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17 Campgrounds Near Birmingham Al [2023]

Have you experienced camping in any campgrounds near Birmingham Al?

If you haven’t, you should definitely try it out because you will be amazed at the nature surrounding the campgrounds while exploring new trails along the way.

If you are searching for camping near Birmingham Al for your next adventure, you should visit different spots to fulfill various needs, from having a good time with events to exploring a range of activities at the campground.

Even if you want a calmer campground to enjoy the peacefulness and the view of the campgrounds, we’ve got something for you! 

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with all the options, not to worry!

We are going to cover 17 campgrounds that you could consider camping around Birmingham, Alabama.

Let’s dive right into it. 

Top 17 Campgrounds Near Birmingham, Al

1. Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park

2. Hoover RV Park

3 .Hidden Cove RV Resort

4. Birmingham South RV Park

5. Wind Creek State Park

6. Greensport RV Park & Campground

7. Oak Mountain State Park

8. Cheaha State Park

9. Burchfield Branch Park 

10. Joe Wheeler State Park

11. Roland Cooper State Park

12. Decatur / Wheeler Lake KOA Holiday 

13. Monte Sano State Park

14. Rickwood Caverns State Park

15. Bucks Pocket State Park

16. Paul Grist State Park

17. Bankhead National Forest

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17 Campgrounds Near Birmingham, Al 

1. Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park

camping near Birmingham Al
Photo by Wanderland on Flickr

When searching for campgrounds near Birmingham Al , you might not hear about Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park being mentioned often.

The reason behind it is because when you are searching for some of the best campgrounds that you should visit in Birmingham, Alabama, and this place may not always make the list.

Usually, Oak Mountain State Park and Red Mountain Park are the more popular campgrounds that are highly rated by visitors.

However, it cannot be denied that Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park is a great place to visit. 

This campground operated iron mills from the late 1850s until March 31, 1865. This was when the iron mill caught on fire and operations ceased. 

However, some remaining parts of the iron mill are still available at the campground and it is something you can check out during your time there. 

Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park is 28.2 miles (45.40km) away from Birmingham, only half an hour’s drive.

Not only do the campgrounds offer a lot of amenities such as sewer, electrical power for RVs up to 50 AMP, but they also offer water services as well.

The only downside is that there’s no wi-fi available around the area.

They also host various events that make the place more lively, and in turn making your experience much more fun.

For the admission fee, there are three different prices for adults, senior citizens, and children.

  • $5 per adult (Age 12 and above)
  • $4 for Senior Citizens (Age 62 and above),
  • $3 per Child (Age 6 to 11).

As for the camping fee, if you want the water services and electrical services only, it will cost $25 per family (up to 4 members).

If you would like water, electrical, and sewer service for your RV, it will cost you $30 per family (up to 4 members. You will need to pay $3 per  additional person, if any) 

2. Hoover RV Park

campgrounds near birmingham al

If you are looking for RV parks near Birmingham Al that are just outside of the city, Hoover RV Park is located 17.4 miles (28km) away from the center of Birmingham.

It’s a great place to work remotely because it has wi-fi available for all campers. 

Additionally, Hoover RV Park has nearby restaurants, shopping centers, and even entertainment places, making Hoover RV Park a great short-term place to stop by.

Hooper RV Park has 20,30, and 50 AMP electrical services that can provide electricity to your RV.

However, a minor downside is that if your RV doesn’t have a bathroom, this park does not have any toilet or laundry facilities.

If you want to book a slot in the RV Park, you can click here to see the availability. Camping here will cost you $40.00 per night.

3. Hidden Cove RV Resort

campground near Birmingham Al

Hidden Cove RV Resort is one of the nicest RV campgrounds near Birmingham Al. You will find that you can relax and get away from the noise of the city and listen to the peaceful sounds of nature.

Hidden Cove RV Resort has all the amenities to perform your day-to-day activities. You can also have a picnic, BBQ, or even play mini-golf while enjoying stunning views of the lake during sunset and sunrise. 

Additionally, you can also fish around the famous Smith Lake, which is well-known for being one of the clearest lakes around Birmingham, Alabama.

If you’re a fan of water sports, you will be pleased to learn that Smith Lake is 21,200 acres long, which is great for kayaking and boating activities. 

If you prefer some team sports with your loved ones, this resort also has a basketball court that you could utilize. 

Hidden Cove RV Resort is 65.9 miles (106.05km) away from Birmingham, an hour and 14 minutes drive.

