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5 Best Places to Camp in Louisiana In 2023 + Facilities!

Best Places to Camp in Louisiana – Louisiana is known for many things: great food, great music, and some of the best natural scenery the country has to offer.

But while the bustling popularity of cities like Baton Rouge and New Orleans often take the spotlight, Louisiana is also home to plenty of fantastic camping spots.

If you’re looking for somewhere to go on a camping trip in Louisiana, we’ve got you covered.

This list will take you through 5 of the best places to camp in Louisiana, from state parks to luxury resorts.

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The Best Places to Camp in Louisiana

New Orleans West KOA

Nestled just outside of New Orleans’ French Quarter and on the bank of the Mississippi River, this cosy camping spot offers all the amenities you could need while still providing you with an authentic camping experience.

The New Orleans West KOA has areas for both RVs and regular camping. Here you can find laundry service, a pool, as well as a business centre with a strong Wi-Fi connection if you need to get some work done while you’re away.

There’s even a regular shuttle service that takes you to some of New Orleans’ most popular destinations and attractions!

If you want to get a full camping experience while still being able to explore everything the Big Easy has to offer, the New Orleans West KOA has got you covered.

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Grand Isle State Park

Grand Isle State Park best places to camp in louisiana

There are few sights more beautiful than the sun rising over the sea. Located on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, the Grand Isle State Park will have you waking up to watch the sunrise every single morning.

While this gorgeous state park has an RV park with 45 pull-through sites, there’s nothing stopping you from pitching your tent on the beach itself.

And with lagoons and nature trails aplenty, Grand Isle is ideal for bringing you closer to nature’s beauty.

The area’s ecosystem is teeming with rare and exotic fauna. The campsite is a treat for birdwatchers, as all kinds of unusual and rarely-seen species of migratory birds visit the area while migrating.

Alternatively, why not cook yourself some fresh seafood in one of the park’s many crab pools and fishing spots?

Camping is all about getting close to nature, and there’s no better way to do that than sleeping on the shore of a gorgeous coastline.

The Grand Isle State Park is the perfect camping spot if you want a fantastic and peaceful trip on a budget.

Reunion Lake RV Resort

Looking for a more deluxe camping experience? Then the Reunion Lake RV Resort has got you covered. This campsite offers plenty in the way of luxury amenities, including pools, tiki bars, and a lazy river.

Not only that but there are countless other activities available like a mini-golf course and poolside grills. What else could you possibly ask for?

If you want to get away from the other campers, you can explore the scenic lake and surrounding area.

And while the campground is fully kitted out with electricity, water and sewer systems to hook an RV up to, Reunion Lake RV Resort also offers luxury cabins in a range of styles and sizes to suit your needs.

Reunion Lake RV Resort gives you all the amenities of a luxury holiday resort, while still keeping you close to the great outdoors. It’s definitely one of the best camping experiences Louisiana has to offer.

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Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Campground

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Campground best places to camp in louisiana

Jellystone Park might have originated from the iconic Hanna-Barbera cartoon, but this fun and family-friendly campground brings you Yogi Bear’s home into the real world.

There are plenty of things to love about this camping site, from the quality RV and tent sites to the wide variety of activities available.

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Campground is the perfect camping destination for kids and adults alike.

Whether you want to rent a kayak to take out on the lake, or just to kick back and enjoy the peaceful forest surroundings, there’s something here for everyone.

With links to nearby Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and New Orleans, it’s easy to take a day out to explore (or to find a new place to visit after your camping trip).

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Campground has everything you need for a great camping experience that the whole family can enjoy.

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Poverty Point State Park Reservoir

While its name might not be the most inviting, this lakeside campground is one of the most popular and iconic camping sites that Louisiana has to offer.

The centrepiece of Poverty Point is the massive 2700-acre reservoir it’s built around, which is famous amongst fishermen due to the surplus of rare fish you can find in its waters.

Some of the deluxe cabins available to rent are actually built on top of the lake, offering stunning views and a serene atmosphere.

Alternatively, you can choose to stay in one of the 50+ camping sites around the reservoir, which are fully equipped for RVs and regular camping.

Not only that, but you have the option to rent out canoes, fishing boats, and even jet skis to let you enjoy the gorgeous lake to its fullest.

The area also has a rich history, with the nearby Poverty Point historic site showcasing architecture and mounds constructed over 3000 years ago by the indigenous population.

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Final Thoughts on Best Places to Camp in Louisiana

Louisiana has so many great camping sites that it would be impossible to include them all in one list.

While this is only a small selection of Louisiana camping sites, there are far more that are just as beautiful and incredible.

So whether you want to experience the great outdoors as authentically as possible, or simply relax in luxury while staying close to nature, these campgrounds prove that the Pelican State has no shortage of great places to go camp.

Now all that’s left for you to do is choose one!

5 of the Best Places to Camp in Louisiana – Camping Spots