Best Backpack For Traveling With Toddlers

Best Backpack For Traveling With Toddlers

Ah, toddlers. Those mini-me’s with an endless supply of energy and curiosity, who demand independence which belies their age. Traveling with toddlers is definitely a challenge, so WWB writer, Maryam, has created a guide for the best backpack for traveling with toddlers for you. 

Finding the best backpack for traveling with toddlers is a great way to give your toddler a chance to practice guided decision making. The best backpack for traveling with toddlers will help you stay organized on the road, cool at airports, and will last you well after your toddler outgrows those terrible twos.  

Here are some tips on picking the best backpack for traveling with toddlers. 


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Best backpack for traveling with toddlers

How to choose the best backpack for traveling with toddlers

To ensure practicality and comfort there are a few things that you should keep in mind when buying a backpack. Here are a few factors you should consider when looking for the best backpack for traveling with toddlers.


A lightweight backpack will not only be better for your body, but it also means you can pack more items without exceeding your luggage weight allowance. 

Backpacks with built-in frames are great as they help distribute the weight and prevent strain on your back and shoulders. This will definitely be appreciated once your toddler’s energy eventually wears out and they demand to be carried. 

Ultra-lightweight backpacks are usually more expensive due to the durable high tech lightweight materials used to make them.


The amount of luggage you can pack depends on your backpack capacity. A 30-40L backpack will usually suffice for 2-3 days of travel and are small enough to be used as carry-on luggage. 

If you are going for a longer trip, the best backpack for traveling with toddlers usually fall into the 50-65L capacity. Don’t underestimate how much clothing and gear your kids will take up! 

Getting backpacks with expandable capacities can help extend the useability of your backpack by offering greater flexibility.


The best backpack for traveling with toddlers will usually have features that boast practicality, convenience, and organization. 

Large side pockets to hold bottles, easy access storage, compartments to keep dries and wets separate, dedicated laptop sleeve, security pocket for valuables, and convertible carry methods are some features you should look out for. 

Additionally, design features like ventilated backs, well-padded shoulder and hip straps, and adjustable harness systems will add to your backpack’s comfort level.

Size & Shape

Airlines are getting stricter with baggage sizes, especially if you’re traveling on budget airlines. If your cabin carry-on is a backpack, it needs to fit within the allowed dimensions. A good rule of thumb is a backpack of 40L and below should fit. Always double check though! 

If your backpack will be checked in, larger backpacks can be considered. Try and find ones with stowable straps or integrated covers so your bag passes through the conveyor belts smoothly. 

Make sure you measure your torso length when buying a backpack to ensure you choose one suitable for your frame. 

Best backpack for parents with toddlers


A high-quality backpack should last you a lifetime of travel and adventure. Materials such as rip-stop nylon, which are tearproof and water-resistant, are usually the top choice among well-known backpack brands. 

Pay attention to the zippers and fastenings, as these are the areas where wear and tear usually manifest most. Established brands usually have extensive or even lifetime warranties on their bags, which is another reason why they are priced at a premium.

Loading style

The best backpacks for traveling with toddlers are usually front-loading or panel loading, meaning you open the backpack up like you would a traditional suitcase. This is opposed to hiking backpacks which are usually top-loading. 

Front-loading backpacks make finding items a lot easier, which is essential when you have an impatient toddler at your heels.


There are backpack options to suit every budget, but be aware of what you are paying for. Established brands are usually pricier due to great warranties and customer support, but be sure to shop around to find a backpack that has the features you want, at a price you are comfortable with. 

If you are buying backpacks for your kids, remember that they might outgrow them quickly so longevity might not factor into your decision. However, a good backpack is an investment if you’re planning on traveling for years to come.

The best backpack for traveling with toddlers

Best hiking backpacks for traveling with toddlers

Osprey Fairview Trek 50 Women’s Travel Backpack

If you switch between adventures in nature and urban exploration often, the Fairview is the best backpack for traveling with toddlers that can easily take you between the two. 

Offering a bunch of organizational features, such as large interior compartments with wide front opening, easy access pockets, and large side compartments mean you can pack approximately a week’s worth of gear. 

The Fairview is designed to fit women specifically, but Osprey also makes a men’s version under the Farpoint series.

Kelty Redwing 50 Backpack

This uniquely designed backpack is a best-seller perfect for traveling with toddlers. The hybrid U-zipper opening allows the backpack to be used as a top-loader or a front panel loader, giving you easy access to the main compartment inside. 

