13 Private Onsen in Shizuoka With Pics + Prices! (2024)

Looking for the best private onsen Shizuoka while you are in town?

Being known for the majestic Mount Fuji, the volcanic area around this region is home to some of the best onsens.

Onsen has a deep-rooted origin since ancient times, whereby it can help relieve your stress, soothe sore muscles, and bring calmness and serenity (especially to your mind and body after a long climb to Mount Fuji!)

I’m definitely going to need this! My muscles get all weary and shaky after a hike. Can you imagine how they would be after that climb??

So – time to be brutally honest – I can be quite conscious when it comes to being in a public onsen. 

So, I’ve been on the hunt for private onsens in some of the best cities and towns in Japan because I want to experience the amazing health benefits without putting on a public show – if you catch my drift! 

If you are new here, Hi, I am Aisha Preece ! I am an avid solo female traveller and I love helping other females travel safer and better 🙂

Private onsen shizuoka

Well, are there private onsens in Japan? 

Yes! I was so pleased to learn that there indeed private onsens in Japan. And I want to share the with you!

You won’t find any gatekeeping here! 

While the onsen is generally known to be a public bath, where females and males are segregated, private onsens are becoming increasingly popular. 

They are typically operated by ryokans across Japan. Some bathhouses do not accept people with tattoos. 

So, if you have tattoos or are simply looking for a personal, intimate onsen experience, private onsen Shizuoka is the place to go!

Whether you’re in town for a Mount Fuji hike or a first-time traveler in Japan, I recommend you experience the cultural tradition of Japanese onsen.

13 Private Onsen Shizuoka:

  1. Ajiro Onsen Hiratsuru
  2. KKR Hotel Atami
  3. Ryori Ryokan Nagisa-kan
  4. Gyokusui – Adult Only Onsen
  6. Yaizu Grand Hotel
  7. Fugaku Gunjo
  8. Shirakabeso
  9. Izu Shuzenji – Arcana Izu
  10. Inatori Ginsuiso 
  11. Gotemba, Mt.Fuji – Rembrandt Premium Fujigotemba
  12. K’s House Ito Onsen
  13. Ito Ryokuyu


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Private onsen shizuoka

Photo: Ajiro Onsen Hiratsuru

Private Onsen Shizuoka:

1. Ajiro Onsen Hiratsuru

Address: 493 Shimotaga, Atami, Shizuoka 413-0102, Japan | Official Website 

Located near Ajiro train station and near the observation deck at Atami Castle, Ajiro Onsen Hiratsuru’s natural hot spring has hot water drawn directly from 300 meters underground. 

The uniqueness of this onsen is that it has two different types of onsen: a large bath (indoor and open-air bath) and a private open-air bath. 

It has the best panoramic view of the Izu Peninsula! Each natural hot spring has its own uniqueness. 

While the private indoor bath’s hot spring source is prevalent for its beautifying effects, the outdoor bath gives a smooth and relaxing effect. 

This way, you can enjoy one bath first. Then, unwind in another one and feel the differences. 

Priority access to the Shizuoka private onsen is given first for overnight guests. 

For information, the public onsen is not tattoo-friendly. So, if you have tattoos, you’ll need to use the private open-air bath. 

Cost For Day-Trippers

Public onsen: ¥1,100 including tax ($8)

Private onsen: ¥3,850 including tax ($26) for 45 minutes (1-4 pax at a time)

How To Get There 

Take the train from Tokyo Station to Atami Station [Shinkansen]

From Atami station, change trains heading to Ajiro Station [JR Ito Line]

Then, you’ll have approximately a 5-minute walk from Ajiro Station Shinkansen.

Private onsen shizuoka

Photo: KKR Hotel Atami

2. KKR Hotel Atami

Address: 7-39 Kasugacho, Atami, Shizuoka 413-0005 Japan | Official Website 

KKR Hotel Atami has access to the most spectacular view you could ask for: the scenic views of Sagami Bay. 

