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11 Best Family Onsens in Japan In 2022

Looking for a family onsen in Japan? Are you wondering if you need to be separated from your kids and family? Or if your kids might get a cultural shock at a public onsen? 

Well, worry not! Onsen in Japan is usually child friendly except for those that explicitly decline children to cater for adults who prefer peace and solitude. 

You and your kids can have the time of your lives while soaking in those benefits of the hot springs. As they say, a hot bath every day keeps the doctors away!

Since there are so many onsens in Japan to choose from, WWB guest poster Izreen has narrowed down some of the best family onsens throughout the region for your convenience! 

family onsen
Photo by Masaaki Komori on Unsplash

11 Family Onsens in Japan

1. Nakaya Ryokan (Gunma) – baby friendly / no age limit

2. Ryotei Rangetsu (Kyoto) – no age limit

3. Toshimaen Niwa No Yu Onsen (Near Shinjuku & Ikebukuro) – age 12 above

4. Hakone Kowakien Yunessun (2hr from Tokyo) – age 7 above

5. Enoshima Island Spa – age 6 or above

6. Yusakasou Onsen Ryokan – baby friendly / no age limit

7. Hotel Epinard Nasu – no age limit

8. Konparu-Yu (Near Shibuya) – no age limit

9. Myoban Yunosato (Beppu) – no age limit

10. Spadium Japon (Shinjuku) – no age limit 

11. Yuya Ebisu (Beppu) – age 7 above

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1. Nakaya Ryokan (Gunma) – no age limit

Family Onsen 1

family onsen
Photo by Σ64 is licensed under Creative Commons on Wikimedia

Looking for a family onsen Tokyo but want to experience the rural side of Japan

Nakaya Ryokan is conveniently sited in the popular Yubiso area where it offers nothing short but an exceptional, family-friendly experience. 

This is a traditional Japanese style inn where you can fully immerse yourself in the traditional Japanese culture by slipping into the “yukata” (Japanese robe) provided upon arrival. 

A Family-Friendly Ryokan

  • You can reserve some family time at either the wooden or stone open-air onsen, where each has been declared to be the world’s first baby-only open-air onsen. 
  • Bath toys are provided to keep the kids entertained so you don’t have to worry about the kids being bored. 
  • With detailed features such as a section of the private onsen that has been cut off and designed to allow our babies to bathe beside us, no wonder this place is incredibly popular among families.

Staying in ryokans is a perfect place for those traveling with families as one can fully experience the authentic Japanese lifestyle and hospitality, not to mention the local delicacies too.

General Information

Official Website Nakaya Ryokan 

Operation Hours Daily, 9 am – 9 pm 

Access About 10 minutes by bus from Minakami Station

About 15 minutes by car from Minakami IC (Kan-Etsu 


Price Per night – JPY14,820 (USD116)

Wi-Fi Available 

Payment Credit cards are accepted

2. Ryotei Rangetsu – no age limit

Family Onsen 2

family onsen
Photo by KimonBerlin is licensed under Creative Commons Wikimedia

Ryotei Rangetsu makes a picture-perfect family ryokan Kyoto as it is surrounded by the hilly rolling hills. 

Only 11 minutes from the nearest train stop, this modern ryokan is located in the Arashiyama district of Kyoto which is renowned for its bamboo grove and famous heritage.

This traditional family onsen Kyoto offers both indoor and outdoor natural springs, where men can enjoy their time soaking in the rock bath and women can relieve their stress in the large communal cypress bath. 

Should you require a private bath for you and your family, each room comes with a private soaking tub.

After you’ve soaked in the onsens, be sure to save your appetite for its thoughtfully prepared meals using only fresh, seasonal ingredients.

General Information

Official Website 旅亭嵐月 (Japanese language only)

Operation Hours Indoor Public Bath, 6am-11am & 3pm-12.00am.

Outdoor Public Bath, 3pm-11pm

Access Ebisuya or Nonomiya Bus Station 

Price Per Night – JPY60,000 (USD445)

Wi-Fi Available

Payment Credit cards are accepted

3. Toshimaen Niwa No Yu Onsen (Near Shinjuku & Ikebukuro) – age 12 above

Family Onsen 3

family onsen
Photo by 663highland is licensed under Creative Commons Wikimedia

For those of you who don’t want to travel outside of Tokyo or aren’t able to, this is a hot spring sanctuary in the heart of the city.

