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Eco-Friendly Travel Bags

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Join our WWB Writer and eco enthusiast, Dilyana, in her exploration of the 11 best sustainable travel bags.

From your toothbrush case to your weekender bag to your suitcase, soft-shell or hard-shell, with or without wheels, you’ll find something for yourself.

Additionally, by the end of this article, you’ll know what an eco travel bag is, why you need one, and the top three things to look for when buying your next eco-conscious travel companion.

Take a peek at the contenders:

  1. Paravel Travel Packing Cubes
  2. SmartLifEco Bamboo Toothbrush Travel Case and Holder
  3. V JOY Toiletry Bag Travel ECO
  4. Vera Bradley Women’s Recycled Lighten Up ReActive Hanging Travel Organizer
  5. Lemur Bags 20″ Canvas Weekender
  6. Lo & Sons Catalina Deluxe Weekender
  7. Patagonia Black Hole Duffel Bag
  8. Vera Bradley Women’s Recycled Lighten Up ReActive Foldable Rolling Duffle Luggage
  9. Eagle Creek Gear Warrior Carry Luggage Softside 4-Wheel Rolling Suitcase
  10. Solgaard Carry On Expandable Suitcase
  11. Paravel Aviator


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What Is An Eco-Friendly Travel Bag?

Eco-Friendly Travel Bags

Before we start our exploration, let’s make sure we’re on the same page about what an eco-friendly travel bag means.

An eco-friendly travel bag is entirely made of eco-friendly materials (organic, upcycled, recycled) and put in eco-friendly packaging.

Additionally, the production of the bag should exclude any inhumane practices and should be with minimal to zero harmful effects on the environment.

This definition describes the ultimate eco-friendly bag.

There are various reasons why a travel bag cannot yet be made entirely eco-friendly; due to the nature and functionality of certain parts, higher cost of production, and so on.

Many companies, however, are taking steps to meet eco friendly characteristics to the greatest possible extent, and even well-established ones are shifting to more sustainable fabrics and production practices.

We’ll talk more about the characteristics later. But first, let’s see how our contenders fare.

Top 11 Best Eco-Friendly Travel Bags

Eco-Friendly Travel Bags

Without further ado, here are the top 11 eco-friendly travel bags.

  1. Paravel Travel Packing Cubes

Let’s begin with our list of eco-friendly travel bags. First up comes this set of three travel packing cubes by a company that has taken sustainability to its heart, Paravel.

To this day, it has upcycled 2 million plastic water bottles, offset 8,150 tonnes of C02, and planted over 35,000 trees through Eden Reforestation Projects.

Whether you’re organized or messy, Paravel’s packing cubes will bring you joy (and order).

Forget about the insides of your suitcase turning into an unrecognizable mass of shoes, clothes, and who knows what more.

These eco friendly packing cubes come in three different sizes: large, medium, and small and will help you master the craft of packing and unpacking. 

Each has a small view window to see what’s inside, while the two-way zippers allow for maximum ease of access.

The cubes could perfectly fit an estimate of 4-5 tops, 2-3 pairs of trousers or dresses, 3-4 sweaters, plus 5-6 underwear and socks.

The sustainability factor is that they are made of Paravel’s Negative Nylon material, using 14 upcycled plastic bottles per set.

If you order them on the company’s website, there is one more color available, as well as a personalization option to embroider your initials.

Fabric100% post-consumer recycled plastic water bottles (14 per trio)
Sustainable packagingUnspecified
Company ethical/ sustainability practicesRecycled fabricsOffsetting carbon emissionsPlanting trees
WarrantyPossible to return with free return shipping within 30 days of purchase*
ProsSet of threeView window

*on company’s site

  1. SmartLifEco Bamboo Toothbrush Travel Case And Holder

Your clothes found their eco-friendly home-away-from-home; now it’s time for your toothbrush to do the same.

And what better housing than this eco friendly toothbrush travel case made of 100% all-natural organic bamboo.

