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11 Wide Fit Walking Boots [2023 Update]

The struggle in looking for the best wide fit walking boots is real y’all!

I have had my fair share of hikes where I smiled for the Gram’ but cursed my hike home because of the blisters. Don’t get me started on how I have to nurse my feet back to its pretty, wide and glorious feature soon after.

Those who walk a lot or hikers know how important it is to invest in good walking boots to be used during their travels. Deciding which type of walking boots can be overwhelming with the endless information online, along with suggestions from your well-meaning friends. 

It gets complicated when you have wide feet, like myself. A trip to the store can cause more confusion and stress than solve your wide feet issues.

This list will save you from your agony of choosing and deciding. WWB Writer, Dee will share with you the top 11 best wide fitting walking boots for you. 

When you walk to that store or go to the website, you will be able to narrow down your choices of the best wide fitting walking boots for your next pain-free and happy walking experience.

11 Wide Fit Walking Boots That Will Make Your Feet Happy 

  1. Merrel Moab 2 Mid
  2. Lowa Renegade
  3. Salomon X Ultra 3
  4. Timberland Earthkeepers Mt Maddsen
  5. KEEN Gypsum II
  6. Columbia Women Newton 
  7. Berghaus Expeditor Ridge 2.0 
  8. Keen Targhee II 
  9. Timberland White Ledge Mid
  10. Meindl Veneto  GTX
  11. Merrell Siren Edge Boots

Let’s go through the list and check out which ones you would narrow down for your feet’s comfort. 


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Best One I Recommend

Out of the 11 listed here, the best one would be Merrel Moab 2 Mid

best hiking boots for wide feet women

It is not too pricey, and it does well in all general types of environment. You have an option to purchase the waterproof version. For the kind of money that you pay for it and the comfort and traction that it gives, this is a great choice to start with.

The 11 Best Wide Feet Walking Boots


1. Merrell Moab 2 Mid

best hiking boots for wide feet women

This is perhaps the most well-known model for comfort for wide feet hiking boots. 

Do take note it takes longer to break in these boots due to the leather material.  Once you do, this pair of boots will provide comfort and one of the best hiking boots for wide feet in the market that lasts long. 


  • Comfortable on most trails with excellent traction and durability
  • Perfect choice for cold-weather hikes
  • Considered as one of the best hiking boots for wide feet women


  • It takes longer to break-in
  • Not enough ventilation to help your feet breathe
  • The sizing runs slightly smaller, so always get ½ size up

2. Lowa Renegade

wide feet hiking boots

One of the world’s most popular all-around walking boots. It is a lightweight model without compromising on support. This model is an ideal option for everyday walking, hills and long-distance paths. 


  • Perfect for casual strolls and long-distance hikes
  • High breathability and waterproof
  • Excellent for hiking


  • Pricey (expect to spend above $100)
  • Lacing system up to the upper seams
  • General online reviews indicate the soles wear faster than most brands.

3. Salomon X Ultra 3

best hiking boots for wide feet

The design is a toss between a running shoe and a hiking boot – meaning lightweight yet great in durability. In other words, it is light in weight and strong enough for your hikes. 


  • Great for overall performance in terms of comfort and support
  • Reasonable price tag
  • Traction is excellent for hiking and backpacking excursions


  • Bulky laces 
  • Not great if you’re looking for ankle stability 
  • Hard to find replacement laces

4. Timberland Earthkeepers Mt Maddsen

best wide fit walking boots

The best for value shoe has debris-blocking tongues that protect your feet from rocks and small stones. For some reason, I find this feature necessary as I tend to find small debris and rocks finding their way into my boots during my hike. 


  • Accurate true to size fitting
  • Amazing arch support
  • Protective and comfortable


  • Some reviews mention that the durability is questionable 
  • Width sizing  is still too tight for some male owners
  • Soles easily detached after a few uses

5. KEEN Gypsum II

wide fit walking boots

These are lightweight and heavily cushioned wide feet boots. The stability in the midfoot and the rubber toe guard allows great protection for your foot. 

It is one of the best wide fit walking boots due to its wider toe box.