There are daily and weekly prices for the campground fee ranging from $47 to $54 per night. 

However, if you are planning to stay longer than a month, you could get their camping pass at $615 per year.

If you plan to stay and visit various campgrounds for 3 to 5 months per year, signing up for the camping pass might be worth it.

4. Birmingham South RV Park

If you are exploring outside Birmingham City Centre and looking at nearby RV parks Birmingham Al, Birmingham South RV Park is a great place for you to consider. 

Birmingham South RV Park is located about 19.6 miles (31.54km) away from Birmingham, close to the famous Oak Mountain State Park.

You might be wondering why you can just bring your RV and camp at Oak Mountain State Park instead of camping around Birmingham South RV Park instead.

It is a great question to ask.

Oak Mountain State Park can be very crowded and may not always have available RV spots on the campground, while Birmingham South RV Park is only a 10 to 15 minutes drive.

Birmingham South RV Park, has a propane refill and exchange if you find that your RV has suddenly run out of gas. 

It also has a swimming pool to have fun and cool off from the heat. 

Additionally, if you can’t leave your dog alone (I can understand the feeling of leaving your dog at home alone) and want your dog around, there’s an area dedicated for dogs to walk along with you.

As for the rental fee, it is only available for 30 and 50 AMP RVs. 

Here’s a quick gland at their rates. Just remember that the price mentioned does not include any tax.

Daily Rates Weekly Rates Monthly Rates
30 AMP Back In/ Full Hookups – $47 30 AMP Back In / Full Hookups – $280  30 AMP Pull Thru / Full Hookups – $675
30 AMP Pull Thru/ Full Hookups – $49  30 AMP Pull Thru / Full Hookups – $295 50 AMP Pull Thru / Full Hookups – $745
50 AMP Pull Thru / Full Hookups – $56 50 AMP Pull Thru / Full Hookups – $330
30 AMP (28ft and below) – $35

If you are planning to stay longer than a month, you can save up to 40% of the fee if you book a spot for a month straight (Up to two guests only) 

5. Wind Creek State Park

campgrounds near birmingham al
Photo from Alapark

Wind Creek State Park is definitely one of the campgrounds near Birmingham Al , that you should visit. 

Wind Creek State Park is one of the largest state-owned campgrounds in the nation, with access to Lake Martin, a 1,444-acre lake that you can fish in.

Wind Creek State Park has 20 AMP to 50 AMP electrical services.

Various attractions and events are hosted around the area, such as ziplining tours, archery areas, and fishing tournaments

As for the price for the campground, rates are between $23 to $30 per night with a $5 reservation fee.

Wind Creek State Park is 78.9 miles (126.98km) from Birmingham, and it will take you about one hour and 31 minutes to get to the State Park.

6. Greensport RV Park & Campground

RV Camping Near Birmingham Al

Suppose you are searching for an RV Camping Near Birmingham Al for a peaceful retreat and recharge yourself. 

Greensport RV Park & Campgrounds has everything that will give you exactly what you are looking for. 

It has amenities such as a volleyball space, picnic tables, and fire pits where you can have fun with new friends or with people you love and build a great relationship with them.

If you are looking to purchase groceries while you’re there, this campground has a general store where you can buy your necessary items. 

There are also some lovely biking and walking areas if you want to enjoy the sounds of nature while admiring some gorgeous sunset views. 

It has three different prices: which are based on daily, weekly, and monthly rates. 

  • Daily Rates –  $37.50 to $40 per day
  • Weekly Rates – $190 to $200 per week
  • Monthly Rates –  $355 to $435 per month.

Do remember that you can only check-in between 1.00 p.m – 7.00 p.m. 

It’s possible to check-in after 7.00 p.m, but you will need to inform them in advance. 

It is located 57.2 miles (92km) away from Birmingham, resulting in one hour and 3 minutes to get to the campground.

7. Oak Mountain State Park

camping near Birmingham Al
Photo by Eliza110 on Flickr

If you are searching for the best camping near Birmingham Al, Oak Mountain State Park always pops up as one of the best campgrounds near Birmingham Al that you should visit.

There’s a reason behind it.

It is the largest state park around Alabama at 9,940 acres. With this range, you can enjoy looking at the beautiful views that Oak Mountain State Park has to offer.

There are also plenty of activities that you could do here, such as mountain biking, an aquapark where you can perform water sports, or even having a peaceful walk around the Treetop Nature Trail.

