9 Best Ski Edge Sharpeners [2023 Top Picks]

If you are here to look for the best ski edge sharpener, then you are at the right place. As fellow skiers, you know the importance of keeping your skis in top shape!

A ski edge sharpener is a useful maintenance tool to preserve your skis.

You CAN send it to any sports gear tuning shop to help you fix your skis.

However, fin tuning it yourself is a fun and satisfying activity.

I have compiled here a list of the best ski edge sharpeners that you can go through and consider. Hey, sharing is caring!

best ski edge sharpener

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The Top 3 Ski Edge Sharpeners I Recommend 

These top 3 recommendations are based on the price range. Take your pick, whichever suits your budget!

best ski edge sharpener

Best Overall :

For the price and features, I would recommend the Swix Evo Side Electric Ski Edge Sharpener. I do love tuning my skis, but sometimes, I might forget before my skiing trip.

This tool does the trick faster because it is electric. I might have to do a  bit of a manual adjustment, but it’s not too bad. The end result is a perfect almost-professional finish which is satisfying enough for me.

best ski edge sharpener

Best Mid Range :

Racewax Edge Care Set is the perfect choice if you are looking for something that gives you everything. This particular set has all the tools you need to sharpen and tune your skis. 

It’s very easy to use, and in no time, you will be sharpening your skis like the ones done at the shops. I like that I do not need to purchase different tools to care for my skis. 

best ski edge sharpener

Most Affordable: 

Other than being kind to your wallet, the Dakine Edge Tuner Tool is small and compact. I do love a tool that is easy to bring around. 

You don’t need a table to use this, which makes it the choice for price and portability. It’s great for that quick touch-up during your ski travels. Maintaining your skis is not that hard after all. 

best ski edge sharpener

The 9 Best Ski Edge Sharpeners

1. Toko Edge Tuner Pro

Don’t let the word Pro make you think this is only made for Pros in mind. This is a tuner that lasts for a while, which some consider a great investment. I like the ergonomic design and the size, which makes it very easy to pack with my luggage.

What  I Like:

  • It is Swiss-made – swiss made equipment are known to be of great quality especially when it refers to snow sports
  • Four steel Roller Bearings
  • Allow steel and diamond files up to 6 mm thick
  • Adjustable side angles – a more flexible way to sharpen your skis

What I Don’t Like:

  • Great for sharpening the sides but not quite the top and bottom part of your skis
  • You may need to purchase another sharpener for that purpose only
best ski edge sharpener

2. Swix Evo Side Electric Ski Edge Sharpener

This is one of the best electric ski edge sharpeners in the market that you can consider purchasing. You will spend minimal time sharpening your skis with this tool as it is electric.

The finish is almost near professional quality and most active skiers would not mind getting this particular model. The price is steep in exchange for less time spent on sharpening your skis manually

What  I Like:

  • Easy to operate
  • Durable
  • Great control for sharpening skis

What I Don’t Like:

  • You still need to do some manual adjustments to avoid damaging your skis
  • Pricey
best ski edge sharpener

3. Swix Phantom Edger Pro

This is a sleek and widely durable ski edge mending tool that allows you to install the type of files according to the kind of sharpening that you would like. They may be made of plastic, but this gadget is durable and has equal strength to clamp your skis.

What I Like:

  • Small, compact weighing 5.6 ounces
  • Compatible with up to 5mm file thickness
  • Dial bevel adjustment (1-5 degrees)

What I Don’t Like:

  • Doesn’t fit the base level
best ski edge sharpener

4. Swix North Pocket Ski and Snowboard Tuner

This is an all-in-one tool that is perfect for skis and snowboard edges. It is pretty useful due to its sleek and compact design.

They are known to be effective in keeping edges smooth and sharp due to the side and base edger features.

What I Like:

  • 40mm high-quality file
  • Great for both skis and snowboards
  • Compact

What I Don’t Like

  • Materials feel somewhat flimsy
best ski edge sharpener

5. SKS Base Side Tuner Set

This set has all the tools you need to sharpen your skis. There’s a gummy stone and three types of diamond stone to start your sharpening skills. 

