18 Best Views in Cornwall United Kingdom (Bucketlist Special)

If you have seen the TV series Poldark, you probably have been wondering all about the best views in Cornwall, since the series constantly shows amazing vistas and charming towns of this quaint little English destination!

The most southwestern county in the UK’s location is a stunning one, with a hundred miles of coastline, beaches, and perfect-for-sunset-picture cliffs. 

Additionally, Cornwall is packed with mythical locations, sites that came straight from the Iron Age, and even tropical gardens and old mines. 

This makes it perfect for family, solo, and couple trips!

If you’re interested in visiting this beautiful place, check out this list of Cornwall’s best views, so you can start planning your itinerary.

Although Cornwall is packed with incredibly beautiful places (as you’ll discover in this post), we managed to pick 3 of them that will leave you speechless:

So, our top 3 of the best views in Cornwall are:

1. Kynance Cove

2. Bedruthan Steps

3. St. Ives Harbor 

Let’s not waste any more time and get to our full list of the best views in Cornwall:

At a glance, these are:

  1. St Michael’s Mount
  2. Mullion Cove
  3. Porthcurno
  4. Land’s End
  5. The Rumps
  6. Botallack
  7. St. Ives Harbor
  8. Bedruthan Steps
  9. Kynance Cove
  10. St Loy
  11. Bodmin Moor
  12. Trethevy Quoit
  13. St. Agnes 
  14. Kilmar Tor
  15. Isles of Scilly 
  16. Truro
  17. River Fowey
  18. Looe

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18  Best Views In Cornwall

Here are the top places to visit in Cornwall: 

1. St. Michael’s Mount

best views in cornwall st michaels mount

Where to stay around/in the area:

Best Hotel: Marazion Hotel
Best B&B:Glenleigh House: Bed & Breakfast
Best AirbnbThe Arc
Honeysuckle Cottage Perranuthnoe

An impressive castle over a tidal island on Mount’s Bay, St. Michael’s Mount is just off the Marazion mainland town, and it absolutely ticks every box.

It has beauty, history, and it’s a positively mythical place.

For centuries, there have been tales about mermaids luring sailors and the archangel St Michael showing up to warn fishermen about possible disasters.

Additionally, it was crucial for Oliver Cromwell‘s army against the Spanish Armada.

You can visit this former medieval monastery by foot when the tide is low, or by boat when it’s high. 

Plus, the Marazion town itself is a gorgeous town full of art galleries and artists. If you’re an art lover, you cannot miss it.

2. Mullion Cove

best views in cornwall mullion cave

Where to stay around/in the area:

Best Hotel: Mullion Cove Hotel & Spa
Best B&B:The Mounts Bay Inn
Best AirbnbIsland View, Mullion Cove

This beautiful place on the Lizard Peninsula has astonishing views of turquoise waters and volcanic rocks formations.

It has several large caves right on the coast that you can visit when the tide is low, and the small harbor town is full of little shops and cafés, which is perfect for a relaxing time.

The volcanic rock formations are also amazing, the biggest one being Mullion Island, an islet off the coast and home to a plethora of seabirds.

It’s less touristy than Kynance Cove (more on this place below), also located in the Peninsula.

This means you’ll have access to almost the same incredible views with fewer people around you.

Mullion Cove has for centuries withstood Atlantic storms, so if you love storms, this is a go-to place.

The Mullion Cove Hotel & Spa offers a relaxing time as well, you can check it if you want to spoil yourself with a massage.

3. Porthcurno

best views in cornwall porthcurno

Where to stay around/in the area:

Best Hotel: There are no hotels in Porthcurno
Best B&B:Ednovean Farm
Best AirbnbThe Watch, PenzanceThe Piggery at Tresidder

On the south coast of Cornwall, you can find Porthcurno – a beautiful white sandy  beach and clear blue waters.

There is an amphitheater right by the sea, made out of the granite cliffs! 

The open-air Minack Theater, which overlooks the cove and Porthcurno beach, and is located in the cliff tops, is one of the main attractions of this beautiful town.

It’s one of the best views in Cornwall, especially during sunset when the sky displays beautiful tones of red and orange.

The town had a submarine communications cable station, which was crucial during World War II.

You can visit the tunnels that were built to protect the station from the enemy, in the Porthcurno Telegraph Museum

While you’re in the area, make sure to check National Trust- Porthcurno,

Poldark Porthcurno, and the Museum of Global Communication as are all popular attractions.

You’ll also find, in this town, several of the best holiday cottages with sea views in Cornwall.