Have the luxury of enjoying your private onsen experience right from the comfort of your room. The natural hot spring is sourced directly from the ground. 

It has one of the best ingredient concentrations in Japan as a sanatorium spring. 

Let your body and mind settle down and muscles relax in the hot onsen right from your room. 

Your skin will absorb only the good things from the natural hot spring, and you will feel beautiful right after entering! 

Otherwise, you can opt for an open-air bath floating in the sky or a jacuzzi to experience the authentic Japanese onsen experience like a champ. 

Level up your Atami onsen Shizuoka experience by warming up your body in the sauna first and dipping in the onsen after all that sweating. You’ll thank me later!

Cost For Day-Trippers

Day trip bath: ¥1,600 yen ($11)

Bath + Lunch: ¥2,500 yen ($17)

Children: ¥800 yen ($6)

How To Get There 

Take the train from Tokyo/Nagoya/Shin-Osaka Station to Atami Station [Shinkansen]

From Atami station, you’ll have a 7-minute walk to the hotel. 

Parking is available for travelers driving a car. No reservation is required.

Private onsen shizuoka

Photo: Ryori Ryokan Nagisa-kan

3. Ryori Ryokan Nagisa-kan

Address: 11-11, Nagisacho, Atami, Shizuoka, 413-0014 Japan | Official Website 

Another hot pick in Atami city, in Shizuoka prefecture, is the Ryori Ryokan Nagisa-kan

Since its opening in 1953, this ryokan has received endless people and has left a big impression on those who stayed. 

There are 8 types of baths at Nagisakan, each of which can be enjoyed in various sizes, and each provides a different experience. 

All five other baths can be privately reserved except for a separate bath for men and a bath for women! Private baths let you have some private time and space for yourself. 

For daring and non-timid people, I recommend going for the open-air bath, Kanichi no Yu. This open-air bath is located on the top floor of Nagisakan. 

Get naked and soak in the beauty of nature with a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean while gaining all the benefits of the hot spring. 

Plus, if you’re in Izu, you’re in for the treat of the freshest fish from the sea. In-house guests can enjoy seafood from fresh fish caught in the oceans around Izu.

Cost For Day-Trippers

¥4,500 ($31) includes the use of a private room for 3.5 hours 

How To Get There 

Take the train from Tokyo/Shin Osaka Station to Atami Station [Shinkansen]

From Atami station, it is 5 minutes by bus, or you can easily walk to the hotel. 

Private onsen shizuoka

Photo: Gyokusui

4. Gyokusui – Adult Only Onsen

Address: 39-1 Naramoto, Higashiizu, Shizuoka 413-0302, Japan  | Official Website

Gyokusui is a pure Japanese-style ryokan nestled in the natural environment of Oku-Atugawa. 

All rooms are designed meticulously following Japanese design, each piece set to improve the energy in the room. 

You’ll not only have the view of nature, but you will be surrounded by nature. 

The chirping sounds of the birds, the seasonal changes of color, and the scent of the trees offer guests a calming space to relax. 

You’ll also get to enjoy the endless starry sky if you’re lucky! Each room has its own private onsen, fed directly from the hot spring source for you to de-stress. 

Some rooms offer a Japanese garden and bamboo forest view, while some have a private garden and an after-bath area. 

Onsens are welcome to be used by in-house adult guests only. 

Private open-air baths “Tsukigase” and “Obikai” are open to everyone. Kaikaze is available for men only, and Manyo is only for women. 

This Shizuoka onsen ryokan is not open for day trippers, so you will need to make a reservation to enjoy the benefits of the hot spring here. 

How To Get There

Take the Limited Express Odoriko from Tokyo Station to Izu-Atagawa Station.

From there, you can head to the hotel by taxi to the Ryokan.

Private onsen shizuoka

Photo: Soki Atami


Address: 4-36 Koarashi-cho, Atami, Shizuoka, 413-0029, Japan | Official Website

Simplicity at its finest. 

