The Best Zipline In Hawaii [2023 Update!]

Looking for the best zipline in Hawaii?

Ziplining as an activity is known to be a huge rush of adrenaline, an experience similar to flying with little constraints and a huge amount of freedom.

But the other perk of ziplines is, of course, how it interacts with nature.

As you are zooming down a line, you are traveling over canyons and gorges. You are taking in rainforests and the creatures that live in them. You are experiencing (to quote Disney) a whole new world. 🙂

There is no better place to do that than Hawaii, with all of its beautiful surroundings and unusual, native plants and animals. Hawaii is actually the world’s largest island chain, with 132 islands making up the state.

However, only 7 of these are populated, and these are still some of the most diverse ecosystems in the world – the Hawaiian tropical rainforests have completely unique flora and fauna due to the fact that they are so separated as islands.

We can’t think of a better way to get a glimpse of these different environments than by flying over them on a zipline.

So, I have compiled a list of the best ziplines in Hawaii for you to experience for yourself!

Zipline In Oahu Hawaii | CLIMB Works Keana Farms

First off, we will start with something that will ease you into Hawaii’s ziplining adventures. This 3-hour guided tour in the trees is perfect for almost all ages, allowing you to try out all of the different features involved in ziplining within a more beginner environment!

The CLIMB Works Keana Farms experience is based in Oahu, and you will travel through a course of 8 ziplines, 2 rappels (abseiling down from a platform in the trees to the ground), and 3 magical sky bridges.

The aim of this course is to help you conquer your fears safely and to challenge you to believe in your ability to achieve. If this sounds like what you need in life, book your journey now!

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8 Line Zipline Tour | Jungle Zipline Maui

This exhilarating zipline experience in Maui is one of the highest-reviewed zip lines in all of Hawaii, and we can definitely see why.

With four different tree platforms, eight brilliant lines to go down, and an 85ft. long suspension bridge to travel across, this tour is more than just your average zipline.

You will also find two swinging bridges and a jump free-fall ride! Although, if you are uncomfortable with a complete free-fall, this part is optional. T

hroughout this zipline experience, your tour guide will point out the different native trees and plants you can find in this forest, allowing you to appreciate the natural beauty.

The diversity of this course definitely makes it stand out as one of the best ziplines in Hawaii.

Akaka Falls Zipline Adventure | Hawaii Zipline Tours (

Voted No. 1 zipline tour in Hawaii Magazine’s Best of the Best Awards, this soaring zipline course in Honomu is made up of 7 lines that span stunning ocean views and fantastic greenery.

This adventure is also based on an agricultural farm, which means that as you’re flying through the air, you can spot fields full of Hawaiian Ginger, Pineapples, and Sugarcane!

However, the main event of this zipline is its private view of the magnificent Kolekole waterfall.

It is the final line in the course, and you will spend over a minute zooming over a 450ft. chasm with the Kolekole waterfall splashing below you – a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Hawaii Zip Line By Kohala Zipline – Big Island Zip Line

Now, with this Kohala location, you can choose between two experiences to take part in.

Both of the adventures have a spectacular three-hour canopy tour which includes 8 fast-paced zip lines, 6 scenic sky bridges, and a rappel. This unforgettable trip and forest scenery is sure to get your heart racing.

The second adventure also allows you to have a picnic on the rim of the Polulu Valley, with beautiful views to admire while you eat. You will then be allowed a swim under a private waterfall!

This natural beauty is supplied by a mountain stream, so this will help you cool off after your busy ziplining trip. If you’re looking for the full package from a zipline trip, then this is it!

Kauai’s BIGGEST Zipline! The NEW FlyLine Zipline Tour (

This is one for the thrillseekers. If you are after a monster of a zipline, we’ve found the longest zipline in Kauai that reaches speeds of over 50mph!

You will be able to fly down headfirst through the stunning views of the Haupu Mountain Range, and with a launching pad of 50ft., you will also have a take-off from the tallest zip line launch spot in the state.

The experience is just over ¾ of a mile, so you will be flying for quite some time, allowing you to take in the backdrop that has been used in huge films, including Pirates of the Caribbean and Jurassic Park!

Head on over to Kauai now to experience what it is truly like to fly.

Experience Some Of Hawaii’s Longest Ziplines With Umauma Experience

This adventure is the ultimate hub for waterfalls and speed! One of the fastest ziplines in Hawaii, this course can get up to speeds of 65mph during its 9 ziplines, and the experience gives you 2 miles of flying through the air.

During this time, you will get a beautiful view of 14 waterfalls, where the natural springs will rush underneath your feet – make sure you don’t get splashed!

You will also get to cross a suspension bridge, which resides over a river gorge, a lava tube, and a fern grotto. These scenic views are definitely something you don’t get to see every day and as one reviewer said, it is an ‘unforgettable experience’.

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