Gifts For Outdoor Moms (31 Ideas To Make Her Happy)

Do you have a mom in your life that loves the outdoors? Would you love to check grabbing gifts for outdoor moms in your life off your to-do list?

As a mom, I know we won’t buy a lot for ourselves, so we are left without equipment we might need for our adventures with our little ones (or our solo adventures when we need a bit of alone time)- this is where you come in!

As a husband, partner, or child, you want to give back to the woman who does so much for you all the time and you want her to love it.

Moms are usually selfless, so they won’t have purchased these items for themselves. 

You can be the one to get them for her and make the outdoorsy mom in your life so happy.

These are products that other moms who love the outdoors use and love too- so your outdoor mom is sure to love it too.

Read on for some great recommendations for gifts for outdoor moms!

This article was written by Erin Cryder, the owner of Erin Cryder Copywriting Co., Mama of the most adorable toddler, and fellow lover of taking my little one on adventures with me! One of our favorite past times is hanging out on the beach together. I know how much it means to have the gear that you need to instill a love of the outdoors and nature in our future generations, and that’s why passing on this list of gifts for the outdoor mom means so much to me.

Disclosure: Some of the links on here are affiliate links, and I may earn if you click on them AT NO EXTRA cost to you. I hope you find the information here helpful in finding a gift for the outdoorsy mom in your life! Thanks!

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Gifts For Outdoor Moms

Gift ideas for mom can be tough to come up with. So let me help you whether you are looking for the holidays, her birthday, Mother’s day, or just because this list is sure to help you out!

I know you are busy, so I’ve listed the top three favorites and why first to save you some time. There is a huge list here, though, so you are sure to find something just right in this guide to the best outdoor gifts for mom!

Gifts For Outdoor Moms: The Top 3 Best Mom Gifts

1. Smartwatch (or activity tracker) – Highest Quality Option

This smartwatch comes in so many different colors, making it easy to pick one that will fit the exact style of the outdoor mom you are shopping for! Not only does it track activity levels, it also has a compass and a GPS so mom will never get lost in the great outdoors.

What I like: This watch is lightweight (perfect for outdoor adventures!), easy to use, and has excellent battery life.

What I don’t like: The more rugged look might be a little less feminine than some moms are looking for

Overall: While this gift is on the pricier end of this list, it’s well worth the investment to see that smile on the face of the outdoor mom in your life!

2. Adventurer Mug Gifts For Outdoor Moms – The Most Budget-Friendly Option

This mug is the perfect gift for the outdoor mom who also loves a hot beverage! She can drink her coffee, tea, or hot chocolate while she plans out where in the world she’s going to adventure next.

What I like: It’s thoughtful and shows you know her but doesn’t cost a lot.

What I don’t like: It’s heavier than a typical mug, which might make it tough to pack if she wants to bring it on her adventures.

Overall: A great budget-friendly option with a cute saying. You can’t go wrong.

3. Hydroflask WaterbottleA Midrange Option

If you are looking for a “middle of the road” option in terms of budget, but certainly not middle of the road in terms of functionality, then the Hydroflask Waterbottle could be a great option for your gift to give to mom. Adventuring is thirsty work, and this water bottle keeps water cold on long hikes.

What I like: Large capacity, keeps water cold for an extended time.

What I don’t like: It may dent or chip if it’s dropped.

Overall: As long as you take good care of this water bottle, it will take good care of you! Keeping drinks warm or cold for up to six hours.

Other Great Gifts For Outdoor Moms

Gifts For Outdoor Moms

4. Hike It Baby: 100 Awesome Outdoor Adventures with Babies and Toddlers

If you are also looking for outdoor family gifts while searching for the outdoorsy woman in your life, this guide will fit the bill!

Another budget-friendly option that Mom and the rest of the family will love. It provides specific advice to parents who want to plan adventures with their toddlers or young children and ways they solve the unique challenges they will face with little ones in toe.

What I like: Stunning photography, written in a way that truly understands the challenges of young hikers and adventurers

What I don’t like: Not a whole lot! Parents may have to upgrade to a different guide as their children grow, but that’s to be expected.

Overall: This guide is comprehensive and considers young children not understanding distances or carrying their own gear. Something every parent should have on their bookshelf!

 5. Moms Who Hike: Walking with America’s Most Inspiring Adventurers

One of my favorite gifts for outdoor moms! This book was written BY MOMS, each sharing their own story of their adventures with their little ones. What better inspiration can you get than from someone who has done the exact thing you are about to set out to do?

I like because: This book is broken up into sections, and moms wrote the stories.

I don’t like: It could be frustrating if you don’t live near one of the trails that are mentioned in the book.

Overall: This book inspires people who want to live an outdoor lifestyle with their children and is highly recommended!

