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45 Malaysia Short Getaways [+Prices and Local Tips in 2023!]

Planning for your next Malaysia short getaway? I got you covered with the best Malaysia short getaways destinations that are fun and off the beaten path!

One of the best perks of living in Malaysia is the insane amount of public holidays on offer (like who’s complaining!). Here’s a handy list of long weekend trips for you to plan your next city escape.

Here are some of the best Malaysia short getaways below:

  1. Janda Baik
  2. Sekinchan
  3. Kuala Sepetang
  4. Batang Kali
  5. Hulu Langat
  6. Pulau Carey
  7. Bukit Tinggi
  8. Kuala Kubu Bharu
  9. Fraser’s Hill 
  10. Genting Highlands
  11. Taman Negara
  12. Belum Rainforest
  13. Malacca
  14. Penang
  15. Pulau Langkawi
  16. Cherating
  17. Pulau Kapas
  18. Pulau Tioman
  19. Pulau Perhentian
  20. Pulau Redang
  21. Kuala Selangor
  22. Ulu Yam, Batang Kali
  23. Taiping
  24. Bukit Jugra
  25. Port Dickson
  26. Cameron Highlands
  27. Desaru Beach
  28. Tambun
  29. Kota Kinabalu
  30. Kundasang
  31. Kuching
  32. Lang Tengah Island
  33. Pulau Rawa
  34. Bukit Merah
  35. KL City Centre
  36. Pulau Sibu
  37. Semporna
  38. Mulu National Park
  39. Bako National Park
  40. Johor Bahru
  41. Jungle Railway Of East Coast
  42. Ipoh
  43. Seremban
  44. Pangkor Island
  45. Gopeng

If you’re planning a short vacay in Malaysia soon and have a couple of days free in your itinerary, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Malaysia’s best short getaways.

I’ve picked 3 of my favorite short getaways in Malaysia and gone into additional detail.

If you’d like to know more about them or the rest of these relaxing getaways, drop me a message in the comments below.


Some of the links on here are affiliate links, and I may earn if you click on them, AT NO EXTRA cost to you. I hope you find the information here useful! Thanks.

What Is A Malaysia Short Getaway?

I’m thinking trips of about two to three nights tops.

If it’s more than a 2-hour drive, there’s probably a more convenient bus or flight you can take. The whole idea is spending less time getting there and more time THERE, relaxing and being one with nature. 

So if it’s a short weekend getaway in Malaysia you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place.

Where Is Malaysia And Why Choose Short Getaways In Malaysia? 

Well, if you’re not living in Malaysia already, what’s your excuse?

It’s the place to be if you’re looking for good food, great sights, and better vibes outside the hustle and bustle of city life. If you’re looking for a short escape in Malaysia, you’ve come to the right place.

Note- Here are some really popular food, cultural and adventure tours, that are likely to sell out if you don’t book them ahead of your trip!

1. Janda Baik

Probably the most popular Malaysia short getaway from Kuala Lumpur in recent times, Janda Baik has it all.

Whether it’s a relaxing couple of days or a fun-filled weekend packed with activities, this little town on the foothills of Genting Highlands has something for everyone.

Quite oddly-named Janda Baik, which loosely translates to ‘Good Divorcee/Widow,’ this little village was given its name by The Sultan of Pahang in the 1930s.

He was apparently taken by the story of a divorced wife of the village chief. She initially left the village but later returned, much to the surprise and pleasure of the village folk. 

It is a popular garden wedding destination and great for team-building retreats. It has also upped its game recently with quite a few chic and trendy spots to cater to the younger crowd.

So if it’s ‘one for the gram’ you’re after, head down to Janda Baik this weekend. 

Getting There

The best way to get to this Malaysia short getaway is to drive.

It’s a mere 45km or 30min drive north of KL.

Book a rental or use a rideshare app if you need it, but driving will give you the flexibility you need to get around conveniently. 

You could get a taxi from KL, which would cost you around RM100 (USD25) from the Gombak LRT station.  You could take a bus to Genting Highlands, followed by a taxi, which will cost a whole lot more.

What To Do?

Sungai Benus

A mainstay on any trip to Janda Baik. This gorgeous river with crystal clear water is perfect for a nice cooling dip or a picnic by its banks.

Riverside gazebos are available for rental at RM20 (USD5)/day. Campsites are available per slot at RM50 (USD12). 

