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Royal Belum Houseboat – A Lifetime Experience [The Ultimate Guide]

Do you want to know more about the Royal Belum Houseboat? 

It’s estimated that the Belum Temengor Tropical Rainforest, near the Malaysian-Thai border, is more than 130 million years old. It’s hilly to a mountainous area with an altitude range of 130 m to 1,553 m in Peninsular Malaysia’s spine. 

The man-made Temenggor Lake takes up 15,200 hectares of the total 300,000 hectares

The lake is dotted with dozens of untouched islands, including Pulau Banding, where you can find solitude and become at one with nature. 

The Royal Belum State Park is an enormous state park in northern Peninsular Malaysia. It is home to a diverse range of wildlife as part of the larger Belum-Temengor Forest Complex (BTFC), which is shared with Thailand. 

royal belum houseboat lake

What Is The Royal Belum Houseboat?

It is a houseboat found at Temenggor Lake and Belum Rainforest. 

It makes the perfect setting for those who want to go on adventures. It is also for those who just want to enjoy nature in its purest form, spacious and sophisticated. 

As of now, only a small portion of the enormous forest has been preserved and protected as part of the Belum State Park. 

These one-of-a-kind structures can be found in Malaysia in Tasik Banding, Perak and Tasik Kenyir, Terengganu. Boating around the lake is possible because of the vessel’s dual purpose. In this article, we will look at the expeditions at Tasik Banding as a whole. Here is a video of what the houseboat is all about.

Belum has the potential to become one of Malaysia’s future’s most recognisable cities, and also Tasik banding boathouse.

5 Best Royal Belum Houseboat Packages Available 

By the way, do you want an ALL INCLUSIVE Rain Forest Adventure at Royal Belum National Park from Kuala Lumpur?

Here you experience waterfalls , white water rafting and FULLY immerse yourself in nature with this private tour!

What’s Included

  • Accommodation as per itinerary.
  • Accommodations are twin sharing unless otherwise specified.
  • Full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner during your stay at the resort)
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off (Kuala Lumpur/Penang Hotels)
  • Lunch (2)
  • Dinner (2)
  • Breakfast (2)
  • Activities as per itinerary
  • Alcoholic drinks (available to purchase)
  • Food and drinks, unless specified
  • Insurance.

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What Range Of Houseboat Packages Are Available?

The best way to get around Royal Belum Forest is to spend the night in a Royal Belum Houseboat. There are a few Houseboat operators here but I prefer to recommend those who:

  •  Have extensive experience here,
  •  Have a good track record and,
  •  And are friendly with guests.

By using a houseboat, you can stop at suitable places according to the activities and offers. 

This is something you cannot find if you use chalet accommodation in a certain location. The houseboats are also equipped with a speed boat so it is easy for you to visit more remote areas.

The most prominent houseboat package is definitely the Royal Belum Houseboat package and apart from this, there are many others too that are equally enthralling and full of adventure. 

Bring a headlamp to help you get through night adventures and treks

royal belum houseboat headlamp

Let’s go sailing y’all!

Royal Belum Houseboat

1. Basic Houseboat Package

The Basic Houseboat has comfortable cabins and

  •  Can accommodate up to 24 people
  •  Duration 2 days, 1 night and
  •  The price range at RM 245.00 (USD 59).

Thus, it is ideal for your family, group of friends, or company members. 

During the cruise, you will participate in various activities such as trekking, visiting natives, swimming in a waterfall and lake, fishing, BBQ under the stars, and even karaoke!

From the small islet of Pulau Banding, in the middle of the Belum and Temenggor forest area, the cruise will set out on its journey. When you get to the ship, the skipper, chef, and tour guide will all be there to help you out.

The houseboat is 48 metres long and 28 metres wide.

It has 6 cabins divided by quad rooms and 2 bathrooms to share. The houseboat also has a small and basic kitchen, as well as a control room and relaxation areas (both indoors and outdoors). 

Pulau Banding’s public jetty is where the houseboat will leave. There, you’ll run into the boat’s Captain and the rest of its crew. The houseboat will set sail for Temenggor after you’ve greeted the crew and settled into your accommodations.