6. Backpack Carrier for Hiking

While this gift is on the pricier side as well, the outdoorsy mom in your life is sure to love the ability to keep her little one close while on a hike or other outdoor adventure. It even has a built-in diaper changing pad!

What I like: This product is designed to keep both mom and baby comfortable for long periods of time, with baby-friendly features like a changing pad and place for a bottle.

What I don’t like: It can be slightly challenging to use for shorter people.

Overall: This is a great solution for taking a small child with you that can’t do an entire hike on their own, but you want them involved in the whole experience!

7. Smartphone Tripod

This smartphone tripod is a must for an outdoor mom. Taking pictures of the family while hiking, paddleboarding, or moments on the beach, made easy. It has a remote, too, so that everyone can make it back in time for the snap.

What I like: It’s so compact! It’ll fit inside a backpack, and the flexible legs will wrap around almost anything.

What I don’t like: Because of its compact size, placing the phone can be slightly tricky.

Overall: This is a great tool to have with you to capture family memories. Capturing memories with her family is what it’s all about for the outdoor mom!

 8. Hiking Boots: Gifts For Outdoor Moms

Mama’s feet need to be super comfortable on a long hike or other outdoor adventure! These gorgeous hiking boots from Columbia come in so many fun styles and colors.

What I like: There are many options to choose from, and they are all waterproof.

What I don’t like: They run about a half a size small- something to keep in mind when ordering.

Overall: These boots are high quality, great style, and a fair price for nice hiking boots!

 9. Hiking Socks for Women

Mama will need something to wear under her new hiking boots. These are the best hiking socks! Tons of color options, cute, but also moisture-wicking- can walk all day without worrying about sweaty feet!

What I like: They are cushioned, which prevents foot fatigue on long hikes and outdoor adventures!

What I don’t like: Some people may prefer more neutral color options than they currently offer.

Overall: If you are looking for all-day comfort while you are out and about, these socks that go over the ankle would be a great purchase for under the hiking boots. You could easily combine these two gifts for the outdoor mom!

10. Wind & Water Resistant Jacket

Another one of the best gifts for mom is this wind and water-resistant jacket. It’ll protect her from any of the elements mother nature throws her way on her adventures while still having a great fit.

What I like: Truly wind resistant and has side zips to control your temperature!

What I don’t like: There aren’t very many color options (how are we supposed to match Mom’s boots and socks?!)

Overall: While this jacket doesn’t have a ton of color options, that doesn’t stop it from being a great buy. It’s built for wearing under a backpack or carrier, so perfect for the outdoor mom who will definitely be carrying something on her back.

11. Wind & Water Resistant Trousers (Pants) To Match Her Jacket

Why Fjällräven Keb trousers? | Fjällräven

Complete the set! These pants provide all the same protection the jacket does on the top half for her bottom half as mom adventures through any kind of wind and weather.

What I like: These pants are perfect for fall hikes when it’s chilly in the morning and warm in the afternoon. They have hip to knee zippers that open and close for the best temperature!

What I don’t like: Sizing can be slightly tricky to figure out.

Overall: I love the idea of combining the jacket and pants to give one of the greatest gifts for outdoorsy mom. Comfort, style, and functionality all rolled into one.

12. Wine Tumbler for Outdoor Activities

One of the best mom gifts if the outdoor mom in your life enjoys wine. She can unwind with this tumbler at the end of a long hike, a day on the water, or any other outdoorsy activity!

What I like: It has an adorable saying on the front for the outdoor mom and a lid making it perfect for drinking outdoors.

What I don’t like: Slightly difficult to clean.

Overall: This mug is so cute as a gift for any celebration and is one of the perfect gifts for outdoor moms! The rose gold color is sure to be a hit.

13. Hiking Backpack

If you’re reading this at the start of the summer, you will need some great outdoor Mother’s Day ideas.

Why not send mom on a solo hike for some alone time? Schedule the day and time and give her this pack, perfect for carrying all her personal belongings when she finally gets a little escape.

What I like: It comes in so many bold colors and prints – you can find one to fit any mom’s style!

What I don’t like: Works best for lighter packing, may need a different pack for much longer adventures (but this gift is all about a quick solo day, right?!)

Overall: This pack is lightweight, organized, and fun. Perfect for a day out for mom.

14. Waterproof speaker

This speaker will be a great option to listen to music no matter what kind of adventure mom has chosen to go on! It can come with her to the mountains, the beach, on a picnic, and everywhere in between.

What I like: It’s travel friendly because it comes with a protective case.

What I don’t like: It’s expensive for something that isn’t a “necessity” for an outdoor adventure.

Overall: If having a way to share music with everyone on her adventures is important to the mom you are gifting, this is a great, high-quality choice.