This is how I would describe Soki Atami. It is a warm, safe space with high-quality materials and modern design, giving the guests a homely feeling as soon as they step into the room. 

Behind the beautiful name, Soki Atami lies a deep, meaningful meaning. SO means bare, plain, and simple, while KI means vessel. It is a very thoughtful concept for embracing time as is in a plain, simple lifestyle. 

All rooms are equipped with private onsen for you to indulge in a moment of deep relaxation and healing. 

It’s a therapy experience that your body will forever yearn for once you take that flight out of Japan. 

Occasionally, suppose you’re fortunate and brave enough to go for the public onsen. In that case, the hotel has seasonal baths such as citrus baths or Japanese herbal baths you could go for! 

You can also mix up your onsen routine with a trip to the sauna (available for women only) for a short detoxification, resulting in better sleep quality.

How To Get There

By rail, you can board the Tokaido Shinkansen from Tokyo Station to Atami Station. This journey will take approximately 40 minutes

From Nagoya, you can also hop on the Tokaido Shinkansen, which will take about 1 hour and 50 minutes

Once you reach Atami Station, take the bus from the station to the nearest bus stop, “Oishihara.” It will be a 5-minute walk to the hotel. 

Private onsen shizuoka

Photo: Yaizu Grand Hotel

6. Yaizu Grand Hotel

Address: 1489 Hamatome, Yaizu, Shizuoka 425-0012, Japan | Official Website

Another Shizuoka ryokan with private onsen is the Yaizu Grand Hotel, famous for its chloride hot spring that is effective for neuralgia, muscle pain, and joint stiffness. 

Sourced directly from 1500 meters underground, you’ll surely get the highest quality hot spring to pamper you, accompanied by the spectacular view of Suruga Bay. 

From indoor baths, scented baths, open-air baths, and silk baths to foot baths, this hotel has everything to fulfill your onsen experience. 

Imagine walking into the onsen, surrounded by greenery with daylight shining on your silky smooth corpse, breathing the fresh air as if bathing in the forest. 

Whether you are looking for a private onsen or not, make the most of your stay and try out all 3 large public baths, 15 baths, and their saunas.

How To Get There

Take the train from Tokyo Station to Shizuoka Station [Shinkansen]

Then, change to JR Tokaido Line and head towards Yaizu

Once you reach Yaizu, take the shuttle bus ride to the hotel (Advance booking is required).

Private onsen shizuoka

Photo: Fugaku Gunjo

7. Fugaku Gunjo

Address: 2461-1 Yagisawa, Izu City, Shizuoka Prefecture 410-3303, Japan | Official Website

Luxurious, modern, and elegant. This hotel, a World Heritage Site Fugaku Gunjo, an inn with a view of Mt Fuji, is set to provide the utmost Japanese experience to dearest travelers. 

Fugaku is another name for Mount Fuji, and Gunjo represents the sea. Hence, the name Fugaku Gunjo offers a view of the sea from a far distance, with Mount Fuji as the majestic backdrop. 

The spacious deck allows the flow of fresh air on the terraces. The soothing sound of natural hot springs to heal your mind and connect your soul to nature. 

The ambiance is peaceful and calming. As you settle down, time moves slower, letting you catch your breath. 

You’ll be transported into a realm of time where you’ll be totally disconnected from your daily busy lives. 

You’ll have every sunrise and every sunset to admire the magnificent view from your onsen. Isn’t that amazing? 

With a limited number of rooms, getting a room here can be super challenging! Book this ryokan in advance to secure your dreamy onsen experience. 

How To Get There

Take the train from Shinagawa Station to Mishima Station [Shinkansen]

Then, you can either take another train (Izu-Hakone Train) towards Shuzenji Station and take a bus to the hotel

Or, you can take a bus directly from Mishima Station to the hotel. 

