Top 8 Best Views in Malibu 2023 – Scenic Views and Things to Do

Best Views in Malibu – Malibu is one of the hottest destinations in the US. With a climate of 300+ sunny days a year and spring-like temperatures all year round, it comes as no surprise that this place is so popular.

Known for its beaches, scenic beauty and celebrity homes high up overlooking the bay, Malibu is Southern California’s most famous beach playground that attracts locals, celebrities, and people from all over the world. So, why go to Malibu?

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Why Go To Malibu?

Malibu is a beachfront town that is renowned for its star power.

With nearly 30 miles of beach stretching across the Pacific and Highway One, this place has become synonymous with glamour, charm and is one of the most well known Californian beach towns.

Not only does the best views in Malibu attract thousands of tourists, visitors, and surfers from around the globe, but also top athletes and some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

But, there is plenty to do in Malibu, and it’s not just exclusive to celebrities.

best views in malibu beach side

This place is a hub of that cool, calm beach life that we all want. There’s Surfrider Beach near Malibu Pier, or Zuma Beach for sunbathing and splashing around with families.

You can even spot gray whales at the north end of Malibu in Point Dume.

Whether you visit Malibu for the waves, museums, shopping or the seafood, there’s something for everyone in Malibu.

There’s even hiking trails at the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, or Malibu Wine Hikes through beautiful vineyards.

With a Mediterranean climate and 27 miles of coastline, you’ll love exploring the beachfront, relaxing by the open water, or bumping into famous faces.

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Best Views in Malibu

If you’re sold on heading to Malibu because of its prime location and fun filled atmosphere, then you’ll need to know where the best spots are for some scenic views and pictures.

If you’re looking for some of the best views in Malibu, then you’re in the right place.

Solstice Canyon

Solstice Canyon is not only one of the most scenic places in Malibu, but maybe in the world. In this location, you’ll be able to see views of the valley heading all the way to the ocean.

You can hike the Solstice Canyon Loop, which is a 3 miles round trip from the parking lot, where you can see ruins, waterfalls and beautiful views of the ocean.

El Matador State Beach

best views in malibu el matador state beach

El Matador State Beach is an incredible spot to view the sunset. This beach is one of the most popular because it has some of the most amazing views and scenery.

However, its beauty also means that it’s super popular, so you may have to fight to get that perfect image of the sun dipping into the sea as it goes down.

Mulholland Drive

If you want to go for a scenic drive, then head to Mulholland. At the top, you’ll see amazing views of the city below, and you’ll have the thrill of driving up the mountain.

There’s also an outlook area at the top where you can take in the air and enjoy the cityscape.

Point Mugu State Park

If you’re into hiking, then Point Mugu State Park will be for you. There are so many trails to choose from, and there’s so much to see.

The scenery is absolutely stunning and will take your breath away. It’s even better if you hike at sunset so that you can enjoy walking along the shoreline and watching the sun go down.

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Topanga Lookout Trail

There’s a reason it’s called a lookout trail! It’s a simple trail that all can enjoy, with awesome graffiti to look at once you reach the top.

You also get to go through the Topanga mountains and enjoy an amazing view of the city just beyond the mountains.

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best views in malibu compact binoculars

Cave of Munits

Love looking at rock formations? This is something you won’t want to miss in Malibu. It’s an east trail going up to the cave, but can get a little rocky and you may need to climb.

However, children are safe to do it, too. The cave itself is a sight to behold, but you’ll also get some amazing views of the valley below once you reach it.

Point Vicente Lighthouse

Want a seaside walk that you can take your dog on too? Go to Point Vicente Lighthouse.

This is not a hike, there’s no inclines, and you can simply enjoy a stroll with your furry best friend.

There’s wonderful views, you’re right by the water, and there’s some incredible architecture to look at. Go for a picnic, a walk, or just to hang out with loved ones, you won’t regret it.

Malibu Creek State Park

If you’re all about the outdoors, whether it’s for camping or hiking, then Malibu Creek State Park is for you. The grounds are absolutely breathtaking, and the trails are mind blowing.

Don’t miss the sunset setting over the mountains, and make sure you take a picnic to enjoy at one of California’s places of divine natural beauty.

What To Do In Malibu

Explore The Rocks At El Matador State Beach

One of the iconic places in Malibu is El Matador state beach. It’s rocky, steep and full of uneven terrain, but one of the most beautiful spots to see in Malibu.

Relax with the sand between your toes on Zuma Beach and Point Dume
Want that classic Malibu beach day?

You’ll find everything you’re looking for on Zuma Beach and in Point Dume. Feel the sand between your toes on this white stretch of beach, with warm waters and plenty of parking.

Go On A Malibu Wine Hike

Reward yourself after a long hike through some rugged terrain with scenic views of the vineyard and some exquisite Californian wines.

Get Some Fresh Air In Malibu Creek State Park

Want to see wide open spaces, jagged peaks and beautiful gorges that Southern California is so well known for? Try hiking through Malibu Creek State Park.

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Taste The Seafood At Neptune’s Net

Looking to try the best seafood around? Head to Neptune’s Net. This 1950s style food spot is right next to the water, so you can take your seafood snacks and eat them on the beach.

Head To Malibu Lumber Yard, Country Mart & Malibu Village

If you want to eat, drink and shop to your heart’s content, then you’ll have to head to Malibu Country Mart. This is a casual shopping and eating spot that will let you get a taste of the local culture.

With a great choice of simple sandwich shops, and fine dining locations, you can find something for everyone here. Not only that, there are shops and fun spots to visit too.

If you’re in the area, then head to the Malibu Lumber Yard and Malibu Village if you love lobster rolls and seafood.

Catch The Waves At Surfrider Beach

Surfrider Beach is one of the most popular and iconic surfing spots in Malibu, filled with surf legends and locals alike.

This is the prime location for surfing and water sports, and people line up just to watch, so don’t head here for a secluded beach day!

Take A Dip In Escondido Falls

As one of the biggest waterfalls in Southern California, this is a place you have to visit.

With 150 feet of cascading waterfalls flowing into the pools below, you can find peace and reflection in this spot. Just be prepared to do some serious hiking and clambering to find this place.

Have A Secluded Beach Day At Leo Carrillo State Park

This beach location is ultra secluded and quiet, stretching one and a half miles across the north part of Malibu. This beach is not like Santa Monica or as busy as Surfrider Beach, so you can relax and cut loose.


To summarize, there is so much to see and do in Malibu, that there’s never enough time to do it all. So, make sure you pick only the best spots, to see the most scenic views with our handy guide, to make the most of your trip.

Top 8 Best Views in Malibu – Scenic Views and Things to Do

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