Travel Insurance for Trekking in Nepal : 2023 Essential Guide

Travel Insurance for Trekking in Nepal – There is no doubt about it: Nepal is a truly stunning place to visit, with a rich array of gorgeous landscapes, wonderful people, and a wealth of history to explore and discover.

As with any travel destination, however, there can also be risks and issues, with that being said, it is crucial to have the right travel insurance to ensure that you are protected in the event of an emergency.

Once this is in place, you can throw yourself into your adventure, and enjoy yourself with total peace of mind that you will be safe, protected, and secure.

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What Is Travel Insurance for Trekking in Nepal?

Travel insurance, also sometimes referred to as “trip insurance” is an insurance policy that is designed to cover and protect you from any unexpected events that may arise during the course of your holiday or trip.

From cancelled flights to lost baggage, unexpected illness to a broken leg on a ski trip, travel insurance is an essential element of your trip and should factor into your overall budget and planning.

While travel insurance remains elective – that is, you do not legally have to have it in order to travel – every expert would advise you to ensure that you have a strong travel insurance policy in place before you set foot on a plane; the costs and expenses that can arise if you are not covered can be astronomical, and certainly higher than the price tag of the original policy.

As the world continues to change and evolve, a growing number of travellers are erring on the side of caution and opting into their travel protection policies.

What Can Travel Insurance Cover?

As we have mentioned, travel insurance is crucial for helping to keep you safe and protected while on your trip; but just what is included in your coverage travel insurance for trekking in Nepal?

Travel Insurance For Trekking In Nepal

Some of the most common inclusions are:

Injury Or Illness On your Trip

If you become sick or injured while abroad, you may find yourself facing some hefty medical expenses, and these will typically not be covered by your standard health insurance – most will not pay out if an incident occurs outside of the country, and the majority of healthcare plans will only provide minimal coverage – this includes access to Medicare.

As a result, you may find yourself stranded, sick and in pain, in a foreign country – and without a travel insurance plan in place, you will be expected to foot 100% of the bill.

Depending on where in the world you are, these expenses can be eye-watering, and this may result in you not receiving treatment that you need, or receiving a lower quality of treatment.

You will also have to cover the costs of being flown home if your condition or injuries necessitates this, and a last-minute flight can be very expensive.

Lost Luggage

It is a nightmare that every traveller dreads: you are standing at the baggage claim, desperately waiting for your case to emerge – only to leave empty-handed.

According to the Department of Transportation, airlines are required to offer up to $3,300 in compensation to every passenger who has their baggage lost or stolen, and this is cut to $1750 abroad.

In order to access this, however, the passenger will need to file a claim within 21 days, and provide receipts that prove the value of the missing luggage, and the contents inside.

This can obviously be close to impossible if you are travelling with older items or clothes – it is highly unlikely that you will have kept the receipt for every single thing in your bag for years at a time.

As a result, many passengers find themselves receiving less than that should, and in most cases, nothing at all.

In addition, the Department of Transportation also fails to provide a definition for “lost” luggage – when overseas, your baggage can only be classed as “lost” once a 21 day period has elapsed; m, prior to this, it is simply “delayed”.

Not only is this extremely frustrating for passengers, but it also means that many miss the 21-day limit set by the Department of Transportation to file a claim.

If your bags are lost or stolen, travel insurance will help you to recover the costs, and this can be extremely valuable if the loss is a result of negligence by the airline – they will typically not payout for lost luggage unless compelled to buy an insurance policy.

Placing a luggage tracker can help you keep track of your lost or stolen luggage snd belongings.

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Last-Minute Cancellations

There are few things more upsetting or frustrating than having your ticket cancelled at the very last minute, particularly when you have already spent money on transport, airport parking, and even hotel fees – and this stress is only exacerbated if you also lose everything that you have paid.

Most hotel resorts and cruise liners will decline a full refund if you cancel at the last minute, and cancelling two weeks before will typically only allow you to claim a 25% refund – minus a cancellation fee – or, in some cases, credit on another trip.

This can mean that you are left facing a situation where you have been forced to cancel your trip as a result of circumstances beyond your control – and this can be very distressing – and also face losing hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Travel insurance, however, can payout in these situations, helping to cover your costs and recoup your losses.