It comes in combination with a handy holder, and both could fit toothbrushes, razors, or make-up brushes.

A practical detail is that the case has lid and bottom drain holes to facilitate air and water flow and keep the insides fresh.

The holder takes things up a notch and adds to the drain hole a lifted bottom for maximum drainage.

And to top it all, the set comes in eco-friendly packaging, made of recycled material to ensure zero waste.

Fabric100% organic bamboo
Sustainable packagingYes
Company ethical/ sustainability practicesUnspecified
Warranty30 days money-back guarantee
ProsLid and bottom drain wholeSturdy
ConsBrush not included
  1. V JOY Toiletry Bag Travel ECO

Our exploration of the top 11 eco-friendly travel bags continues with a compact but functional toiletry bag.

Made of rPET (=recycled polyethylene terephthalate), recycled plastic from post-consumer waste drinks bottles, this eco friendly toiletry bag could perfectly fit your cosmetics essentials.

It combines space with practicality. The first comes in its 3.5L-capacity, able to fit a whole bottle of shampoo; the second with multiple smaller slots, including such for toothpaste.

The waterproof inside will keep the liquids where they need to be and prevent any undesirable leakages.

The toiletry bag is also available in a bigger size, said for men, but hey, let’s not discriminate here, V JOY Men’s Toiletry Travel Bag with a handy bottom compartment.

FabricrPET and recycled material
Sustainable packagingUnspecified
Company ethical/ sustainability practicesUnspecified
Warranty30 days money-back guarantee
ProsTwo colorsCompact
ConsCould be small for cosmetics enthusiastsOne color pricier than the other
  1. Vera Bradley Women’s Recycled Lighten Up ReActive Hanging Travel Organizer

If you found the previous contender too small for your cosmetics needs, then this eco friendly toiletry bag/organizer by a much-beloved brand, Vera Bradley, is going to exceed them.

  • 100% recycled material? Check.
  • Pockets galore? Check. 
  • Cool features? Check.
  • Now, let’s get the details.

The toiletry bag is made of a sustainable version of the brand’s signature LightenUp fabric;

100% rPET material, which is water-resistant and lightweight yet durable.

It boasts two exterior side zip pockets, an inside fully-lined zip pocket, one mesh zip pocket, and one elastic mesh slip pocket to fit even the wildest cosmetics collection.

Among the cool features are carry handles and a tuck-away hanger, as well as taffeta-lined plastic pockets for the maximum comfort of your jewelry, make-up, and hair accessories.

Lastly, this eco toiletry bag comes in 10 different colors, from black to navy mint to gorgeous floral patterns (the last characteristic of the brand).

Oh, and if you decide, with your purchase, you can support the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer and add to the $34.6 million already raised to back up critical breast cancer research.

Fabric100% Recycled Polyester (rPET)
Sustainable packagingYes
Company ethical/ sustainability practicesCommitted to update 100% of their fabrics to more sustainable alternatives by 2025Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer
Pros10 colorsCompactLoads of space and storage possibilities
  1. Lemur Bags 20″ Canvas Weekender

We have “all the small things” packed; it’s time to put them into their bigger eco-conscious home-away-from-home.

And this eco friendly weekend bag with a cause is a great way to start.

Made of 100% natural and environmentally friendly materials, the whole bag and the shoulder strap are fully recyclable.

It comes in 5 different fresh and tropical patterns, including such with pineapples. Any other pineapple lovers? Just me? OK!

20L-capacity ensures the bag is just the right size to fit all your essentials without taking up too much space. And handy outside pockets allow you to keep your phone and wallet within easy reach.

The bag’s name is not by chance either!

15% of all profits from eco-friendly Lemur Bags goes directly to organizations committed to lemur conservation projects in Madagascar.

Lastly, the company producer stays behind its product and gives a two-year guarantee. Or, if you’re not satisfied with your purchase, they are happy to either replace it for free or fully refund you.

