Best Beach In Islamorada For Families, Couples and Solo Travellers

Looking for the best beach in Islamorada, Florida? Here are the best options for families, couples and even solo travellers !

It is true that in terms of beaches, Islamorada has some of the absolute best.

As well as having so much to do – from sampling local beers, to trying the range of cuisine, to watersports and to boosting your historical knowledge, Islamorada is also a great place to really get in some rest and relaxation.

The beaches in Islamorada are breathtaking, and they really have their own unique charm to them.

Islamorada is known for being the second major stopping point when you are on a road trip from Miami to Florida Keys right on the overseas highway.

Islamorada is just a 45 minute drive onwards from Key Largo, so if you are not intending on travelling so far as Key West then you could consider exploring some of these cool beaches that are around Islamorada.

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Let’s Talk About The Beaches

The beaches in Islamorada are super relaxed and chilled, if you are looking for the really traditional white sands kind of beaches then you have come to the wrong place.

Do not get us wrong, you might see these kinds of beaches in other places in the United States, but here in Islamorada you get a really different feel to the typical beaches.

The beaches in Islamorada are all about that sense of relaxation, with a hint of cool. The beaches are what you would picture as being a kind of surfer’s paradise, because there are clear waters and the longest sands.

Here, we are going to outline some of the best of the best when it comes to Islamorada beaches.

Why You Should Visit Anne Beach

Anne's Beach,Best Beach In Islamorada
Source: Tripadvisor

Let’s start things off with Anne Beach, now this is just one of the most beautiful beaches in the Florida Keys. This beach is a firm favorite with families because it is somewhere that has a really shallow water level, so it is perfect for kids to swim in.

Anne beach is a firm favorite here because of how scenic and picturesque it is. It has a boardwalk too, so you can walk along this or you can situate yourself and enjoy a picnic on the boardwalk.

Additionally, the picnic tables which are all along the boardwalk are also shaded which is a win during those especially sunny days.

In fact, the name Anne Beach has a really amazing story behind it.

So, the beach is given its name as a way of honoring the eco-warrior Anne Eaton, and it is a pivotal moment for eco-warriors to be getting recognition for all of their hard work.

Why You Should Visit Founders Park

So, Founders Park is a super popular beach amongst the locals of Islamorada, and this has a lot to do with the beach being free for locals. It also has a lot of facilities so it makes the perfect day out.

Founders beach has an athletic field, and Founders Beach also has an Olympic sized swimming pool, and Founders Beach also has a marina and of course a beach.

It is important to note that it does cost $8 per person as an entry fee if you are not a local resident, but do not let this put you off.

With enough to keep you and your family busy for a full day out, you definitely need to visit this beautiful beach.

Why You Should Visit Holiday Isle Beach

This is another great beach in Islamorada that you have to visit. The Holiday Isle Beach is one of the best beach spots in Islamorada, and this is all to do with its origins.

It used to be a private beach that was owned by the Holiday Isle Resort Complex, but now some of the beach is open to the public to use for free.

Also, this beach has some pretty handy parking and that always helps you get into the spirit to go on a big day out.

There is also a lot around this beach, because when you first set foot in the complex you will come across a Tice Bar and Restaurant. This is near the beach that can be used by the public for free.

In the same area, you can get up to lots of different activities on the water. From reserving a fishing charter, or to booking yourselves on to an eco boat tour, there will be something to suit you.

One of the most popular water activities that people do is snorkeling, and you can do this off of one of the reefs of Islamorada. This is without a doubt one of the best activities that you can do in the whole area and you just have to try it.

Depending one what kind of beach experience that you are looking for, you can also use the private beach if you are staying at the Holiday Isle Resort.

In fact, at the gate it even states that you will need a certain wristband to be able to enter this segment of the beach.

Why You Should Visit Islamorada Library Beach Park

Islamorada Library Beach Park,Best Beach In Islamorada
Source: Tripadvisor

You might not be so familiar with this beach, and that is because this is one of the hidden treasures of Islamorada.

This is an extremely popular beach with local residents because the tourists don’t really know about this secret spot. (Sorry locals, we are here to show off this beach to everyone.)

This beach is situated just behind the Islamorada Library, and this beach is so picturesque and it is very nature friendly.

You can see a whole host of different animals on land and also in the sea, but you do need to be mindful that you are entering the wildlife’s home.

You will notice that there are signs depicting that you should ‘swim at your own risk’, so this is a friendly reminder to just be mindful that you are encroaching on territory that is home to a lot of creatures.

This is not something that we want to put you off visiting the beach, it is a true joy and an experience that you will not want to miss.

The beach is made up of a small section of sand and it has a lot of grass, but this really helps to frame the beach in that nature view kind of lens.

The beach is just perfect for having some rest and relaxation time, or it is an ideal spot to set up your picnic.

At this beach there are also swing sets for children along with picnic tables and also BBQ facilities. This beach also has a beach shower and toilets so overall, it makes a perfect day out.

Why You Should Visit Long Key State Park

If you are someone who particularly enjoys State Parks then you will thoroughly enjoy having a day out at Long Key State park.

This is another park where you have to pay for entry, so you have to pay $8 per person. But it is worth it because it is a great beach with the views of the Atlantic Ocean in this area.

You will be pleased to know that there are some areas that are sandy, but there are also some areas that are rocky so we advise that if you are wanting to explore these particular areas that you don your water shoes.

This is another popular family location because the water is so clear and it is also shallow so it is perfect fun for kids to play and to swim in.

Overall, there are a lot of beaches to visit in Islamorada and these are some of the beaches that we think are the best ones.

Whether you are looking for a beach that provides you picturesque views, or whether you want to see the crystal clear Islamorada waters up close, or whether you want to be surrounded by nature, or whether you want to book yourself on to some water sports activities, there will always be a beach in Islamorada that is perfect for you.

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