9 Best Restaurants to Have Breakfast in Cornwall [Best Picks]

Whether you like pancakes or eggs for breakfast, there are plenty of great places for breakfast in Cornwall.

As the old saying goes, “Eat breakfast like a king,” and you’ll be pumped with energy for the day – perfect for a full day of exploring Cornwall! 

Luckily for us (and you!), Cornwall is home to some of the best breakfast spots with delicious food waiting to be devoured during your visit.

We’ve compiled some of the best places for breakfast in the county to help you, so be sure to check them out on your trip to Cornwall. 

To give you a head start, here’s our top 3 picks for some of the best places you can head to for breakfast in Cornwall. 

  1. Daisy’s Cafe – for cozy ambiance and great food 
  2. Olive and Cofor delicious ‘homemade’ breakfasts
  3. Cherry Trees’ Cafe – for beachside breakfasts with your dog (yes, it’s dog-friendly!)

9 Best Places For Breakfast In Cornwall 


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9 Best Places For Breakfast In Cornwall 

1. Daisy’s Cafe  – Looe

breakfast in cornwall daisy cafe

Tripadvisor rating : 5 / 5

Location: Google Maps

Socials: Facebook | Instagram | Website

A highly recommended breakfast spot in Cornwall, Daisy’s Cafe offers one of the best breakfast experiences in Looe. Ranked as the number one place for breakfast in Cornwall on Tripadvisor, it also has over 1000 happy customers who rave about how great it is here. 

Customers particularly love the ambiance and how friendly the two owners are – passionate, welcoming, and warm, being at Daisy’s almost feels like home. 

Here, you can find all-day breakfasts of eggs, bacon, sausages, grilled tomatoes, and mushrooms with a side of beans in addition to delicious scones, sandwiches, and many others. 

The portions here are pretty generous too, so you won’t have to worry about eating like a king- at Daisy’s Cafe – you certainly will. 

2. Sunset Surf Cafe and Bar 

breakfast in cornwall sunset surf cafe

Tripadvisor rating : 4.5 / 5

Location: Google Maps

Socials: Facebook | Instagram | Website

The Sunset Surf in Gwithian is worth the hype as it holds an excellent reputation as one of Cornwall’s best locations for breakfast. You will find spectacular views of Gwithian to complement your perfect Cornish morning with a delicious breakfast menu that they offer. 

From mouth-watering Belgian waffles and bacon baps to eggs Benedict and proper English breakfasts, there is something for every type of taste bud that walks through their doors to kick start their mornings.

Their food is also locally sourced, and they can cater to any dietary requirements you might have; inform someone on the team before ordering! 

Did we mention that the restaurant also acts as a surf shop? What better place to grab a bite to eat before (or after!) your surf session, right? 

3. Olive & Co. 

breakfast in cornwall olive and co

Tripadvisor rating : 5 / 5

Location: Google Maps

Socials: Facebook | Instagram | Website

This small, independent cafe in Liskeard is an absolute thrill to stumble upon for breakfast first thing in the morning.

This family-run cafe serves “delicious homemade food and gourmet teas and coffee surrounded in beauty” – all their food is hand-made and sourced locally whenever possible. 

Whether it’s poached eggs with smoked salmon or the famous bacon sandwiches to the delicious breakfast toasties and homemade pancakes, the menu offers some of the best breakfast dishes in Cornwall. 

While you’re there, be sure to check out their range of coffees from small independent roasters, the shelves lined with various delectable loose teas, and a stunning garden to unwind in before you begin your day. 

4. Charlie’s Cafe 

breakfast in cornwall charlies cafe

Tripadvisor rating : 5 / 5

Location: Google Maps

Socials: Facebook | Instagram | Website

The winner for the ‘Family Dining Award‘ at the Cornwall Life Food and Drink Awards is Charlie’s Cafe in Tintagel, and for an excellent reason too.

If you plan on visiting the castles here, we suggest stopping by this award-winning cafe for some tasty breakfast before you start your adventure. 

Centrally located in Tintagel, Charlie’s Cafe has a cozy indoor area and a large courtyard area with beautiful views, perfect for enjoying a relaxing breakfast!

