11 Best Women’s Snowboarding Boots [2023 Guide]

Are you looking for the best women’s snowboarding boots for your upcoming snowboarding adventure?

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Written by WWB Writer Sam Lee, this article shows a list of the 11 best womens snowboard boots 2022 with detailed reviews and an informative buying guide that you can depend on to get your perfect snowboarding gears.

Best Women’s Snowboarding Boots:

  1. Ride Hera 
  2. K2 Kinsley 
  3. Vans Hi-Standard OG
  4. DC Step On Lotus
  5. Burton Mint 
  6. thirtytwo STW 
  7. Nitro Flora TLS
  8. thirtytwo TM-2 XLT 
  9. Burton Supreme
  10. K2 Maysis
  11. Salomon Kiana

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11 Best Women’s Snowboarding Boots

1.Ride Hera Snowboarding Boots

If you are looking for one of the best freestyle boots for snowboarding, Ride Hera is definitely on the list. 

These boots are specially made to shred terrain parks with the highest flexibility level of snowboard movement control. 

Its heat moldable Intuition Support Foam Liner offers a precision fit level of feet to the boots and maximum support.  

One of the boots’ tech, Ladies’ Specific Design Calf Adjustment Technology (LSD CAT) enables the boot cuff to adjust according to the calf size for comfortable fitting. 

The BOA lacing system comprises Tongue Tied BOA and BOA Coiler Closure, offering secure feet-boots binding and convenient boots’ loosening and tightening. 

  • Flex: Medium
  • Lacing system: BOA
  • Riding style: Freestyle
  • Ability level: Intermediate-Advanced


Snowboard boots flex refers to the amount of support the boots provide, and how fast they transfer the energy to your snowboarding board for board movement.

Boots lacing system refers to the lacing of the boots, where the boots can be tightened manually or with the help of a small handle or turning knob connected to a network of synthetic strings. 

You can read more on these features under “Things To Consider When Choosing Best Women’s Snowboarding Boots” in this article.

2.K2 Kinsley Snowboarding Boots

K2 Kinsley snowboarding boots fall into the all-mountain boots category. 

These boots are comfortable to be worn all day long, making them one of the most comfortable womens snowboard boots in the market. 

The light rubber outsole comes with Harshmellow technology, offering maximum durability and grip. 

Besides, the sole also absorbs the impact generated during snowboarding—which means lesser foot discomfort and yay to longer snowboarding sessions!

The great foot comfortability of these boots is also attributed to the 3D EVA Foam insole and 3D Intuition Control Foam liner too.

The H3/M3 BOA lacing system is responsible for the secure and quick adjustment of the upper and lower zones of the foot-boots binding. 

  • Flex: Medium
  • Lacing system: BOA
  • Riding style: All-mountain
  • Ability level: Intermediate-Advanced

3.Vans Hi-Standard OG Snowboarding Boots

Vans Hi-Standard OG boots are one of the few best freestyle boots that you can consider getting.

The V1 Popcush footbed has Dampening technology that absorbs the impact and lessens leg fatigue when snowboarding. 

If comfort is your main priority, stay with us on these boots— the pairing between V1 Ultracush Liner and the V1 harness offer enhanced comfort with excellent heel hold. 

The boots also come with PleasureCuff, an elastic feature that fits according to the size of your calf for better-cushioned support. 

The iconic feature of these Van Hi-Standard OG boots lies in their V1 Waffle Lug outsole, offering exceptional all-condition traction. 

  • Flex: Medium
  • Lacing system: Traditional
  • Riding style: Freestyle
  • Ability level: Intermediate-Advanced

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4.DC Step On Lotus Snowboarding Boots

If bending down to buckle the snowboard’s straps onto the boots is not your kind of hot cocoa, you will be glad that you stumble upon DC Step On Lotus Boots.

One of the top rated womens snowboard boots in the market, DC’s Step On Technology allows secure boots binding to the snowboard without the need of straps. 

Their Impact S Insole helps to absorb impact from the heavy landings, offering good feet comfort and board control. 

