7 Best Activities For A Brighton Hen Weekend

7 Best Activities For A Brighton Hen Weekend

Are you looking for the best activities for a Brighton hen weekend? 

A hen weekend is when you go all out for a final fling before the ring (which is up for self interpretation). Planning a hen weekend, on the other hand can be overwhelming—from activities to accommodation and even food and drinks, there’s a lot to consider. 

An up-and-coming destination for a hen weekend is Brighton, which is why it is the perfect place to have your hen weekend. In this article, WWB Writer Najihah, has sifted through and sorted the nitty gritty out for you.

 So brace yourself and read on for some stress-free, easy-planning tips for an amazing Brighton hen weekend.

Quick summary of the best hen weekend activities in Brighton include (but not limited to):

  • Cocktail mixing class
  • Life painting
  • Burlesque dancing
  • Bottomless brunch
  • Group pampering party
  • Pottery class
  • City bike tour

Read on to plan out an unforgettable hen weekend in Brighton! 

Why Brighton?

Brighton is a popular weekend destination for a beach getaway. According to Brighton and Hove News, a whopping 11 million tourists visit this seaside resort city for a quick beach fix. 

Located near beautiful small towns and the famous Seven Sisters, Brighton is an obvious choice for a memorable weekend.

Aside from beautiful panoramic views and the iconic Brighton pier, one of the reasons to celebrate your hen weekend in Brighton is due to the variety of experiences as well as good food on offer. 

There are a plethora of food choices such as Japanese, Italian, Mexican—you name it! There will be no empty stomachs by the end of your trip.

In addition, the endless list of activities makes your Brighton hen weekend trip extremely worthwhile. I mean, it’s not everyday you can say that you learned how to dance like Beyonce, put the moves while on the dancefloor and fit in a pampering session, all in one weekend. 

Best Brighton Hen Weekend Activities 

This is where the fun begins. Attempting to fit the endless list of Brighton hen do activities into one weekend is enough to drive anyone crazy. 

A tip: choose at least one from each of the categories below, and build your itinerary from there.

Boozy and Fizzy

Let’s be honest, the one thing that most people look forward to (and the one thing that makes a hen weekend) is the boozy part. Clubbing, cocktail mixing classes and wine tasting are just some of the delightfully debaucherous endeavours on offer.

PRYZM is the go-to place for a great night out in Brighton. For £7, you will get one free drink and priority entry (just make sure to be there by 11:30pm). 

There is also an option to upgrade to a VIP experience. Check out their website for details on this swanky upgrade.

At some point in our adult life, we have dreamed of being a bartender. Realise your dream by attending this cocktail masterclass organised by Revolution

The informative and practical (ahem) 90-minute session will take you one step closer to having your dream home minibar (and ten steps more tipsy)! 

We can all agree that wine tasting makes your Brighton hen weekend a tad more classy. A personal recommendation is to book a session with Ten Green Bottles, which has been in the industry for over 10 years. 

They offer a few types of wine tastings to suit your respective needs. Price starts from £25 per head, and you can read up on their list and particulars here.

Arts and Crafts

Brighton is known for its art scene, so your hen weekend would be incomplete without immersing yourself in the local art culture. If you are interested, there are a number of classes that you can take, which are personally picked for you.

Sussex County Arts Club organises life painting classes, where you can paint a nude life model (maybe don’t tell your betrothed about this). They offer drop-in sessions as well, but I’d recommend booking in advance to stay on the safe side.

Another option is getting down and dirty with pottery making

Book a class with Pottery and Pints for a sensual, tangible experience and get in touch with your creative side. You can tick this off from your bucket list, for sure. You also get a free drink with your booking!

Dance It Out

If there is one  hen activity in Brighton  that you cannot miss, it’s dancing. Channel your inner Beyoncé and enjoy being a single lady while you can (or Shakira, if you’ve got the hips to back it up) by going to one of these dance classes.

 Let’s be honest, is it even a hen weekend if you don’t get to get down?

If you’ve seen the movie Burlesque and you want to share your best Cher dance impression, why not try burlesque dancing? Ladies, take control of your sexuality, strut your stuff and empower yourself. After all, this weekend is a girls’ weekend.

Another option that you could go for is a Beyoncé dance class. Yes, you read that right. Dance Party Experience offers various choreography lessons from different types of dance as well as celebrities of your choice.

In this particular one, you will leave with strutting skills like Queen B herself!

Out and About

When in Brighton, you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity of soaking in the sun. 

Among the activities that you can sign up for are biking tours around Brighton, zorbing and also watersports (one of the best ways to get some sun while staying active).