To get a real feel of the village and all its glory, check out the Janda Baik Discovery Walk around the river area.

Malaysia short getaway
Photo by Ahmad Irham Mohd Noor via


A popular trek is the Ulu Tampit or Lata Tampit waterfalls. Guided tours are available and cost RM70-RM120 (USD18-USD30) per person, depending on the size of your group. Some packages include waterfall abseiling as well.

It takes about 40 minutes to reach the 7-tier waterfall at the summit.

Do note that bookings ahead of time are required as you will need a permit from the local forestry department for this hike.

Gear up with Columbia Womens Newton Ridge Hiking Boots for long treks and hikes

malaysia short getaway hiking boots


If you have the squad down with you, this will make for the perfect short weekend getaway in Malaysia.

Two courses are available, one for beginners and another ‘jungle-warfare’ themed course, ideal for elite paintballers.

The team at S.W.A.T is experienced and welcoming, with several packages on offer.

Best Malaysia short getaway for those who want a bit of action!

Malaysia short getaway paintball
Photo by @fahmidaud88 via Instagram

Fig Farm

Visit Fig Malaysia, a 1.2Ha farm close to Pulau Santap and home to the region’s largest fig production. With an estimated output of 40kg a day, this farm has more than 300 species of figs.

Tours are available on weekends, and the gift shop offers fig-based products, including juice, jam, and even coffee. Delicious and juicy fresh figs are up for grabs, as well as tiny fig trees.

A healthy Malaysia short getaway eh?

What To Eat

The Pineyard

A charming pinewood cabin amid tall pine trees, lush greenery, and a clear pond. If that isn’t reason enough to visit, the food isn’t all that bad either.

Try their all-day breakfast specials and their delightful dessert options.

malaysia short getaway from Kuala Lumpur
Photo credit @pineyard.jandabaik via Instagram

A Little Farm on the Hill

If you’re looking for a truly memorable dining experience, then look no further. 

With an exquisite farm-to-table concept menu, you will be blown away by the delicate flavors and textures of organic produce grown all around you as you dine in.

If organic farming and sustainable living is your thing, do check out their exciting workshops and classes. Also popular for events and group retreats.

All reservations require booking in advance, and there’s a pretty long waiting list.

Lemang To’Ki

Enjoy lemang and rendang guilt-free all year round (and not just during Hari Raya/ Eid) at this lovely little roadside stall. 

The favourites here include Lemang, glutinous rice, and coconut milk, wrapped in banana leaves and stuffed into bamboo poles.

These are then charred over an open charcoal and wood flame until it’s all soft and smoky. The flavour combination is immense—a must-try when in Malaysia. 

It pairs perfectly with rendang, a traditional Malay preparation of meat or chicken that’s simply sublime. Other dishes on offer include traditionally roasted chicken and duck and a freshwater fish called patin cooked in a rather unique way using Tempoyak, or fermented durian.

On your Malaysia short getaway, you will never go hungry!

malaysia short getaway from Kuala Lumpur cuisine
Photo credit: Chasing The Sun

Garden View Restaurant

Enjoying your food with a view seems to be a common theme when dining here in Janda Baik. Their specials include steamed freshwater prawns, ginger chicken noodles, and homemade tofu.  

Enjoy fresh vegetables and fruit from their very own farms, with bananas, their signature mountain ginger, leafy greens, and even durians on sale. 

Where To Stay

Chengal Hill RetreatThis lovely kampung-style retreat offers the calm and serenity that anyone living in the city would crave, perfect for a short getaway from Kuala Lumpur.

The rooms on offer include a dormitory-type room that can accommodate up to nine people. Also, a water chalet, two riverside chalets, and three units of the crowd-favourite, 

Apachi (pictured below), dome-shaped units on stilts. 

The Apachi units cost RM250 (USD62) a night.  

Enjoy the simple pleasures of village life and the great outdoors while chilling at the pavilion overlooking the fish pond. Paddleboard or swim in the natural pool, go cycling or even try your hand at archery.

Malaysia short getaway
Photo credit @tourismpahang via Instagram

Embun Luxury Villas – The name says it all. If you’re looking for a luxurious Malaysia short getaway, you’ve found the right place. Ideal for a private or family celebration, these villas offer you the best amenities, service, and food money can buy. 