The downside is that it only has 30 AMP electrical services, which may be an issue if you have an RV that needs 50 AMP

There are no fixed camping rates as such as it changes from day to day. However, there is a $5 reservation fee for all bookings. 

It is 20.4 miles (45.70km) away from Birmingham, which is only a 28-minute drive from the city center of Birmingham. 

8. Cheaha State Park

long term RV Parks Near Birmingham Al
Photo from Alapark

If you are wondering which campground is good for long-term RV parks near Birmingham Al, Cheaha State Park could be just what you’re looking for. 

There are so many things that you can do around Cheaha State Park, such as visits to the museum about the Civilian Conservation Corps, which helped provide jobs during the Great Depression. 

Additionally, you can do outdoor recreation activities such as rock climbing at Rock Gardens or any water sports activities such as paddle boarding or kayaking around Cheaha Lake. 

As for the campgrounds, they have 20 AMP to 50 AMP electrical services for your RV. They also have water and sewer amenities available as well.

There’s no fixed price, but generally, it is about $29 to $35 on top of a $4.75 reservation fee.

It is 79 miles (124.14km) away from Birmingham, and it will take about one hour and 19 minutes to arrive at Cheaha State Park.

9.  Burchfield Branch Park 

Birmingham camping
Photo from

Let’s say that you want to disconnect from the internet for a while and find campgrounds near Birmingham Al that has all the basic amenities such as fishing, biking, or even swimming.

Burchfield Branch Park is a great place to disconnect and recharge.

The only amenities they don’t have is wi-fi, which means that depending on individual preference, it might be good for some people and not great news for some people.

This place also has sewer services available So you can attach it to your RV and have a dump station to dispose of any trash that you have.

The fees range from $20 for a tent with electricity to $40 per night for a group shelter.

Burchfield Branch Park is 41.5 miles (66.80km) away from Birmingham, and it is a one-hour and one-minute drive to the park.

10. Joe Wheeler State Park 

campgrounds Birmingham Al
Photo from Alapark

Let’s say you are on your way to Tennessee and are looking for a state park near Birmingham Al which is on the same route to Tennessee.

Joe Wheeler State Park is a great place to visit to have a stay over before you continue your journey.

It is a great place to recharge, especially after a long journey traveling from Birmingham, which will take you one hour and 50 minutes by car.

Joe Wheeler State Park has all sorts of facilities that you can enjoy. They also have lake tours to view and enjoy around Wheeler Lake. 

If you want to have a walk around the beach during the sunset, Joe Wheeler State Park has a beach area to hear the sound of the waves while catching the beautiful view of the sunset as well.

A stay here will cost you $30 per night. This is not inclusive of any fees associated or any taxes.

It is located 115 miles (185.07km) away from Birmingham. 

11. Roland Cooper State Park

campgrounds around Birmingham Alabama
Photo from Alapark

Suppose you are looking for quiet and peaceful campgrounds near Birmingham Al to unwind and enjoy your camping in Birmingham Al.

Roland Cooper State Park is a great place to camp if you prefer an area solely focused as a campground.

If you have a dog that you want to bring along to the camping journey because it is a part of the family, there are specialized cabins for your furkid.

The campground has 30 and 50 AMP electrical services for RV,s while a sewer service and dumping and trash containers are also available around the campground.

It will cost you $30 per night for all the amenities available. 

Roland Cooper State Park is 125 miles (201.17km) away from Birmingham, translating to a 2 hour and 17-minute drive.

12. Decatur / Wheeler Lake KOA Holiday 

koa near Birmingham Al

If you are looking for koa near Birmingham Al, Decatur/Wheeler Lake KOA Holiday is a great place to stay.

But you might be wondering, what is KOA and what are the benefits? 

KOA, Kampgrounds Around America (KOA) helps you make your camping experience much more memorable, especially if you have a family with pets. 

In a KOA area, you can ask the staff at the area about anything around the site, and they will happily tell you all about the popular attractions near the area. They will help you set up your RV as well.

But, you need to be aware that the campground price in a KOA area is generally higher than in other state parks, especially on the weekend.

Decatur/Wheeler Lake KOA is surrounded by trees with a good view of the beautiful lake, a dream place for people who enjoy fishing, swimming, or kayaking.

You can also enjoy a thrilling Zipline and Rope Park, where you can descend while enjoying the view of the lake and nature itself.

Maybe, you want to have a nice and chill day at the lake. Well, here you can ride on a boat ramp or use E-Bicycles to roam around the lake as well.