For the bike tours, check out this website which offers flexible booking for your group. 

Early bookings entitle you for a discount so book those spots stat!

The city tour enables you to see all the attractions that Brighton has to offer. Whether it’s an organised tour, such as the Brighton Walks tour, or a DIY tour so you can have a fun day out planning your own route. 

You can also rent some bikes from Brighton Beach Bikes or walk around the city if you prefer. Brighton is a walkable city, so it is really difficult to get lost but you can have fun trying. 

Food and Drinks

What’s a trip to Brighton without indulging in the various appetising cuisines? 

Brighton is a melting pot of culture, consisting of a highly diverse population, who have brought an array of choices to the city’s food scene. Read on for some personal picks.

Fancy an afternoon cuppa? Get up, dress up and show up for the afternoon tea experience of a lifetime! 

This classy setup by Metrodeco will have you and your girlfriends looking your best whilst enjoying exquisite teas and treats. 

Prices start from £21 per person. Click here to see the different packages on offer and book your tea session.

You can never go wrong with a hearty Italian meal. If this is more up your alley, the three-course meal at Al Duomo is always a good idea. 

The ambience and selection of fine wine will have you feeling like you’re dining in Italy.

However, if you are more of a brunch girl (like myself) you can go for the unbelievably delicious bottomless brunch at Tempest Inn

Relish the posh nosh and free-flowing Prosecco while soaking in the sun, all for only £25! Book your brunch session here.

Rest and Relax

A girls’ weekend wouldn’t be perfect without a pampering session. I know that struggle all too well. So here are some options for you to sit back and unwind.

The whole point of going to a spa is having not to do anything, so instead of going to the spa, why not bring the spa to you? 

Book a mobile pampering session with Brighton Pamper Parties, a well-known mobile spa to help ease you into the weekend. With packages ranging from pocket size to deluxe, you get to customise your spa day. Prices start from £15 per person.

However, if you prefer going to the spa, Little Jasmine is a highly rated beauty salon, offering pampering packages for hen parties.

Looking to splurge for your spa day? Book a session with Brighton Harbour Hotel, which is highly recommended for the lush ambience and exquisite spa experience.

If you’re interested in having a spa weekend in Brighton, check out these places for an unforgettable experience:

Getting to Brighton

There are three main ways to get to Brighton; by car, coach or train. Here are the breakdowns:


If you are planning on driving there from London, it will only take you 90 minutes. Take the M23 and exit at the A23, which will take you straight to the picturesque city centre of Brighton.

Petrol will cost you roughly £10£20, and if you’re carpooling, it’s even cheaper! 

Duration: 90 minutes

Cost: £10£20 (cheaper if carpooling)

However, if you are planning a raucous weekend and would rather not drive whilst nursing a hangover, taking either the coach or train is the way to go.


Generally, a coach ride would take the same duration as taking the car (without the hassle of driving and dealing with traffic).

 If you’d rather spend your money on a good time than travel, you can buy your coach tickets at National Express for a ludicrously cheap price! The coach departs from Victoria Coach Station. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by the stunning view of the seafront.

Coach tickets start at £20 for a return journey, and cost much less if you book them in advance.

Duration: 90 minutes

Cost: From £20 (cheaper if booked in advance)


Getting the train is the fastest way to get to Brighton but also the most pricey. 

Trains run from London Blackfriars to Brighton train station, which is only a short walk from the city centre. If you have booked accommodation in the city, the train is a very convenient option!

Being the fastest way to get to Brighton, it will also set you back a bit, as it is quite costly compared to getting the coach or driving there.

 However, if you book your train tickets in advance on Trainline, you’ll be able to afford a few extra cocktails when you arrive!

Duration: 60 minutes

Train tickets range from £20 and up to £50 per person.

Tip: National Rail offers a range of railcards, which gives you a 30% discount for train tickets. Find out more about Railcards.

Best Time of the Year for a Brighton hen weekend

Some may think that there is a specific time of the year for a fabulous weekend in Brighton, but you can actually have a wonderful, long weekend at any time of the year! 

If you’re planning a summer hen weekend, you can make the most of outdoor activities such as al fresco dining and paintballing (you can also check Groupon for flash discounts). 

On the other hand, you can indulge in numerous indoor activities during colder seasons, such as pottery making, dance classes, spa sessions and even life painting (more on these later).

Hen Do Accommodation in Brighton

Having a Brighton hen weekend comes with many perks, one of which is the insane amount of choices for accommodation. 

Most of the lodging options are located right in the city centre, ranging from townhouses to apartments and hotels. It may seem impossible to decide, so here are a few picks selected just for you.

