7 Best Hotels In Islamorada For 2023

Looking for the best hotels in Islamorada?

Islamorada (literally ‘Purple Island’ in Spanish) is a little slice of American paradise in the Florida Keys.

If you’re looking for a laid-back holiday in the glorious Caribbean sunshine, Islamorada is one of the best possible places for you to go. It’s a popular destination for tourists from across the United States and beyond, so there are plenty of hotels to choose from.

The wealth of choice might leave you slightly overwhelmed, but don’t sweat it – this is the article you need to get a line on your best options for great hotels in Islamorada. Ready? Then let’s dive in!

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7 Best Hotels In Islamorada

1.The Islands Of Islamorada

This isn’t just a hotel, it’s a resort, and an incredible one at that. It’s situated along 600 feet of privately owned shoreline and includes 8 luxury hotel suites and 22 waterfront villas. Trust me, it looks magnificent.

Aside from your own piece of private beach, the hotel offers a lovely pool, bar, and the usual amenities you’d expect from a place like this. Outside of the everyday, there are fitness classes, a spa, boating, snorkeling, diving, fishing, and more!

The rooms themselves are as luxurious and comfortable as it gets. There are kitchen facilities for you to cook for yourself, if you wish, or you can enjoy the gourmet preparations from the resort’s kitchens.

2.Casa Morada

Casa Morada
Source: Tripadvisor

The ideal choice for a romantic honeymoon, or any couple who simply want a quiet, intimate getaway together. Everything about it is designed to create that restful, personal vibe.

There are only sixteen suites in the resort, so you can be sure you’re not going to be disturbed by large crowds as you enjoy the breathtaking views out over the sea.

The garden spaces dotted around the resort were designed by the famous architect Raymond Jungles, and have deservedly won awards. The centerpiece of the place (my autocorrect just tried to say ‘palace’ and I’m not sure it’s really wrong!) is the private island featuring a gorgeous pool, cabana, and bar.

As you sip a cocktail while looking out over the Gulf of Mexico, you’ll be absolutely certain that life can’t get any better than this.

3.Hadley House Resort

This resort is located close to several places of interest, including the History of Diving Museum and the Pasta Pantaleo Signature Gallery.

If the beach is more your speed, though, you could hardly have picked a better spot. Lie there and sunbathe if you like, or enjoy the bicycles, kayaks, or the giant Jenga set and chess board!

You can also rent boats and jet-skis directly from the hotel (or, if you like, bring your own). Oh, and you owe it to yourself to check out the restaurant across the street. When I say the pizza is amazing, I’m underselling it.

4.Postcard Inn Beach Resort & Marina

The Postcard Inn is yet another great option for an exquisite island escape on Islamorada and, unlike some of the others, is child-friendly.

It features world-class ocean views, and kayaks and paddleboards to use on the private beach. The kids will also love the water trampoline!

The food is also worth a mention – the portions in the hotel’s restaurants are large and the service is swift and with a smile. You can also venture out into the surrounding area to try some more great food.

The Midway does a great breakfast and the Island Fish Market is an incredible choice for dinner.

5.Amara Cay Resort

Amara Cay Resort
Source: Tripadvisor

Laidback style and serenity are very much the order of the day at the Amara Cay Resort. You might like to join the other guests around the fire pit in the evening, enjoying a drink from the tiki bar and a conversation late into the night.

The pool is gorgeous and the views from it are absolutely incredible – enjoy them from the pool, or lying in a hammock – the choice is yours. If you have ever wanted to play giant Scrabble on the beach, you’ve found your holy grail!

Unlike a lot of hotels, this one is dog-friendly, so your faithful canine friends can enjoy a piece of paradise with you.

6.Cheeca Lodge & Spa

Cheeca Lodge and Spa has a history going back over 70 years. In its time, it’s played host to celebrities, captains of industry, and even US presidents. George Bush Sr. was a repeat visitor, and he even founded a fishing tournament at the lodge.

Sadly, the tournament no longer runs but if you like fishing, you’ll find that the Lodge is still the ideal place. It’s also a great spot for anyone who likes tennis, golf, cycling, or soccer on the beach.

Another absolutely beautiful resort, this one more child-friendly than many others. Even the pickiest eaters should find something they like with three different restaurants serving up different styles of food (your choice of Atlantic seafood, Italian, or Japanese).

7.Drop Anchor

Drop Anchor is a secluded resort with an atmosphere of refinement and tranquility. It has just 18 rooms (ranging from standard rooms to suites) and is dedicated to preserving that old Florida Keys spirit that earned this beautiful part of the world its reputation.

This means that it likes to think of itself as a motel, but don’t start imagining a rat-infested dive – this is a motel with more than a touch of class.

The private beach and swimming pool are lined with tall palm trees, which sway majestically in the pleasant summer breeze. And all this right outside the door of your room! Drop Anchor is perfect for a trip with or without kids.

Final Thoughts

Everyone who comes to Islamorada is looking for a gorgeous home away from home to match the island’s charm and beauty. Now you can rest easy knowing that the hard work’s been done for you!

Any of the hotels and resorts listed here should be the perfect place for you to wine, dine, recline, and feel fine. One thing’s for sure: you’re not going to want to leave!

Well, there you have it, all the best hotels in Islamorada! Hopefully that helped, but if you want more info, we found you a video below.


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