Located near one of Tokyo’s amusement parks, Toshimaen, it is only about 15 minutes away from Ikebukuro Station and 25 minutes away from Shinjuku Station

Designed by a renowned Japanese landscape designer, Kenzo Ogata; the facility has different bathing areas, namely indoor baths, outdoor baths, sauna, bade zone, and bedrock bath, all with varying temperatures.

Family Onsen

Typically divided into male and female bathing areas, the only area where it is open to everyone and where your whole family can bathe together regardless of gender is the swimming pool, known as the bade pool. 

Unfortunately, this place only allows kids who are junior high school age and above to enter. If your kids meet the age requirement, why not give Niwa No Yu Onsen a go where you can take turns with your partner while you try out the other onsens separately.

General Information

Official Website バーデと天然温泉 豊島園 庭の湯 (Japanese language only)

Operation Hours Daily, 10am – 11pm (last entry 10pm)

Night Spa, 6 pm onwards (except during Golden Week, Obon, 

and New Year’s holidays)

Access Toshimaen Station on the Seibu-Ikebukuro Line (3 minute walk)

Price Admission – JPY2,310 (USD18)

Night spa – JPY1,295 (USD10)

Wi-Fi Available 

Payment Credit cards are accepted

4. Hakone Kowakien Yunessun (2hr from Tokyo) – age 7 above

Family Onsen 4

family onsen
Photo by Kounoichi is licensed under Creative Commons Wikimedia

Situated in one of the most famous hot springs and nature resorts in Hakone, this onsen is a part of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park

You can reach the site in about 1.5 hours from Tokyo if you take the Tokaido-Sanyo Shinkansen

This family onsen Hakone is a remarkable place to visit as it is a hot spring theme park that all ages can take pleasure in.

Divided into two sections, Yunessun and Mori No Yu; clothed and unclothed areas, each offers a wide range of bathing pools such as red wine, sake, coffee, pottery bath and many more to explore. 

This place may not be a conventional hot spring but with the adventurous outdoor pools and the quirky indoor baths, this place will surely be a memorable vacation that you can never forget.

General Information

Official Website Spas & Baths | [Official]Hakone Kowakien YUNESSUN | Welcome to hot spring paradise! 

Operation Hours Yunessun (swimwear area), 10am – 6pm on weekdays

9 am – 7 pm on weekends and public holidays

Mori No Yu (no clothed area), 11 am – 7 pm on weekdays

11am – 8pm on weekends and public holidays

Access Access | [Official]Hakone Kowakien YUNESSUN | Welcome to hot spring paradise! 

Price Adults – JPY3,500 (USD27) 

Children ages 7 to 12 – JPY1,800 (USD14)

Children under the age of 3 – Free

Wi-Fi Available 

Payment Credit cards are accepted

5. Enoshima Island Spa – age 6 or above

Family Onsen 5

family onsen
Photo by Daderot is licensed under Creative Commons Wikimedia

If you’re planning a day trip outside of Tokyo, why not pay a visit to Enoshima Island Spa which is located near Kamakura

Famous for its beaches and the breathtaking views of the landscape, this wellness complex is situated right on the island’s coast where it offers you a completely different atmosphere from the capital. 

Family Onsen Spa

Comprising 10 indoor and outdoor bathing areas, such as jacuzzis, whirlpools, saunas, small pools, massage rooms and many more, some of the pools even allow you to wear your bathing suits.

One of the main attractions for the kids at this place is the cave pool with waterfalls overlooking Mount Fuji

Designed to be a place solely for relaxation, sadly children under the age of 6 years old are not permitted and only those over the age of twelve are allowed to enter on Sundays. 

