The Best Nightlife In Hawaii For 2023

Looking for the best bars, clubs, and late night spots in Hawaii? We’ve got you covered, read our guide to the best nightlife in Hawaii.

Hawaii is an amazing and intoxicating place with its beautiful views and island environment, you will undoubtedly find the energy to go into the late night.

Not only does Hawaii boast a tropical paradise during the day, but also has some cool and trendy destinations for nightlife.

As the sun sets over the island it is impossible to have a bad time, wherever you find yourself on an evening. Whether you are with friends, a date, or your family, there are some cool places to enjoy an evening to remember.

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The District, Honolulu

The District in Honolulu is one the most trendy and famous nightclubs on the island. At

The District, prepare to be amazed by a palace of pleasure, a pizza lounge, karaoke rooms, a dancefloor and DJ, extensive bar, live performances, as well as a weekly salsa event.

If you’re young, wild, and free, you will end up at The District after a long day of exploring the island, catching waves, and making friends.

If you want a full nightlife experience that will check all your boxes, and please even the most difficult friends, you should give The District a try.

Hula’s Bar And Lei Strand, Honolulu

On the second floor of the Waikiki Grand Hotel, this is a great destination for holiday go-ers who want to have late night drinks and enjoy some live music and DJs.

Sipping a Mai Tai and watching the sunset islands isn’t something to be missed, at Hula’s Bar you can enjoy a variety of small well prepared bites to nurse while you drink and relax.

This open air bar and lounge has great views, a great location and a welcoming atmosphere no matter who you are. Happy hour is 12- 6pm, so we’ll see you there!

Vibe Bar, Maui

If you find yourself in Kihei it would be unthinkable to not visit the Vibe Bar.

Somewhere in between a nightclub and a late night bar, Vibe Bar offers both live music, events, as well as a wide variety of drinks served by their attentive and knowledgeable bartenders.

This is a cocktail lounge that will provide the speakeasy Islander vibe you need on a late night adventure.

Sly Mongoose, Maui

In a well lit street in Lahaina you will find this cozy but fun little cocktail bar that is perfect for settling down with some great drinks and really chewing the cud with some close friends.

The bartenders and owners are super kind and welcoming and offer a loving atmosphere where everyone is welcome to schmooze and meet new people from around the world and right here on the island.

Lewers Lounge, Honolulu

At the Halekulani Hotel you will find this upscale jazz bar that is a decadent and plush setting for well made cocktails, great company, and smooth music.

This is a super relaxed and cool environment as you sip your cocktail you will hear the smooth sounds of jazz echo through the well decorated establishment.

This is great for couples or first dates, so feel welcome to redress up and look sharp. This is a comfortable local vibe where the drinks are strong and the food is great for nibbling too. For all the cool cats the feel at home Lewers Lounge has you covered.

Rum Fire, Honolulu

Rum Fire is well known for its beachside lounge that offers great cocktails and comfort food all by the comforting warmth of an outdoor fire pit. This one is for those who want something a little different from their evenings in Hawaii.

Expect all day dining, unique cocktail menus, and some spectacular views of Waikiki and Diamond Head as you enjoy food and beverages by the ocean. This is a nightlife venue that is truly unique to Hawaii with its beach views and cool tiki fire pits.

Blue Note Hawaii, Honolulu

Located in the Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort, this Hawaii branch of the NYC renowned club ‘Blue Note’ is a great place to experience the NYC spin on Hawaii nightlife.

Here you will find live music all year round covering many different genres from live jazz and blues bands to DJs, this spot does it all as well as restaurant quality food and service.

After a multi million dollar revitalisation in 2016, Blue Note Hawaii has an amazing 326 seat facility that isn’t worth missing out on if you are in Hawaii.

Play Bar Nightclub, Honolulu

We find ourselves in Waikiki again with this informal night club that offers a dance floor for the youth of the island to enjoy hip hop tunes and a fully stocked bar.

If you want a night out with your buddies. Expect an intimate setting for late night revellers and young sprites to dance the night away into the early hours of the morning.

No food here, just vibes and great drinks. This is loved by students and is a great place for young people to spend their night.

Arnold’s Beach Bar, Honolulu

THe name says it all with this one: a fun and local bar with live music to dance to all night.

For great prices, friendly staff and a beach worthy atmosphere, Arnold has you covered at his bar. Tucked away off the road is this great outdoor bar that wants to welcome all kinds of islanders and tourists.

For some cheap food and drinks where the service is the draw, Arnold’s is a great place to go for some atmosphere by the beach.

Next Door, Honolulu

This is another nightclub that is great for large groups and for young ones. Located in the Hawaii Pacific University this is a frequented spot by students.

They love the warehouse vibe that enables large crowds to gather around the DJ, or live performer, and really let loose and have a great time.

The bar is no joke though and is fully stocked with drinks ready to be served by a knowledgeable and clever bartender who still guarantees great customer service even in this night club setting.

Well, there you have it, all the best nightlife in Hawaii. Hopefully that helped, but if you want more info, we found you a video below!

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