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10 Best Beaches In Seattle For Families, Couples And Solo Travellers

Beaches are an important part of the Seattle scene. The city is situated perfectly so that it gets the best views in every direction and some amazing sandy shores.

Seattle beaches can’t only be on bodies of salt water, though.

Many of the beaches that locals and tourists enjoy are freshwater beaches, which offer a completely different feeling to saltwater shores.

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1.Alki Beach

For over 100 years, Alki Beach has drawn people to its shores. The beach is over 2 miles long and stretches down from Alki point to Duwamish Head, in west Seattle.

In the early 20th century, this beach was also the location of an amusement park.

Now, visitors can enjoy walking along the beach or even using the paved path parallel to the sand.

It’s a great location for sand volleyball and combing the beach for oddities at low tide.

If you don’t feel like being active, you can simply spend your time gazing at the Olympic Mountains and the boats constantly passing by. 

Alki Beach is one of the few in the city where you can build a campfire.

So, as long as you make your fires in the designated fire pits on the beach, you can watch the sunrise and sunny to your heart’s content.

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2.Denny Blaine Park

Denny Blaine Park is a hidden-away gem south of Madison Park. You can find this beach at the end of a curved lane lined with trees.

An old stone wall surrounds this private area. The wall marked the shoreline of the beach before the water in the lake dropped 9 feet when the shipping canal was built.

If you’re into sunbathing in the nude, this beach is a great match, as it has a strong reputation for it.

3.Discovery Park

Discovery Park is the biggest city park in Seattle. It spans over 500 acres and has beautiful beaches.

In the north and south of the park are perfect spots for sunbathing or scouring the sand for interesting objects.

The West Point Lighthouse can be spotted at the shoreline near the center of the park and visitors can take in its beauty.

If you’re lucky and visit the beach on a day when fewer people are around, you might be lucky enough to spot seals enjoying the sun.

4.Fay Bainbridge Park

Fay Bainbridge Park

This park has 1,420 feet of magnificent shoreline and lines the northeast tip of Bainbridge Island.

While lazing on the sandy beaches, visitors can enjoy views of Puget Sound and, on clear days, Mount Baker and Rainier.

If you wanted to, you can enjoy the 17 acres of the marine camping park and explore the surroundings, taking in the scenery.

5.Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park

Situated just 15 miles from downtown Seattle is Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park.

This park used to be called ‘Lake Washington Beach Park’ and is almost 60 acres, spanning a southeast portion of Lake Washington’s shore.

It’s a friendly and welcoming area and is often used for community events, including Fourth of July celebrations.

If you visit this beach park, you can be sure to enjoy tennis courts, reservable picnic shelters, playground equipment and a fishing pier.

There is a lovely swimming beach, along with a trail over a mile long by the water. For those interested in boats, there are also several boat launches available. 

6.Golden Gardens Park

Golden Gardens Park has a sandy shoreline stretching over 300 feet. The whole park spreads 80 acres and is full of forested and trail areas.

Golden Gardens Park beaches are not only some of the biggest in the city, but also some of the largest.

On the beach, you can enjoy the view of Puget Sound as well as the Olympic Mountains.

This beach is popular enough for crowds of swimmers and boaters to gather on the weekends and make the most of the water.

If you visit this beach, you can be sure to witness kites being flown, volleyball games and sunbathers.

Like Alki Beach, visitors have permission to light campfires in designated fire pits, making the beach a great spot for late nights and early mornings.

7.Green Lake Park

East and West Green Like Beaches are great swimming spots within Green Lake Park.

Both beaches have lifeguards on duty in the summer months to ensure the safety of visitors making the most of the water and warmth.

Besides the sandy beaches, there are access points for those with non-motorized boats.

If you don’t have a boat of your own, you can rent canoes, paddleboards and kayaks through a park concessionaire.

Getting from one beach to the other is easy, too, as you can simply follow the pedestrian path which connects the two.

8.Madison Park Beach

Madison Park Beach

The Madison Park Beach is a quiet beach on the east side of the neighborhood by the same name.

This beach is relatively small, stretching only 400 feet, but is ample for anyone. You can soak up the sun on the shore or use a diving board.

Lifeguards keep watch over swimmers, making sure everyone stays safe.

When you need a break from fun in the sun, head down to the restaurants and cafés just a short distance away. 

9.Madrona Park

Located east of Seattle’s Central District, Madrona Park is a hidden gem. Here, the small sand covered beach is monitored by a lifeguard to keep swimmers safe.

When you aren’t swimming, you can enjoy the sun on the sand or grass or reserve a picnic table.

Besides sunbathing, this is a great location for lake swimming, fishing and taking in the scenes of Bellevue.

10.Richmond Beach Saltwater Park

Located 15 miles north of downtown Seattle, Richmond Beach Saltwater Park is the perfect getaway from busy city life.

Besides a mile long beach, visitors can take in the incredible views of the Olympic Mountains and gaze across the water.

This beach is great for dogs, too, as there is a designated off-leash area. Kids can enjoy this beach too and spend time on the playground while parents sunbathe or relax.

A Conclusion For The Best Seattle Beaches

If you’re planning on spending some time in Seattle or already live there, make the most of these great beaches.

Most people don’t realize how lucky they are to be in a city that has beaches, to take all the photos you can and enjoy the sunsets.

Well, there you have it, all the options for the best beaches in Seattle! I hope you found that helpful, but if you want more info, we found you a video below.

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