Extend Existing Coverage

Some travellers decline travel insurance, believing that they are already covered by their banks or credit cards.

While it is true that many credit card companies will offer travel insurance as part of their package, this is unlikely to cover expenses at the higher end of the budget – medical bills, emergency evacuations, or other high-ticket situations will typically be excluded.

The right travel insurance policy is therefore important for helping ensure that you are fully protected, no matter the situation.

What Will Not Be Covered?

It is worth noting that with any policy, there will be certain clauses and events that are not covered.

This typically includes any pre-existing health conditions, coverage for events that occur in a place experiencing political unrest, when this risk was known to you in advance, and in some cases, issues involving tour operators, such as those that go bankrupt unexpectedly.

It is important to check the small print and ensure that you will be protected for your specific needs and requirements.

What Are The Types Of Travel Insurance for Trekking in Nepal?

There are three main types of travel insurance that will generally be offered – the best option will ultimately depend on your unique needs and requirements, as well as the type of trip that you are planning on taking.

travel insurance for trekking in nepal

Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption Insurance

Trip cancellation insurance is ideal if you are looking for extra peace of mind, and protection against even the most unexpected events.

Trip cancellation insurance kicks in before you depart for your travels, and will cover you for any reservations that are deemed non-refundable, and which have been paid in advance – flights and hotels are the most common example, though other bookings can also count.

As a rule, you will receive 100% of the total cost back, as long as the cancellation is due to a reason covered in your policy, for example, the onset of extreme weather, losing your job, or being called for jury duty.

This is a great reassurance, and investing in trip cancellation insurance is highly recommended.

Trip interruption insurance kicks in once you have departed, and will cover you for any nonrefundable, prepaid reservations if they become unavailable, are missed by the traveller, or have to be missed as a result of the traveller being required to return home for a reason covered under the policy – for example, becoming injured on your trip, or an emergency back home.

As long as the reason is covered in your policy, you will be entitled to a 100% refund.

In some cases, you may receive between 100% and 200% of the cost of the trip, which can be useful for booking flights and transportation.

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Cancel for Any Reason Coverage

One of the most popular types of coverage is Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) coverage.

This allows you to cancel a booked trip for any reason – there is no list of requirements to be met.

As long as the cancellation is at least two days before the start of your vacation, you will be entitled to a partial refund of any non-refundable deposits – usually around 50% to 75%.

CFAR coverage will usually be offered as an add-on to existing policies and can be a great way to secure your peace of mind if you are feeling anxious or apprehensive about the trip.

Travel Medical Insurance Coverage

As we have mentioned, medical bills tend to be amongst the highest expenses that you may incur on a trip, and standalone travel medical insurance can be useful in offering you extra protection if you are injured or taken ill while on your vacation.

Coverage will usually protect you in the event of accidental death, dismemberment, medical evacuation, and repatriation in an emergency situation, and access to 24-hour help and assistance.

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Travel Insurance for Trekking in Nepal

When you are planning to trek in Nepal, all of the previous considerations will still apply, and be relevant to your trip.

This is a fairly unique environment, however, you will need to ensure that you do a little extra research to ensure that you are covered and protected in what can be a harsh and dangerous terrain.

An increase in the number of fraudulent helicopter rescues has resulted in a reduction in the number of travel insurance for trekking in Nepal providers who will cover this, or who will cover you for a trip to Nepal at all.

You need to ensure that the insurance policy you purchase is designed to protect you in the event that you require a rescue helicopter and that this is available at the height you will be climbing to.

You will also need to take care to ensure that you opt for an insurance policy that covers trekking, and take a look at the maximum height that you will be protected for – an accident, injury, or incident above this will leave you unable to claim, and so reading the small print is crucial.

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Final Thoughts on Travel Insurance for Trekking in Nepal

For any trip, investing in quality travel insurance should be non-negotiable, but the unique, challenging terrain and landscape of Nepal, combined with the physicality of trekking, means that this needs to be one of your top priorities.

Make sure that you do your research, and ensure that the policy you opt for will cover and protect you for everything that you are planning – this will allow you to launch yourself into an amazing adventure without a single worry!

How to Choose the Best Travel Insurance for Trekking in Nepal

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