Private onsen shizuoka

Photo: Shirakabeso

8. Shirakabeso

Address: 627-363 Ajiro, Atami, Shizuoka 413-0103 Japan | Official Website 

Located in the heart of Mount Amagi, within the city of Izu, is Japan’s largest open-air hot spring right here in Shirakabeso

Shirakabeso is a ryokan surrounded by forests and greenery with both indoor and outdoor hot springs. This hot spring contains calcium sodium chloride, suitable for muscle pains and relieving fatigue. 

Private onsen is available for in-house guests. All you need to do is make a reservation when you feel like taking a dip. 

Have some time and de-stress peacefully without worrying about being seen or observed by a stranger! 

If you have the time, check out their outdoor onsen as well. It has a unique bath made from a single massive boulder weighing 53 tons. 

Plus, Shirakabeso features a large wooden bath constructed from a tree that is nearly 1200 years old and was brought from the Gabonese Republic in Africa. 

How To Get There

Take the ODORIKO Limited Express Train from Tokyo Station to Shuzenji Station

From Osaka, you can hop on the Shinkansen HIKARI-KODAMA to Mishima Station. Change to Izu-Hakone railway and head to Shuzenji Station

Once you’ve arrived at Shuzenji Station, take the Tokai Bus to Yugashima Onsen Iriguchi Bus Stop. From there, it’s a 10-minute walk to the Ryokan.

Private onsen shizuoka

Photo: Arcana Izu 

9. Izu Shuzenji – Arcana Izu

Address: 1662 Yugashima, Izu City, Shizuoka 410-3206, Japan | Official Website 

Arcana Izu offers you a luxury adventure nestled in the woods. 

Imagine waking up to a view of the river stream of the Kano River, a panoramic view of the forest, and the steamy water flowing directly from the source. 

With 16 guestrooms on site, the hotel is designed with attention to detail, considering all the five elements in the Japanese culture (ごだい or “godai”), including earth, water, fire, wind, and void. 

Each piece in the room has its meaning and significance in making your stay precious and meaningful. 

Giving guests a little taste of the heaven of Japanese onsen while connecting to nature. 

Arcana Izu is the perfect definition of letting yourself live in the Japanese moment and enjoying the dolce far niente (the sweetness of doing nothing) right from your own private onsen. 

How To Get There

Take the train from Tokyo Station / Shin Osaka Station to Mishima Station by Shinkansen

Hop on the Izu-Hakone railway from Mishima Station until you reach Shuzenji Station. 

From there, you can hail a cab, and it is an approximately 20-minute ride to the hotel. 

Private onsen shizuoka

Photo: Inatori Ginsuiso

10. Inatori Ginsuiso

Address: 413-0411 Shizuoka, Higashiizu, Inatori 1624-1, Japan | Official Website

For a change of greenery scenery, Inatori Ginsuiso would be the right pick, offering you the best oceanic views. 

As you settle down in your private onsen from the luxury of your room, you’ll be swept away by the endless blue hues of the sky, with the sound of rippling water soothing you to a good sensation of relaxation and moisturizing skin. 

Inatori Ginsuiso provides you with an option between two room types. One offers you a traditional sukiya (tea-ceremony arbor) style. 

The other type is on the Executive Floor (Gin-no-Shiori). This one is special as the guests will be served with special high-class kaiseki course meals and have their own completely private open-air bath. 

There is also a public bath at the disposal of in-house guests. 

Whether it is a private onsen or a public onsen, you’ll have access to enjoy the sunset or sunrise while gazing at the coastline of the Izu Peninsular. 

You will experience the changes in the onsen’s atmosphere with the time of day. 

Each time, it shows different faces in the morning, in the evening, and at nighttime, giving you different experiences throughout the day.

How To Get There

Boarding the limited express train to Izu-Inatori Station from Tokyo Station, it is approximately 140 minutes with no changes required. 

On the train journey ride, you will be able to view Mt. Fuji from the train window. 