To further increase snowboarders’ comfortability, the boots are also designed with a White Liner that has heat-insulating functions against the cold weather. 

Their dual BOA system tightens and loosens the boots at ease, and allows fine-tune customisation fit almost instantly. 

  • Flex: Medium 
  • Lacing system: BOA
  • Riding style: All-mountain
  • Ability level: Intermediate-Advanced

5.Burton Mint Snowboarding Boots

If you are looking for the best women’s snowboard boots for beginners, Burton Mint is among the top picks that you can consider getting. 

Thanks to their Total Comfort construction and the lightweight cushioning of Dynolite outsole, your feet will always be in a broken-in state from Day 1. 

Designed with Sleeping Bag technology and snow-proof gusset, these boots features keep your feet stay warm throughout your snowboarding learning journey. 

The Coiler technology BOA system offers quick fit customisation and convenient boots laced-up alternatives to beginners. 

  • Flex: Soft
  • Lacing system: BOA 
  • Riding style: All-mountain
  • Ability level: Beginner-Intermediate

6.thirtytwo STW Snowboarding Boots

Another best all mountain snowboard boots, thirtytwo STW boots are designed with a moulded footbed for all-day comfort. 

These all-mountain style riding boots boast their lightweight cushioning Evolution Foam Outsole and even-flexing 3D Moulded Tongue. 

Besides, the dual-density intuition foam comfort liner offers moderate support and exceptional feet warmth and comfort. 

thirtytwo STW boots also come with a Dual BOA fit system, providing better flexibility and high precision custom fit. 

  • Flex: Soft
  • Lacing system: BOA
  • Riding style: All-mountain
  • Ability level: Beginner-Intermediate

7.Nitro Flora TLS Snowboarding Boots

A comfy snowboard boots, Nitro Flora TLS is a popular choice among snowboarding beginners due to their soft flex and fit. 

Apart from that, the EVA footbed offers lightweight cushioning while its rubber outsole increases the grip and absorbs the heavy impact from snowboarding activity. 

Their heat-moldable Cloud 1 liner paired with TLS speed twin lacing system allow exact, comfortable fitting and easy boots tightening and loosening.  

These boots also come with interlock lining technology that reduces heel slippage incidents. 

  • Flex: Soft
  • Lacing system: Speed/ Quick
  • Riding style: All-mountain
  • Ability level: Beginner-Intermediate

8.thirtytwo TM-2 XLT Snowboarding Boots

If you do not fancy an advanced lacing system and prefer old school boots, thirtytwo TM-2 XLT boots are going to be your top pick.

Dubbed as the most bulletproof boot among stiff snowboard boots, TM2 XLT boots offer additional feet protection against harsh elements thanks to their moulded rubber toe cap and quarter.

The heat-moldable Performance Fit Liner accompanied by a heel hold kit providing exceptional feet comfort, flexibility, and exact fitting. 

The Vibram outsole offers superior traction and high durability while the Performance footbed offers arch support and heel cushioning. 

Plus, the traditional lacing system is aided by the additional power strap that ensures secure feet-boot binding for a better sudden sharp turn and great response. 

  • Flex: Stiff
  • Lacing system: Traditional
  • Riding style: Freeride
  • Ability level: Expert

9.Burton Supreme Snowboarding Boots

One of the best freeride snowboard boots in the market, Burton Supreme boots come with Total Comfort construction technology that provides an exceptional level of comfort and flexibility. 

The Plush Cuff 2.0 backed by Tuff Cuff Lite offers great heel hold, maximum support, and exact calf fit. 

The warmth retention and soft cushioning features of the boots are attributed to the DRYRIDE Heat Cycle and Sleeping Bag technologies—meaning no more uncomfortable cold feet when snowboarding during the cold winter!

Not to forget, the speed lacing system allows quick lacing control and high precision customisation fit almost instantly.     

  • Flex: Stiff
  • Lacing system: Speed/ Quick
  • Riding style: Freeride
  • Ability level: Expert

10.K2 Maysis Snowboarding Boots

If having wide feet makes you feel despair while searching for the ideal women’s snowboarding boots, we hope this will make you feel a little better. 