General Information

Official Website 江の島アイランドスパ (Japanese language only)

Operation Hours Regular season, 10am – 10pm 

Winter Season (December-February) 11am – 9pm 

Access About 12 minutes walk from Katase-Enoshima Station (on the 

Enoshima Line)

Price Adults and children above 12 – JPY3,175 (USD25)

Ladies Day (every Monday) – JPY1,964 (USD15)

Children ages 6 -12 – JPY1,540 (USD12)

Wi-Fi Available (Town Wi-Fi)

Payment Credit cards are accepted

6. Yusakasou Onsen Ryokan (Hakone) – no age limit

Family Onsen 6

family onsen
Photo by Agathe Marty on Unsplash

Nestled in the mountains of Hakone, Yusakasou Onsen is about 1.5 hours from Tokyo via the Tokaido-Sanyo Shinkansen

Baby-Friendly Onsen

This is a suitable ryokan with kids as it provides 4 types of baths which include a private onsen, a mixed outdoor bath, and gender-separated indoor baths. If you’re visiting with your family, best to opt for the private onsen or the mixed outdoor bath. 

The water source for this onsen comes from an alkaline spring which is very gentle to the babies’ skin.

Yusakasou also offers free 30-minute use of their private onsen if you opt for the mixed outdoor bath or you can directly opt for the private onsen, which is a semi-open-air cypress bath that is equipped with a diaper changing station and soap for babies. 

If you decide to stay for the night, this place has a special baby plan where kids under 2 years old can stay for free and they will provide you with a bottle warmer and diapers.

General Information

Official Website お風呂のご案内 混浴庭園露天風呂|箱根湯本 温泉旅館 湯さか荘  (Japanese language only) 

Operation Hours Daily

Access Take the Shinkansen to Odawara Station and transfer to the 

local Hakone Tozan Railway. Get off at Hakone-Yumoto 

Station from where it is an 18-minute walk to the onsen ryokan. 

Price Adults and children above 12 – JPY11,000 (USD85)

Primary School Students JPY7,7000 (USD60)

Younger children – JPY2,200 (USD17)

Wi-Fi Available 

Payment Credit cards are accepted

7. Hotel Epinard Nasu – no age limit

Family Onsen 7

family onsen
Photo by uraomote_yamaneko is licensed under Creative Commons Wikimedia

If you’re looking for a ryokan in Tokyo for family, Hotel Epinard Nasu may be an option for you to consider despite it being a 2-hour journey from Tokyo. 

The reason is that it is a family-friendly resort located in Nasu that provides an abundance of baby/kids services. 

The hotel’s bathing facilities comprise a variety of indoor pools, spas, saunas, a large swimming pool with a dedicated kids area and a beautiful open air-bath. 

All the onsens are gender separated except for the pool and are fully equipped with soap for babies, baby beds, and bathing chairs. 

The highlight of this place is the swim helper services catered for children. 

Just be sure to bring along your bathing suit when you go to the pool!

General Information

Official Website 温泉大浴場&露天風呂|施設|那須の宿泊・日帰り・観光には温泉・プールのあるホテルエピナール那須<公式>  (Japanese language only)

Operation Hours Daily

Access 25 minutes from Tohoku Shinkansen Nasushiobara Station by 

pickup bus 

Price Adults and children above 12 – JPY1,109 (USD9)

Primary School Students – JPY809 (USD6)

Younger Children – JPY500 (USD4)

Wi-Fi Available (Hotel’s Wifi)

Payment Credit cards are accepted

8. Konparu-Yu (Near Shibuya) – no age limit

Family Onsen 8

family onsen
Photo by KoichiOda is licensed under Creative Commons Wikimedia

Konparu-Yu or Kom-pal is one of the most historical public bath places that opened back in Ginza in the year 1863, during the dying days of the Edo period. 

This is a traditional Japanese family bath, not an onsen but don’t let the term detour you from going. 

Situated in Ginza among the cutting-edge trends, this place is considered a rare gem which has been around for more than 150 years. Why not pay a visit to this retro vibe bathhouse.

Bath Types

There are three baths with varying temperatures that you can choose for your family, one pleasantly warm, one heated to a toasty 42°C, and one cold. 

This gender-separated bath is deemed as one of the most kid and family-friendly Sento in Tokyo as they provide all kinds of toys for the kids to play with while taking a bath. 