Fabric100% natural and environmentally friendly materials
Sustainable packagingUnspecified
Company ethical/ sustainability practices15% of all profits goes to lemur conservation projects in Madagascar
WarrantyTwo years
ProsFive different colorsSuitable for various occasions, including a gym bag
ConsNo messenger strap
  1. Lo & Sons Catalina Deluxe Weekender
Eco-Friendly Travel Bags

Price: $215 (small), $225 (large)

Our next contender in the exploration of the top 11 eco-friendly travel bags is the ultimate weekender.

It’s pricey, I admit but bear with me, and you’ll see why.

Every detail, from the material to the design, is perfected to combine maximum functionality and comfort.

This sustainable weekender bag is available in two types of eco-friendly materials (600D recycled poly and organic canvas) and two sizes (large and small).

Each 600D recycled poly bag is made of over 24 recycled plastic bottles and has reduced the CO2 emissions by 2.5lb per bag. 

The organic canvas ones are made of sustainable organic cotton without using any toxic chemicals, pesticides, and synthetic fertilizers.

As for the size: even the small bag is big enough to fit clothes and toiletries for a long winter weekend.

An outer front pocket keeps your passport, wallet, and phone at hand, while inside smaller pockets fit your book, cables, belts, and other accessories.

The bag also has a pass-through sleeve with double-sided zippers to fit the handle widths of any suitcase.

And the messenger strap is with removable padding to avoid any chafes while carrying.

There is also a zippered bottom compartment so that even your shoes travel in style; also suitable for those dirty clothes that inevitably emerge during travels.

Cheeky tip: Look for discounts, and you can get this gem of an eco friendly weekend bag almost half-priced. Currently, there’s a 40%-discount on some colors and materials.

FabricRecycled polyesterOrganic canvas
Sustainable packagingYes
Company ethical/ sustainability practicesCommitted to having 75% of their fabrics eco-friendly by 2023 (currently on track of 50%)
WarrantyOne year
  1. Patagonia Black Hole Duffel Bag
Eco-Friendly Travel Bags

Prices start at $129 for a 40L bag

Eco-conscious adventurers, this IS your bag.

Made of 100% recycled polyester ripstop with a TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane)-film laminate, this eco friendly duffel bag is lightweight yet able to endure even the toughest weather and conditions.

Attach the removable padded shoulder straps, and voilà, you have a backpack. When not in use, the bag stuffs into a self-contained, compact pocket.

The zipped side pocket can be accessed both from the inside and the outside, while a mesh interior lid pocket stores your essentials within easy reach.

A padded base will keep your belongings safe from any bumpy encounters on the road.

And 10 exterior daisy chains will sturdily grasp any additional gear you’d like to take.

If you’re a fan, the bag is also available in a wheeled version in three sizes, and prices starting at $229.

Patagonia is one more company that has taken sustainability, among others, to its heart. Not only are their products eco-friendly, but 1% of the sales goes to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment.

Fabric100% recycled polyester
Sustainable packagingYes
Company ethical/ sustainability practices1% self-imposed tax for preserving and restoring the natural environmentSocial responsibility programs100% corporate transparency
ProsThree ways to carrySturdyGreat set of features
ConsNot so elegantPricey
  1. Vera Bradley Women’s Recycled Lighten Up ReActive Foldable Rolling Duffle Luggage

Next on our list of the top 11 eco friendly travel bags is this stylish foldable rolling duffle bag.

Another sustainable representative of the Vera Bradley family, it embraces elegance with reliability and functionality.

Coming in six different colors, including two types of black and fresh floral patterns, this eco friendly duffel bag is an emanation of elegance.

You can leave me on Cloud Floral. Thank you!

Made of 100% recycled polyester, it is water-resistant and lightweight yet durable. The bottom compartment is paneled for extra sturdiness and is perfect for shoes and dirty/wet clothes.