15. Bluetooth Beanie

This hat is amazing! It has built-in Bluetooth capability, so if mom doesn’t feel like packing her waterproof speaker, she can just throw this hat in her pack instead!

When the temperatures drop, she can pop it on and play music from her phone right into her hat and keep her head warm at the same time. Win-win.

What I like: As far as outside gifts for mom, this is one of the favorites. It’s a great gift for Christmas, birthday, or any other holiday.

What I don’t like: The hat runs on the smaller side.

Overall: What a great idea! No need for an extra set of headphones or a speaker. Everyone knows the fewer things mom has to carry for herself (because she’ll be carrying everyone else’s stuff at some point), the better!

16. Thermarest Sleeping Pad 

No matter where mom has to crash during her outdoor adventure, she will be comfortable and cozy on this sleeping pad. She can get the rest she needs to take care of the rest of the family.

What I like: This company has been creating outdoor products since the 70s and 80s, so they are reputable.

What I don’t like: Depending on which size you need or want, this can be a costly purchase.

Overall: A comfortable option that won’t add a ton of weight to Mom’s pack when she’s out for her latest outdoor adventure.

Gifts For Outdoor Moms

17. Beach Bag Tote Set

So far, we’ve been mainly focused on the outdoor mom that loves to hike, but what about other types of outdoor moms?

We’ve got them covered too! For moms who love taking their little ones with them to the beach, this tote set will allow her to carry all snacks, drinks, lunch. She’ll be all set for a full day of fun in the sun and sand.

What I like: It’s lightweight, insulated, and comes with two extra towels.

What I don’t like: The fabric is not super easy to keep clean.

Overall: This bag is spacious, which is exactly what moms are always looking for in a bag and makes it one of the great gift ideas for moms.

18. Seashell Holder

A budget-friendly option for the beach-loving mom. One of my favorite past-times is collecting seashells with my little one, and I know a lot of other moms who love it too.

This seashell holder is the perfect keepsake and a bonus decoration that will remind you of how much fun you had with your family on the beach!

What I like: It provides a fun opportunity to create memories between mom and children for a fraction of the cost of some of the other gifts.

What I don’t like: It’s on the smaller side, so it may not work as well if you are somewhere looking to collect conch or other large shells.

Overall: This box is adorable and a great way to bond while you are on the beach, chatting about the different kinds of shells and how they’ll add to your home.

19. On-The-Go Baby Dome

This little dome is perfect for the mom who has a newborn that she wants to take with her on her adventures- beach, hiking, or otherwise.

Maybe it’s the beginning of her first summer as a mom, and you are thinking of outdoor Mother’s Day gifts. This little dome is the perfect addition to any outdoor adventure. The baby can take a nap protected from the sun while mom gets a bit of rest as well!

What I like: This little dome is perfect for camping, hiking, pool days, beach days, and anything in between.

What I don’t like: There is no way to fasten the top down.

Overall: It’s so versatile and will keep a small baby protected from so many of the outdoor elements.

20. Mosquito Repeller 

While this mosquito repeller may not win an award for one of the most fun outside gifts for mom, it is practical.

She can get rid of those pesky bugs while camping, hiking, or on the beach so she’s as comfortable as possible while enjoying her time in the great outdoors.

What I like: It works. No more bug bites!

What I don’t like: You need to replace the butane cartridges frequently.

Overall: If you get crazy mosquito bites on your outdoor adventures (I do!), then this is a great product to have with you to set up where you are camping for the night, on an outdoor table, or within your beach set-up.

21. Outdoor Hammock

This hammock is another fantastic option for outdoor Mother’s Day gift ideas, birthday, Christmas, or any holiday in between. Mom can attach it to some trees while camping or at the edge of the beach for a relaxing afternoon snooze.

What I like: It’s comfortable and folds up into its own carrying case.

What I don’t like: If you are super tall, it may not work for you.

Overall: This hammock is a good option for outdoorsy women who are just starting out adventuring or if they’ve been at it for years.

22. Starscope Monocular Telescope 

Everyone knows one of the best parts of a camping or beach trip is how well you can see the stars! Typically, far from cities or towns, the night sky is beautiful. Give mom the gift of being able to see the stars up close and snap pictures of them with her phone!

What I like: It fits in your backpack to make stargazing easily accessible.

What I don’t like: There are pieces of the whole package sold separately.

Overall: Stargazing as a family and taking high-quality photos will make for a really neat bonding experience between mom and kids.

23. PowerPod Charger

This mini phone charger is small but mighty. When mom is out on her adventures, she may not always have electricity to charge her phone. She can pop these on her keys and have charging power wherever she goes.

What I like: This mini phone charger hooks onto your keys, making it next to impossible to lose.

What I don’t like: Charges on the slower side, especially if the phone is at extremely low battery power.

Overall: Another superb, budget-friendly option as you’re looking for gifts for an adventurous mom.

