Canada Fruit Picking Jobs – A Complete Guide

If you have been looking around for ways to find Canada Fruit Picking Jobs, you have come to the right place!

Fruit picking is a fantastic way for travellers, students or anyone who wants to fill their gap year to earn extra money. 

With no long-term commitments, an opportunity to live abroad, working in the bright and beautiful scenery of a farm is an excellent way to occupy your time and earn extra cash.

In this guide, I’ll go into details on how you can get Canada fruit picking jobs:

  • Where To Find Fruit Picking Jobs In Canada?
  • Why Canada Fruit Picking Jobs?
  • How To Become A Fruit Picker In Canada?
  • How Much Do Fruit Pickers Make In Canada?
  • What Fruits Are In Season Right Now In Canada?
  • Is Apple Picking A Job?
  • What Month Is Apple Picking In Canada?
  • How Much Do Apple Pickers In Canada Make?
  • Tips On How To Make More Money Picking Fruits


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Where To Find Fruit Picking Jobs In Canada?

According to Agriculture and Agri-food Canada, British Columbia (BC) and Ontario are the two largest provinces that produce commercial fruits.

So, if you plan to work abroad in Canada as a fruit picker, those two provinces are the top locations to look for fruit picking job opportunities.

Fruit Picking Jobs In BC, Canada

Fruit Picking Jobs in Canada For Foreigners

If you are a big fan of berries and cherries, you enjoy a quiet and peaceful life in the countryside, why not try fruit picking in BC?

They are the largest producer of highbush blueberry, sweet cherry, and raspberry in Canada

Perfect for someone who loves these lovely fruits.

However, fruit picking in BC is not only about cherries and berries. Apples, peaches, and grapes are also some of the usual picks in BC. 

Yet, if you are new to fruit picking, cherries are a better option since they are easier to pick compared to other fruits.

Here are some sites that you can find fruit picking jobs in BC right now:

  • Carcajou Fruit – They offer campsite accommodation (with small chargers).

Fruit Picking Jobs In Ontario, Canada

Fruit Picker In Canada

Most of the apple picking jobs in Canada will come from Ontario since it is the biggest apple producer in Canada.

In addition to apples, Ontario also grows other fruits such as grapes, plums, peaches, prunes, cherries, strawberries, raspberries, and more. 

So, there are various other opportunities for fruit picking jobs in Ontario besides apples.

If you are interested in fruit picking in Ontario, then head over to some of the following farms:

Other Options To Look For  Canada Fruit Picking Jobs

Besides those two provinces, 

  • Quebec,
  • New Brunswick and 
  • Nova Scotia 

Are some of the other provinces you should check out for fruit picking jobs opportunities.

Furthermore, other recommended ways for you to find Canada fruit picking jobs both online and offline, apart from what is listed above, are as follows:

  • You will find various options on fruit picking jobs in Canada for foreigners listed on the site.
  • You will find a directory of farms and orchards, each with a list of crops, harvesting seasons and contacts displayed below the job lists.
  • Search Engine by searching for something like ‘fruit picking jobs [location] or near me’ 
  • Local newspaper
  • Email or phone directly to the farm company
Fruit Picker In Canada

Fruit Picking Jobs In Canada For A Filipino

Are you a Filipino looking for fruit picking jobs in Canada? 

If yes, I suggest you look for fruit picking jobs at a recruitment agency accredited by the Philippines Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) or via the POEA website.

Fruit Picker In Canada

The reason is that when applying for a job directly to the employer without passing through a POEA-accredited recruitment agency, you are required to get an Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC); before leaving the Philippines.

The application of OEC is a long process, and it has the possibility of being rejected since the government wants to ensure Filipino employment rights are secured.

Therefore, the only way to securely get fruit picking jobs in Canada for Filipinos is through the POEA-accredited recruitment agency. 

POEA jobs in Canada for fruit pickers ensure the majority of Filipino fruit pickers in Canada can safely secure a job and their employment rights are protected.

Here you can find recruitment agencies accredited by POEA.

Why Canada Fruit Picking Jobs?

If you have been wondering why you should fruit picking in Canada, here are the THREE main reasons why Canada fruit picking jobs are exciting:

1. Nature, Wildlife And Beautiful Landscape

Canada Fruit Picking Jobs

If nature is your thing, then Canada is a great place for fruit picking.

From majestic mountain ranges, home of many heavenly lakes, and a vast aesthetic forest, Canada is rich with outstanding landscapes and nature that you can enjoy while picking fruits.

It is also the home of the world’s longest coastline stretching from the Pacific to the Atlantic.

Due to its stunning landscape, Canada is full of adventurous activities that are great for fruit pickers who look for some thrilling activities that they can do during their free time.

Are you a wildlife enthusiast? 

Then you will be delighted to know that this country is the home of various spectacular wildlife such as polar bears, grizzly bears and killer whales.

