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7 Best Beaches in Malibu For Everyone! [2023]

Best Beach in Malibu – Malibu is known for hosting wealthy Californians, and being the setting for parties of the socialites from America’s entertainment industry.

Part of its allure stems from its magnificent hold on the Californian coastline – 34 kilometres of it, to be exact.

When we think of Malibu, we don’t just picture its beautiful inhabitants, but also its smooth, sandy beaches and endless bright blue waters.

While Malibu is also home to hundreds of hiking trails and inland sites to explore, we would much rather spend our days in Malibu perched on a towel, soaking up the sun.

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Whether you want to accidentally-on-purpose bump into celebrities, or just want to experience the prettiest of the west coast’s sands, you will want to find out what the best beaches in Malibu are.

Take a look below at some of the best beaches Malibu has to offer, ranging from family-friendly zones to the sites with the most surfable waves.

From this list, you are guaranteed to find at least one beach that you want to hit up.

Carbon Beach

If celebrity-watching is on your to-do list while in the city, you better be sure to visit Carbon Beach. This beach used to be privately owned, and apparently went by the name of ‘Billionaire’s Beach’.

Although it is no longer a private beach, the nickname remains appropriate.

Past the white gate that marks its entrance, this beach is often littered with Hollywood stars and American household names.

Part of the reason that this little beach is so popular among the rich and famous, is that it is surrounded by high-end mansions, where many of them live.

At this beach, you can pair your daily vitamin D injection with a bout of windowshopping through the floor-to-ceiling windows of the wealthy’s homes.

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Point Dume State Beach

point dume state beach best beach in malibu

If you are more interested in exploring mother nature than in ogling over superfluously wealthy people, Point Dume might be the place for you.

This spot is loaded with opportunities for exploration, and will never, not look beautiful.

During winter, you can fumble your way up to the top of the beach and – if you are lucky – spot some whales in the waters below you.

If you want to match your trip to the water’s edge with a terrain-based activity, there is a hiking trail you can follow that leads from the beach all the way to the nature preserve nearby.

The beach itself is a joy to behold, so if you fancy chilling for a few hours with a book of your choice, I couldn’t think of many better spots.

Zuma Beach

For those of you that are looking for a stretch of sand that looks like the ideal all-American postcard beach, you should head to Zuma.

This beach is perfect for families, or for anyone looking to have a fun-filled beach trip.

Umbrellas line the two miles of beach, providing much-needed shade for pale folks like me, and for fairly-skinned kiddies.

If you’re up for a bit of healthy competition, there are a fair few volleyball nets across the beach, where you can challenge a group of strangers to a friendly tournament.

This beach is not just fun, but also super practical.

Firstly, it’s easy to get to, and there are enough parking spaces that you are bound to find a spot even at the beach’s peak times.

Secondly, there are tables dotted around the place, so that you can eat food easily before it’s been contaminated by sand – we’ve all experienced the unpleasant sensation of a mouthful of gritty sandwich, right?

No need to endure that here!

Plus, once you’re ready to conclude your beach trip, you can wash off the sea salt and sand in the public showers, so that you can go home feeling clean and refreshed. We love this beach, and we think you will, too!

Play a game of beach volley with friends and family, an activity to enjoy for all!

best beach in malibu volley ball

Staircase Beach

If you are looking for a pet-friendly beach, where you can parade and paddle your pooch, you ought to give Staircase beach a go.

It is one of the only beaches in Malibu that allow dogs, meaning that you and your pup are bound to meet like-minded mammals there.

This beach is pretty quiet and is predominantly visited by surfers who want to catch its lively waves.

Ironically, there is no staircase to be found at this location; it is accessible from a path that leads down to the beach from the North Beach parking lot.

There are no toilets, showers, or cafes on this beach, so it is the perfect place if you are looking for an escape from the well-oiled machine that is Malibu city.

El Matador State Beach

el matador state beach best beach in malibu

Interestingly enough, we think this beach should be named Staircase Beach, thanks to the vertigo-inducing steps that lead from the mainland down to its sands.

Despite the steep decline down to the beach, El Matador is one of the most popular beaches in Malibu.

Part of what draws people to this place is the breathtaking rock formations that kneel in its shallow waters, making it a hotspot for photographers and influencers alike.

If you want to see all the natural art that lies within these rocks, visit the beach at low tide, when nearly all of the caves and arches are visible.

The silky sand juxtaposes with the harsh geometric rocks that loom over it, and we don’t think there are many more spectacular sights in Malibu than that of the sun setting over this beach’s landscape.

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Surfrider Beach

This next beach is a hub for – you guessed it – surfers.

The water at this beach boasts some of the world’s smoothest and most surfable waves, which experienced surfers flock to by the dozens.

If surfing isn’t your MO, though, there is still plenty to love about this location.

Surfrider Beach is home to Malibu Pier, which is lined with fancy shops and restaurants above the dramatic waves.

Malibu Pier is one of the most tourist-infested areas of the city, thanks to its instagrammable aesthetic and endless opportunities to spend your dollars.

If you are not in the mood for crowds and noise, pick another beach. But, if party vibes and an undeniable buzz are what you are after, why not let yourself be a stereotypical tourist?

There is no shame in liking popular things. After all, this place is popular for numerous reasons.

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Final Thoughts on Best Beach in Malibu

Overall, there is not one Malibu beach that is better than all the rest, but there are beaches that offer you different things.

Whatever mood you find yourself in, there is a Malibu beach to suit it. From scenic views to star-studded sunbeds, every beach in Malibu has something different to offer.

What all of these beaches have in common, though, is their enviable natural beauty and their guaranteed rays of the sun. Whichever beach you decide to visit, just know that we are very jealous.

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