Are Hiking Boots Good For Motorcycle Riding? (Personal Experience!) 2024

Are hiking boots good for motorcycle riding? With all the different types of shoes out there, you’re probably wondering if you actually need to get a different shoe for each activity that you do. 

Now, I hope that I am a pretty adventurous person. I love being outdoors, and I love anything that puts me in touch with nature. I also love motorbiking too.

Check out my beloved hiking boots that I use EVERYWHERE!

Are hiking boots good for motorcycle riding

But you also know that I love saving and making money. So do you think I’m inclined to find multiple uses for the things that I own? You betcha!! 

That being said, I also realize that sometimes, I need to make the hard decisions and be real about things to take care of my body. 

So, after months of research, I’m sorry to say that NO! Hiking boots are, unfortunately, not good for motorcycle riding. 🙁 (I say this from personal experience motorbiking with and without hiking boots!)

Are hiking boots good for motorcycle riding

If you are new here, Hi, I am Aisha Preece ! I am an avid solo female traveller and I LOVE hiking!  It’s free, good for your health and you get to see so many exciting parts of the world, through hiking 🙂

Back to the topic of hiking boots, you probably want to reduce the amount of stuff that you need to pack. And you’re thinking, well, they’re all just boots, aren’t they?

But no, hiking boots and motorcycle boots are completely different because they’re built for two completely different purposes. 

Motorcycle boots are built to keep the rider’s lower limbs safe in case of an accident. 

We all know how road injuries are much more severe for a rider than a driver. Safety should always be your first priority. 

And so, hiking boots are not recommended for motorcycle riding. Read on to find out why. 

Are hiking boots good for motorcycle riding

Features of Motorcycle Boots:

1. Prevent Abrasions

2. No Laces

3. Reinforced Soles

4. Ankle Support

5. Metal Toes

Types Of Motorcycle Boots

1. Urban Motorcycle Boots

2. Touring Motorcycle Boots

3. Adventure Motorcycle Boots

4. Racing Motorcycle Boots

5. Off Road / Dirt Bike Motorcycle Boots

So, Are Hiking Boots Good For Motorcycle Riding?

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What Are Motorcycle Boots?

Motorcycle boots are boots made for motorcyclists..well, duh. But why does a motorcyclist need a special motorcycle boot? Isn’t it just a boot? 

Road traffic accidents are inevitable. And motorcyclists tend to bear the brunt of the accident as compared to car drivers. 

After head injuries, leg injuries are a very common injury in motorcyclists.

Motorcycling boots are, therefore, specialized to protect the foot and leg of the motorcyclist.

1. Prevent Abrasions

When a biker gets into an accident, they can get thrown off the bike, and any exposed skin can get abrased against the road. 

It’s called road rash, and it’s not as simple as an abrasion you get when you simply fall. 

Road rash can be severe. Motorcycling boots are made of stronger materials than running shoes. This protects the foot from abrasions when the biker hits the road. 

While some motorcycle boots end at the ankle, most will have a higher cut up to the calf to protect the calf from abrasions as well. 

2. No Laces 

Motorcycle boots don’t come with lace, except for motorcycle shoes. Lace, when it comes undone, can get tangled in the chain. 

This can be incredibly dangerous. Motorcycle boots come with quick-release buckles, zips, or velcro fasteners. 

3. Reinforced Soles 

Motorcycle boots have reinforced soles because your boots will be resting on the foot pegs for long periods of time while riding. 

If you ride with tennis shoes on, you’ll feel the peg poking into your feet after a while of riding. Not a comfortable feeling!

Sturdy soles are also necessary for off-road biking as bikers tend to put their foot down often when stopping or turning. 

Are hiking boots good for motorcycle riding

4. Ankle Support

Ankle support is another essential feature of a motorcycling boot. In an accident, a biker will hit the ground at high speeds, which can cause their ankle to rotate or twist. 

The ankle support in motorcycling boots is meant to protect against that. 