With room rates starting from RM989 (USD247) a night, get ready to be pampered and waited-on like royalty.

The perfect Malaysia short getaway for those who want a bit of luxury!

Happi Village Built with a whole lot of passion and purpose, you can see how much thought went into the design and ethos of this lovely secluded oasis.

Like many others in the area, sustainable living and care for the environment are taken quite seriously here.

A perfect place to unwind and disconnect, the slow Wi-Fi is a plus in this regard. Be sure to pack your insect-repellent and trekking shoes as you wouldn’t want to miss out on their beautiful surroundings. 

Visit the fig and passionfruit farms or the nearby waterfalls. Rooms from RM350 (USD88) a night on weekdays.

short weekend getaway in Malaysia
Photo by @lylee_nabiela via Instagram

2. Sekinchan

Another favorite among city folk when it comes to an ideal Malaysia short getaway. 100km north of Klang Valley, this tiny fishing village was previously known for its paddy fields and fresh seafood. 

It awoke from slumber after its beaches were featured in a popular Hong Kong TVB drama, Outbound Love (单恋双城) recently.

weekend getaway in Malaysia
Photo credit: via

A famous treehouse that was featured in the drama made the news when it recently burnt down

As pretty and picturesque as it is, most KL-ites that make the trip usually don’t spend the night. It could be considered a decent weekend getaway in Malaysia, but most tourists make it a day trip.

If you plan on visiting nearby Kuala Selangor and the Sky Mirror (which I recommend), then do spend the night. 

Getting There 

Ideally, drive. It takes about an hour and a half. A taxi to Sekinchan could cost up to RM200 (USD50) depending on where in KL you’re travelling from.

Driving is once again recommended as public transport, and e-hailing rides aren’t as reliable in small towns like these.

If you insist on public transport, there are buses from Pudu Sentral in KL to Sabak Bernam that stop in Sekinchan.

What To Do

Paddy Fields

Hailed as the ‘Rice Bowl of Selangor,’ you’ll find that the paddy fields are indeed the main attraction here. Get your cameras and phones out for some of the best shots of lush green fields with a clear blue sky as a backdrop.

If you plan to visit in the evening, the sun colors the field gold. This is the perfect Malaysia short getaway if you need some good pics for the gram’!

weekend getaway in Malaysia
Photo by via

Before you head off on your Malaysia short getaway in Sekinchan , do take note of the annual paddy plantation schedule before planning your trip to Sekinchan. 

weekend getaway in Malaysia
Image credit

Redang Beach

Conveniently located close to the famous seafood restaurants in Bagan, this secluded beach is perfect for a post-meal stroll. 

Sekinchan Wishing Tree

Don’t forget to stop by the Sekinchan Wishing Tree. Make a wish (and a donation) at the nearby temple, and you’ll get a red ribbon attached to a coin.

Throw your coin as high up as possible as legend has it; the higher it goes, the better the chances of your wish coming true.

Most importantly, keep your wish a secret on this Malaysia short getaway trip.

Malaysia short getaway
Photo by via
Malaysia short getaway
Photo by Jnzl via Flickr

Sky Mirror

If you’re spending the night in Sekinchan, be sure to wake up early the next morning and drive about half an hour to Kuala Selangor. Here, join one of the tours (which you’d need to have booked well in advance). 

Sasaran beach

You will need a guide to take you out on a boat to this hidden island (Sasaran beach) that is completely submerged during low tide. This creates the amazing illusion that is, the Sky Mirror.

Tours are open only twice a month, during the full moon and the new moon when the tides are low.

See the sky meet the sea at Sasaran beach, located 1.74 nautical miles off the coast in the Straits of Malacca. Get your cameras ready for a thrilling photoshoot. Be sure to wear bright colors for best results.

Tickets for an adult Malaysian citizen cost RM80 (USD20) and RM60 (USD15) for children.

short vacation in Malaysia
Photo by Carrie C via Tripadvisor

What To Eat

Kim Kee RestaurantWhile you’ll find many similar seafood restaurants on the same street by the Sekinchan river, this truly stands out as one of the best. Ask for the specials and the catch of the day. Signature dishes include the Crab Vermicelli.

Sekinchan Cafe N16 – For a truly unique dining experience, check out this refurbished public bus with breathtaking views of the paddy fields. It offers light snacks and desserts, with coffee, soft drinks, and sake.