Day 1 – Going to Royal Belum State Park

The journey starts at 09:00 hours to 19:00 hours to meet your crew and the cruise starts with all activities laid out well with entertainment, trekking, lunch and dinner.

Day 2 – Waking up on Temenggor Lake

The day starts with breakfast at 08:00 hours to 16:00 hours moving into taking a fine dip at the waterfalls with fun-packed activities, lunch until the time of arrival at the public jetty.

2.White Orchid Houseboat Package

The White Orchid Houseboat has comfortable cabins and

  • Can accommodate up to 12 people (maximum now 10 people due to the SOPs in place), 
  • Duration 2 days, 1 night and,
  • The price range at RM 500.00 (USD 132). 

Thus, making it ideal for your family, group of friends, or company members making it ideal for your family, group of friends, or employees. 

This houseboat measures 48 metres in length and 28 metres in width. The cabins are located on the ground and first floors. 

The houseboat can accommodate a variety of activities that you choose! 

If you enjoy fishing, the captain will modify the route to include stops in areas where you can catch fish. There is also the option of using bamboo rafts instead of “modern” kayaks. 

Normally, you paddle on bamboo rafts while standing on them, much like a Venetian gondolier! 

You and your group will have exclusive use of the boat, which includes all amenities and a professionally trained crew. 

During the cruise, you will participate in various activities such as trekking, visiting natives, swimming in a waterfall and lake, fishing, BBQ under the stars, and even karaoke! Also, you can check about the Sinaran belum houseboat.

Being awoken by the sounds of the rainforest is a unique experience that you shouldn’t pass up! If you’re lucky, you might see elephants or hear gibbon calls at dusk (although this is extremely rare). 

It’s more common to see large birds like eagles and hornbills throughout the trip.

Day 1 – Going to Royal Belum State Park

The journey starts at 14:00 hours to 21:00 hours to meet your crew and the cruise starts with all activities laid out well with cruising to Sg. Ruok, trekking, lunch, dinner and free activities houseboat Tasik banding.

Day 2 – Waking up on Temenggor Lake

This day starts with breakfast at 07:00 hours to 12:00 hours wake up with breakfast served to the sounds of the rainforest; perhaps you’ll hear gibbon calls, and certainly those of the many birds that inhabit the area with an estimated time of return to jetty in Pulau Banding, bringing the cruise experience to a close.

3.Pak Long Houseboat Package

The Pak Long Houseboat also has comfortable cabins suitable for your family, groups of friends, or company members making it ideal for your family, group of friends, or employees.

The operating hours are from Monday’s to Friday’s with Tuesday’s being an off day from 09:00 hours to 17:00 hours

It is kid-friendly with no alcohol allowed, no smoking is allowed and there is ample parking.

Get up close and personal with Pak Long Houseboat in detail here. You will never regret it.

4.Superior Houseboat Package

The boat is exclusively for you and your group, with all amenities and a qualified crew.

The Superior Houseboat has luxurious staterooms. 

  • Can accommodate up to 40 people making it ideal for your family, friends, or company members
  • Duration 3 days, 2 nights and,
  • The price range at RM 440.00 (USD 106). 

The houseboat can accommodate a variety of activities that you choose! 

If you want to go fishing, the captain will change the route to include spots where you can catch fish. 

The houseboat is 73 metres long and 40 metres wide for (twin, triple sharing and double-decker rooms). Bathrooms are shared, and bedrooms have fans. In addition, the houseboat has relaxation places (both indoor and outdoor), a television area, a kitchen, and a control centre. 

When you arrive onboard, you will be visited by the crew and chief to ensure that the cruise runs as smoothly as possible and that all of your needs are met.

Day 1 – Cruising Royal Belum State Park

The journey starts at 13:00 hours to 20:00 hours to meet and greet your crew and start the cruise with all activities laid going to Orang Asli settlement, trekking Rafflesia sightings, lunch, dinner and karaoke royal belum chalet.