Then, from the station to Inatori Ginsuiso, there is a free shuttle bus service

This bus is scheduled to coincide with the arrival of every limited express train, so there is no need for reservations! 

Private onsen shizuoka

Photo: Rembrandt Premium Fuji Gotemba

11. Gotemba, Mt.Fuji – Rembrandt Premium Fujigotemba

Address: 2571 Fukasawa, Gotemba City, Shizuoka Prefecture 412-0023, Japan | Official Website

Rembrandt Premium Fuji Gotemba is a private onsen hotel with the best view of both worlds from its natural hot spring. 

During the day, you can enjoy the onsen with the view of Mount Fuji. While at night, you can soak in the onsen and witness the most beautiful night view of Gotemba.

It has a public open bath on the hotel’s fourth floor, accessible for in-house guests and available for day-trippers. 

It’s perfect for those passing by the city who want to soak briefly with a Mount Fuji view. 

Otherwise, you can opt for a private onsen if you’re shy and want some privacy. You must stay at the hotel and book a room with a private open-air bath. 

Not all rooms have a private onsen with a Mount Fuji room. So, ensure you have chosen the correct room type before confirming your reservation. 

Based on the previous traveler’s experience who stayed here, the best time to enjoy the view is during the early morning view when you have the morning puffy clouds, the mountains, and the village at the foot of the mountains with a clear blue sky!

Cost For Day-Trippers

Adults (junior high school students and above): 

Weekdays: ¥880 including tax ($6)

Saturdays, Sundays, and Public Holidays: ¥1,100 excluding tax ($8)

Children (elementary school students and younger): 

Weekdays: ¥440 including tax ($3)

Saturdays, Sunday, and Public Holidays: ¥550 excluding tax ($4)

There is an additional charge for using day-trip hot spring towels. Rental towel (bath towel/face towel set) is at ¥200 ($2).

How To Get There

Take the train from Tokyo Station to Mishima Station [Shinkansen]. Then, change to JR Tokaido Line and head towards Numazu

Once you reach Numazu, take the Gotemba Line to Gotemba Station. 

If you’re coming from Shinjuku, you can take a direct train – Odakyu Line Fuji-san to Gotemba Station. 

From there, you’ll have a free shuttle bus that will bring you to Rembrandt Hotel.

Private onsen shizuoka

Photo: K’s House Ito Onsen

12. K’s House Ito Onsen

​​Address: 12-13, Higashimatsubaracho, Itō, Shizuoka Prefecture 414-0022, Japan | Official Website 

When you think of an onsen, you will usually associate it with Ryokan or a hotel. But K’s House Ito Onsen is a little bit different! 

K’s House Ito Onsen is a hostel with the same onsen experience, located in a renovated 100-year-old historical ryokan. 

It is the only hostel registered as a Tangible Cultural Property of Japan! 

This Shizuoka onsen hostel has unique high-class woodwork architecture and design, preserved for many years. 

Even after renovation, the beauty of this building stays impeccable and mesmerizing. 

Nestled in the city’s heart and along a riverwalk, this hostel will transport you into the profound realm of Japanese culture the moment you enter the building. 

You’ll be greeted with a homely feeling, greeted with tatami mats, beautiful Japanese sliding doors (shoji) with woodwork, and natural hot springs. 

Whether you choose a public bath or private onsen, relaxation awaits. 

Most rooms have a fantastic view of the Matsukawa River, whereby the morning birds chirping and the soothing sound of river ripples allow you to soak in your onsen and relieve your stress amid beautiful nature. 

This hostel offers a good value stay, convenience, and comfort within the Japanese cultural experience. 

I love this concept as it is suitable for solo travelers who want to meet new friends abroad! Have you ever heard of any other private onsen hostel in Japan? 

How To Get There

Take the train from Tokyo Station to Ito Station [Shinkansen or Express Train Odoriko – a limited express train]. From Ito station, it will take 10 minutes by car to the Ryokuyu. 

Complementary pickup service from JR Ito station to this ryokan is available upon request.