The four compression straps around the bag mean you can cinch it down into a slim, low profile size for use as a daypack once you arrive at your destination. Lightweight yet with great support from its internal aluminum frame, it also has plenty of storage space thoughtfully distributed throughout.

Best backpack for parents with toddlers

The best backpack for a family day out

NEVO Rhino backpack, 37L

With 12 different compartments and pockets, the Nevo Rhino backpack is perfect for a family day out. Lightweight and easy to store, this backpack is suitable for light hikes too. 

Despite it’s the affordable price, the backpack still offers ventilated back panels, padded laptop sleeve, water bottle holders, and fun colors. When not in use, the backpack folds into a self-contained pocket for easy storage on the go.

AmazonBasics Slim Carry On Travel Backpack

This slim backpack might look simple but it is packed with features that give you great value for its budget price tag. A well-ventilated back panel, padded shoulder straps, and laptop sleeve, as well as a dedicated front compartment filled with pockets to keep your electronics organized. 

The slim design is accentuated by a side water bottle pocket which can be zipped away when not in use. Suitcase pass through sleeves are the cherry on top of the cake!

Best carry-on backpack for traveling with toddlers

Osprey Farpoint 40 Travel Backpack

Don’t be deceived by this backpack’s simplicity – it is a well-loved best seller. Lightweight and fuss-free, the Farpoint offers all the essential features to help make your travels easier. 

The 40L backpack is spacious enough for a weekend trip, while the ventilated back panel and comfortable padding support are the biggest factors that make this bag so popular and one of the best backpacks for traveling with toddlers.

Best backpack for traveling with toddlers

Best travel backpack for toddlers

CamelBak 2018 Kid’s Scout Hydration Pack

This backpack features a removable hydration pack that your toddlers will definitely love drinking from. The main compartment is large enough to fit gear for a day trip, and the front compartment has nifty pockets to keep knick-knacks organized. 

Thoughtfully designed with safety in mind, this backpack has reflective trim, a built-in whistle on the sternum strap, and bright colors. When not traveling, you can simply remove the hydration pack and use the bag for school. 

Best carrier Backpack

Osprey Poco

The Osprey Poco is the best carrier backpack to use on shorter hikes. Offering  20L capacity, you can easily pack a day’s worth of snacks, clothing, and gear in the zippered compartment. 

This backpack can be adjusted to suit different body sizes, so you can switch the load between your partner by simply adjusting the harness system. Pop-out the built-in sunshade to protect your toddler from the elements while they enjoy a lofty view of the surroundings. 

The Osprey Poco can be used for toddlers up to the age of 4.

Best backpack for traveling with toddlers

Family-friendly hiking spots around the world

Put all that toddler energy to good use and take them on a hiking adventure now that you have your backpacks sorted! Here are a few of our favorite toddler-friendly hikes around the world

Best backpack for traveling with toddlers

With a mix of natural trail, volcanic history, and tunnels, stairs, and even a wartime bunker, this popular trail has enough variety to keep toddlers interested. The beautiful views out to the Pacific Ocean make it a perfect hiking destination for the whole family

Hasliberg Muggestutz Storybook Trail, Switzerland

Immerse your toddler in a fairytale adventure with this fun-filled hike through the Swiss countryside. 

Following the myth of mountain-dwelling dwarves, the hiking route is speckled with various pitstops for your toddler to play. The cable car at the end of the route will keep even the most grumpy toddlers motivated!

Sunshine Meadows, Banff Canada

After taking the chairlift ride up from  Sunshine Village Ski Hill, you can take the toddler-friendly downhill trail starting from the Standish Deck viewpoint to Rock Isle and further back down to Sunshine Meadows. Stunning mountain scenery will greet you at every turn!

Best backpack for traveling with toddlers

Traveling with your toddlers is challenging but extremely rewarding. Their inquisitive nature means they will probably notice things you never imagined! Having the best backpack for traveling with toddlers will definitely make your journey more comfortable and enjoyable.  

Nurture their independence by letting them pack their own backpack – you’ll be surprised how much thought they will put into this task, and it will give your toddler plenty to look forward to in adventures to come.

Best backpack for traveling moms
Best backpack for traveling moms

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Best Backpack For Traveling With Toddlers

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