8 Best Hikes In Hawaii [2023 Update!]

If you are wanting to go on an adventure through Hawaii’s hidden spots and magical views, check out this list of best hikes in Hawaii!

Hawaii is known for being the ultimate holiday destination due to its outstanding natural beauty, particularly in terms of its beaches. However, sunbathing isn’t all that Hawaii has to offer – not when an adventure awaits you!

The island has a remarkable amount of hiking trails and paths to complete, ranging from a casual day out with the family, to a serious workout in the mountains.

Here we have compiled a list of the best hikes to try out while you’re in Hawaii, so get those walking boots on!

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8 Best Hikes In Hawaii

1. Diamond Head Trail, Oahu

The Diamond Head Trail in Oahu is a fabulous way of getting panoramic views of the island from the 760ft. summit! While this distance may sound off-putting, we promise it isn’t as time-consuming as you might think.

The hike’s total distance for a round trip is 1.5 miles and takes an estimated time of between 40 and 60 minutes.

The one thing you will have to watch out for with this trail is a few steeper areas, one of which consists of some narrow stairs, but if you take these slowly then the rest will be a breeze.

2. Kapalua Coastal Trail, Maui

If you’re spending time in Maui, be sure to check out the Kapalua Coastal Trail that starts from Kapalua Bay (with easy access to parking) to D.T Fleming Beach.

While this may sound like a sand-based hike, you’ll be surprised to find fields of lava, beautiful greenery, lava rocks, and a stunning view of the ocean alongside your travels.

The low-stress hike is either three and a half miles for a round trip or 1.76 miles one way.

It would take roughly 1 and a half hours to complete the round trip – or if you’re feeling like taking a little break in the middle, spend some time at one of the beaches and relax to the sound of the ocean.

3.Kuilau Ridge Trail, Kauai

The Kuilau Ridge Trail in Kauai spans 2.25 miles one way or 4.5 miles round trip and it is classed as an easy to moderate hike.

The journey will take you through a green paradise, where you’ll be able to discover unusual types of plant life and venture through and next to verdant forests, including an Ohia forest (Hawaii’s most common native tree).

You will also be able to get stunning views of Mount Waialeale and the Makaleha Mountain Range.

4.Pololu Valley Lookout & Trail, North Kohala

The Pololu Valley is found carved into the Kohala volcano on the Big Island. There are lots of spots to hike in this valley.

You can head to the Pololu Valley lookout which is at a massive 490ft from the valley floor, and it gives you a view of the valley itself and the sea cliffs that were formed from the Kohala volcano erupting thousands of years ago.

This is also a great place to go humpback whale spotting, particularly in the winter months. As well as this, you can take the hike down into the valley and visit the black sand beach on the valley floor.

This hike is 0.6 miles and takes around 25 minutes. However, because this small hike is very steep, it is rated as moderate difficulty.

5.Pipiwai Trail, Maui

The Pipiwai Trail is on Maui and is found in the Haleakalā National Park (named after the Haleakalā Volcano which hasn’t erupted for over 400 years). It is a 4-mile round hike, and the trail follows part of the Ohe’o Gulch Stream.

On your travels, you will have some stunning views of the bamboo forest and ancient banyan trees, as well as a close view of the Makahiku Falls and the Waimoku Falls.

Because of its 650ft. in elevation, the hike can take up to 5 hours to complete and is very steep in some areas – but the beautiful features you will spot will make it all worth it.

6.Awa’awapuhi Trail, Kauai

This hike starts in the Kokee State Park at an elevation of 4,120ft. and finishes in the Awa’awapuhi valleys at 2,500ft. This downhill hike will be less strenuous than some other hikes in Hawaii, but this can be quite slippery – especially if it has rained recently.

During this journey, you will go through rain forests and desert-like terrain.

You will find a huge variety of native plants that thrive well in this type of environment, and will also get a good look at the Napali Coast.

At 3 miles in, you will reach the Nualolo Cliff Trail, which could be a different and interesting hike for you on your way back up.

7.Sliding Sands Trail, Maui

The Sliding Sands (Keonehe’ehe’e) Trail starts at the top of the 10,023ft. Haleakala volcano and takes you to the floor of the Haleakala crater floor. This crater is absolutely beautiful, with its eroded walls throwing around different colors and changing lights.

Although this hike is definitely worth the experience of the crater’s ambiance and otherworldly feel, it is a difficult journey, so it isn’t to be taken lightly.

While you may enjoy the 2,400ft. descent into the crater, which is 3.8 miles, you will then need to make your way back up this route to the trailhead as well which can be tiring.

However, the magical views are more than worth it – make sure to keep an eye out for the native Haleakala silverswords (a succulent type plant with sword-like silver hairs)!

8.Manoa Falls Trail, Oahu

If you’re after a more relaxed hike, the Manoa Falls Trail is perfect for you.

A bit of trivia: certain scenes from Lost (TV Show) and Jurassic Park were filmed in this location! The journey is just 1.6 miles both ways, so it can be completed pretty quickly.

However, you’re going to want to make the most of these gorgeous views.

The pathways to the falls are truly magical – you will venture through archways made out of curved trees, smell the eucalyptus surrounding you, find tropical flowers, and wander through a bamboo grove.

Finally, you will see the breathtaking, 100ft. Manoa Falls with its beautiful water stream. Beware though; because of its rainforest-like climate, this trail is quite drizzly and can get quite muddy!

Well, there you have it, all best hikes in Hawaii. Hopefully that helped, but if you want more info, we found you a video below!

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