One of the best women’s snowboard boots for wide feet, K2 Maysis has Endo 2.0 construction technology that enhances boots’ strength and durability. 

These boots are suitable for all-day wearing, thanks to the comfort and support from Intuition Control Foam Liner. 

The boots’ comfortability is further improved with the patented Conda Liner Lacing, offering excellent heel hold and cushy ankle pockets. 

The premium rubber outsole promotes better gripping and traction, whereas the EVA midsole with Harshmellow Dampening technology works great in absorbing the impact and vibration from all the sliding and jumping. 

The H4 BOA lacing system allows a precision fitting and easy boots tightening, even with the gloves on. 

  • Flex: Stiff
  • Lacing system: BOA
  • Riding style: Freestyle
  • Ability level: Intermediate-Advanced

11.Salomon Kiana Snowboarding Boots

The last best women’s snowboarding boots in this article are Salomon Kiana.

Designed exclusively for women, these Salomon Kiana boots come with Fit to Ride construction that offers exceptional comfort and durability no matter which terrain you are on. 

The heat-moldable custom fit liner backed by the comfy Ortholite footbed allows an additional level of all-day comfort and snug fit. 

If any of the feet and sock sliding annoys you, we feel you—Salomon Kiana’s Heel Grip technology is guaranteed to lock both your feet and socks in place, providing better response and board movement control. 

The grippy outsole rubber with Energy Cell EVA feature helps to provide better traction and shock absorption, leading to enhanced overall leg comfort and flexibility.

In addition, the Dual BOA system controlling dual zones tightening allows quick boots adjusting at ease.

  • Flex: Medium
  • Lacing system: BOA 
  • Riding style: Freestyle
  • Ability level: Intermediate-Advanced

Can You Snowboard With Regular Boots?

Some snowboarding beginners might put on regular boots to keep the expenditure related to this sport low. 

Because undeniably, a pair of good women’s snowboarding boots will cost at least US$250 and the price will soar even further for the latest-technologies-packed boots that vow to improve the snowboarder’s overall experience. 

However, it is worth noting that regular boots are not ideal for this extreme adrenaline-rushing sport. 

Stiff snowboard boots provide the necessary ankle support and protection. These boots will hold your legs securely and binding fit, giving you better heel and toe control and overall snowboard movement. 

Things To Consider When Choosing Best Women’s Snowboarding Boots

Below are several boots related aspects to consider before you embark on the journey of getting the best womens snowboard boots 2021:


These snowboarding boots are categorised into: 

  • Freestyle
  • Freeride
  • All-Mountain


Freestyle snowboarding boots are designed for riders who ride in terrain parks. 

These boots are generally softer, offering a free range of motion and high flexibility. These main features of freestyle boots enable the rider to perform jumping tricks on rails and boxes. 

Some of the best freestyle boots for women listed in this article are Ride Hera and Vans Hi-Standard OG.


Freeriders are more adventurous where they mostly spend their time riding in natural, ungroomed terrain. 

As they need greater flex control and short response time to avoid the trees or rocks that are in their trail, freeride boots are typically stiffer and more durable. 

If you are looking for the recommended boots snowboard freeride in this article, check out Burton Supreme and thirtytwo TM-2 XLT


All-mountain boots are versatile and pretty much work on most terrains. 

Most beginners started with all-mountain boots and progressively upgraded their skills to become freestyle riders or freeriders. 

Best snowboard boots for all mountain riding include DC Step On Lotus and thirtytwo STW

Boot Flex

There are three types of boot flex to choose from: 

  • Soft
  • Medium
  • Stiff


A soft flex is ideal for freestyle riders. It offers more flexibility and ankle mobility—hence better control of the snowboarding movement.  

Some all-mountain snowboarding boots come with soft flex, making these comfy snowboard boots a popular choice among snowboarding beginners. 


Medium flex boots might not be comfortable at first for beginners. Nevertheless, these boots offer better movement control than soft ones. 

Medium flex boots are also popular among all-mountain riders. 


Stiff boots are the better-suited option for freerider. The boots offer maximum support for movement control and stability at high speed.

