6 Best Spas in Malibu – Luxury and Budget [2023]

Best Spa in Malibu – Malibu is a place that has an almost mystical ability to capture people’s imaginations.

It’s a place of blazing sunshine, miles of beautiful beaches, and California love, where movie stars have their summer homes, and the rest of the world seems to melt away.

That might be a tad on the romantic side, but Malibu really is one of the world’s most beautiful places, and all that beautiful scenery might make you feel like a massage to make your relaxation complete.

If so, then you’re in luck. We’ve assembled this list of the best spa in Malibu area so that you’ll know where to go for world-class pampering the next time you’re in the ‘Bu.

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Halo Salt Spa

This wonderful spa is actually in Westlake Village, around a 20-minute drive from Malibu itself, but we just had to include it in this list because it’s incredible!

It’s owned by two friends, Ali and Kelly, who teamed up together out of friendship and a passion for creating a safe and relaxing space for the whole community to enjoy.

They offer various different treatments, but their speciality is halotherapy, hence their name.

This is a salt therapy that uses pharmaceutical-grade salts to treat various respiratory and skin ailments.

It involves filling the room with fine, breathable salt, and you’ve probably never had a treatment quite like this before.

That’s far from all, though. They also give massages, yoga classes, and a variety of other alternative therapies that draw on techniques from ayurvedic medicine.

The overall atmosphere of the place is relaxed and intimate, and it makes the perfect place to spend an afternoon relaxing and connecting to your spiritual side.

Veronica Malibu Skin And Body Care Center

Veronica Malibu Skin And Body Care Center best spa in malibu

The Veronica in the spa’s name is none other than Veronica Barton-Schwartz, one of the world’s biggest skincare gurus.

This is a particularly exclusive and luxurious spa, with various kinds of exotic and incredible treatments on offer.

One of the most fascinating of these is Veronica’s gold stem cell facial, which uses concentrations of nutrient-rich stem cells to rejuvenate and de-age your skin.

If that’s a little too esoteric for you, there’s still plenty to be interested in, including power peels, Veronica’s red carpet facial treatment, and facials for dealing with acne.

There are also tai chi and qigong lessons on offer, and Veronica additionally sells a wide range of cleansers, serums, and other beauty products in the spa itself and online.

For an experience of the utmost exclusivity and perfection, it’s hard to look beyond Veronica’s.

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The Spa At Four Seasons Hotel, Westlake Village

Here’s another spa in the nearby Westlake Village, and the name of the Four Seasons hotel should need no introduction.

This spa includes an idyllic outside area full of beautiful nature and simple aesthetics inspired by the Far East.

It includes a gorgeous greenhouse which is not only used to grow ingredients that are used in the spa but can also serve as the tranquil setting for an incredible massage.

Various different massages are on offer, from therapeutic and sports massages to ones purely designed for relaxation and stress relief.

There’s also an impressive range of facial and body treatments to choose from.

One of the best is the California Dream, a body treatment that involves exfoliation with sugar cane extract, soothing oil treatments, a peppermint clay body mask, and a grape stem cell and white tea body butter.

If that doesn’t leave you feeling pampered, renewed, and rejuvenated, then nothing will.

Malibu Bliss Massage And Spa

This is a locally owned massage parlour and spa with a mission to bring relaxation and a therapeutic escape to Malibu at an affordable price without making any compromises on quality.

They offer several different massages, including ones with and ones without oil.

Unlike a lot of other spas, this one even offers house calls, so you can have a massage in the comfort of your own home if you like.

Either at your home or onsite, aromatherapy oils and/or hot stones are also available for an extra fee.

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Burke Williams Beyond The Spa

Burke Williams Beyond The Spa best spa in malibu

Burke Williams is a luxury day spa that offers a wide range of massage, spa, and wellness treatments.

There are many of the massages you might expect from a high-quality spa, including hot stone massages, shiatsu massages, and Swedish massages.

There’s also a range of facials and skincare treatments that are worth looking at. Beyond that, there are also three different wet room treatments.

In these unique treatments, you’ll be in a wet room fitted with specially designed shower heads to envelop you in rejuvenating streams of water, combined with mineral scrubs and essential oils.

Last, but far from least, there are also numerous medical spa treatments on offer.

These are under the direction of Dr David Hopp, one of the most renowned plastic surgeons in the country, and include treatments from everything from leg veins to skin hydration.

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Malibu Beach Inn

Last on our list is the spa in a gorgeous beach resort set against the indescribably beautiful Malibu coast.

Many kinds of bodywork are available here, including stretch therapy for strengthening and loosening up your major muscle groups.

There is also remote Reiki for wellbeing, relaxation, and pain reduction. In their med spa, you can also get Botox and fillers, along with a treatment called micro-needling.

This is an advanced treatment that aims to trigger your body’s own natural healing mechanisms to reduce cellular ageing and even stimulate hair regrowth.

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Final Thoughts on Best Spa in Malibu

It’s fitting that such a beautiful place should have so many great spas in it.

You really are spoiled for choice if you’re looking for the best spa in Malibu in and around the area, and you could take your pick of any of them on this list with the certainty of being satisfied.

Whether you’re looking for massages and bodywork, a facial or skin care treatment, medical spa treatments, or even more, Malibu has exactly what you’re looking for, so enjoy it!

Top 6 Best Spa in Malibu – For Health and Well-Being [2022]

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