7 Best Ski Boot For Narrow Feet [Top 2023 Picks!]

Winter is coming, which means it’s time to bring out your best ski boot for narrow feet out to play! 

You read that right. There is a specific list of the best ski boot for narrow feet, and you can stop searching and scrolling on the internet.

I have it right here for you to ensure that you can have comfort and fun during your skiing experience. 

When you have narrow feet, you will know that when it comes to choosing the right pair of ski boots, you will be very particular. The wrong choice of ski boots can point to a frustrating (and extremely painful )skiing trip!

best ski boot for narrow feet

So, fret not; you need not search any longer and feel stressed out with the tons of information out there. Just read through, and I’ll help you narrow down your choices for you to get ski boots for your narrow feet. 

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The Top 3 Best Ski Boot For Narrow Feet 

I am recommending these three ski boots for narrow feet based on the price range and their features, of course.

best ski boot for narrow feet

Best Overall- The Salomon X Max 110

The Salomon X Max 110 is a specific fit for women, which makes this the number one choice for me. It’s a great all-around performer, especially when you ski in the mountains.

The key features of its specific fit make me feel like I am Cinderella who just found her missing shoe. The amplifier cuff is another reason why this is my first choice, as it gives me the power and flex that I need.

best ski boot for narrow feet

Best Mid Range- Rossignol Pure Elite 70

If you want something that is not too pricey but gives you the control and grip you need for skiing, then this model from Rossignol is perfect for that. 

The regular fit is ideal for skiing, and the fit is comfortable enough. Its tailor-made comfort allows you to customize the inner part of the boot for comfort and support.

best ski boot for narrow feet

Best Compromise for Unisex- Full Tilt Drop Kick

Full Tilt Drop Kick is mainly for advanced skiers however, it is great for males and females. It works all over, which means skiing at the park or mountains is no issue for this model.

Full Tilt is able to handle any kind of impact and, at the same time, gives comfort to its user while protecting the feet and shins. You can match the snow conditions or style of skiing just by changing the interchangeable tounges. 

best ski boot for narrow feet

The 7 Best Ski Boot For Narrow Feet

1. Salomon X Max 110

You can’t go wrong with this pair from Salomon. It’s another model that is built with women in mind whereby it is light, yet it gives great grip and control for skiing and walking. 

The calf adjuster allows more fitting options specifically for women. The comfort and grip control wins hands down for me.

What I Like:

  • The calf adjuster is a plus point for me
  • Very precise in terms of size
  • Fits well

What I Don’t Like:

  • More for advanced and expert-level skiers
best ski boot for narrow feet

2. Nordica Hot Rod 90 Ski Boots

Created by Nordica with women in mind, these boots have endured their title since coming out in 2011. It has an amazing design and wonderful cushioning making it easier to move or run in this pair of boots.

The cuffs are adjustable and come with four buckles. The Flex for these boots is between 80 to 90.

What I Like:

  • Feels light and very comfortable due to the cushioning
  • Adjustable four buckles – which means when you buckle up, the straps will make you feel your feet is well supported and has a strong grip
  • Highly personalized and custom-molded

What I Don’t Like:

  • Too many buckles – it’s great for the grip and fit however, if you buckle too tight it may compress your feet. It makes getting your feet out of the boots a bit harder to do so. 
best ski boot for narrow feet

3. Full Tilt Drop Kick

This pair is for high-performing advanced skiers that would want to ski over mountains and parks. It’s a great pair with high flex and a narrow last of 99mm.

It’s great for all-day comfort and perfect for narrower feet. 

What I Like: 

  • Weighs light which makes it easier to use
  • All-around comfort for all types of skiing environments
  • You can change the flex by switching the tongue. 

What I Don’t Like:

  • There are reviews indicating that the newer models are not as good as the ones before
best ski boot for narrow feet

4. Rossignol Pure Elite 70

Beginners and Intermediate skiers can opt for this model as the Pure Elite 70 has a narrow end of 98mm and a soft – medium flex of 70.

It’s warm and comfortable because of the Merino wool insulation. It’s also another model that is women-specific with a lower cuff shape to prevent your calves from getting sore.

What I Like: 

  • Great for beginners and those with smaller stature
  • Holds fantastic on the slopes
  • The flex pattern is great for new intermediate going to advance

What I Don’t Like:

  • None so far! 
best ski boot for narrow feet

5. Nordica Cruise 90 Ski Boots

This pair looks good and certainly delivers in terms of performance and comfort. If you are a beginner or just started to enjoy skiing and have narrow feet, it is perfect for investing in.

The strap is 35 mm, and the flex is 90. Any newbie would find these boots would complement them in their new skiing adventure.

What I Like:

  • Great performance and control
  • Easy entry instep
  • Adjustable cuffs

What I Don’t Like:

  • Made for newbies/rookies in mind.
  • I would not recommend it to experienced skiers 
best ski boot for narrow feet

6. Nordica HF 110 Narrow Ski Boots

Nordica has an excellent grip for walking, which is a great feature to consider. The soles are ergonomically designed to give comfort to their user while skiing. This is the perfect ski boot for every skier. 

This is one of the best boots for anyone with narrow feet but wide forefront. As much as it may be better for men but some women are born with such features too. 

What I Like:

  • You can slide into these boots easily
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Great for all levels of skiers

What I Don’t Like:

  • HF stands for Hands Free which means you can easily get your feet in and out of the boots however, it gives the impression that it may not be well fitted accordingly.
best ski boot for narrow feet

7. Atomic Hawk 130 Ultra 

This is an expert-level pair narrow fit ski boots, so if you have frequently been skiing, I would recommend you consider this pair. It’s great for aggressive and expert skiers. It’s comfortable and extremely powerful alpine ski boots.

