Best Kids Camping Gifts

Best Kids Camping Gifts

Scouting for kids camping gifts to suit your adventurous kids can be a daunting task for parents. 

If you’re looking for kids camping gifts for adventurous kids, well then WWB writer, Sarah, created this list for you!

While heading out to a new adventure and discovering a new campsite, outdoor gifts for your kids is the real meat and potatoes trick to keep your outdoorsy tweens busy and excited throughout the trip.

Kids camping gifts

Imagine when you have to pre-arrange a 5-day camping trip which consists of meal planning, what to bring, and activities to do. You might resemble a mommy zombie before going! Anxiety attack? Fret not and take a deep breath 🙂 

“Remember, the only people who tell you it can’t be done are the ones who couldn’t do it (or never tried).” — Laura Scott 

Here is a list of 8 best kids camping gift ideas for your active little ones so your kids will think you are that supermom with a cape who reads their cheeky minds.

Best Kids Camping Gifts List

Outdoor Explorer Kit 

children's survival kit camping

Our kids are born scientists. This Outdoor Exploration Kit is wonderfully fun for girls or boys survival gifts and outdoor investigations. It supports STEM Learning, encourages scientific exploration and a love of nature. Their school teacher would definitely whoa over this. Haha!

It is also one of the best kids camping gifts to boost their curious and developing brain. Ideal for children from as young as 3 to 12 years old, you can give assignments for them to catch the kooky bugs they met along the trip. I recommend this as one of your children’s survival kit camping items. 

Tips: after catching the bugs, together you can continue with research and document the findings in a scrapbook. The camping scrapbook will become your family’s sweet memories, treasured for years to come. 

Treasure Hunt Game Fun Scavenger Hunt Board Game

Camping is a favorite childhood memory, and it’s even more fun with a camping scavenger hunt game. Depending on your child’s age, you can make the clue as complex as Sherlock Holmes’s brain can be or just a simple picture clue treasure hunt. 

For little campers, this Scavenger Hunt Board Game looks entertaining while exercising those young minds and legs. Plus, it is a bonus that the game could be played indoor or outdoor. This means you can repeat the game even when you are back at home, for a birthday party, cousin’s sleepover, or any occasion as a surprise gift for active kids.

But before leaving on your camping trip, be sure to get a treasure(s) for each child participating in the game. Extras are appreciated, thanks. You want to avoid any meltdown or tantrums, or worse looking for presents in the woods! Phew 

Binocular Stargazing Kit

outdoor gifts for tweens
Binocular Stargazing Kit

Yes, the best time to stargazing with your kids (or just you and your spouse, be romantic about it!) is when you are up in a hilly area, clear with no building obstruction. Check out this cool Binocular Stargazing Kit as an outdoor gift for tweens.

If you are lucky, you might stumble upon a milky way – as people called the arm of our galaxy. “Look straight up at 11 p.m. on summer nights”, says William Paterson University astronomer Jason Kendall.

He also mentioned the best way to view the Milky Way is from a dark spot with no streetlights for at least 20 miles. If you are lucky, you might experience a magical phenomenon like this video. It is breathtakingly beautiful and so fun for children!

Tips: you can put on your Armstrong’s hat and turn into a pro, genius astronomer during your stargazing activity. Get an app! Stellarium app is excellent for a novice, it lets you see the positions of the planets, set your location, move the horizon. It also has a red night mode, to keep your phone’s white light from interfering with your eyes’ ability to adjust to the dark.

Giant Bubble Wands Kit

gift for outdoorsy child
Bubbles Outdoor Toy for Kids

Who doesn’t love bubbles?  Did you know that a soap bubble is 10,000 thinner than the average human hair?! WOW…Amazing!

Creating giant bubbles is satisfying and mesmerizing. It could be an ideal family camping activity and if you want to avoid the hassle of DIY-ing everything, this Giant Bubble Wands Kit is the best gift for an outdoorsy child.

This is a great activity if you plan to camp out at the beach in a tropical area. Why? Tropical beaches make great bubbling locations, particularly if you can catch a calm morning or evening whilst the air is cool and humid. The sea air is so wet the bubbles last terrifically long. 

Ladder Toss Golf Game Set

Kids camping gifts

So. You finished setting up your mighty tent. Your delicious spread of camping foods is already served on the picnic table, warm. What’s next? 

How about a game or two of the Ladder Toss Golf Game. A great group game option, this is a perfect kid camping gift or for friends as well. Also known as Ladder Golf, Bolo Toss, Boloball, or Hillbilly Golf, some speculate that the game may have originated as early as the 1900s. 