Seating is by booking only with a minimum spend of RM30 (USD7) for a table of 2. It is located next to the Padi Box Hotel Homestay.

You can take some really cool pics on your Malaysia short getaway in Sekinchan.

short vacation in Malaysia
Photo by Justin Lim via Google Reviews

Mango King Cool down with a mango smoothie or shake after a hot day out and about. Juicy fresh mangoes blended with crushed ice, and a hint of sour plum most definitely hits the spot.

They also sell fresh mangoes and guava along with other mango-inspired dishes like rojak and even laksa.

Ninja Private KitchenIf curated dining is your thing, you’re certainly in for a treat here. Frequented by local and foreign celebrities alike,  they’ve also been featured in David Rocco’s Dolce South East  Asia on the National Geographic Channel. 

Famed photographer Zung Heng has opened up his home kitchen to guests yearning for authentic Teochew seafood dishes with recipes carried down from his forefathers.

For RM150 (USD37) per head, with a minimum seating of 6, you can always call ahead 

and curate the menu to your taste. Signature dishes include the stuffed squid and steamed mantis prawns.

Where To Stay?

  • Padi Box Hotel HomestayA container converted into a hotel. Pretty sure whoever’s behind it has something to do with the bus sitting on a container just next door. Idyllic rooms with many gram-worthy spots and beautiful views of the surrounding paddy fields. Room rates from RM150 (USD37) a night.
  • MyKampungBoy Homestay – A beautifully designed, village-themed 3-bedroom condominium, In house facilities include a swimming pool and gym. Close to all the main attractions with a very helpful and accommodating host.
  • The One Boutique Hotel –  A relatively new hotel with all the common amenities and services you can expect of a 3-star hotel. Conveniently located at the heart of Sekinchan town, just across the police station, close to the popular seafood restaurants.  Room rates from RM100 (USD25) a night. 

3. Kuala Sepetang

This last getaway on our list is probably a better short getaway near Penang rather than Kuala Lumpur. If you are planning a short vacation in Malaysia, however, this will suit you perfectly.

Previously known as Port Weld, this was the last stop of the Taiping-Port Weld railway line that opened in 1885, the first in Malaya. 

All that remains now in the heart of the town is the old railway station sign. It’s written in English, Malay (in Jawi script), Tamil, and Mandarin, highlighting the presence of Malaysia’s cultural diversity for more than two centuries. 

short getaway near Penang
Photo credit: Teohlouis via Wikipedia

Set on the estuary of the Sepetang and the Sangga Besar rivers, get ready for a truly unique coastal retreat without spending any time at the beach. Intrigued much? 

Explore the mangrove ecosystem and get up close and personal with the local fishing community.

The local charcoal industry thrives on sustainable mangrove wood. On average, 1000 hectares of local mangroves are cut every year to produce coal, with an equal amount replanted in a cycle that takes 30 years.

short getaway near Penang
Photo credit @dan.din.drone via Instagram

Getting There

The fastest way to Kuala Sepetang from KL or Penang is by car. From KL, it’s 300km northbound on the PLUS highway and will take three and a half hours. Probably not the best option if you’re looking for a short getaway near KL. 

It is, however, just under 100km south of Penang and about an hour’s drive.

Alternatively, a bus from TBS in KL takes 4 hours and costs around RM40 (USD10), including a Taiping stopover. Buses from Penang will take an hour and a half to Taiping and cost RM10 (USD3).

A train from KL Sentral to Taiping will cost RM48-62 (USD12-15). It takes three and a half hours.

What To Do

Boat Tour around Kuala Sepetang

If it’s your first time here, this has to be on top of your to-do list when visiting Kuala Sepetang. While there are many tour operators, I would recommend Kuala Sepetang Eco-Tourism for their experienced and friendly guides. 

Standard tours will cost around RM30  (USD7) per person for a boat of at least six people. It takes about a couple of hours to head out into the coastal mangrove areas, visit the floating fish farm and stop for a little eagle-watching.

short getaway near KL
Photo credit @shenleng_ via Instagram

You’re free to customize your tour should you have enough in your group. Highly recommended is the sunrise tour for spotting dolphins. The coastal waters are home to Indo-Pacific Humpback dolphins.  

Fireflies sighting

At dusk, take a boat out to see the fireflies. These luminous bugs call mangrove swamps their home, and this is one of the very few spots in the country you can view them in all their majesty.