They change their menu regularly with the times and seasons, but it is guaranteed that you will always get quality food cooked using the very best Cornish ingredients here. 

Their freshly made waffles with maple syrup and smoked bacon is a crowd favorite but other dishes on their menu such as poached eggs, cinnamon, and raisin toast with spiced pumpkin jam or a simple sourdough toast with locally made jam and butter. 

5. Chapel Cafe

breakfast in cornwall chapel cafe

Tripadvisor rating : 4.5 / 5

Location: Google Maps

Socials: Facebook | Twitter 

Have you had a delicious breakfast accompanied by stunning sea views before? Well, if you haven’t, in Chapel Cafe, you certainly will. Located In the Cornish Village in Port Isaac, the scrumptious Cornish breakfast comes accompanied by a picturesque backdrop of the sea. 

This cafe is housed in a restored 19th century Methodist chapel. All their food is prepared on the premises, and they ensure all their ingredients have been sourced fresh and locally to maintain the quality of products they get and the freshness of the food they serve. 

Breakfast is served till 11.30 am here, so you might want to head to Port Isaac early to enjoy their stunning delectable selections of Cornish breakfasts, tomato and bacon sandwiches, croissants, sausage sarnies, and good ol’ beans on toast. 

Paired with a refreshing cup of tea or the house’s specially roasted coffee, you’ll have a great start to your day at one of the best breakfast places in Cornwall. 

6. The Vault

breakfast in cornwall the vault

Tripadvisor rating : 4.5 / 5

Location: Google Maps

Socials: Facebook | Instagram | Website

Popular among customers from all walks of life, from hipsters, grannies, mums, and families, The Vault is one of the most excellent places to have breakfast in Cornwall.

It is located in an old bank at the top of the most historical street in Penzance and is loved by many for its beautiful breakfasts. 

On a good day where the sun is shining, the sun terrace is the perfect setting for eating, tanning, and drinking tea, whereas, in the Alice in Wonderland-themed interiors, you’ll find cubby holes to chit-chat in an excellent food waiting to be eaten. 

They also have a gluten-free menu and a vegan menu, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from! The best things here are the Kiwi Stacks in their breakfast menu and the delicious red velvet cake. No one’s ever said you can’t have cake for breakfast. 

7. Espressini

breakfast in cornwall espressini coffee

Tripadvisor rating : 4.5 / 5

Location: Google Maps

Socials : Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

If you’re looking for delicious coffee from all over the world, look no further than this artisanal coffee shop in the heart of Falmouth, which has a good relationship with the bean growers who handpick them with love. Great coffee and great vibes, Espressini is one of the best breakfast spots in Falmouth. 

They serve brunch through the mid-afternoon with sweet pastries, salted caramel coffee cake, and brownies ready for dessert. Only the freshest ingredients are used in all their food, with some brunch classics with a twist that changes daily. 

8. Cherry Trees Cafe 

breakfast in cornwall cherry tree cafe

Tripadvisor rating : 5 / 5

Location: Google Maps

Socials: Facebook | Website

If you’re looking for the best place for an English breakfast with all the trimmings, sweet and savory pancakes, or a nice plate of salmon and eggs, the Cherry Tree has a menu filled with temptations for you to choose anything you like!

This picturesque harbor side cafe is open seven days a week and dog-friendly, so your pup can join you for breakfast. There are plenty of healthy options available too. For a change, take your meals to go and sit by the beach for breakfast, with a side of blue waters and fishing boats for a view. 

9. Fuel

fuel cafe cornwall

Tripadvisor rating : 4.5 / 5

Location: Google Maps

Socials: Facebook | Instagram | Website

Fuel makes breakfast look more relaxed than lunch, especially when it’s an all-day affair at this excellent restaurant for breakfast in Cornwall. It is always filled to the brim with locals, and the rustic, trendy decor creates a laid-back atmosphere to enjoy your morning coffee. 

This restaurant comes highly recommended for its Cornish banana pancakes, full English breakfasts, bacon, sausage sandwiches, and many others. Be sure to try the apple crumble; we hear it’s to die for! 

What Are Some Traditional Foods You Can Find In Cornwall? 