I like the fact that the multi-tool allows you to achieve more angles. More angles mean more access to sharpening your skis.

What I Like:

  • Easy to use
  • You can sharpen the side and bottom of your skis with this
  • Very precise sharpening

What I Don’t Like:

  • Less durable than most in the market. You may need to purchase new ones after a few usages. 
best ski edge sharpener

6. Demon United Edge Tuner

This is another set that comes with a multi-tool, file, gummy stone, and three types of diamond stone. It is great to use this set to sharpen your skis and snowboard. A plus point if you are into both sports.

What I Like:

  • Lightweight and comes with a bag
  • Can be used for skis and snowboards
  • Various angles are available to be used

What I Don’t Like:

  • Is not as sturdy as expected
best ski edge sharpener

7. XCMAN Ski Edge Tuner

XCMAN Ski Edge Tuner is friendly for your wallet and comes with a multi-tool that allows a variety of angles for sharpening skis. A file is included, which is easily attached or detached for easy sharpening. 

What I Like:

  • Good range of angles
  • Great for skis and snowboards

What I Don’t Like: 

  • Another one that lacks instructions. 
best ski edge sharpener

8. Racewax Edge Care Set

There are metal files, gummy stone, multi-tools, and three types of Swix diamond stones in this care set. This particular care set is made to allow you to sharpen your skis at a professional level. It is one of the best ski tuning kits on the market. 

What I Like:

  • Variety of angles
  • Compatible diamond, steel files, and stone

What I Don’t Like:

No faults so far!

best ski edge sharpener

9. Dakine Edge Tuner

This tuner is made into a size that is portable and fits into your pocket. The bevel allows you to choose between 88-degree angle or 90-degree angle. The 88-degree is great for the sides, and the 90-degree is perfect for the bottom. It’s a simple, easy edge tuning tool that is worth the price. 

What I Like:

  • Easy to pack and bring around anywhere
  • Sharpens quickly and effortlessly

What I Don’t Like:

  • No instructions, so newbies like me would take a while to use this.
best ski edge sharpener

What Is A Ski Edge Sharpener?

A ski edge sharpener is basically a tool that is used to sharpen your skis or snowboard. When you have sharp skis, it will allow your skis to have a better grip.

At the same time, it helps to maintain the durability and lengthen the years of usage for your skis. If you love skiing and are a DIY enthusiast, then a ski sharpener is one tool you must get. 

Why Do You Sharpen Your Ski Edges?

If your pencil is blunt, you will sharpen it to make it sharper and smoother to write. The same goes for sharpening ski edges. 

The act of sharpening ski edges allows your skis to be sharper and slicker. A sharper and slicker ski means better precision and better grip on the slopes during skiing

How Do You Sharpen Ski Edges?

Ski sharpening is not that hard once you have the basics. Simple steps to learn how to sharpen your ski edges are as below!

1. Location, Location, Location 

Find a place that is easy for you to clean up after you are done sharpening. Go for concrete or flooring made of tiles. Avoid carpeted and wooden flooring. Cleaning up carpeted flooring is no fun! 

2. Secure Skis in The Ski Vises

Your skis should be held up by the vises. The vises have to be mounted to a stable table that can handle scratches, marks, and wax spots.

There is a travel table for ski tuning and waxing if you’d like to invest in one. Swix Economy Waxing Table is sturdy and great for this purpose.

best ski edge sharpener

3. Deburr The Edges/Remove Irregularities Of The Edges

You need to remove any irregularities on your ski edges to ensure you can sharpen them efficiently. You can use the diamond stone until the edge feels nice, smooth, and regular.

4. File Those Side Edges

You need to hold the guide, so it is tight on its base and slowly grind off the metal ringlets on the edge. You can either use regular overlapping strokes or drag the files from tip to tail. Do as you feel fit.

Continuously check with your fingers on the sharpness to avoid overdoing it. 

5. All About The Base Edges

At this point, you need to ensure the base of your ski faces upwards. Similar actions like above, use gentle, firm, and overlapping strokes from top to bottom.

6. Diamond Is Your Best Friend (Polishing With The Diamond Stone)

To ensure longer-lasting sharpness, you need the diamond stone to polish your skis. Here, you can polish the edge back and forth. You know it is done once the edge is shiny and no micro file marks on your skis.