Day 2 – Waking up on Temenggor Lake

This day starts with breakfast at 07:30 hours to 19:00 hours wake up with breakfast served to the sounds of the rainforest. Trekking to the salt lick at Jenut Papan right up to Kelah habitat and dinner with barbecue is served .

Day 3 – Cruising back to the public jetty

This day starts with breakfast at 07:30 hours to 12:00 hours waking up with free time and leisure soon with an estimated time of returning to the royal belum hotel.

5.Ohana Royal Belum Houseboat

The Ohana Royal Belum Houseboat is actually an event management company that manages vacations/tours specifically for their customers who want to find multiple adventures which are definitely unforgettable!!!

The houseboat can accommodate a variety of activities that you choose.

 If you want to go fishing, the captain will change the route to include spots where you can catch fish.

The following are some of the packages they provide: 

  • Kayaking activities.
  • Examine the indigenous people’s way of life and traditions.
  • Exploration of nature, 
  • Sportfishing, team building, and family time.
  • Company get-away.
  • Photography.
  • Bird observation.

This is one of the best pieces of information about Ohana Royal Belum Boathouse here

How To Get To Royal Belum?

Southeast Asia’s 3rd largest city, Ipoh, is located to the northeast of Belum.

There are numerous ways to get to Belum. 

You have 3 options for transportation:

  •  A car (rental car),
  •  A bus, and
  •  A train. 

Pulau Banding is a small village that serves as the park’s entry point. You can take a boat from this jetty point to your resort.

Travel to Royal Belum by car

Travelling to Belum by car is probably the best option because it allows you to be flexible not only during the trip but also at the state park itself. 

Hawk Malaysia, for example, has a drop-off point in Penang as well as one in Kota Bharu. 

This means that you can easily combine a trip to Belum with a trip to Penang or Kota Bharu as your final destination. Kota Bharu is close to Kuala Besut, which is the starting point for a trip to Perhentian Island. 

The price for the car rental would be roughly between RM 800-RM 1000 (USD 192- USD 240) minimum and inclusive of a car, pick-up and delivery. It differs depending on the destinations.

Belum is about a 5- to 6-hour drive from Kuala Lumpur. 

To get to Ipoh, take the North-South Expressway from KL. After passing through Ipoh, you will arrive in Kuala Kangsar (exit 143). From there, follow the signs to Kuala Kangsar.

Another option is to fly to Kota Bharu first and then pick up a rental car at the airport (Hawk Malaysia has an office at the airport); from there, it’s about a three-hour drive to Belum. After that, you have the option to drop by in Penang or drive to Kuala Lumpur via Cameron Highlands.

Travel to Royal Belum by train

The most adventurous way to get to the state park is to take the train to Belum. Trains only run until Ipoh train station, so you’ll need to get to the bus station to catch a bus to Pulau Banding. 

Train tickets can be purchased online via KITS Ticketing  

The minimum ticker price is roughly RM 56-RM 75 (USD 14-USD 18) depending on where you will board the train. Once you are online to purchase the tickets all information will be available for you.

Another option is to take the train to Kuala Kangsar (a few stops after the Ipoh train station) and then catch a bus from there. Remember that buses do not run frequently, so leave KL early.

Travel to Royal Belum by bus.

Terminal Bersepadu Selatan bus station serves as a departure point for a handful of daily buses. There is also KL Sentral Bus Station Terminal (Airport & Long-Distance Buses) and Tioman Ferry

This journey takes you to Gerik bus station which is located 40 kilometres from Pulau Banding and is the entry point to Belum State Park. 

You can purchase the tickets online from these websites and plan your trip. The bus ticket prices vary with the route of your destination. It is roughly around RM 50-RM 60 (USD 12-USD 15) minimum depending on your pick-up and delivery route. 

As a result of these route changes, you cannot rely on the bus to take you to Belum and may instead need to use a taxi at various points along the way.

Where To Stay?

There are a number of good resorts near Royal Belum State Park, most of which are on the shores of Lake Temenggor. 