4. Land’s End

best views in cornwall lands end

Where to stay around/in the area:

Best Hotel: There are no hotels in Land’s End.
Best B&B:Boskenna Home Farm (an 18th-century Georgian farmhouse!)
Best AirbnbMonterey Pines

Land’s End is the most westerly point of England!

The cliff tops give you remarkable views of the coastline and the Atlantic, and of the Longships Lighthouse and Wolf Rock Lighthouse. There’s also a huge rock arch, known as the “Armored Knight”.

Nearby, you’ll find the Geevor Tin Mine, a center where you will learn about the story of the Cornish tin and copper mining industry.

This place is also known as The First and Last, since it’s a starting or finish point, depending on your traveling plans.

In fact, there’s an iconic signpost marking the end/beginning that is one of the main attractions.

If you’re a bird enthusiast, you’ll enjoy bird–watching here, since there are many  species of seabirds. 

It’s a perfect place for watching the sunset and definitely has one of the best sea views in Cornwall.

5. The Rumps

Where to stay around/in the area:

Best Hotel: The Longcross Hotel And Gardens
Best B&B:Pentire Farmhouse
Best AirbnbWestward 14 – Polzeath

With a fort that was built during the Iron Age (in the IIth Century O_O), these are twin headlands linked by a strip of land to Pentire Head.

This unusual formation offers views from west to east! And it’s quite easy to recognize.

It is formed by basaltic rocks, and the shape and location made it an awesome defensive spot, hence the fort.

To the west, you will see Tintagel Castle, and on the east, the Camel Estuary and Stepper Point.

You might even see the dolphins and sharks (especially in the summer) that usually swim near the coast. Years ago, people even saw a killer whale!

6. Botallack

best views in cornwall botallack

Where to stay around/in the area:

Best Hotel: There are no hotels in Botallack
Best B&B:Wintara B&B
Best Airbnb:Arty miners cottage

At the north of Land’s End, Botallack stands as the epitome of Cornish essence and history.

Here the sea is impressive, with huge, wild waves, and the coast’s dramatic granite cliffs and ancient tin mines, are equally spectacular.

The Poldark series was partly filmed here! You can just imagine Ross Poldark holding hands with Demelza, watching the striking beauty of this place (*sighs*).

Plus, you can walk around for free, and #ifitsfreeisforme!

The mines were vital for the Cornish people for centuries, and now that they lie abandoned, they’re excellent material for spooky ghost stories.

The history and beauty of this place are among some reasons for the United Nations to designate it as a World Heritage Site.

Besides the magnificent cliffs, make sure to check the preserved ruins of Wheal Owles and Wheal Crowns, two ancient mines.

7. St. Ives Harbor

best views in cornwall st ives harbor

Where to stay around/in the area:

Best Hotel: Carbis Bay and Spa Hotel
Best B&B:Little Leaf Guest House
Best Airbnb:Iris 5*

This picturesque town has been home to artists of the 20th century and was first settled in the 6th century. 

The cobbled streets, gorgeous townhouses, and sandy beach with turquoise waters are certainly an inspiration for anyone!

Its beaches are a very popular surf destination, and the town is perfect for a family trip.

Several cafés and tearooms, as well as many art galleries, make this an awesome place for culture and Cornish cream teas-lovers.

Make sure to go to St Ive’s Harbor Beach while you’re in the area, or go shopping in Fore Street. 

Other interesting places are St. Leonard’s Chapel, the Tate St. Ives Gallery, Barbara Hepworth Sculpture Garden, and Seal Island, where a colony of seals lives.

As you can see, the town has many of the things to see in Cornwall, England and these will definitely keep you occupied during your trip there. 

8. Bedruthan Steps

best views in cornwall bedruthan

Where to stay around/in the area:

Best Hotel: Bedruthan Hotel & Spa
Best B&B:Bre-Pen Farm Bed & Breakfast
Best Airbnb:This beautiful, secluded cottage

The golden sands of Bedruthan beach together with large volcanic rocks are most certainly a sight to behold.

The giant rocks are impressive at low tide, and can also be seen through the water when the tide is high.

Plus, each rock stack has a name, such as Queen Bess, Samaritan Island, and Redcove Island!

The Bedruthan Hotel & Spa is one of the best hotels with sea views in Cornwall.

According to legend, the giant Bedruthan placed the stone stacks to make a path to cross the bay. 

As beautiful as this legend sounds, the truth is that these majestic rocks were separated by sea erosion from the mainland, for thousands of years. 

It’s no wonder why this place is one of the best views in Cornwall.

Both the tides and the cliffs can be dangerous, so be mindful of that when visiting this beautiful place.