It is located 102 miles (164.15km) away from Birmingham, which is a one-hour and 36-minute drive.

13. Monte Sano State Park

RV Parks Near Birmingham Al
Photo from Alapark

Monte Sano State Park is a great place if you are looking for a less action-packed campground and peaceful campgrounds near Birmingham Al.

If you still prefer outdoor activities, there is a 22 mile (35.4km) trail that has different difficulties for any hikers or bikers that can enjoy. 

Suppose you are looking for activities that involve relaxing places to walk around. In that case, you have the North Alabama Japanese Garden, where you can admire all the beautiful colors of the leaves around the garden.

The campground amenities only have 30 AMP electrical services with the standard water and sewer service. As such, if you have a 50 AMP RV, they will not have the electrical capacity to power it up.

The camping fees averages between $14 to $30 per night, with a $5 reservation fee charged upfront. 

It is a one-hour and 42-minute drive from Birmingham, about 107 miles (172.20km) away.

14.  Rickwood Caverns State Park

RV Parks Birmingham Al

This is slightly different from other campgrounds near Birmingham Al because it has a 260-million-year-old rock formation that was created by water. To add a little bit of fun, they turn the cave into a winter wonderland from 2 p.m to 8 p.m!

Additionally, Rickwood Caverns State Parks has various outdoor activities, such as hiking at the Fossil Mountain Hiking Trails, which have multiple trails with various difficulties and distances.

Fun fact: Did you know that Fossil Mountain’s name comes from a leaf and seashell?

This popular campground also comes with a swimming pool where you can lay back and enjoy the water from the cave that is slightly colder, perfect to chill and relax on a hot day. 

As for the amenities, the campground has 30 and 50 AMP electrical services with only water service without any sewer available for the RV.

The camping fee is priced from $16 to $30 for its campground with a $5 reservation fee for either choice in addition to the camping fee.

It is located 31 minutes away from Birmingham City Centre, about 29.6 miles (47.67km).

15. Bucks Pocket State Park

camping in Birmingham Al
Photo from Alapark

Let’s say you are searching for campgrounds near Birmingham AL with trails for hiking or off-road vehicle (ORD) trails.

Bucks Pocket State Park has the trails you are looking for to have an off-road experience or hike around the state park.

You can also do other activities such as fishing around Lake Guntersville or take a tour of the flora & fauna that  Bucks Pocket State Park has to offer as well. 

The campground provides 25, 30, and 50 amp electrical services with water services along with a picnic table, fire pit, and a BBQ grill.

The campground will cost around $16.10 to $29 per night, including a $5 reservation fee on top of the cost for either choice to stay around the campground.

Bucks Pocket State Park is only 101 miles (162.54km) away from Birmingham, which sounds far, but the route is only a direct road to Collinsville before turning left to reach the destination.

16.  Paul Grist State Park

RV Campgrounds Near Birmingham Al
Photo from Alapark

Paul Grist State Park is quite a distance from Birmingham, Alabama, at 78 miles (125.52km) away. So, it is not one of the top campgrounds near Birmingham AL, as this will take you about one hour and 30 minutes via I-65 S and AL-139 S.

But, this is a great option If you want to do simple but fulfilling activities such as fishing, picnic, or swimming.

You may also like to walk at Fall Colors, where you can view thousands of hardwood trees.

However, it is important to note that this park only has 50 AMP electrical services for RVs. So you may want to take this into account when considering your campground options.

As for the camping fees, there are two options available with two different fee structures.

  • $22 per night from Monday – Thursday (April to October)
  • $25 per night from Friday and Saturday (April to October)
  • $22 per night (November to March)

17. Bankhead National Forest

free camping near Birmingham Al

Are you searching for free campgrounds near Birmingham Al, where you are surrounded by trees around the campground and a minimalist camping experience?

Bankhead National Forest might just be the place that you are looking for. 

If you are a citizen of the United States with a permanent disability, you can enter this campground free with an annual pass, but you must pay a $10 processing fee for the pass.

However, you are required to purchase an Annual Pass if you need a recreational permit or pass to access the amenities and campgrounds around the national forest.

The only campground you can camp at for free is at McDougal Camp. Here, you can only do basic camping and the only amenities provided is a restroom. 

As for the rest of the campground, there is a camping fee that you will need to pay on top of the annual pass if necessary. 