Because most resorts are spread out, it is difficult to stay at one and eat at another; you are essentially limited to what the resort has to offer. 

Local meals are generally of higher quality than western-style meals. 

The most popular resorts near Royal Belum State Park are 

The great thing about Belum’s resorts is that you can easily book a package deal that includes a 3D/2N or 4D/3N stay, breakfast, dinner, and adventure.

What Are The Best Times To Visit?

The months of April and May; the months of June and July; and the months of August and September plus year-round from October to the end of the year are the best months to go there. 

After this, heavy rains make some of the trails and paths slick. 

The resort on Pulau Banding in the middle of Temenggor Lake is where most visitors stay for 2 nights or for 3 days.

Things To Bring Along With You

royal belum houseboat fishing pole

Tips For Planning A Trip to Royal Belum 

We ask that you depart promptly, as the captain may be unable to accommodate additional cruise hours the following day if another group rents the boat after yours does, and regulations require him to stick to the planned schedule.

All houseboats offer a basic level of comfort, but it’s different from a hotel. 

There is no air conditioning in the aircraft; all of the cabins are equipped with fans. The toilets are communal and there is no hot water in the showers. 

Towels and toiletries should be brought with you. 

Despite the fact that all houseboats are required to follow safety regulations and provide life jackets, even if you are an experienced swimmer, you should exercise extra caution and be extra vigilant while on board.

However, it is recommended to bring appropriate boat shoes and clothing (it may be wet and slippery); bring mosquito repellent or your own mosquito net or sleeping bag if desired. Because the houseboats are sheltered from the elements, you may want to bring a raincoat, hat, and sunblock to protect yourself from the sun.

Bring only the necessary luggage; boat cabins are not as spacious as hotel rooms; therefore, bring only the personal items you will need during the cruise. You may leave any remaining luggage in Pulau Banding or at the last hotel from which you checked out.

It can be a good choice to bring an Ultra-light Warm Weather Envelope Sleeping Bag

royal belum houseboat warm weather sleeping bag

10 Best Activities To Explore While On Royal Belum Houseboat

1.Cruising Along The Tasik Banding Lake

You will sleep one night in the middle of Temenggor Lake, surrounded by a pristine forest and starry sky. 

The sounds of the rainforest will keep you company 🙂

 You might even see elephants at dusk or hear gibbon calls occasionally. Large birds, such as eagles or hornbills, are more common throughout the trip. 


Given the area’s secluded and peaceful nature, a very rich and dense population of fish and aquatic species has since developed in its lake and surrounding streams.

 Belum has no endangered fish species. Some fishing is even encouraged, as it is in other areas, in order to balance certain fish populations. 

Many fish species, such as Toman (Giant Snakehead) and Sebarau (Hampala Barb – jungle perch), are popular among anglers.

Other species found in Belum-Temenggor include Lampam Sungai (Barboides), Kelah (Malaysian Mahseer), Kawan (Friendly Barb), Kalui (Giant Gouramy), Baung (Catfish), and many more. It is a fishing haven for enthusiastic anglers.

3.Trekking To The Sungai Kooi Waterfall

Our next destination is the Sungai Kooi Waterfall (Pronounced ‘Ko’oi,’ which means ‘beautiful.’). 

The journey from Kg. Aman Damai to the Kooi Waterfall area takes about 1 hour via the boathouse docked at Tasik Banding and another 10 minutes boat ride to the entrance.

The trek to Kooi Waterfall is strenuous because the path to the waterfall is steep and slippery but it will be so worth it amidst the difficult trail.

4.Paying Homage To The Native Villages

The experiment in the Royal Belum State Park suggests a solution: the most effective way to protect forests and wildlife is to enlist the help of the local communities who already live there and have a unique body of knowledge about the landscape they live in.

A far more effective defence than governments can muster comes from those who make a living from the forest and have an incentive to protect it. 

The Orang Asli are the Natives here and they too are the guardians here.

5.Swimming At The Fish Sanctuary In Sungai Ruok

It’s about 18 km from Tasik Banding Jetty to Ruok Waterfall, which is a popular tourist destination in the Royal Belum Rainforest. 