9. Kynance Cove

best views in cornwall kynance cove

Where to stay around/in the area:

Best Hotel: Housel Bay Hotel
Best B&B:Penmenner House Bed and Breakfast
Best Airbnb:Parc Brawse House

Also located on the Lizard Peninsula, Kynance Cove is one of those places where its beauty can leave you speechless.

It has been a popular tourist destination since Victorian times.

The turquoise water and white sand beach, the coves that can be explored with low tides, and the breathtaking cliff tops views, will forever remain in your memory.

You will also see several small islands projecting out of the bay and into the ocean, as well as many interconnected caves – perfect for exploring.

Do mind the tides, since it’s possible to get cut off, and there isn’t a lifeguard service here.

All this beauty has earned it the reputation of the most popular places in Cornwall.

10. St. Loy

Where to stay around/in the area:

Best Hotel: There are no hotels in St. Loy
Best B&B:Cove Cottage St. Loy
Best Airbnb:The Pod

St. Loy is an impressive place with valleys and a beach packed with large boulders, and coves.

The woodlands are beautiful, and at the bottom of it, you will find the cove. There’s no sand there, only rounded rocks and boulders, so it’s always quiet.

The valley leading to the cove is very romantic. Interestingly, this place is also plagued with stories of ghosts, pirates, and shipwrecks. 

It is said to be the first place in England where spring arrives, and it’s unusually warm even in winter. 

11. Bodmin Moor

best views in cornwall bodmin moor

Where to stay around/in the area:

Best Hotel: The Bodmin Jail Hotel
Best B&B:Castle Canyke Farm
Best Airbnb:This gorgeous apartment

Right in the middle of Cornwall, this moorland is full of evidence pointing out that people from the Bronze Age lived there.

There are ceremonial circles of huge stones, called Hurlers Stone Circles, which are magnificent, as well as dry stone walls, and hundreds of hut circles.

There are twin peaks called Rough Tor, which are perfect for photography. 

In this area, you’ll find Siblyback Lake, one of the best lakes for inland water sports in Cornwall.

It was designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, so you’ll witness beautiful landscapes, for sure, although there are some parts that may appear to be a bit desolated. 

However, there are few elevations in this place, so for more stunning views, you can visit Stowe’s Hill, on the east of Bodmin Moor. 

Make sure to also check out Jamaica Inn, a hotel with large collections of smuggled artifacts from the 18th Century.

Nearby, you will find Trethorne Leisure Park, the largest attraction for families in North Cornwall, so if you’re traveling with your kids, this is a must-go. 

Another interesting attraction is The Courtroom Experience. Here, you’ll take a tour of the cells, and original courtroom. 

You’ll also get to play the part of the jury in the recreation of the trial against Matthew Weeks for allegedly murdering his girlfriend Charlotte Dymond in 1844.

Back in that time, Matthew was found guilty and hung, but now you can revisit the evidence and give your verdict.

Awesome pictures guaranteed, and a very mystic place to visit.

12. Trethevy Quoit

Where to stay around/in the area:

Best Hotel: Wheal Tor Hotel
Best B&B:Trethevy Farm
Best Airbnb:This cottage

Another place in Cornwall full of strange rock formations! 

Here you’ll find a 20-tonne capstone forming a structure known as “portal dolmen”, which purpose remains in mystery, and it’s among the best of Cornwall.

It certainly looks like a door to ancient times to me, but it probably was a Neolithic burial chamber (built around 3500BC). 

13. St. Agnes

best views in cornwall st agnes

Where to stay around/in the area:

Best Hotel: Rose in Vale
Best B&B:St Agnes Hotel
Best Airbnb:The Aggie Hideaway

On the north coast of Cornwall, St. Agnes is a great spot for watching powerful Atlantic storms, the local wildlife, and old engine houses which are reminders of the former successful mining industry.

One of the most famous former mines is Wheal Coates, so make sure to check it.

Trevaunance Cove is the main beach in St. Agnes, and it’s very popular among families. 

The area is a popular surf spot as well, so if you enjoy surfing, you cannot miss it.

The St. Agnes Museum is another beautiful attraction, full of artifacts and history of the village.

The beautiful coastline with impressive cliffs and wild ocean makes it one of the best sea views in Cornwall.

14. Kilmar Tor

Where to stay around/in the area:

Best Hotel: Wheal Tor Hotel
Best B&B:Tor View B&B
Best Airbnb:Mum’s Cottage

Kilmar Tor is magnificent. 

The acres of granite rock formations through flat land and hills are truly impressive, especially at sunsets.

Among them, High Rock stands as a large and rare-shaped rock that will be a delight to your camera.

Needless to say, this place is a paradise for rock climbers and hikers.

