Best Time To Visit Seattle [2023 Edition]

The best time to visit Seattle is from September to October.The winter and cold weather makes it hard to see the sights ,wheras in summer accomodation prices skyrocket due to high season!

Seattle is a wonderful tourist destination for many reasons, but how do you know when to visit when there is always so much happening year-round?

This depends on why you are visiting Seattle in the first place.

Like anywhere, there are different events and activities going on depending on the time of year, For this reason, it really is down to personal preference and reasoning.

However, to help you decide on the best time of year to visit for you, this article will focus on what is happening in Seattle at different times of the year and have a look at the usual weather for then.

Hopefully, this that information, you will know when the best time to visit Seattle is for your personal aspirations and expectations.

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The Most Popular Time To Visit Seattle

Like a lot of places, most people prefer to visit Seattle when summer is in full swing. This allows you to take advantage of the numerous beaches and iced-coffees available.

Of course, this means everyone else will want to take advantage of the beaches and iced-coffee, too.

Tourism in Seattle is always at an all-time high in the summer months, so if you wanted to skip the queues and crowded spaces, seeing the Emerald City in September and October is a good idea.

That way, the summer weather is still just about there and the rain shouldn’t have set in yet.

Avoiding visiting in summer also means that prices will be lowered, and more rooms will be available, so life will be a lot easier. 

Visiting Seattle In The Spring

Visiting Seattle In The Spring

Spring is a great time to visit Seattle for a multitude of reasons.

It’s the perfect time for bargain hunting – hotels and other tourist places haven’t put their prices up yet, so you can save some money and pay half the amount of money summer visitors would.

All of those places you want to visit won’t be so crowded, so stopping to take a selfie with your chosen landmark won’t be so difficult.

However, it can’t be ignored that spring weather in Seattle isn’t warm.

Pacific winds mean that the average temperature will likely be around 55-56 degrees Fahrenheit. Not only that, but there will probably be rain, a lot of rain. 

If you’re wanting to be a part of the :

The cold wind will get right to the bone if you aren’t bundled up, but attending these events will be worth the chill.

Visiting Seattle In The Summer

Summer visits to Seattle mean sun, beaches and cold brews. It also means that everyone else wants exactly what you do.

Temperatures are a lovely 75 degrees Fahrenheit, rain isn’t too much of a problem, and it’s the best time to go whale-watching.

It would be a great idea to go in the summer if you don’t mind the extortionate prices of hotels and the idea of navigating your way through a sea of bodies everywhere you go. 

To avoid the high prices, it’s best to try to book hotels and events weeks or months in advance if possible.

Additionally, despite the general temperature being in the mid 70s, always pack something warmer.

The location of Seattle means that it is still likely to rain even at the height of summer.

Events and festivals happening in the summer months include:

There are all great events to be a part of, but it’s worth knowing what else to expect if you travel to Seattle in the summer.

Visiting Seattle In The Fall

Visiting Seattle In The Fall

Like we mentioned before, touring Seattle in the Fall is the best of both worlds.

Prices between September and October are low compared to the rest of the year, and the weather is still pleasant.

Generally, you can expect temperatures somewhere between 40-70 degrees Fahrenheit and a small amount of cold wind.

If you want to explore Seattle but don’t want to content with crowds and prices, this is a great time to do that. 

In the Fall, there are still a number of festivals and events happening.

These include the:

You can make the most of these events while still being able to afford a few drinks afterwards, something that might not be possible when visiting in the Summer.

For those who enjoy being active or making the most of the outdoors, visiting Seattle during the fall is a great time for walks and hikes, as well as biking in parks.

Visiting Seattle In The Winter

Winter visits to Seattle have its positives, too. Although the winter months aren’t a good time for sightseeing or sunbathing, it is good for winter sports.

Snowboarding and skiing are popular in the colder months, as visitors can take trips to the Cascade Range or Mount Rainier to have a day of fun.

Temperatures range from 30 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and both rain and snow can be expected. 

Festivals and events happening in the winter months include:

During this time, there are usually deals and discounts everywhere, especially at hotels.

These will allow you to spend some quality time in the city and make the most of the Holiday Season and festivals surrounding it.

Conclusion On The Best Time To Visit Seattle

To recap, the best time to visit Seattle and save money is during the fall. The most expensive time to visit is the summer due to the lovely weather and beaches.

Traveling to Seattle in the spring and winter months poses its challenges, but there is plenty to explore and enjoy, even if the weather isn’t great for soaking in the sun. 

The best time to visit Seattle depends wholly on you and the reason you are going there.

The weather, sports and festivals are all things to consider when deciding this, but every season has something great that everyone will enjoy.

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