustic feeling of the 60s vibe. You can now travel back in time with their famous kayak activity. 

Even if you’re a beginner kayaker, you can still feel safe kayaking here in Pulau Ubin as you will be in the hand of professionally trained guides. 

Before you set off for your kayaking adventure, you will have to undergo a safety briefing. 

Make sure you pay undivided attention to the briefing as you will be briefed on how to properly paddle, the right way to wear your Personal Floating Device and what to do in the event of capsizing. 

This four-hour adventure begins with a short length of open sea kayaking. You will then slowly paddle your way to mangrove waters accompanied by the serene sound of chirping birds and flowing water. 

If you are lucky, you will get the chance of tons of wildlife sightings such as Kingfishers, Horbills, Herons and Egrets. 

Escape from the hustle bustle of city life and head to Pulau Ubin Kayaking to get in touch with nature and your inner peace.

7. MacRitchie Reservoir TreeTop Walk

Adventures in Singapore
TreeTop Walk, adventure activities, Singapore

Photo from https://www.visitsingapore.com/-MacRitchie TreeTop Bridge

MacRitchie Reservoir Park is a popular spot to embrace nature. It offers 

various recreational activities that attract frequent visits from nature lovers. 

If you love a great outdoor adventure while soaking in the beautiful view of the 

lush greenery setting, hike over to the TreeTop walk. 

The trail of the hike starts at the bottom of the reservoir and goes all the way 

up until the treetop.

There are three options of trails to choose from:-  

  • 3KM Green Trail
  • 7KM Orange Trail
  • 11KM Yellow Trail

If you are a bit adventurous, take the 11KM Yellow Trail. Although the walk is 

not that difficult, it could be a bit tiring as it is a long walk under hot humid weather. 

Once you arrive at the treetop, an iconic bridge suspended 25M above the forest floor will be waiting for you.  This free-standing bridge crosses the two highest 

points in MacRitchie, Bukit Peirce and Bukit Kalang. 

It is a great place for insta-worthy photos. Do remember to move forward after taking your photos as this bridge is strictly one-way due to its narrow width.

Along your journey to the treetop, you will have company from the monitor lizards and monkeys. Remember not to bring any plastic bag of food with you if you don’t want to be harrassed by the monkeys. 

The trails around MacRitchie are beautiful and it is definitely worth taking the long hike. Some tips for you would be to bring drinking water with you as you will get dehydrated quickly. 

Also, did I tell you that the entrance ticket is free?

Things to watch out for adventuring in Singapore

Singapore is definitely a safe and exciting place to have your adventure but there are a few things that you have to watch out for when adventuring in Singapore. 

Singapore is hot and humid.

If you are not familiar with tropical weather, chances are you will be uncomfortable with the weather. Wear light and breathable clothing when you are visiting Singapore. 

If possible, carry an umbrella with you or slap some sunscreen for some protection. You don’t want to visit the doctor during your stay or look like a hot red crab when you’re home. 

Singapore is NOT cheap.

According to the latest Consultancy Asia article, Singapore is the fifth most expensive city in the world. Plus you’ve seen Crazy Rich Asians, you don’t need this article to prove this point. 

So, plan your budget and stay accordingly when visiting as you don’t want to break your wallet. Opt out for cheaper accommodation and transports to save money. 

Singapore is safe but still be careful.

Singapore is probably the safest country in Asia to travel to, but you still need to play it safe and keep your belongings close. 

It is safe for women travellers to travel solo to Singapore, but this does not mean that you should let your guard down.

This goes without saying, beware of pickpockets in crowded places and although it is low, do not fall into scams such as con artists pretending to be landlords offering cheaper accommodation. 

Singapore is strict with their cleanliness.

It is a big no no to litter and spit in Singapore. Do that, and you will be slapped with a fine, or commit to hours of community work if you get caught. 

The next time you need to throw rubbish, hold on to it first until you find a bin. This is actually common sense, you don’t need a law to tell you not to dump your rubbish everywhere. 

Singapore is a multicultural society

Like its neighbouring country, Malaysia, we all know that Singapore is a multicultural society. 

If you decide to pay a visit to sacred places such as the mosques, temples and any sites of worship, please be respectful of the place. Adhere to the dressing code and proper conduct to get the most out of your spiritual visits. 

Things to bring to Singapore

There are a plethora of adventures available in Singapore so you would want to be prepared for everything. Some of items you can bring to make sure you get the most out of your adventure are:-

Summer clothing, sunscreen, sunglasses, or a hat

Like I mentioned earlier, Singapore can be really hot for some. Pack your summer clothing as you don’t want to sweat through your shirt walking under the hot sun. 

Prepare your sunscreen especially when you are out and about on an adventure and make sure you always reapply them. 

Umbrella or rain jacket

Singapore is also likely to rain, bringing an umbrella, or a lightweight rain jacket always comes in handy during rainy times. 


There are an abundance of water activities that you can carry out in 

Singapore. Make sure you have packed your swimwear as you don’t want to miss out 

the adventure of splashing and sploshing in the water. 

A good pair of shoes

Bring a good pair of shoes that can withstand whatever weather being thrown at it. Better yet, get a waterproof one. When you go kayaking for example, wearing flip-flops is not recommended. 

To explore Singapore, any comfortable casual shoe is enough. You don’t need heavy duty footwear unless you go hiking. 

Travel adapter

Like in the UK and Malaysia, Singapore uses type G power outlets. A 

universal travel adapter that can be used anywhere in the world always helps 

when travelling. 

Portable Power Bank

When you are out and about for an adventure in Singapore, you don’t want your gadgets to run out of juice. Bring a portable power bank to stay connected and keep them insta-worthy photos coming. 

Interesting information about Singapore

It is not just ONE island

Do you know that Singapore is not just one big island? It is actually an 

archipelago of 63 islands and most of which are uninhabited. 

The national language is Malay

Believe it or not, the national language of Singapore is Malay? It used to be the lingua franca in Singapore, but today English has been widely used as a language of instruction in schools and businesses. 

The tap water is safe to drink

You don’t have to worry about drinking straight from the tap in Singapore as the water is safely treated. Next time you’re parched from the adventurous activities, just turn on the tap.

Although I have to tell you that Singapore has taken their recycling to another level.

 They recycle sewage or wastewater in Singapore and it has gone through several processes to make it perfectly safe for drinking. 


Singapore is known for being a global financial centre and shopping paradise 

but it does not stop there. 

It is also packed with a variety of adventurous activities waiting for you to explore, so next time you’re planning for a trip, don’t forget to throw in adventures in Singapore into the mix. 

You won’t regret it and this Lion City would have you coming back for more adventures. 

7 Adventures in Singapore you can’t miss! 

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