Another would be in Kuala Selangor  (which I should’ve mentioned above. Oops!)

short getaway near KL
Photo credit: Tripadvisor

Visit Matang Mangrove Reserve

Matang Mangrove Reserve – If you’re keen to know more about mangroves and don’t want to get your feet dirty, this is for you.  Learn about the delicate ecosystem and how the people of Kuala Sepetang depend on it. 

Popular for school field trips and as a short getaway in Malaysia for a family. There’s nothing better than getting up close and personal when learning about nature. 

Activities include a 1.5km tour of the swamps on a boardwalk, finding mangrove seedlings (Wellington boots provided), and planting seedlings.

You can also visit the local charcoal factory to check out how mangrove wood is turned into coal. Entrance to the reserve costs RM15 (USD4).

short getaway in Malaysia for a family
Photo by Harrison F. Carter via Tripadvisor

Visit Sangga Island

Sangga Island – take a 30-minute boat ride to Kuala Sangga, the main settlement on this remote island, known for being off the grid (literally) and with no running water.

The picturesque village is solar-powered, and its villagers collect rainwater for daily use.

The locals, mostly Chinese fishermen, and merchants live rather prosperously over a 

single row of houses along the coast. Visit the many temples and the much-revered St Anne’s Chapel that reminds tourists of the islanders’  once-strong Catholic roots.

Enjoy a beverage on the island’s only Kopitiam that offers drinks made from, you guessed it, rainwater!

Where To Eat at Kuala Sepetang?

  • Restoran Tepi SungaiEnjoy fresh seafood with a view at this quaint restaurant. Located on the first floor of the docks, witness the spectacular sunset while feasting on the day’s catch. Favorites include the mantis prawn and the deep-fried mini crabs.
short getaway in Malaysia for a family
Photo credit: Esmonde Lim
  • Mee Udang Port Weld – SallehPrawn noodles cooked to perfection by Mr. Salleh and his family since 1956. The thick broth rich in flavor is only just outdone by the large and succulent prawns it comes with. A large bowl goes for RM20 (USD4) and is mighty satisfying.
  • Ah Dai Curry MeeOn to more noodles. If it’s something a little spicier you’re craving, this will be perfect for a late lunch. Open only from 3 pm to 7 pm, this tiny, disheveled stall is conveniently located right across the street from the old Port Weld Railway signage. 

Enjoy a bowl of noodles soaked in a creamy curry broth, topped with tofu puffs, beansprouts, sliced fish cakes, and prawns. Also, check out their crispy fried prawn fritters.

Where To Stay at Kuala Sepetang?

  • Happy 8 Retreat A relatively new and artsy boutique hotel with well-decorated interiors and conveniently located in the town center. The restaurant on the first floor serves halal seafood dishes and is fairly popular. You won’t miss the building. It has a huge eagle head built into its facade.
  • KS Homestay – A delightful tiny apartment with a spectacular view overlooking the estuary. Experience local hospitality at its best, perfect for any Malaysia short getaway. Room rates are fromRM110 (USD27) per night. 
  • Sepetang Inn – For an affordable stay with a local touch, check this inn out. It’s located next to a swiftlet house, so you’ll have to make do with the sound. Most patrons, however, find that it adds to the charm—room rates from RM100 (USD25) per night.

4. Batang Kali

Well known as a transit point on the way to Genting Highlands, this little town on the outskirts of KL has a lot to offer for the keen traveler.

About an hour’s drive away, it is also reachable via train. Alight at Batang Kali on the KTM Komuter from KL Sentral. One-way tickets cost RM13 (USD3).

Visit the beautiful and peaceful Sakya Monastery and Siamese Temple or pack a picnic basket, and head to the Batang Kali Waterfalls. If you’re looking for a rather unique off-road experience, check out  4×4 Ulu Tamu Off-Road Adventure.

Orchid lovers, be sure to visit the country’s largest orchid farm at The World of Phalaenopsis

short Malaysian weekend getaway
Photo credit: Jo-Ann via Tripadvisor

Try out the local delicacy, Loh Mee, a Hokkien noodle-dish in a thick, starchy gravy, best enjoyed with pickled chilies.   Though you’ll find many restaurants in the town serving it, check out Shang Kee Restaurant for authentic flavours.