Here, you will also find recreation sites such as Flint Creek Multiple-Use Trails for mountain biking, Clear Creek Recreation Area for fishing, and picnic areas at Natural Bridge Picnic Area

Do note that you may need to pay additional recreation or entrance fees if you decide to embark upon any of these activities. 

Additionally, if you are planning to bring your RV, you should be aware that there’s no water, electrical, or sewer service available at the campground.

It is located 53.8 miles (86.58km) away from Birmingham, and this will take you about 56 minutes to get there.

Things To Watch Out For While Camping

  • Be aware of ticks that might be attached to your clothes. You can hang your clothes for 10 to 20 minutes in places that have high heat to avoid this.
RV Parks Near Birmingham Al
RV Parks Near Birmingham Al
  • Always have a lookout for the weather at all times. The last thing you want is to be unprepared to handle the changing climate because it can change from dry and sunny to heavy rainstorms in a matter of minutes.
  • Consider where you will stay because what you need to bring will be different if you live in a tent or a cabin.
  • Do not leave your food outside. It can attract wildlife. Also, remember always to store your food indoors or in a bear-proof container.
 Birmingham camping
  • If you are camping inside a tent, get a thick sleeping bag that can help keep you warm during the nights, which tend to be colder than expected.
 Birmingham camping
 Birmingham camping
  • Avoid being exposed to the sun for too long and cover yourself as much as possible to protect your skin from absorbing any harmful UV rays.
 Birmingham camping

Best Time To Camp

It is difficult to say the exact time that you should start your camping journey so that you can savor and enjoy every second of your Birmingham camping journey.

The last thing you want is to be camping on the damp ground! So weather plays a huge part in determining the best time to camp.

That being said, usually, the best time to start camping is around early March to late May, when the weather is not too humid nor is it freezing cold. 

Things To Bring Along To Campgrounds Near Birmingham Al

If you have been trying to figure out what to bring to your camping trip and are unsure which items you should get that suit your needs, I’ve got your back. 

The following list might not be perfect, but it’s a great guide to ensure that you bring your necessities along, depending on whether you own an RV or not.  

Essentials For RV Owners

  • A folder to hold important documents that you will bring along to the camping trip
  • A water pressure regulator to control the flow and speed of the water running through the pipes to ensure the longevity of the pipes.
  • Tire pressure gauge to ensure that the tires are at the correct pressure so that it doesn’t use more fuel to move the RV.

Essentials For Campers

Resource That You Can Use To Help You In Your Campgrounds

campgrounds near birmingham al

Sometimes, the entire experience of camping is not all smooth sailing, and there will be times that you will face problems during your camping journey. 

Life happens when we can’t control what will happen.

But, we can control how we react to the situation and try to solve the issue at hand.

Let’s look at a few resources that you can use to make your camping journey easier and more enjoyable.


Let’s imagine that you are on your way to the campground, where you are relying on the GPS to guide you towards the campground.

But, suddenly, your vehicle needs gas, and you don’t know the nearest gas station available around the area, and any wrong route will make the problem much worse.

It is not a pleasant feeling, let me tell you that!

You are scrambling to find the nearest fuel station, and you are in a state of panic and fear of running out of fuel on the highway.

That’s where GasBuddy comes in.

GasBuddy is an app that you could install into your phone and locate any nearby fuel stations.

It can also calculate your mile per gallon (MPG) on your vehicle to understand how much MPG your vehicle can travel, and you can plan on when you need to refuel your vehicle.

Also, you can see your state average price with their fuel tracker to plan your fuel budget according to your vehicle MPG so that you are spending. 

SafeTravel USA

When we are traveling to the campground, you won’t know what has happened to the route that you are taking.

It might be closed, so you may need to find an alternative route to make the journey much longer.

SafeTravel USA tries to solve this issue.

SafeTravel USA provides the live situation for each route so that you can know which road is closed or under construction. This will allow you to plan an alternative route.

Additionally, they provide the weather and wind information so that you know what is happening around the state at all times.

Average Price For Camping

campgrounds near birmingham al

I know that each person’s budget is different, and there are too many factors to consider how much each person will need to bring during their campground journey.

Let’s cover the average price for camping to have a clearer picture of roughly how much camping will cost.


Food is something we all love and tend to overspend on.

The average food price is about $25 to $40 per meal, not including taxes or tips for a two-person dinner.

It is important to enjoy the camping experience altogether. Still, we must also be aware of how much we are spending to plan our budget ahead of time to avoid overspending.


Transportation for fuel and parking can cost a lot if you constantly travel to each place and city.