What more, it is also believed the bola is a stand-in for a live snake, which cowboys in the western United States used to throw at fences or branches for points. Yeehaw!

The set up is simple and not too hard to assemble. You can refer here for more info on game rules and scoring. It is also doable and you can DIY as well. But yeah – just get real and save your time by not doing the unnecessary. Available on Amazon, you can click to purchase and get the game set delivered straight to your door instead. 

Tactical Laser Tag Game 

Kids camping gifts

Do you wish to be the coolest parent ever? Then try something exciting and foster that bonding with your kids.  Take your teen’s obsession with video games, and create an actual reality event where he/she can be inside their OWN favorite game!

Tactical Laser Tag (TLT) or NERF Battle Tag is a fun, exhilarating activity for players of any age; after all, you’re never too old for a laser tag. It is building relationships through laughter and overwhelming euphoria of winning OR losing a match,really. 

Not only that, but this game is also great for team-building with colleagues and corporate events as well.

If you like the idea of having a Tactical Laser Tag party while camping, then you can purchase through here. Believe me, it is the PERFECT GIFT IDEA, sure to delight kids of all ages!

But when buying NERF game sets intended for young adults, please make sure the laser blasters are ergonomically designed with a solid grip and easy to handle.  You want to make sure that it is 100% SAFE, using Child Safety Infrared Signal Emission around 0.9mW. 

Rock Painting Kit – Glow In The Dark!

outdoor gifts for kids

While camping out in the woods or cave, set up your own Flintstones family theme – back to the Stone Age setting. Yabba dabba doo! *insert Flintstones music here. LOL

Amused younger kids participating in the camping trip with this Rock Painting Kit which can GLOW in the dark. You can pre-paint the rock before the trip and arrange them around your campsite – before sunset. 

When night falls, it is time to be in awe of how the fluorescent paint works. And watch it turn your painted rocks glow in the dark! 

Using this complete rock painting kit you no longer have to worry about faded paints as it is using weather-resistant and waterproof painting supplies. 

Now it’s time for you to get creative and I recommend for you to use this as a “handshake gift” for new friends your kids made from the trip.

Archery Toy Set

Kids camping gifts

Archery is famous for improving hand-eye coordination, improving focus as well as body posture. But it is quite hazardous to play it indoor inside your house confined space.

So it’s a perfect time for you to play archery when on a camping trip. Involve your kids as well and let them show you their accuracy skills, fine motor skills, and collaboration skills.

For beginners, make sure to choose a safe archery set for beginners. Designed for kids ages 3-12 years old, the bow sizes are ideal for small body frames. Not only that, but the suction cup arrow provided will also ensure no person (or cat?!) is injured while your kids are trying out this game. 

Quick List of Family-friendly places to camp around the world:

If the ideas of camping out are already lurking in your mind but still unsure where to go, check out here. 

Japan: Oarai Sun Beach Campsite Ibaraki.

If you fancy beach camping, this is for you. Open all year long, prior reservation is mandatory here. You can rent the camping equipment and the management provides toilet and shower facilities at the site.

Japan: Kuta Campsite, Kyoto.

Experience camping in the woods, with a beautiful clean river. Albeit being in the forest, the campsite is accessible by car. They even have a fishing pond, especially for enthusiast anglers.

Thailand: Doi Inthanon, Chiang Mai.

The campsite is located in Chiang Mai Sightseeing and National Parks. Situated 2500 meters above sea level, it is home to the tallest point in entire Thailand. If you are going, be prepared for unpredictable cold and rainy weather on highland. 

UAE: Jebel Jais, Highest peak of UAE

Although the place looks so remote, it has become one of the most visited camping spots for campers around the world. Campers come here to experience stargazing, catching the sunset, shooting stars at night as well as sunrise in the morning. As it is located in the desert area, it is hot during the day and could be very cold come nightfall. During winter, the temperature dips to 11 degrees Celsius. 

USA: Hidden Springs State Forest, Illinois USA 

This is a great place for hiking and camping. The terrain varies from flat bottomland areas along Richland Creek to steep hillsides. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for songbirds, flowers, and mushrooms on your jaunt. Your outdoorsy kids would love this place. 

Some of these places are located on a mountain, highland and forest, some at the beach and even in the desert. They all look so picturesque, so it would have been fun to take the tour and experience nature. 

No matter how the setting and facilities provided at campsites, if you intended to camp I recommend your choice of camping destination should be agreed on by all of the participants going. 

Wherever you plan to bring your family, remember to enjoy the moment and appreciate the bond you have together. 

Best Kids Camping Gifts

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