This last leads me to the next feature – functionality.

Spacious interior in combination with multiple inner and outer pockets allow for maximum practicality in organizing your belongings. 

A handy detail is the snap clip button that keeps the handles together for comfortable carrying.

The wheeling option will spare you and your arms in times of overpacking. And let’s face it – this does happen more often than not.

Lastly, with its 13-inch height, 21-inch width, and 10-inch depth, the bag is just the right size to be carry-on compliant.

All you need to do is glide away (elegantly) to your next destination.

Fabric100% Recycled Polyester (rPET)
Sustainable packagingYes
Company ethical/ sustainability practicesCommitted to update 100% of their fabrics to more sustainable alternatives by 2025Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer
WarrantyFive years
ProsCompactVersatilePlenty of storage possibilities
ConsSome colors are more expensive
  1. Eagle Creek Gear Warrior Carry Luggage Softside 4-Wheel Rolling Suitcase

Our next contender lives up to its name and is a true travel warrior.

This eco friendly luggage is built to last and get your back whenever and wherever: from the 100% rPET ripstop eco-friendly fabric to the recycled coating of the durable back fabric with a laminated exoskeleton to the four treaded spinner wheels.

Small, US domestic flights, carry-on compliant, but offering extra storage possibility with the expandable main compartment.

But probably the coolest thing about this eco luggage is the handy features galore.

An equipment keeper securely holds jackets, helmets, and other gear to the top of the bag. And an attached porter key bottle opener ensures you enjoy a cold one anytime, anyplace.

Eagle Creek has also pledged to cover a lifetime warranty plus insurance of repair or replacement if, by any chance, the bag fails.

This sustainable luggage comes in four different sizes to match your needs. A slightly cheaper 2-wheel option is also available.

Fabric100% rPET ripstop
Sustainable packagingUnspecified
Company ethical/ sustainability practicesSustainable design and responsible manufacturingFunding projects that protect cultural and natural resources
WarrantyProduct lifetime
ProsCompactGreat set of featuresUS domestic travels carry-on compliantNo-matter-what warranty
ConsSome colors are more expensive
  1. Solgaard Carry On Expandable Suitcase

We are smoothly transitioning to the hardshell contenders in our top 11 sustainable travel bags.

And we couldn’t wish for a better first to last.

This eco friendly suitcase majestically blends style and functionality.

It features a sleek hard-case polycarbonate shell, 100% recycled interior material, and eight 360-degree spinner wheels.

Despite its compact, approved international carry-on size, the suitcase is fully expandable and can fit up to nine outfits.

Shoes and other belongings will comfortably and securely enjoy the ride in the zippered compartment, while a compression strap will keep the clothes compact.

But what I most like about this suitcase is the in-built and easily accessible USB port to charge your devices on the go.

Now, the more observant of you might have already noticed that this IS NOT Solgaard’s award-winning Carry-On Closet, but still, it’s a great value for money.

And if you cannot afford the other one, this is the closest you can get to it, without breaking the bank.

Lastly, Solgaard removes 5lbs of ocean-bound plastic with the purchase of every item.

Fabric100% recycled interior material
Sustainable packagingYes
Company ethical/ sustainability practicesHelping cut ocean plastic in half by 2025Removing all single-use plastics from their products
Warranty10 years
ProsIn-built USB chargerCompactFunctionalInternational travels carry-on compliant
ConsPriceyPower bank not included
  1. Paravel Aviator
Eco-Friendly Travel Bags

Prices start from $255 for a carry-on

We finish our exploration of the top 11 eco-friendly travel bags where we started it – with Paravel.

And our last contender is the best of the best!


In 2020, Condé Nast Traveler, the luxury and lifestyle travel magazine, named it Best Carry-On and Afar, an experiential travel magazine, Best Eco-Friendly Carry-On. 

The sustainability of this suitcase starts with its production, which is carbon neutral.