Some of the traditional Cornish foods that you should try in Cornwall are: 

Cornish Pasty – a traditional Cornish dish made of potatoes, onions, and swede or minced beef. 

Cornish Yarg – Cornish cheese made from the milk of Friesian cows.

Cornish Clotted Cream is a delicious cream made from unpasteurized milk and heated using steam.

Cornish Ice-Cream – Delicious mid-day dessert made of clotted cream and whole milk

Cornish Saffron Bun – Traditional Cornish dish flavored with saffron and made with sycamore leaves.

Seafood Stew – Yummy stew made from various types of seafood, brought fresh every day.  

cornwall national dish cornish pasty

What Is Cornwall’s National Dish? 

The pasty, or specifically the Cornish pasty, is the food that is associated most with Cornwall. It accounts for 6% of the Cornish food economy and is considered the county’s traditional dish. The pasties are made with different fillings – most are filled with onions, potatoes, swede, or minced beef. 

Finding them won’t be hard either; you can find shops specializing in pasties almost everywhere in Cornwall.  

Best Vegan Restaurants For Breakfast In Cornwall

vegan restaurant in cornwall

This one’s for the plant-based food enthusiasts; we’ve got some options for you too! 

Cornwall’s fresh produce all year-round has contributed to the birth of some of the county’s best and healthy vegan and vegetarian restaurants. Even their famous ice creams and pasties have received the vegan treatment, so you won’t have to worry about not getting your share of the local yummy food – there’s something for everyone! 

1. The Cornish Vegan 

Tripadvisor rating : 5 / 5

Location: Google Maps

Socials: Facebook | Instagram | Website

Leading by example, The Cornish Vegan is Truro’s star plant-based restaurant. They serve hearty meals and mains that would make you smile with content, especially if you’re new to the meat-free diet. 

Try the nachos or “fish” and chips – the “The Cornish Vegan Buddha Bowl” also comes highly recommended, along with their extensive range of mushroom and walnut burgers, curries, and stews. While you’re there, try the vegan cream tea as well! The scones, jam, and coconut cream are delicious!

2. The Green HeART Cafe

Tripadvisor rating : 4.5 / 5

Location: Google Maps

Socials : Facebook | Instagram 

Not too far from the seaside in Newquay, The Green HeART Cafe awaits. The first full vegetarian and vegan cafe in town serves terrific meals and tasty cakes accompanied by rustic modern decor and Insta-worthy plates of goodness. 

They have plenty of gluten-free and vegan options to pick from, including a delicious vegan meatball sub that will keep you satisfied all through breakfast or lunch! Dogs are also welcomed here, making The Green Heart the perfect place to start before your walks in the morning, 

3. The Bean Inn

Tripadvisor rating : 4.5 / 5

Location: Google Maps

Socials: Facebook | Instagram | Website | Twitter

This gem of a place ensures that everything on its menu can be adapted to a vegan diet, even treats like the delectable chocolate and orange mud pie or the fruit crumble! You can find Bean Inn on the ground floor of the Coast B&B on the outskirts of St. Ives. 

Every dish (and drink!) served here is vegan, and they have a great selection on their menu that the Vegetarian Society has approved. Be sure to try their breakfast options or stay for brunch; they serve great food all day-round anyway! 

4. The Potager Garden Cafe 

Tripadvisor rating : 4.5 / 5

Location: Google Maps

Socials: Facebook | Instagram | Website

Look no further than Potager Garden Cafe in Falmouth for an authentic farm-to-table experience with a vegetarian and vegan menu. Set in a converted greenhouse, this cafe serves its food with produce straight out of the cafe’s garden. 

Their menu changes based on what produce is in season, and what they can harvest from the garden at the time, so no two trips to this cafe here will be the same.

Don’t forget to get your hands on some delicious homemade cakes and wholesome food at this dog-friendly cafe which also has a small area to buy plants once you’ve finished your meal. 


There you go! All the best breakfast places in Cornwall for you to choose from when you’re there. There is something for everyone, even for those who are on a plant-based diet. Be sure to try the seafood, Cornish pasty, and the cream tea – all the Cornish specialities you must have at least once in your life! 

We hope this article has helped you find the best places for breakfast in Cornwall for you and your loved ones when you’re in the county! 

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