24.  Inflatable Paddle Board

On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you are looking to spend a bit more, this inflatable paddle board makes an excellent gift for outdoor moms. On the ocean, or if she’s camping by a body of water, she can get her workout in a have fun doing it.

What I like: This gift will be unexpected! It comes with its own two-stage pump to make inflating it easy.

What I don’t like: Because it’s inflatable, you run the risk of getting a hole in it that needs to be patched.

Overall: This is a portable option for something that would otherwise be difficult to take with you everywhere. An outdoor mom can use it on the ocean, lakes, and rivers, so it’ll fit any adventure style.

25. Forecast Station

Moms who want to adventure outside need to know what the weather will be like! Give her the gift of knowing when her best beach or hiking day might be with a forecast station like this one.

What I like: It’s colorful and informative. Mom can use it to teach little ones about weather patterns as they adventure together.

What I don’t like: It’s not always accurate – but who can blame it? Even the meteorologists aren’t right 100% of the time.

Overall: This is a great way to prepare for a day outdoors as it shows overall weather, temperature, and humidity.

26. Portable Espresso Machine

This is for the outdoor mom who also loves the luxuries of home when she’s traveling! Can’t get to a coffee shop? No problem, this portable espresso machine will do the trick.

What I like: It functions as well as much larger, more expensive machines.

What I don’t like: It can be a bit messy or hard to clean as you learn how to use it.

Overall: If you want to give mom the gift of still feeling fancy while she’s out and about adventuring, this could be the perfect gift from you to her.

27. Multisport Stroller

This stroller functions as both a stroller and a bike trailer! So versatile for all of Mom’s needs on an outdoor adventure.

What I like: Multiple functions – love that it can attach to a bike. It has an adjustable handle for quickly switching between modes.

What I don’t like: It could be confusing to fold up, and it won’t fit into a hiking pack.

Overall: This would be a great buy for an outdoor mom who loves bike trails.

28. Set Of Headbands 

Nothing is worse than Mom’s hair being in her way when she’s out and about trying to have fun. Gift her this pack of headbands that’s sure to match every outfit but is also oh-so practical.

What I like: There are multiple styles to choose from that all come together.

What I don’t like: They need a bit of stretching before they are comfortable.

Overall: This is an extremely budget-friendly option that still shows how much you thought about the outdoor mom in your life.

29. Family Tent 

A tent that fits the whole family is a fantastic gift for the outdoor mom. She can plan her next camping or beach trip with everyone in toe, knowing they’ll all have a place to crash.

What I like: This tent is easy to set up and break down – quick for adults and nice for kids to help do.

What I don’t like: The zippers could be of better quality.

Overall: If mom is looking for an adventure with the whole family, buy her this tent. She’ll love that you thought about spending time together in the outdoors!

30. Outdoor Utility Wagon

Another winner, no matter the type of adventure. This wagon is a wonderful option for moms with very little ones as they won’t be able to do a full hike or walk along a long beach on their own.

What I like: It has a telescoping handle to adjust the length for different heights.

What I don’t like: The wagon is heavy, so Mom would need to account for that if it will be carried at some point during the outdoor activity.

Overall: A utility wagon is something every parent should have! The outdoor mom would be thrilled to have one to tote little ones around.

31. Photo stick

I saved this one for last because no matter what kind of adventures Mom goes on – solo or with her family – she is sure to want to have the memories safe and sound. This photo stick makes that happen. No worrying about computers crashing, the photos will still be preserved, and memories will be there to look back on for years to come.

What I like: It frees up tons of storage room on mom’s devices.

What I don’t like: The directions can be slightly confusing, particularly if someone is not that tech-savvy.

Overall: This will allow mom to take the photos from her phone or tablet and put them on her computer, saving both memory and memories!

gifts for outdoor moms

Things To Ask Yourself When Buying Gifts For Outdoor Moms

Define what type of “outdoorsy” mom you are shopping for to pick the best gift from this list. 

Here are some questions to ask yourself as you shop:

· What does she prefer more? Hiking or the beach?

· Activities does she like to do while she’s on her adventures.

· She is a wine person? A coffee person?

· Does she want to take her kids with her & have some family fun?

· Would she prefer to have some fun solo adventures for a much-needed break?

No matter your answers to these questions, you are sure to find something on this list that fits the outdoor mom in your life!

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Gifts For Outdoor Moms: Conclusion

And now you have a comprehensive list of the best gifts for outdoor moms!

The outdoor mom in your life is sure to love whatever you give her from this list.

She’ll have a great reason to plan her next adventure, knowing she has all the gear she needs to make it great.

If you purchase gifts for outdoor moms from this list, please let us know how they are received! We’d love to hear how you surprised the lovely mom who does so much for her family!

gifts for outdoor moms

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