The trip to the Ruok Waterfall area took about 2 hours by boathouse from our docking in Tasik Banding and another 5 minutes by boat to the entrance.

At the foot of the Ruok Waterfall, unlike the Kooi Waterfall, one needs to hike for over an hour to reach the waterfall, the Ruok Waterfall is only a few minutes away.

As a result of the area being a freshwater fish sanctuary, no fishing is permitted. As a result, you’ll see schools of Kelah, Tengas, or Temoleh fish swimming around. Ruok Waterfall, on the other hand, allows visitors to feed the fish or swim among them.

6.Tracking The Rafflesia 

In addition, the Rafflesia, the world’s largest flower, can be found in Royal Belum. 

While growing up, one should be aware that the state flower of Sabah, the Rafflesia, can be found in the rainforests, but it is in awe that they are so found on the peninsula. I figured the time had come for me to see the Rafflesia for the first time at the Royal Belum Forest

Gear up with these Lightweight Outdoor Hiking Pants for long treks in tropical climates

royal belum houseboat trekking pants

7.BBQ Under The Stars

This camping trip is ideal for those who enjoy the outdoors and spending time in the great outdoors. In fact, camping in Royal Belum state park is a pleasurable and memorable adventure. 

Having BBQ under the stars is a dream come true for many who want to escape the bustling city life.

Once the sun goes down, you’ll have the jungle all to yourself. 

There’s no need to set an alarm; the sunrise will wake you up in the early hours of the morning anyway. Listen to the birds singing as you eat your breakfast.

8.Exploring The Salt Lick Area

Natural salt licks are mineral-rich deposits that play an important role in the tropical rainforest ecosystem. 

Similarly, the importance of salt lick in terms of the physiological well-being of animals fed plant-based diets has been well documented.

Furthermore, topography has been suggested to affect the accessibility of certain prey to using the salt lick due to changes in mineral content of the salt lick area. 

This rainforest in Malaysia, known as the Royal Belum Rainforest (Royal Belum), is home to a diverse range of wildlife that congregates around a salt flat. 

One of Malaysia’s most stable fauna-ecology forests, the Malayan tiger’s (Panthera tigris) home range dynamics are being studied now due to the forest’s stability.

9.Hunt To Watch The Hornbills

Join for the chance to record all ten species of Malaysian hornbill.

The expert guides will take you to three fantastic birding locations to maximise our chances of completing the Hornbill list. You will also visit some of Malaysia’s lush tropical rainforests to see the other 200 or so target birds on this expedition.

The idyllic Kenyir Lake, the quieter gateway to Peninsular Malaysia’s National Park, is the tour’s final stop. With the exception of the plain-pouched Hornbill. 

Almost all of the different hornbill species have been recorded here by our guides and other independent birders. 

You will be staying in hotels about 45 minutes away and driving and walking along the lake’s beautiful bird-friendly and quiet lakeside roads.

10.Kayaking And Water Rafting

The Singoh River offers whitewater rafting only to experienced and professional rafters. 

This 3-days wilderness adventure in Malaysia lets you raft through 8-storey high rapids, trek on leech trails, camp by the river, eat well-cooked food over a campfire and gaze at the stars in the cold without the use of phone networks. 

You’ll be enveloped in the beauty of nature and the soothing sounds of the great outdoors.

 You can see what other people have to say about a destination by checking out Tripadvisor. White water rafting on the Singoh River is a very rare programme, and it takes at least a month’s notice to plan for it.


This whole adventure in Royal Belum Houseboat is so unique and extremely quiet and peaceful, as it is located on its own island in the middle of the man-made Temenggor Lake. 

It is a perfect adventure spot for anyone who is looking for outdoor activities to indulge in and be mesmerized by its natural beauty and dense greenery with lush surroundings.

You can visit these sites below for more details on the packages, bookings, reservations, numbers to call and for assistance for your travel to Royal Belum State Park. 

Hope you will enjoy this lifetime experience!!!

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