Did I mention that Konparu-Yu also offers kids’ shampoo and a bath mat for babies for free! 

General Information

Official Website 金春湯 (Japanese language only)

Operation Hours Daily, 2 pm – 10 pm (except Sunday and Public holidays) 

(last entry 10pm)

Night Spa, 6pm onwards (except during Golden Week, Obon, 

and New Year’s holidays)

Access About 11 minutes from JR Osaki Station (Yamanote Line) 

Price Adults and children above 12 – JPY480 (USD4)

Primary School Students – JPY180 (USD1)

Younger Children – JPY80 (USD1)

Wi-Fi Available (Town Wi-Fi)

Payment Credit cards are accepted

9. Myoban Yunosato (Beppu) – no age limit

Family Onsen 9

family onsen
Photo by STA3816 is licensed under Creative Commons Wikimedia

Engulfed in the sulfuric scents of the natural hot springs and surrounded by the vast nature reserve, Myoban Yunosato is a great tourist spot not far from the city center of Beppu

This is one of the famous onsens of Myoban due to its traditional Japanese “straw roofing” style huts, designed to harvest the minerals. The huts are quite popular even among the locals too, so be sure to book them in advance so you can enjoy the hot springs both physically and spiritually!

Onsen Types

There are 2 types of hot springs; the first being small rooms that you can rent with your family in private and the second being the beautiful outdoor bath with a scenic view of Beppu’s hills. A fun fact about this natural hot spring is that the water contains unique cleansing properties. 

If you and your family desire beautiful, purified skin, this is a place to go, where the sulfur within the water content removes sebum and dirt naturally. 

General Information

Official Website Myoban Yunosato 

Operation Hours Daily, 10 am – 9 pm (last entry 8pm)

Access Beppu Station (by Bus)

Beppu IC (by Car)

Price Adults – JPY600 (USD4)

Children – JPY300 (USD2)

Kids below 3 years old – Free

Wi-Fi Not Available 

Payment Credit cards are accepted

10. Spadium Japon (Shinjuku) – no age limit

Family Onsen 10

family onsen
Photo by Suikotei is licensed under Creative Commons Wikimedia

Located in the Tokyo suburbs of Higashikurume, Spadium Japon is known to be one of the largest hot spring parks within a 3 storey high building. It was designed to offer an authentic hot spring experience to families, couples, and lone visitors alike. 

Another crucial fun fact to know about this place is that the natural water derived from the Musashino onsen is ranked among Japan’s 100 best water sources.

Onsen Facilities

The facility features 15 types of onsen, including saunas, seasonal aroma baths, an open-air bath and many more for you to choose from. Despite the bathing facilities being gender-separated, you can still bring your kids to bathe with you or your partner, then relax and dine together after your bath on the other floors. 

This place offers nothing short but an enjoyable therapeutic session with a range of options be it indoor springs or outdoor springs. 

General Information

Official Website スパジアムジャポン (Japanese language only)

Operation Hours Weekdays, 9 am – Midnight 

Weekends, 8 am – Midnight

Access Higashi Kurume Station (on the Seibu-Ikebukuro Line), you can 

use the spa’s free shuttle bus (10 min ride)

Price Adults – JPY750 (USD6) – Weekdays

Adults – JPY850 (USD7) – Weekends

Children – JPY350 (USD3)

Wi-Fi Available 

Payment Credit cards are accepted

11. Yuya Ebisu (Beppu) – age 7 above

Family Onsen 11

family onsen
Photo by Chris_73 is licensed under Creative Commons Wikimedia

Founded 147 years ago, Yuya Ebisu onsen is part of the Ebisu Ryokan, a traditional Japanese inn

The best thing about Yuya Ebisu is the family bath. With 5 rooms dedicated for private usage, you can experience the calm space and utilize the quality time to strengthen the bond with your family in peace. 

Onsen Types

This place offers 2 different types of hot springs, the first being the “Sulfur Spring” and the second being the “Simple Spring”. 