5. Metal Toes

Some motorcycle boots, such as racing boots, have metal toes as well. 

Racers can go pretty low when they turn corners at high speeds, and the metal toes protect their toes from hitting the ground. 

Types Of Motorcycle Boots

The type of motorcycle boot you choose should depend on the type of riding you do. Read on to find out the different types of motorcycle boots you can find in stores. 

1. Urban Motorcycle Boots / Motorcycle Shoes

Urban motorcycle boots or motorcycle shoes look like regular shoes, which is great when riding your bike to work or around town. 

Motorcycle shoes are also much more comfortable for walking around, so you don’t need to carry an extra pair of shoes. 

Even though they look like sneakers, motorcycle shoes are made of a stronger material that reduces abrasion if you fall. 

They also have other features like stronger soles and reinforced toes and heels. 

Looking like regular shoes do come with drawbacks. There’s no shin protection with these motorcycle shoes, and they can’t really protect your ankles from twisting. 

Certain designs also come with lace, which can be risky if tangled up in the chain.

The Alpinestars Motorcycle boot is an excellent option for an urban boot. It’s made out of leather but looks like a sneaker. Checks all the boxes for motorcycle safety: ankle and heel protection, advanced rubber sole. And let’s face it, it looks great!

I love brands that make similar men’s and women’s versions of the same shoe, and Alpinestars doesn’t disappoint by making a stellar women’s version of the urban boot. 

2. Touring Motorcycle Boots

Touring motorcycle boots are the most popular option among motorcycle boots. They have the right combination of comfort and safety. 

Touring boots are like the middle ground between motorcycle shoes and other boots, like racing boots. 

Touring boots are best for bikers going on long journeys or multi-day trips. They are almost always waterproof. 

You don’t want to end up with wet feet on the first hour of your journey and be uncomfortable the rest of the way. 


Touring motorcycle boots are flexible enough to allow you to use the motorcycle controls easily. They also have reinforced heels and toes to protect your feet. 

Even with that protection, they’re not as stiff as other motorcycle boots. This is great 

since you will be wearing them for long hours. 

Touring boots are medium or high-cut boots. 

The Alpinestars SMX-6 V2 boots kick butt on motorcycle boot reviews. If you’re looking for a good touring motorcycle boot, I highly recommend this one. 

It provides excellent durability and abrasion resistance. Its breathable internal lining is great, and it also has internal toe box protection. It’s also pretty darn comfortable! 

3. Adventure Motorcycle Boots

Adventure motorcycle boots are like a cross between touring boots and racing boots. They’re made for bikers who interchange between tarmacked roads and off-road. 

Adventure motorcycle boots are higher cut to provide ankle and shin protection. They also have reinforced soles for standing on the pegs. 

Adventure motorcycle boots can be comfortable enough to walk in for short distances. Don’t go crazy and hike in them!

4. Racing Motorcycle Boots

Racing boots are quite heavy-duty due to the nature of racing. They are made with either leather or synthetic materials. 

The material needs to be super sturdy to have maximum protection against abrasion. 

Racing boots tend to have a higher heel to keep your foot steady while accelerating. They have metal toes to protect the biker’s toes when they turn corners at high speeds. 


Accidents that happen while racing are more disastrous than normal riding. 

The racing boots, therefore, provide much more protection in every way when compared to touring or adventure boots. 

All that extra protection makes the racing boot not suitable for walking around. You’ll need to carry an extra pair of shoes around if you’re riding with racing boots. 

All that extra protection also makes racing boots quite stiff. If you’re riding for long distances, the racing boots are not a good option either. 

5. Off-Road / Dirt Bike Motorcycle Boots

These boots are made for off-road biking. Dirt bike boots are almost up to the knee for maximum protection. 

Off-road bikers tend to put their foot down when turning corners, and so these boots have very hard soles. 

This protects the rider’s ankles from the impact of putting their foot down at high speeds. 

Due to the extra protection needed, dirt bike boots are super stiff and rigid. They’re definitely not made for walking. 