7. Detuning The Tip And Tail

Finally, to ensure you have a smooth entrance and exit when you turn, you need to detune the tip and tail. You need to do this with a gum stone. Gently round the edge after you place the ski at a 45-degree angle.

Next, you can wax your skis as you have completed sharpening the edges!

best ski edge sharpener

Features To Look For In Buying A Ski Edge Sharpener 

1. Files

You need traditional files to alter the angle of your ski edges. If you don’t plan to alter it, then don’t consider this type of file.

Second-cut files are, however, to be used to focus on sharpening. If you want to maintain your angles, then you need to look for smaller cut files.

Fine-cut files are smaller, and they are best used to get those tinier imperfections off of your skis. Use this before you would use diamond stones.

2. Stones

There are gummy, ceramic, and diamond stones among the options for stones that are used to make a ski edge sharpener. The best is the diamond stones because they give a crispier edge to your skis.

Another option of stones is gummy stones (not related to gummy bears, though – kidding!). They are available in both soft and hard forms. The soft is for cleaning off the rust on the upper layers, and the hard ones are used to clear scratches and burrs easily. 

It is best to get both types of diamond and gummy stones as part of your basic ski edge sharpening tools.

3. Adjustment angle/Guides

Guides or adjustment angle tools are excellent to help you to be specific with the angles while you sharpen your ski edges.

It is best to get guides that sharpen both the edge and bottom of your skis. This will help you to get sharper edges easily. 

best ski edge sharpener

FAQS On Best Ski Edge Sharpeners

What Is The Best Ski Edge Sharpener?

So, what is the best ski edge sharpener? The best ski edge sharpener will allow you to sharpen even at tight places and not create any scratches. I recommend the Swix Evo Side Electric Ski Edge Sharpener as the end result is a perfect almost-professional finish!

A professional would opt for something that is of overall great quality. A beginner like me would go for something that serves the purpose and is affordable.

What Is Needed To Sharpen Ski Edges?

Wondering what is needed to sharpen ski edges? I find that to sharpen ski edges, you need the right tools to do so. Below are the basic tools you need to sharpen your skis.

1. Side Bevel Guide

You need a file guide that would match the bevel of your edges. It would come in either a 2-degree factory bevel or a 3-degree bevel.

You can check your skis side bevel at the specs on their respective manufacturer’s website. It’s best to use a fixed bevel guide made of aluminum or stainless steel rather than plastic models.

2. Fine Cut Mill File

Similar to filing your nails, your skis need to be filed. Files vary in their coarseness. The coarser it is, then the more of the edge will take off. 

You may not need to file your skis all the time if you maintain your ski edges in a regular manner. Only when it is dull, then is it time to shine and file your skis.

best ski edge sharpener

3. Diamond Stones

Similar to files, diamond stones have different coarseness. It is best to get between a medium and fine diamond in your tuning set. They do not sharpen the edges much, but they are great for removing rust. 

The best tip is to use a medium stone for minor rust and a fine diamond for edge polishing.

4. Gummy Stone

A gummy stone usage is similar to a diamond stone. However, it is used to shine/tune your ski tips and tails. Use it only if your skis seem to have lost their grip on snow.

best ski edge sharpener

Should Ski Edges Be Sharp?

Should ski edges be sharp? Your ski edges should be sharp enough to allow them to grip the snow while bending into a turn. If you start skidding during your turns, you know it’s time to sharpen those edges.

How to test the sharpness of your ski edges? Drag a fingernail across the edges and if it scrapes some of your nails, it is just right.

A wonderful skiing experience is not just about the scenery but a well-maintained pair of skis (or snowboard). Skiers who love the sport find tuning their own skis an activity that gives them extra satisfaction.

Once you have sharpened your skis, no reason not to book the next skiing holiday very soon. Time for you to grab your skis and start hitting the slopes! You are on your way to enjoying your favorite winter sports more than ever!

Thank me later for these extra tips on the best ski edge sharpeners! Have fun tuning your skis and many more good grips in the snow when you ski!

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