8 Plus Size Hiking Clothes In 2023 – Super Comfy!

Plus Size Hiking Clothes – With the modern clothing industry creating new brands constantly, it can be difficult to know where to start looking for plus-sized options.

That is why we have highlighted some of the best hiking clothing brands that have been made to support larger sizes.

Durable material that is flexible, breathable, and comfortable are some of the ways that plus-size hiking clothes may differ from mainstream brands.

We have outlined some key features to look out for in your search for plus-sized hiking clothes, and briefly discussed where you can find great websites offering the essentials.

Get ready for your next hike with confidence and style, knowing that you are wearing clothes that are long-lasting and comfortable.

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Firstly, it might seem a little obvious, but your priority should be a comfort when it comes to plus size hiking clothes.

Hiking is no fun at all if you feel constricted or like your clothes don’t fit correctly.

Being able to move freely is important to us, which is why we have taken the time to compare the best hiking clothing options for any type of weather or terrain.


In addition to comfort, any type of clothing made for hiking needs to be breathable. Ensuring that your body does not overheat when you are moving shouldn’t be a luxury.

Plus-sized people are entitled to the same variety of options for hiking clothing as those whose size falls within the typical size range.

Ensuring that your body can regulate its temperature is highly important for someone who wants to spend more time hiking.

Breathable materials can prevent moisture build-up which can lead to rubbing or unpleasant odours.


Another thing that can affect your comfort levels is how flexible a piece of clothing is.

Being able to move in different ways without feeling constrained or limited should also be a priority.

On that note, it should be important to find the right combination of layers that move with you and allow you to enjoy your hikes.

Plus Size Hiking Clothing

As we’ve discussed, it’s important that everyone who enjoys hikes should have access to comfortable clothes that fit correctly and are breathable.

This can help provide you with the confidence to push yourself further or try out a more challenging trail.

It’s also essential to have different style options to choose from. These are some of the different pieces of hiking clothing and where you can find plus-sized options.


Ensuring that you are ready for all kinds of weather is essential for hiking, especially if you want to head out when the seasons are changing.

High-quality layers can allow you to stay warm without overheating, and allow you to focus on the wonderful nature around you rather than shivering or worrying about rainfall.

When you are layering, it’s essential that you start off with something breathable that is comfortable in its material and fit.

Your first layer is the most important because it should be a shirt that you are happy to wear on its own once you are warm.

For a long-sleeved option, REI offers a great plus-sized hiking shirt.

plus size hiking clothes long sleeve hiking shirt

Other brands that can have some great options for plus-sized hikers who want to layer include Amazon.

You could consider a short-sleeved gym tee if that is what makes you the most comfortable. Anything that is breathable and easy to move in makes for a great initial layer.

Plus Size Hiking Clothing

Once you have a base layer that you can rely on, you can consider adding layers. The next layer is usually for warmth and can be a fleece sweater or pullover.

plus size hiking clothes fleece pullover

Ensure that you aren’t wearing an overly thick hoodie or sweatshirt, because they tend to make it easier to overheat.

Then, your final layer should be a weatherproof overcoat or jacket that protects you from the wind and rain.


There are several routes you can take when you are stocking your hiking closet.

These include leggings, biker shorts, and waterproof pants that can act as a weatherproof exterior.

Leggings can be a great option for someone who is plus-sized because they are usually made to be breathable and flexible.

As long as you have the right fit, there is no reason why you should not consider purchasing some high-quality leggings for your next hike.

Plus Size Hiking Clothing

Bike shorts are another option for warmer climates, and they can allow better movement while allowing your legs to keep cool.

plus size hiking clothes red stretch outfit

In addition, you could consider active dresses which allow a great amount of style and movement when hiking. For extra coverage, you could wear leggings underneath a dress.

plus size hiking clothes ative dress


For hiking during the warmer months, you could also consider wearing a bathing suit underneath your clothes. This can allow you to jump in the lake or river with your friends and family.

There are a lot of plus-sized swimsuit options, but the retro sailor style could provide the right amount of coverage that you want.

Plus Size Hiking Clothing

Depending on what type of climate you live in, you could consider integrating a swimsuit into your hiking closet so that you are covered on all bases.

This can allow you to feel confident and allow yourself to have fun when you get the chance.


Finally, you should consider investing in a high-quality pair of hiking boots if you haven’t already.

This can make the world of difference, and you might find yourself covering larger distances with ease when you have the right amount of support and comfort around your feet.

Depending on your body type and level of activity, you may want to search for footwear with wider size options than average.

It is also worth considering how the type of terrain can impact your feet and finding the right shoes for the intended job.

This can allow you to make the right purchase, and keep your feet comfortable at all times.

Make sure that you have measured your feet and compared them with the store’s specific sizing guide because they typically vary between brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Plus-Sized Clothes Usually Come In Boring Colors?

There is still a lot of work that needs to be done to make plus-sized clothing more fun and stylish. Brands usually pay less attention to their plus-sized options, which is why they are usually only found in plain colours.

Bolder colours and bright patterns are on the rise, however, and it is worth keeping an eye out for up-and-coming brands promoting this.

What Is Classified As ‘Plus Size’?

Typically, plus size begins at dress size 18 and up. This roughly equates to 1X and up, and 14W and up.

Can I Buy Plus-Sized Clothing At Target?

Yes, even Target has become more realistic about their sizes, and offer a more broad range of sizes to fit all body types.

Summary on Plus Size Hiking Clothes

Overall, there are a lot of things worth considering when you want to fill your closet with plus size hiking clothes.

It is definitely worth thinking about what you feel the most comfortable in, and what makes you feel happy when you are wearing it.

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