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So, Are Hiking Boots Good For Motorcycle Riding?

Hiking boots are not good for motorcycle riding. 

So much care and attention is given to the problems that motorcycle riders face in making a motorcycle boot. 

None of these features that are present in motorcycle boots can be found in hiking boots. 

A high-cut hiking boot may provide some ankle support. But hiking boots are not made to withstand road rash. 

They’re not going to be able to help when the biker is sliding across the road after being thrown off his bike. 

A really sturdy hiking boot might have thicker soles to help with being on the foot peg for long hours. But they don’t have reinforced toes to protect you when you dip down while making corners. 

If you’re really insistent on using hiking boots for motorcycle riding, your best bet would be a good heavy-duty backpacking boot. 

The Salomon Quest 4 is a high-cut hiking boot that provides great ankle support for hiking. Hopefully, this helps against rolling ankles while motorcycle riding. 

It also comes with extra heel support, which will help with long periods of standing on the pegs. 

They’re also waterproof, making them great for multi-day riding in unpredictable weather. It also comes with a protective toecap, hooray!

What I love about Salomon is that they almost always have men’s and women’s versions of the same shoes, so you don’t have to find another shoe for your significant other. 

The Salomon Quest 4 are the best hiking boots for motorcycle riding for me. It may offer some protection while motorcycle riding. 

But if you’re still on the fence about ‘are hiking boots good for motorcycle riding,’ I think you should invest in a pair of motorcycle boots.

FAQs On Are Hiking Boots Good For Motorcycle Riding

Are Motorcycle Boots Good For Walking?

No, motorcycle boots are not good for walking. 

Motorcycle shoes or urban boots are great for walking. Their entire purpose is to take you from your bike to somewhere else without changing shoes. 

Touring motorcycle boots are okay for walking if you don’t mind the stares. 

But if you plan on getting off the bike and taking a long hike, bringing hiking boots along would be a much better option.

Full-length racing boots and off-road boots are horrible for walking, so please don’t even think about it. Bring an extra pair of shoes along for when you’re done riding.

What Can I Wear Instead Of Motorcycle Boots?

You can wear a proper, sturdy boot with good ankle support instead of motorcycle boots. 

A steel-toed work boot would also be acceptable. Work boots are made to protect your feet from things falling on them. 

This can prove helpful in motorcycle riding as well. Provided they come with ankle support, a proper steel-toed work boot can be an acceptable option to ride bikes. 

I like this one by Carhartt’s. It looks great and is very comfortable as well. It’s also very durable and can last you for a few years. 

Motorcycle boots are expensive. But your feet are darn invaluable, too. Investing in a good pair of motorcycle boots can make a world of difference to any injuries you may sustain while biking. 

Once you have the moolah, I highly recommend you get yourself a pair of good motorcycle boots. 

Preventing injuries should never be a hindsight. 

Are Timberland Boots Good For Motorcycle Riding?

Timberland boots are not good for motorcycle riding. They are good quality boots with good ankle support. Some of them even come with steel toes. But the comparison stops there.

The material on Timberlands is not made to resist abrasions. In the case of an accident, they will not protect your feet. 

Furthermore, most Timberlands are not waterproof. If you’re riding and it suddenly starts raining, your feet will be wet and uncomfortable pretty fast. 

Motorcycle boots are made specifically to protect motorcyclists against injuries. Even though they’re expensive, I wouldn’t recommend skipping out on them just to save money. 

Would you ride your motorcycle without a helmet? Well, that would be illegal, but even if it weren’t, you would have some serious thoughts about riding without one. 

Helmets are to protect your head, just as boots are to protect your feet. 

Skimping out on motorcycle boots can make a huge difference in how your feet are affected in a crash. 

If you check out the motorcycling forums, you’ll see so many people commenting on how their boot saved their legs. 

If you invest in a good pair of motorcycle boots and you look after them well, they can last you for years, just like your feet are meant to. 

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