Private onsen shizuoka

Photo: Ito Ryokuyu 

13. Ito Ryokuyu

Address: 2 Chome-2-5 Hirono, Itō, Shizuoka Prefecture 414-0038, Japan | Official Website

Tucked away in Ito with its simplistic architecture and classic Japanese style design, Ito Ryokuyu creates a captivating and serene ambiance to immerse yourself in the traditional onsen ryokan fully. 

Undoubtedly, this Ryokan is one of the preferred hot spring getaways in Shizuoka prefecture for its top-notch service and accessibility from the bigger cities. 

This Ito onsen Shizuoka has a unique way of welcoming travelers and local guests. You’ll be greeted with hot green tea and some refreshment towels upon entry. 

As you walk down the corridor to your room, the interior design and the surrounding wilderness will slowly make you forget about your daily hustle and bustle life. 

Ito Ryokuyu has only 7 rooms, each with private rotenburo (open-air baths), surrounded by nature and the calming sound of flowing water. 

You will be fully relaxed and comfortably enjoy your Japanese onsen experience. 

You will be lulled into tranquility without worrying about being fully naked. This is the perfect place for some privacy for couples who want intimate time together or those with tattoos. 

You can also try out their public bath, available for in-house guests. 

And you do not have to worry about going out and finding Ito’s local seasonal fresh fish dish! This Ryokan has everything sorted out for you. 

Both local dish dinner and breakfast will be served right in your room! 

Isn’t that amazing? Well, I am! It is indeed a one-of-a-kind Japanese experience.

How To Get There

Take the train from Tokyo Station to Ito Station [Express Train Odoriko – a limited express train]. From Ito station, it will take 10 minutes by car to the Ryokuyu. 

Complementary pickup service from JR Ito station to this ryokan is available upon request.

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FAQs on Private Onsen Shizuoka

How much does a private onsen cost?

A private onsen cost in Japan falls between ¥1,500 ($11) and ¥3,000 ($21) per hour. Of course, this rate varies from one place to another place. 

Most of them have their own pricing system in place. Some onsens can be cheaper or even accessible. You can head down to free secret onsens, such as Hebin Yu. 

Private Onsen Shizuoka – Is private onsen worth it?

Yes, private onsen is worth it for you to truly understand and dive into authentic Japanese onsen culture, one that has been around for ages. 

If you’re looking to avoid the crowd, then I recommend you go for the private ones, especially if you’re a first-timer or if you have tattoos. 

Not all onsen are tattoo-friendly, so you need to go for a private onsen. 

It’s also a fantastic choice for couples who want to have some privacy and intimate time. 

Private Onsen Shizuoka – Can you wear clothes in private onsen?

You cannot wear clothes in a private onsen. It is a rule for you to be completely naked. Foreigners always need help understanding this rule.

 In Japan, as the natural hot spring is sourced right from the ground and is 100% pure, clothing, towels, or any garments are considered dirty and can contaminate the onsen. 

So, it should never be brought into the onsen. 

Private Onsen Shizuoka – What do you wear to a private onsen?

You don’t wear anything and must be fully naked. It could be daunting for newcomers or foreigners. 

Still, it would be best if you kept in mind that everyone will be naked in the onsen, whether it is a private onsen or a public one. 

It’s an unwritten rule that every person has to follow and respect. 

That’s a wrap for some of the fantastic private onsen Shizuoka that will amp up your adventure in Japan. This region has unique choices of hot springs that you should take advantage of.

Some onsen offer an open bath culture, some are family-friendly, and some private ones have the most amazing views of Mount Fuji!

Just imagine taking a hot bath peacefully overlooking the beautiful Mount Fuji scenery! 

You’ll go into the onsen like a spaghetti stick, and the onsen will melt away all your tensions and stress, leaving you like a happy noodle.

Whether with your family, partner, or friends, you will only truly experience Japan by experiencing the onsen culture.

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