The characteristics of the “Sulfur Spring” are the cloudy coloured water and its unique scent, which offers a peeling effect which in turn helps to smoothen the skin. Contrary to the “Simple Spring”, it is transparent and odorless, which offers moisturizing effects to the skin. 

To get the best results, why not try both!

General Information

Official Website “Ebisu no Yu”.hot spa in Myoban Onsen, Beppu, Oita. 

Operation Hours Daily, 10 am – 11 pm 

Family Onsen, 10 am – 8 pm (closed on Wednesdays)

Access By train, car or express bus

Price Shared baths – JPY1,000 (USD6) 

Private/Family baths – JPY2,000 (USD7) 

Wi-Fi Available 

Payment Credit cards are accepted


What Age Can Kids Go To An Onsen?

Typically, most onsens have no age limit so long as they are accompanied by a parent or guardian. Although babies and toddlers that are still wearing diapers or haven’t been potty trained might not be allowed to enter onsen baths. 

Just be sure that both you and the kids are properly bathed before stepping into the tubs! 

Can Couples Go To Onsen Together?

The short answer is no, couples cannot go to onsen together. But there are special spaces that offer privacy where couples can go to onsen together without being disturbed. 

These places would usually come with a guest room attached where you and your sweetheart can enjoy a relaxing time in the hot spring all day without any time limit. 

I would have to say the experience is one of a kind as compared to a normal conventional date.

What Is A Private Onsen Called?

A private onsen is called ‘Kashikiri buro’ or ‘Kazoku buro’ in Japanese, allowing guests to occupy the baths all to themselves without sharing it with other patrons. In this case, a private onsen is recommended for those looking for a family onsen as you can enjoy quality time together in a private setting. 

What Do You Wear In An Onsen?

There’s no exception to any onsens in Japan but to be completely naked. It is considered ‘dirty’ or sullied to wear any form of garment and one should never, ever bring any clothing into an onsen as it is strictly forbidden. Don’t fret! You’ll blend right in as no one will take much notice of you.

Alternatively you could have a ‘wearable towel!’

Family Onsen Tips To Know

1. Kids below 7 can accompany parents of the opposite gender

2. Generally, no diapers allowed for babies and toddlers

3. Kids with sensitive skin are recommended to take a rinse after the onsen

4. Avoid being near the incoming hot spring water or tap due to its hot temperature

Onsen Etiquettes

In the land of the rising sun, politeness is paramount. With these few extra-credit gestures, you’ll be sure to blend in with the locals easily!

1. Wash before entering an onsen

2. Must be completely naked

3. Never dip your towel in the water

4. Don’t go under or get your hair in the water

5. Tattoos should be covered

6. No splashing or swimming inside an onsen

7. Be modest and mindful of others

8. Keep the conversation at a low volume

9. Don’t use your phone in the changing room

Handy Onsen Phrases in Japanese 

Learning these few simple phrases to communicate may come in handy while experiencing this traditional culture of Japanese hot springs.

1. Konnichiwa – Hello or Good Day

2. Koko ii desuke – May I sit here?

3. Arigato gozaimasu – Thank you very much!

4. Sumimasen – Excuse me

5. Toire wa doko desu ka? – Where is the toilet?

6. Roten buro – Outdoor bath

7. Uchi buro – Indoor bath

8. Kazoku buro ni hairitai desu – I want to enter the private (family) bath

9. Onna yu – Ladies’ Bath

10. Otoko yu – Men’s bath

11. Ta o ru – Towel

12. Ii yu desu ne – it’s a good bath isn’t it

The comfort of an onsen goes far beyond the refreshing feeling of the hot spring as with these simple interactions, your spirit will also be rejuvenated. 

But don’t worry too much if you can’t memorize all these words, with just a simple hello in Japanese, “Konnichiwa’’ and a smile, the rest will be at ease.

With a variety of options to choose from, who’s ready to pack their bags and get prepared to immerse themselves with their families in those hot springs? 

Rest assured that these family onsens can be booked any time of the year, even in the summer!

As the onsens in Japan are well known for rejuvenating your body and mind, we hope you and your family will get to fully experience the onsen culture at its best. 

Do comment below if there are more family onsen places that we could add to the list. We’d love to hear from you!

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