Working as a fruit picker in Canada will provide you with the opportunity to see the unique wildlife that you cannot find in other countries.

Does this already sound exciting? Then let us move on to the second reason.

2. Multicultural And Rich In Social Pleasantries

Fruit Picking Jobs in Canada For Foreigners

Canada is a country with diverse ethnicities, and they are proud of it!

Multiculturalism is part of their national policy, and they allow the integration of different cultures. 

Hence, when you work abroad in Canada as fruit pickers, you will feel welcome and become part of their diverse ethnicities. At the same time, experience different traditions, perspectives and ways of life.  

In conjunction with their multiculturalism, Canada is also known for their unfailing politeness

You will often hear the word please at the start of every sentence. 

And more thank you in every conversation with the Canadian. They will even apologize if they are not at fault. It seems like a simple gesture yet offers so much to the person who receives it.

Fruit picking is not an easy job. However, Canadian politeness will surely make you feel pleasant, easy to converse with just anyone and makes the whole experience enjoyable.

3. The Possibility Of Saving Money

Fruit Picking Jobs in Canada For Foreigners

Living a fruit picking lifestyle doesn’t require you to spend a lot of money. You only need to pay a little for a place to sleep and dinner.

But, if you have a tent, car or caravan, you can set up a camp near the farm area. It will not cost you a dime.

Therefore, you can earn and save several thousand dollars by fruit picking in Canada and use that money for your next plan. Or you can save it and bring it home,

If you love to sweat in a peaceful countryside and love to make good money, then Canada fruit picking jobs are just right for you!

How To Become A Fruit Picker In Canada?

To be a fruit picker in Canada, first, you must meet the general requirement as follows:

  • Age: 18 years and above
  • Health: Fit and healthy
  • Language: English 
  • Education: No degree or certification is required
  • Experience: Experienced workers are welcome. But, if you are a first-timer with no experience, no worries, training will be given to you.
  • Skills required: pick row or orchard, sorting and packing, weight handling (up to 23kg), unload-load, transfer crates, supplies or farm produce.
  • Additional skills: Clean work area, organized, attention to details, team player, flexibility and interpersonal skill
  • Willing to work in a face-paced, long-hours, physically demanding, repetitive task and rough environment 

If all is good, then the next thing is to get  Canada fruit picking jobs.

But, if you are a foreigner, the process will be a little complicated due to the visa requirements.

Even so, do not fret! I have got it covered in the next part below.

Fruit Picking Jobs In Canada For Foreigners: Visa Requirements

Canada Fruit Picking Jobs

You have to legally live and work in Canada to be eligible for Canada fruit picking jobs. 

If you are not authorized to work in Canada, your job application will automatically be declined.

Whichever country you are from, to be allowed to work in Canada as a fruit picker, you need a working visa or permit.

To get a working visa in Canada, you may apply for the visa programs listed as follows:

1. Working Holiday Visa under the International Experience Canada Program 

  • Applicable to those of the age 18 – 35 years old who want to travel and work in Canada
  • Issued to applicants from 30 countries
  • Valid for 12 – 24 months depends on the country of citizenship

2. Temporary Foreign Workers Program

  • Applicable to those who want to work in Canada for a short time
  • Valid for 6 months or less

3. Seasonal Agricultural Work Program

  • Applicable to those who want to work in the Canada Agricultural sector for a short time
  • Only 12 countries are eligible to apply
  • Valid for 6 months or less

4. Open Work Permit

  • Allow you to work in Canada and change employers as long as the permit valid
  • Valid for 12 – 24 months 

For further understanding of the visa requirements and how to apply them, please click on the links. 

Please take note that some of the visa programs listed above do not apply to all countries. Do check whether your country citizenship is applicable for the visa program before you apply for them.

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How Much Do Fruit Pickers Make In Canada?

Canada Fruit Picking Jobs

So now that you already know where to get Canada fruit picking jobs and how to become one. 

You probably have been wondering how much this job makes, right?

Well, most farm employers in Canada pay fruit pickers using the piece-rate wage system, where your payment is based on the weight of the fruits you pick. 

The more you pick, the more money you will get.

Farm employers are required to pay fruit pickers no less than the minimum wage as set out in the Employment Standard Act and Regulation.

On average, a fruit picker in Canada can make around CAD11.98 (USD9.5) per hour, equivalent to CAD23,351 (USD18,628) per year. But, if you are good at it, you can even earn up to CAD25 (USD20) per hour.

If your first day did not turn out so well, do not dwell on it. 

Just keep on learning and practising. It does take some time for you to be good enough to earn up to CAD25 (USD20) per hour.

The more you practice, the better you get, the more you will earn. 

What Fruits Are In Season Right Now In Canada?

