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7 Best Lakes in Louisiana – Swimming, Boating and Recreation

Best Lakes in Louisiana – Louisiana is known for great city life and having lots of different activities to take part in so that you are able to immerse yourself in Louisiana culture.

But what about outside the city? When visiting a new state, it is so important to explore the nature that the state has to offer. How else can you see the true beauty of a new place?

There are a lot of beautiful lakes hidden deep in Louisiana for you to visit that are full of all of the incredible beauty.

Lakes bring peace, joy, and a sense of adventure as there is so much that can be explored. So, what are the best lakes in Louisiana?

Here is a guide to the best lakes in Louisiana so that you can see the true beauty of the state. Get ready to grab your hiking boots and get on over to Louisiana!

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False River, Pointe Coupee Parish

Located northwest of Baton Rouge, False River dates back to the 1700s and is 17 kilometres long.

The lake is U-shaped and has a constantly developing shoreline that makes it an extremely big attraction in Louisiana.

The lake is west of the Mississippi River and is popular for boating and water skiing.

Along the shoreline, there are restaurants, hotels, and camps for visitors to enjoy and shops within walking distance.

You can enjoy homely amenities while experiencing the true essence of Louisiana nature

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Lake Martin, St. Martin Parish

lake martin st martin Parish best lakes in louisiana

East of Lafayette is Lake Martin, a protected area that is full of wildlife and swampland to explore.

Lake Martin is home to bullfrogs, herons, and alligators, and if you are lucky, you will be able to do some wildlife spotting during your visit. It is one of the major swamplands in the state.

You are able to explore the lake by kayaking as this will allow you to experience the swampland firsthand and at a closer view.

There is also the opportunity to explore the area by cycling or hiking through the trails around the lake.

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Prien Lake, Calcasieu Parish

South of Lake Charles is Prien Lake, a popular fishing lake in Louisiana. There are flounder, speckled trout, and redfish all found in Prien Lake which makes it a popular fishing destination.

Prien Lake is connected to the Calcasieu Ship Channel and has the Lake Charles Country Club at the southern end of the lake.

There are 2 parks in Prien Lake picnic areas so that you can enjoy your lunch with a view of the lake and there is also parking available so you can easily access the lake.

LaFleur park has a beach where you are able to go swimming which is right next to Prien Lake.

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Lake Bruin, Tensas Parish

Lake Bruin is known for its clear water that makes it a very popular swimming spot throughout the summer months.

You are also able to explore the lake by either kayaking or canoeing as there are 1,200 hectares to discover.

Most of the land around the lake is privately owned, but there is the rest of the Lake Bruin State Park to explore.

There are 3 piers on the lake that can be used for fishing or for a view further out into the lake without being on a boat.

There are also 25 campsites surrounding the lake to stay the night and lots of picnic tables to enjoy the view when eating.

Caddo Lake, Caddo Parish

Found in northwest Louisiana, Caddo Lake has the largest Cypress forest in the world which it shares with Texas as the lake is right on the Texas border.

The lake is also home to a bayou and around 10,200 hectares to explore. The lake is said to have been formed by earthquakes around the year 1811.

Caddo Lake is a wetland that is protected due to it being home to a wide variety of wildlife.

At Caddo Lake, you are able to see alligators, eagles, and owls, as well as over 70 species of fish. It is an incredible spot for wildlife lovers to see lots of different species.

Calcasieu Lake, Cameron Parish

Ccalcasieu lake cameron parish best lakes in louisiana

Southwest of Louisiana is Calcasieu Lake, a lake that is 19,900 hectares and drains into the Gulf of Mexico.

Calcasieu Lake is popular for fishing as it is known for being home to spotted sea trout and red drum. Flounder, white shrimp, and brown shrimp are also known for being spotted in Calcasieu Lake.

The lake is also home to an albino bottlenose dolphin called Pinky, who was spotted swimming in the lake in 2007.

The lake is home to a lot of wildlife which you can spot either on land or by hiring a boat.

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Lake D’Arbonne, Union Parish

Not far from Farmerville, Lake D’Arbonne is a man-made lake that is popular for fishing and canoeing.

Created in 1963, Lake D’Arbonne State Park is south of State Highway 2 so is easily accessible and has a large range of wildlife that you are able to see during your visit to the lake.

The Lake D’Arbonne State Park has 58 campsites and 16 cabins so you can visit for a vacation and enjoy being surrounded by nature.

There are also various hiking and cycling trails so you can further explore the park.

Final Thoughts on Best Lakes in Louisiana

To conclude, Louisiana is full of beautiful lakes for you to visit and explore during a day trip or vacation.

There are lots of activities to do at the lakes such as kayaking, swimming, and fishing that can entertain the whole family during a vacation.

The wide range of wildlife at the lakes is perfect for children to spot during your visit.

It is also perfect for keen wildlife lovers who want to see different wildlife as you are able to see everything from alligators, to eagles, to dolphins if you are lucky!

Finally, the lakes in Louisiana are the perfect place to relax and explore. You can explore the true essence of Louisiana and immerse yourself in the Louisiana countryside!

7 Best Lakes in Louisiana – Swimming, Boating and Recreation