15. Isles of Scilly 

best views in cornwall isles of scilly

Where to stay around/in the area:

Best Hotel: Hell Bay Hotel
Best B&B:Westford House
Best Airbnb:Kimmeridge

This small group of islands is located 30 miles to the west of Land’s End, and its subtropical climate ensures a plethora of clear blue beaches.

These mostly inhabited 140 islands seemed to come from the Caribbean, and it’s one of the largest archipelagos in the world.

As in the Caribbean, pirates used the islands for their illegal activities.

You can fly there from the mainland, and have a spectacular encounter with the islands, from the sky.

There have been people here since the Stone Age, and nowadays, sometimes, when the tide is low, you can even walk from one island to another.

If you love narcissus flowers, you’ll be happy to know that this flower’s industry is huge, with several flower farms.

16. Truro


Where to stay around/in the area:

Best Hotel: The Alverton Hotel
Best B&B:Truro Lodge
Best Airbnb:This gorgeous apartment

The beautiful Truro is the capital of Cornwall and its only city.

Its cycle trails make it easy to travel around the city by bicycle, and it is full of magical places to visit.

One of these, is the Cathedral of Truro, probably the most beautiful gothic cathedral in the country.

Another place is the Royal Museum of Cornwall, where you’ll see a vast mineral collection that has been acquired since the golden mining days of the county.

There are also art pieces, ceramics, and ancient objects from numerous cultures around the world.

Nearby, you will find the Lost Gardens of Heligan – 200 acres of romantic gardens with beautiful sights, such as a sleeping giant covered in plants, very much like Te Fiti, from Moana

In the center of Truro, you’ll find the Victoria Gardens – an oasis of flowers, trees, and water, perfect for relaxing and forgetting about everything.

It’s truly one of the most popular places in Cornwall.

17. River Fowey

river fowey

Where to stay around/in the area:

Best Hotel: Fowey Hall Hotel
Best B&B:The Galleon Inn
Best Airbnb:Starboard

If you prefer to hike or walk in the forest, you must not miss Fowey Valley and its river. 

The views are so stunning that it was declared as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty by the United Nations.

(And let’s take a pause here to remark how many places in Cornwall have this designation!).

You can experience the beauty and calmness of this place by taking walks alongside the river banks or even taking a canoe trip.

It is certainly one of the most beautiful places in Cornwall, especially if you’re a forest lover.

18. Looe


Where to stay around/in the area:

Best Hotel: Hannafore Point Hotel
Best B&B:Commonwood Manor
Best Airbnb:Ocean Breeze- 2-Bedroom Villa

A charming fishing village with delicious seafood, Looe also takes pride in its gorgeous Looe Beach, which is perfect for families.

It has been a holiday resort for over 200 years and has one of the best New Year celebrations. The town throws a fancy dress party that fills the streets and pubs and displays beautiful fireworks. 

The beach is full of rock pools, so if you’re traveling with children, they will have a great time jumping on them.

The town is home to the Old Guildhall Museum, a 15th-century construction, where you’ll discover that pirates used to smuggle in the area, among other things.

This town also has a museum, the Looe Harbor Heritage Center, that shows the rich maritime history of this place.

There’s also a Monkey Sanctuary, where a colony of woolly monkeys and a small group of rescued Capuchin monkeys live.

Another great place to go is Looe Island, a mile off the coast of Looe, which can be accessed by boat.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

What’s The Most Beautiful Village In Cornwall?

Polperro is probably the most beautiful village in Cornwall. Polperro is located on the Lizard Peninsula, is full of pretty cottages, narrow streets, beaches with pristine sand and turquoise water, caves, and a picturesque harbor. The seafood is also excellent. 

What Is The Prettiest Place In Cornwall?

But I’d say Kynance Cove is the prettiest place in cornwall. This is a hard one because Cornwall truly has countless beautiful places!The beauty of the blue ocean, the breathtaking cliffs, and the scattered little islands and caves, make this place one of the most beautiful I’ve ever witnessed.

Which Is The Best Seaside Town In Cornwall? 

Another tricky one here! But I’d dare say St. Ives is the best seaside town in Cornwall and has several of the best views in Cornwall.

It has everything you could ask for: quiet beaches, perfect-for-surfing beaches, lots of amazing food, cultural spots, cafés, tearooms, shops…

It’s a must-go if you ever visit Cornwall.

Final Thoughts 

I hope you’re already planning where to go here, now that you know what the best views in Cornwall are.

Even if you can’t make it to every place on this list, you’ll still have a great time visiting historic towns, mines, beaches, and museums.

And of course, stunning cliff views for taking countless pictures!

Do you know other places in Cornwall with amazing views? Let me know in the comments below!

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