Canada Fruit Picking Jobs

Canada has a plethora of seasonal produce throughout the year. Knowing when and what fruits are in season right now helps find the right season for Canada fruit picking jobs.

Here are the summaries of fruits produced by seasons:

  • Year-round fruits: Apples
  • Winter seasons (December-February): Mostly vegetables
  • Spring Seasons (March-May): Rhubarb, strawberries and cherries
  • Summer Seasons (June-Aug): Apricot, blueberries, cherries, strawberries, grapes, peaches, pears, plums, raspberries, rhubarb and saskatoon berries
  • Autumn Seasons (September – November): Blueberries, cranberries, grapes, nectarines, peaches, pears, plums and raspberries.

Is Apple Picking A Job?

Is Apple picking, in fact, a job?

Oh yes! Apple picking is a job. It is a hard job that requires handling heavyweight, repetitive climb, long hour standing, etc. 

Even so, it is an enjoyable way to work in the lovely countryside and earn some cash despite the challenges.

By merely picking apples, many apple growers are willing to pay you a good amount of money for that.

In Canada, especially in Ontario province, there are nearly 15,580 acres of apples grown. Therefore, plenty of farm employers are looking for apple pickers in Canada to work at their farms.

If you are interested in apple picking jobs in Canada, the applications are in the job recruitment links listed in the first part of this article.

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canada fruit picking jobs gloves

What Month Is Apple Picking In Canada?

Over 100 varieties of apples are grown in Canada. They are an all-year-round fruit that comes in different colours, sizes and textures and tastes. 

So, if you wish to experience picking different types of apples, check out the list of some of the most popular Canadian apples and their picking months:

  • Royal Gala: September – February
  • Ambrosia: September – March (originally from BC)
  • McIntosh: September – May
  • Red Delicious: October – July 
  • Spartan: October – April (developed from BC)
  • Honeycrisp: September – March
  • Granny Smith: October – March
  • Pink Lady: November – January
  • Fuji: October – February
  • Empire: October – July

How Much Do Apple Pickers Make In Canada?

Apple picking in Canada, the salary on average is about CAD22,406 (USD17,874) per year or an equivalent hourly rate of CAD11.49 (USD9)

If you are a freshie in apple picking, the salary starts at CAD21,938 (USD17,501) per year. However, an experienced apple picker in Canada can earn up to CAD28,061 (USD22,385) per year.

Having said that, sometimes, the shortage of labour can affect the average wages of apple pickers in Canada.

In 2020, due to the significant shortage of apple pickers in Canada, the average rates went up to CAD21 (USD16) per bin. As a result, an apple picker can earn about CAD168 (USD134) a day if they fill a bin an hour for eight hours.

As a tip, work during the labour shortage seasons since the wages will be worth it. 

Tips On How To Make More Money Picking Fruits

work abroad in Canada as a fruit picker

Since most of Canada’s fruit picking jobs are paid based on piece or bin rate, you will probably not earn a decent amount of money until you pick a decent number for fruits.

Without proper skills, you may feel frustrated that you can’t pick as many fruits and earn as much as others.

So, here are some tips to help you earn more money picking fruits: 

  1. Do your research on the fruits and how to pick them. This will help you prepare physically and mentally beforehand on picking good quality fruits.
  1. Use the first few days to learn how to pick quickly by watching experienced pickers and copy their methods.
  1. Experiment with different types of techniques to help you find which is best for you.
  1. Plan your pick. Be strategic. You do not want to waste your time unnecessarily figuring out where to pick. For example, start picking from the top, middle and end at the bottom.
  1. Pick from top to bottom, especially if the picking requires you to climb a ladder. As you will need to carry a heavy load on your back, it is best to climb while the bin is still light.
  1. Pick big fruits as it will help to fill the bin faster.
  1. Two hands are better than one hand. Trust me when I say picking with two hands will make you fill your bin a lot faster.
  1. Take note of the weather so that you can plan your time wisely and still earn decent pay. If you know there will be rain in the evening beforehand, plan to focus on picking as much as you can in the morning.
  1. Keep on practising. There is no cheat way for you to improve your picking skills besides practice. So, the more you practice, the better you become and the more money you make.
  1. Work during labour shortage season. Labour shortage season is always a good deal for fruit pickers as farm employers will usually increase their wage rates to get more workers to work on their farms.


Canada fruit picking jobs are a fun way for you to meet people from every corner of the world, spend your time in nature, travel, learn new skills, and make extra cash!

So if you yearn for an adventurous lifestyle, I say ditch your fear, have a little confidence and grab these fruit picking jobs!

With all these tips and guides, plus with a positive attitude and determination, you will find yourself in an orchard in no time.

Being a fruit picker is not always a fun and easy life all the time. But, it is an experience of a lifetime. 

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Canada Fruit Picking Jobs – A Complete Guide

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