AirBnBs in Brighton

First off is this beautiful townhouse, located a few steps away from the Brighton Pier, provides you with ample space, ensuring comfort and delightful stay. The mixture of contemporary and modern decor makes it very Instagrammable.

Next, this spacious boutique townhouse strikes a chord with your inner creatives with their funky decor and art. Get ready for your night out in style in the hair and makeup bar!

Apart from that, here is a comfy and cozy apartment in the city centre is perfect if you only intend to rest and relax after a productive day around the city. It is also equipped with a kitchen should you decide to spend a girls’ night in.

Save your walking time by staying at this quaint but homely apartment, which is only a short walk away from nearby restaurants and pubs. The rare design of the dining area is a lovely area, with a Madonna painting watching over you.

Fun fact: All of the above options come with on-premise parking spaces and are nearby the city centre.

Hotels in Brighton

If you’re looking to splurge for your hen accommodation in Brighton, here are some top picks:

Things to Watch Out For When in Brighton

Despite being a relatively safe city with a low crime rate, you can never be too careful. So here are a couple of things to watch out for when you’re in town.

It’s easy to get carried away by the cute-looking gifts and souvenirs, especially in Brighton. 

A useful tip: avoid the generic souvenir shops on North Street as their extortionate prices aren’t worth your time.

Head over to The Lanes, which is a series of narrow lanes tucked in the city centre. You can get exclusive, unique items from the rows of vintage shops at a cheaper price. Who knows what trinkets you will find in these treasure troves.

Apart from that, another thing to look out for are the food stalls lining the pier. Walking across the pier with food in hand is undoubtedly convenient. However, you might end up paying more for much less. 

Instead, head over to Harry Ramsden’s, a well-known fish-n-chips shop located right across from the pier. You get proper fish-n-chips at a reasonable price, walk out with zero regrets and make your money’s worth.

Unique Tips That You Should Know About 

Here are several extra tips for you to take note of during your visit.

Kayaking along River Ouse

If there is one activity to include in your itinerary, it’s kayaking along River Ouse. 

The river runs through Lewes towards neighbouring town Newhaven, allowing you to appreciate the untouched surrounding nature. 

The trip ends near a famous local pub, Harvey’s Brewery, where you’ll proceed to reward yourself with a pint after all the hard work.

Trips are organised by The Kayak Coach, and advance booking is highly encouraged.

British Airways i360 Experience

Besides that, check out the British Airways i360 Experience, a viewing tower by the Brighton seafront. It’s a great opportunity to take in the incredible view of Brighton and the South Downs from up above. 

Book your tickets on their website here for a discounted price. Feeling a bit extra? Add on the sparkling wine experience for a touch of luxury.

Beach House (formerly known as Buddies)

This 24-hour chip shop is one of its kind in Brighton. It is famous for catering late night patrons, so do stop by after a night out. If you’re craving for a classic English breakfast, here is one of the best places to get it from.

Brighton Stag Do Activities

Apart from hen dos, Brighton is a highly reputable destination for a stag do weekend.

 The list of available activities is a long one–here is a suggested ‘bucket list’ (if you will) for a Brighton stag weekend.

Alcotraz Prison Cocktail Experience

Experience smuggling alcohol into this ‘prison’ where it will be mixed by fellow inmates. Ticket price begins at £29.99 per person. Read up and book your tickets here.

Bubble Football

Zorball, or bubble football is when you run around wearing the zorb ball over your body while your legs are free to play football.

 Zorball offers a number of packages, for which the price ranges from £20 to £35 per person, depending on group size, duration and any additional extras.

It’s a Knockout

Get a taste of a ‘knockout’ in this real-life version of the popular reality series. Book one of the packages online to secure your spot, or get individual tickets starting at £45.

Mud Buggies

Race the lads through a muddy field in this one-of-a-kind experience. At MudMania, you get four rounds of muddy fun which starts from £43.


Have a classic round of paintball at Demotion Paintball, where you will go against each other in a 50-acre wide paintball woodlands. 

Check out available packages and book your preferred date here.


All in all, a Brighton hen weekend will make it more eventful and memorable. 

Strategically located from London and major UK cities, getting to Brighton is made easier with public transportation connections, making your gal pal gatherings much more convenient (and frequent). 

You’d be impressed by the endeavours that you can partake in, and with the numerous hen do activities, Brighton will leave you utterly satisfied and hungover.

 We all know it’s worth it because it will easily be the best weekend of your life. After all, you only live once so make your final days as a single woman count

7 Best Activities For A Brighton Hen Weekend

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