It is also Atomic’s lightest boot, weighing 1.68kg with a narrow end of 98mm. It is a fairly warm pair that gives good insulation during the sweater weather. 

What I Like:

  • Light and  very comfortable
  • Great for all kinds of skiing terrains and challenges

A quick break-in period is a plus point. Reviews from users mentioned that they only need to use it for 2 – 3 days to break in the boots

Make sure the boots are warm/room temperature before you use them. Another great tip is to wear it at least half an hour before skiing. 

What I Don’t Like:

  • Pricey, especially if you are on a budget. 
best ski boot for narrow feet

What Are Narrow Ski Boots?

Generally, ski boots are made to fit average, medium, and narrow feet. Narrow ski boots are made specifically for those with narrow feet. If you have narrow feet, it is best to choose boots that fit your lovely feet well.

Choosing the right fit for your feet will protect them while giving you the best experience in skiing. It has to be comfortable and, at the same time, allow your feet to support well during skiing. 

Going on a ski holiday and then complaining about painful feet after that? No, thank you! Buying the right pair of ski boots for your narrow feet for skiing and having a great holiday? Yes, please!

Do You Need Narrow Ski Boots?

First things first, you need to be sure if you do have narrow feet. If you do, well, head on to choose narrow ski boots for your lovely feet. 

However, if you do not have narrow feet, it does not mean it is not for you. If precision and control are what you really want during your skiing adventure, well, narrow ski boots are the best choice.  

best ski boot for narrow feet

Features To Look For In Narrow Ski Boots

1. Size

Ski boots are measured in centimeters. They call it the MondoPoint Size, which simply means the sizes are measured by the length of your foot.

You can refer to the different brands on how they size their boots. You should be able to wiggle and adjust your toes when you try it. Another great tip to take note of is that it is better to reduce at least 1 centimeter from your actual size.

2. Volume

Low-volume ski boots are required for narrow feet users. Volume means the 3-dimensional size of the boots. This would include the width or last of the boots. 

3. Width

The width of the boots would refer to how wide is the ski boots at the forefoot in millimeters. 

The typical width would be

  • Narrow : from 95mm – 99mm, usually for high performance or racing
  • Medium : from 100mm – 103mm, usually high performance or advanced
  • Wide : from 104mm – 106mm built for your average skiers who ski for fun

4. Skill Level

This is pretty simple. It refers to your skiing skills, be it beginner, intermediate or expert level. Once you know which level you are at, it will be easier to narrow down your choices. 

  • Beginners: no experience in skiing or just started skiing
  • Intermediate: has experience in skiing however, still pretty cautious and careful
  • Advanced: very confident and have great control in skiing
  • Expert: aggressive with great control in high-speed skiing

5. Best Use

  • Downhill Boots

      They work well with standard ski bindings

  • Side Country Boots:  

      Can be used for both hiking/walking, making the switch easier when needed.

  • Freestyle Boots

     They are more upright at the cuff, making skiing and landing a breeze.

  • Race Boots:  

    These boots focus on speed and performance and are designed to go fast at all  times.


This would mean whether your boots have more resistance or not when you bring your ankle forward. Usually, the higher the number, the stiffer the boot is.

Leg and Foot Shape

This part here would mean you do need to see a boot fitter. Different shapes of your foot and the size of your legs are other things to consider when you purchase your ski boots. A boot fitter would help you to choose and modify the boots to fit your feet well. 

best ski boot for narrow feet

FAQs On Best Ski Boot For Narrow Feet

Are Salomon Ski Boot Good For Narrow Feet?

So, are Salomon ski boots good for narrow feet? Yes! Salomon ski boots are great for narrow feet. The one I recommended above, the Salomon X Max 70s Women, has one of the softest flexing ski boots designed specifically for narrow feet

Are Lange Ski Boots For Narrow Feet?

Yes! Lange ski boots are good for narrow feet! Lange is another brand that makes a couple of models in their narrow-fit boots range. Their boots between 92 to 97mm forefoot are fit for narrow feet. These boots are on the narrow end to be sure of giving you the right snug fit.

However, choose wisely, as you do not want to get a pair that does not fit your narrow feet.

Why Do My Feet Go Numb In My Ski Boots?

Asking yourself why do my feet go numb in my ski boots? A common cause of boot compression is when the boot is actually too big, and people buckle too hard to secure the foot.

The moment your feet go numb in your ski boots, it usually means the boots may be of the wrong size or shape for you. You need to ensure you are wearing thin socks and allow more space for your forefoot to avoid this boot compression syndrome.

You can also get a boot fitter at a specialist boot fitting store to help you stretch the instep. I know I did that, and it made my pretty feet happier soon after.

The best pair of ski boots should fit you well, not just in terms of sizes and width but the purpose. Investing in a good pair of ski boots for your narrow feet will be worth it. 

Your winter skiing holidays will be filled with wonderful memories. No more painful feet after skiing.

If you are not a professional skier, it does not mean you should skimp on getting the best for your narrow feet. Don’t just get the best ski boots but get the best snow boots or best winter boots for your narrow feet.  

Work around the budget that fits you best. You never know that skiing might be your next favorite thing to do.

I hope you enjoyed the list and are all pumped up for your next skiing adventure. 

Have a happy skiing holiday for your next winter travels!

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