Nevertheless, stiff womens snowboard boots are the least comfortable among all when worn. 

Boot Lacing

Snowboarding boots have three types of boot lacing system: 

  • Traditional
  • Speed
  • BOA

Traditional Lacing

As the name suggests, traditional lacing refers to the typical shoelace that you can find on ordinary shoes.


  • Cheapest option
  • Lace is easily replaceable
  • Most secure fit


  • Lacing can get loosen easily
  • Requires a long time to tie and adjust, especially when gloves are on 

Speed Lacing

Speed lacing involves a quick-pull handle attached by two nylon cables. 


  • Can be adjusted even with the gloves on
  • Convenient and quick
  • Customisable fit


  • Difficult to be repaired when lacing system broke down

BOA Lacing

BOA lacing system is a patented system that involves stainless steel wires connected to a turning knob for lace tightening or loosening. 


  • Can be adjusted even with the gloves on
  • Convenient and quick
  • Customisable fit


  • The most expensive boots option
  • Difficult to be repaired when lacing system broke down
  • Presence of pressure points

Boot Liners

Boot liners refer to the inner part of the snowboarding boots, keeping your feet warm and comfortable. 

The three types of boot liners are:

  • Non-Moldable
  • Thermoformable
  • Custom Moldable


It takes a long time for a non-moldable liner to mould to your feet. Due to this feature, the non-moldable liner is also the least expensive option. 


A thermoformable liner will mould according to the shape of your foot by utilising the natural heat of your body. 

Custom Moldable

Custom moldable liner uses special equipment to mould your feet with the highest precision fit level. Therefore, this liner is the most expensive liner option available in the market. 

How To Put On Snowboard Boots?

So now that you have gotten your brand new stiff womens snowboard boots (soft and medium too), it is time to learn how to wear them!

Below shows the step-by-step guide on putting on the snowboarding boots:

  1. Wear snowboarding socks
  2. Loosen the boots’ laces (traditional) and outer lacing systems (speed or BOA) to open up the boots
  3. Pull the boot’s tongue and slid your foot into the boot
  4. Make sure the heel fits into the heel pocket by tapping the boot onto the ground
  5. Place the tongue against your shin before tightening the liner lacing
  6. Then move on to tightening the shell lacing
  7. Stand up and flex the boots forward and back to check the fitting
  8. Adjust the laces or fine-tune the lacing system for better fitting if needed

To have a better visual on how to put on the snowboarding boots, check out this video from EVO. 

Additional Tips Before Buying Snowboarding Boots

Here are some useful tips to fine-tune the selection of snowboarding boots before finalising the purchase: 

  1. It’s best to try on the snowboard boots before buying or opt for a pair from a shop that allows boots size exchange or refund
  2. Put on the usual pair of snowboarding socks before putting on the boots
  3. Identify the ski terrain before getting the ideal snowboarding boots
  4. If you have the budget to create a better ski experience, go for custom-made boots insoles
  5. Well-fitting boots triumphs over stylish looking boots

When To Replace Snowboard Boots?

Even the top rated womens snowboard boots will wear out over time and need to be replaced.

The average lifespan of typical snowboard boots is about 40 to 100 days of riding. 

As all snowboard boots are not made equal, it boils down to two questions when it comes to replacing the boots: 

  1. The Stiffness Of Snowboard Boots

If the snowboard boots are no longer providing the support needed and turned soft, it is time to change the boots. 

Stiffer snowboard boots protect the ankles from over-flexing and getting hurt, especially if your riding style is freeride. 

Over time, the boots’ stiffness will gradually reduce and boots turning soft. The turning rate is amplified especially when you ski daily.

  1. The Wear-Out Condition Of The Boots

If the straps or parts of the snowboard boots start to fall out, it is definitely the time to get a brand new pair. 


So here are the 11 best women’s snowboard boots 2021 that you can get for the upcoming snowboarding season!

We hope that the information in this buying and review article has been useful to you. And if you know anyone who needs to look for the best women’s snowboarding boots, remember to share this with them! 

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