Best Museums In Seattle For Different Travellers

Want to know the best museums in Seattle?

Seattle is known for many things. It is known as a thriving city with an exciting nightlife. It is said that you can feel sleepless in Seattle as there is so much to do.

It is of course known as the home of Doctor Frasier Crane, but the city is more than its most famous fictional son.

Seattle is a city that when you visit it you don’t want to leave, and you have to embrace it fully. 

However, you might be thinking – what are some of the most interesting places to visit in Seattle?

Where are the places you should visit that you have to make sure you do visit them to fully experience the city?

What are the best museums in Seattle?

Well, this piece aims to definitively answer that last question and provide you with information as to which are the best museums to visit in Seattle. 

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Why Should You Visit Museums In Seattle?

Before we begin by exploring which museums you should visit in Seattle, let’s just explain why you should visit the plethora of museums in Seattle.

You might think that museums are stuffy places, that they are not places you want to visit. You might think visit a museum might be boring.

Luckily, in the case of Seattle you would be very wrong indeed.

Seattle’s museums are as vibrant and energetic as the city themselves and as they piece will show there is a museum out there for everyone no matter you interest. 

Best Museum For The Whole Family – The Museum Of Flight 

Whether you want to step aboard JFK’s Air Force One or see planes from World War One, then this is the museum for you and truly is an incredible museum for the whole family.

Whether you have young children who want to be amazed by the sight of some of the most iconic planes in history or if you have elderly relatives who want to reminisce about the first time they took an airplane flight then this is the museum for you. 

Packed not only with amazing artefacts but also with fascinating information, this is a museum like no other in the city and will be sure to keep your entire family entertained for several hours.

Just looking at all the planes will take up a massive amount of your time, let along going through all the thoroughly interesting factual data and other exhibitions contained in the museum. 

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Best Museum For The Geek In Your Life – Museum of Pop Culture 

Best Museum For The Geek In Your Life – Museum of Pop Culture 

One of the most unique museums in Seattle, the Museum of Pop Culture is sure to cater to the tastes of the biggest geek in your life.

Whether you are a guitar obsessive, have watched every horror movie ever or a massive sci-fi fan then this is the museum for you. 

Packed with displays from across the world of pop culture, you can quite literally get lost in this massive museum which recently got bigger when it incorporated the Museum of Science Fiction into it.

If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at playing the drums or DJing, then the interactive exhibitions at the Museum of Pop Culture have got you covered. 

Similarly, if you’ve ever wanted so to see the original Iron Man mask or see how Freddie Krueger’s famous claw was first designed then the Museum of Pop Culture has got you covered.

This is a museum without parallel anywhere in the world with one of the biggest collections of musical instruments worldwide.

If you want to expand your knowledge of the world of pop culture then Seattle’s Museum of Pop Culture is the place to go. 

Best Museum For The Art Lover In Your Life – Seattle Art Museum 

Best Museum For The Art Lover In Your Life – Seattle Art Museum 

If you or a member of your family is a true art buff then visiting the Seattle Art Museum is surely the only place you cannot afford to miss out on during your visit to Seattle.

A key part of the city’s art scene since 1933, the Seattle Art Museum combines the modern and the classical to give you one of the widest ranging and most innovative art collections in the world. 

Combining installation art with some examples of the works of the greatest classical painters to have ever living, the Seattle Art Museum will be sure to quench your thirst for art and make you want to stay exploring it for hours and hours. 

Most Unusual Museum In Seattle – The National Nordic Museum 

Most of the museums listed above seem to have an obvious connection to Seattle’s past however the National Nordic Museum stands out as being different because on the surface of it, it would seem as if it had no direct connection to Seattle’s past.

However, the city does have a deep connection to the Nordic world thanks to the people who have lived in Seattle throughout its history.

The National Nordic Museum reflects that, and it reflects America’s deeper connection to Denmark, Sweden and Norway. 

The museum’s fascinating displays relate thousands of years of history going from the Viking explorers who were the first Europeans to discover America all the way to more recent Nordic migrants to the USA. 

Whether you wish to look at replica long boats or marvel at traditional Norwegian dress, this really is the museum for you.

Your knowledge of Northern Europe will be sure to be greatly expanded by visiting this fascinating Seattle Museum.

Why Visiting The Museums Of Seattle Is So Important

As this article has illustrated, the museums of Seattle are varied and fascinating. They truly are one of a kind and worth making an integral part of your trip to Seattle. 

Museums helps us to understand ourselves and figure out not only where we are going but who we are.

They give us an insight into how we display our past and how we discuss it.

They allow us to become a part of the ongoing narrative that is America and make us appreciate what we have and what will come in the future. 

Museums are so important because they allow us to collectively embrace what has made America such a great country and educate future generations about how their nation came to be. 

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