  • Best for support/protection 
  • Heel support structure for long-lasting foot support
  • Naturally wider in the toe box, perfect for wide feet


  • Too warm for summer/hot weather making it a hotter wide fit walking boots
  • Insufficient arch support
  • Some reviews mentioned that the soles separated after two  months of use

6. Columbia Newton Ridge 

wide fit walking boots popular choices amongst women

It’s a remarkably comfortable boot for hiking. The model comes in mid-cut and waterproof styles, which is also lightweight and great for any kind of adventure. It’s one of the wide fit walking boots popular choices amongst women. 


  • Sufficiently grippy outsoles
  • Competent against most forms of wet trail conditions
  • Lightweight for outdoor adventures


  • Lack of arch support
  • Reviews online mentioned that they sweat excessively using these boots
  • Some customers comment that the toe box is restrictive.

7. Berghaus Expeditor Ridge 2.0

best hiking boots for wide feet men

This brand is famous in the outdoor gear industry. They’re known to be among the best walking boots for hiking expeditions. It is considered one of the best hiking boots for wide feet men due to its sturdy design. 


  • Durable leather construction
  • Stylish, breathable and waterproof
  • Sturdy leather upper that keeps small stones and twigs away from the inside of your shoes


  • As much as style goes, they come only in 2 colours

8. Keen Targhee II Hiking Boots

Wide fit waterproof walking boots

This pair of boots is the best wide fit walking boots that will keep your feet comfortable throughout your trail. The style fits more like a comfortable pair of trainers but offers wider feet support when you go out on your routes. 


  • Excellent grip in all terrains
  • Wide fit waterproof walking boots
  • The trainer style gives more flexibility for your ankle – great for grass, or mud trails


  • Soles of the shoes easily detached
  • Can feel sharp stones when you walk; so you need to swap the insoles
  • General reviews commented it is better for streets but not quite your proper hiking shoe/boots

9. Timberland White Ledge Mid

best wide fit walking boots

This pair is a water-resistant shoe and is suited especially for people with sensitive skin. It may not be fully waterproof, but the materials will shield your feet against light wetness. 


  • Well-crafted for any type of weather
  • Great support for heels to reduce pain when walking
  • Good traction on slippery terrain


  • Not completely waterproof
  • Colour selection is just one 

10. Meindl Veneto  GTX

wide fit walking boots
Photo from Meindl Official Website

A well-respected brand in the hiking world, these boots are perfect for that one-time investment because it is made to last. So far, this pair of walking boots are known to be pricey but worth the purchase.


  • Looks great
  • Lightweight and comfortable 
  • Enough width even with a thick pair of socks


  • A bit pricey

11. Merrell Siren Edge Boots

wide fit walking boots

This pair of boots is multi-functional and favourable for those who like to get out a lot. It offers a great balance for support, comfort and being lightweight. 


  • Dirt and odour proof
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Supportive and stable outsole


  • Not suitable for rainy and cold weather
  • Not entirely waterproof so don’t walk on puddles or cross any stream with this pair of shoes

What Are Wide Fit Walking Boots?

Wide fit walking boots are not a new concept, believe it or not. (this was news to me! )

They are designed to give more wriggle and space for the foot. The design allows the toes to spread naturally when walking, thus avoiding any squeezing that can cause discomfort and pain. 

The design caters to those who are with wider feet (like yours truly).

The wide feet condition is mainly due to genetics, age, and for some could be due to improper footwear. I fall into the genetics section, which is why I know this list will help a lot of people out there. 

Why Buy Wide Fit Walking Boots?

It’s always important to have the right clothing and gear when you go for walks or hikes. Even more so, a pair of boots or shoes that are used by your feet during your trips. 

They will be a great investment to ensure the healthy condition of your feet and better posture when you walk.

Your feet will thank you, and your holidays/walks would be more enjoyable and memorable. 

You will look forward to hiking and walking different types of trails and terrains after realising that all it needs is a pair of walking boots for wide feet to say goodbye to blisters.

Things To Consider When Buying Boots For Wide Feet

wide fit walking boots
best wide fitting walking boots

Price/Cost of the boots

There is the lower range, mid-range and the higher-end range. 

Have a budget in mind so you can narrow down your selections. If you are an amateur, you need not spend a fortune as there are modestly priced options offering the comfort and reliability of a pair of walking boots.