The average cost can’t be perfectly accurate because you will have to consider the type of vehicle you are driving, how much the car weighs with the equipment in your vehicle, and how many miles per gallon (MPG) your vehicle can do. 

Typically, however, you can expect to spend about $20 to $45 per day in terms of fuel and parking fees around various recreation sites.


Accommodation can be one of the biggest costs of your trip. We all need our rest! 

There’s no denying that we all want to explore and have fun on our day trips, but it is important to slow down and have the right amount of rest to be energized to continue.

There is no right or wrong answer because it all comes to personal preference, which is understandable to one’s needs and wants for a place.

Depending on what kind of place you want to live in, the cost can vary from $20 to $38 if you stay at an in-state park.

As for living in a hotel or apartment, you can expect the price to be around $85 to $150 per night.


Sometimes, we want to spice things up on our camping journey.

We can’t be doing the same thing all the time. 

We tend to get bored over time and find something new or unique to fulfill our curiosity.

Recreation activities and attractions are bound to create lifelong memories with your loved ones. 

Normally, the cost of recreation or attraction will cost you about $25 to $40 per person, which is expensive, especially combined with other expenses and activities.

However, it is all about balance and proper planning to have a great time while not stressing about the cost of the travel.

Tips On Reducing Your Camping Expenses

If you are thinking of ways to reduce your expenses and potentially get some rewards from your expenses, there are ways to do that.

Credit Card

Sometimes, camping can be expensive, especially campground fees, which can range from $25 to $45 per night.

On top of that, you have your groceries which can add up if you have several people traveling together.

A credit card could help you reduce your camping expenses with cash back or credit card points that can give you a huge discount, or you can even stay for free.

Some credit cards can provide you great rewards if you use the credit card correctly and strategically put your day-to-day expenses on your credit card to earn points that you could redeem for free travels or other rewards or a discount on your expenses.

If you are looking for a good credit card for your circumstances, you can refer to an article by NerdWallet.

If you are getting your first credit card, you can refer to this article that mentions what you should know when getting your first credit card.

Meal-Prep Your Food In Advance

If you have an RV and have a refrigerator, you could meal-prep your food in advance. This will help you cut down the cost of your groceries substantially, enabling you to stay on budget and not overspend.

However, if you don’t have an RV, you can meal-prep your food and store it in an air-tight container without refrigeration. Some ideas for this can include toasted bread with peanut butter and avocado or oatmeal with fresh fruits and a sauce of your choice.

I am not saying that you should meal-prep all your meals to save money. The main reason for going to campgrounds near Birmingham Al is to enjoy the experience with your friends or family. 

You can reduce the cost of your food budget and spend it on where it matters the most for you, which will allow you to enjoy your trip much more and without feeling guilty.

Quick List Of Places That You Should Visit Near Birmingham Al

Here are some of the best attractions for you to check out!

Facts About Birmingham Al

  • Birmingham is known to have founded Veterans Day in 1947. To this day, Birmingham hosts the largest Veterans Day event on 11th November of each year.
  • Birmingham, Alabama, is called the Magic City because the soil in Birmingham contains the three elements that you will need to produce iron: iron ore, coal, and limestone.
  • The Alabama Theatre is one of the few remaining theatres built and operated in the 1920s.
  • Sloss Furnaces was one of the biggest manufacturers of Iron at the time for 90 years before becoming a national historic place.
  • The first Mercedes-Benz assembly plant outside of its home country, Germany, was built in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, West Birmingham. 

Useful Camping Tips

  • Some State Parks have included resort fees, which are about 3.75% that will be charged daily.
  • Usually, the check-in times for state parks are between  3.00 to 4.00 p.m, and the check-out is about 11 a.m
  • Pack as light as possible without compromising any necessary items. You will find out that you don’t need much gear to bring along to camp.
  • When you arrive at a campground, check out the visitor center and understand the area before you start camping to know the surroundings of the campground.
  • Try not to attempt picking or touching any plants or animals around the campground and just admire them from a distance to help minimize our impact around the parks.


There you have it, 17 campgrounds near Birmingham Al that you could consider visiting when planning to camp around Birmingham, Alabama.

Some campgrounds are far away from Birmingham, Alabama, but it is worth the journey to have a great camping experience with many trails or recreations that you could do while in the campground.

On the plus side, if you explore new campgrounds around Birmingham, you might make some new friends that could enrich the camping experience and make it more memorable and enjoyable.