To achieve this, Paravel offsets all emissions related to sourcing, assembly, shipping, and final delivery of the suitcase.

Additionally, the company offsets the estimated carbon emissions equivalent to your first trip together with your new eco-conscious travel companion.

Next comes the suitcase itself.

Wherever possible, every detail is made of sustainable and recycled materials:

  • the hardshell is of recycled polycarbonate
  • the zippers are recycled
  • the lining is made from 15 recycled plastic bottles
  • the telescopic handle is from recycled, aircraft-grade aluminum, and
  • the side handles are wrapped with vegan leather

While it depends on the season and your personal preference, this sustainable suitcase can easily fit 1-2 pairs of shoes and an estimated worth of clothes for two to four days.

The final touches come in the form of a sleek design and five stylish color combinations.

FabricSustainable and recycled materials
Sustainable packagingUnspecified
Company ethical/ sustainability practicesRecycled fabricsOffsetting carbon emissionsPlanting trees
WarrantyFive years
ProsElegant designPracticalCompactCarbon neutral

Why Do You Need An Eco-Friendly Travel Bag?

Eco-Friendly Travel Bags

Let me start with the following:

If you have a functional travel bag (no matter how old), you DON’T NEED a new one, even if it’s eco-friendly.

The most unsustainable thing to do would be to send your current travel bag to the landfill and buy a new eco-friendly one.

BUT if you genuinely lack a travel bag and you’re committed to easing the burden on our beautiful planet while enjoying traveling, then you DO NEED an eco-friendly travel bag.

Buying one will help:

  • The world to slow down its impact (less plastic, more recycling/upcycling, more organically and naturally grown resources)
  • Reduce global warming (reduction of CO2 emissions)
  • Environmental and social causes

Tourism is reportedly one of the biggest environmental threats, particularly aviation, which accounts for up to 75% of the industry’s greenhouse gas emissions. 

Don’t know about you, but if there’s even the slightest chance to mitigate some of the environmental impacts of tourism, I will take it!

IMPORTANT: If you still decide to get rid of your current travel bag, depending on its condition, please, consider donating it or repurposing/recycling/upcycling it.

3 Things To Look For In A Good Eco-Friendly Travel Bag

Eco-Friendly Travel Bags

We’ve already covered some when we defined what an eco-friendly travel bag is, but let’s dive a bit deeper:


As this is literally what your bag and all its parts are made of, you must pay special attention to whether they are sustainable or not. 

Read carefully whether the whole bag is made of eco-friendly fabrics or only certain parts. And while not an actual part of the bag, this extends to the packaging too. 

Does it make sense to buy an eco-friendly bag, put in the worst possible plastic that will take a lifetime to decompose?


It’s not enough for an eco-friendly bag to be from sustainable fabrics; it’s also important how it has been produced.

If the production of an eco-friendly bag does more harm to the environment, then it goes without saying, this is not sustainable.

Additionally, if the production practice involves people or other living creatures being mistreated and/or killed, this is neither ethical nor sustainable.


Buying a travel bag is a big and long-term investment. And as you saw, buying an eco travel bag could be even more costly.

But if you buy the right one, you can use it all your life and even pass it to future generations.

Follow these three simple steps to make your best choice:

  1. Decide for what purpose you are going to use the bag. Is it going to be for shorter or longer trips? Where will you be traveling to? How often will you travel?
  1. Carefully examine what characteristics will serve your purpose best.
  1. Pick the travel bag that matches your requirements to the greatest extent.

BONUS tip: Make sure you know what the warranty of the bag is and what it covers.


Eco-Friendly Travel Bags

So, there you have it, top 11 of the best eco-friendly travel bags, as well as all you need to know to make the most eco-conscious choice when picking your next travel companion.

Let me tell you how proud I am of you for reading this article and educating yourself.

It all starts with small steps and decisions, and you already travel in the right direction.

Keep it on!

Eco-Friendly Travel Bags

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