When you are thinking of getting the cheapest range, bear in mind there would be other features you may forgo. 

For example, a cheap one has comfort but it is not a wide fit waterproof pair of walking boots. 

A good pair of boots would be able to sustain usage for at least 2 years. 

The materials and technologies to create the boots will increase the price of a pair. As much as frugal goes, think of the kind of paths/walks that you will be using it for. Unnecessary features of a pair mean you can avoid overspending on it when looking for one.


A wrongly fitted pair of boots can cause even more pain and discomfort. It is normal when you try a pair, and it would feel a little bit tight.

 Ideally, you should buy one size up. 

When you try on your boots, do try it out with your socks on. Bear in mind that waterproof socks are thicker than your usual socks. Try walking around and sitting down to give you an idea of how it feels when you move

Some boots may run larger or smaller than the size chosen. 

If you cannot be sure or plan to purchase online, read the reviews from previous customers. Some wide fit walking boots for men may even fit women better so don’t let the specifics deter you. 


When deciding which type of walking boots for wide feet, it is best to consider the kind of trails you would be using them for.

For example, is it mainly mountainous terrains or a wet, rainforest jungle? 

Is it for hot weather or mainly icy/cold weather? 

Would you need one that can cater for most environments but may not have the kind of grip on its soles for climbing? 


In some situations, unexpected change of weather during your walks is common and unavoidable. Even with checking out the weather beforehand, it’s always better to be prepared.

A waterproof pair of walking boots is not that cheap. 

However, if your walks would be crossing through streams, you know that it is worth considering purchasing one. Don’t get confused by the terms waterproof and water-resistant. 

Weight (How Heavy Is It?) 

Some really good walking boots do the work but are heavy. 

You might face a more challenging time during your walks by dragging your feet because of the weight of your boots. The weight is essential if your boots will be used for longer hikes/trails. 

A pair of boots that is too lightweight may affect how stable your steps will be.

Pick one that is not too lightweight but stable enough for your walks. The average weight for best-hiking boots for wide feet would be between 2.75 and 3.25 pounds

Consider the type and length of your trails when you purchase the boots. If it is mainly for long-distance hikes/walks, preferably choose a lightweight pair of boots. 


The material of the boots plays a role in whether it would make your feet sweat a lot during your walks. This can cause stinky and sweaty feet which would, in turn, contribute to discomfort when using it. 

Manufacturers have come up with better materials to curb this problem. It becomes less difficult to overcome the stinky feet problem when you shop around. 

Poor ventilation can get worse in a hot environment. Usually, If you are looking for better ventilation, you may have to forgo the waterproof feature.


Whenever you look for any pair of new shoes, comfort will always be a feature one would look for. Looking for a new pair of wide walking boots is no different. You should get a pair that will not irritate and blister your feet. 

Getting a pair of sophisticated socks can help manage the blisters. At the same time, think of the support and how well padded your new boots will be.

Wide calf walking boots are great for style and comfort. I’d refrain from getting this particular style as at the end of the walk, I want to be able to get out of it as soon as I can.

Soles And Ankle Support

Check out the soles for the grip as different boots would have different soles. 

This would ensure you minimise yourself from slipping or falling during your walks. Choose soles that have enough grooves for better grip.

A pair of footwear with the right ankle support will relieve foot pains during your walking activity. The right arch and ankle support will reduce stress and pressure on your ankles and other parts of the feet. This would also make your feet feel comfortable throughout.

The right ankle support will reduce impacts on the arches and prevent the risk of ankle injuries and sprains. Too much, however, can decrease the movement of your feet. 


It can be tough to choose the right pair of boots for your walking experience. The list above helps to narrow your choices down and to see which feature you can look for.

A good pair of walking boots are a great investment as they will last longer, and protect your feet while you enjoy your hikes/walks. Having wide feet and being able to find walking boots that fit well is a dream come true for us wide feet people! 

You will enjoy many more hikes and walks in the future because of a good investment in the best wide fit walking boots

Here’s to many more walks and great adventures for everyone (wide feet, small feet and all)

Extra Tip:

Don’t be deterred if the brand you want comes only in men’s designs or women’s only. Try it out. If it fits your wide feet well, you have got a winner there!

11 Wide Fit Walking Boots [2022 Update]