5. Hulu Langat

A mere 33km away from KL city, this is probably the most convenient short Malaysian weekend getaway.

Tropical orchards, exciting hiking trails, and even a glamping park; this quaint little town in the suburbs has much more than meets the eye.

Visit Malaysia’s premier zipline adventure park at Skytrex Adventure Sg Congkak. The nearby Sg Congkak Recreational Park is perfect for an evening hike followed by a picnic or barbeque by the river. 

Visit the Lepoh Waterfalls, known for its smooth rock formations that serve as a natural slide into the lagoons below. 

short Malaysian weekend getaway
Photo credit:

End your day with a hearty meal at Teratak Ikan Bakar Sri Murni, where baked freshwater fish of any kind is the pick of the menu.

If Thai food is what you fancy, check out Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant that has you sitting in little huts on a lake while your food arrives by boat.

Spend the night at Hammocks by the River, a fun and chic glamping spot popular with city folk. 

6. Pulau Carey

This ‘island’ located just south of Port Klang is a little over an hour’s drive from the heart of KL.

It’s separated from the mainland by a short bridge across the River Langat. 

Your first stop awaits you as soon as you cross the bridge; Kang Guan Seafood Restaurant offers local favorites fresh from the sea. Try the meehoon (vermicelli) with lala (clams), stir-fried ginger crabs, or the deep-fried prawns. 

You could even bring along your fishing rod and have a go by the river while waiting for your lunch.

The island is home to an aboriginal tribe known as Mah Meri.  Visit the Mah Meri Cultural Village, which charges an entrance fee starting from RM20 (USD5).

Take a tour of the village or the nearby palm oil plantations. Be sure to check out their unique wood carvings, especially the face masks. 

On your way back, visit the nearby Fo Guang Shan Dong Zen Temple, a beautiful Chinese Buddhist temple with a large and peaceful complex.

It comprises the main shrine that houses a giant Buddha statue, a teahouse, a calligraphy hall, an art gallery, and a vegetarian restaurant.

short Malaysian weekend getaway
Photo credit:

7. Bukit Tinggi

Inspired by the town of the same name in Alsace, France, Colmar Tropicale is undoubtedly a sight to behold. Set in the Berjaya Hills at about 2700ft above sea-level, this quaint French village will take you on a journey back in time (and halfway around the world). Enjoy the cool crisp air with delightful pastries from La Boulangerie

short Malaysian weekend getaway
Photo via

Teleport (or you could take the shuttle bus) to the nearby Japanese village and rent a Kimono. Visit the Japanese Tea House for a course on ancient Japanese tea preparation techniques.

Animal lovers, be sure to check out the nearby Rabbit Farm or go horseback riding at Horse Trail Rides. Adventure buffs can try out the longest Flying Fox zip line in South East Asia at over 1km at Colmar Adventure Park.

8. Kuala Kubu Bharu

Fondly known as KKB, this is a popular stopover on the way to Fraser’s Hill. The tiny town is about an hour away from KL by car, but you could also get there by train, a great destination for a short staycation in Malaysia.

If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure, take a hike up to Bukit Kutu (Kutu Hill) and enjoy beautiful views from the top. Better yet, endure five river-crossings to chill at the Chilling Waterfalls. Also, visit the nearby fish sanctuary.

Don’t forget to pay Teng Wun Bakery and Confectionery a visit and grab a couple of their famous kaya (coconut jam) puffs. 

If you’re planning to stay the night, check out Hotel Sahara for a budget stay with no frills.

You’ll find amazing views of the Selangor River Dam just outside the town, on your way to Fraser’s Hill.

short Malaysian weekend getaway
Photo credit:

9. Fraser’s Hill

Probably the prettiest and least developed of the hill stations in Malaysia, this tiny hamlet is perched at about 1500m above sea level and is an hour and a half away from KL.

The entire village is centered around a market square with a tiny clock tower, surrounded by quaint colonial-era cottages. Enjoy a walk around the town and get to know the history behind the buildings with the Fraser’s Hill Heritage Trail.

short Malaysian weekend getaway
Photo credit:

Take in a game of golf at the picturesque 9-hole Royal Fraser’s Hill Golf Club, one of the oldest courses in the country. Noobs like myself would prefer the carefree Pitch n Putt version or Mini Golf, which would cost you RM9 (USD2) per person for a half an hour game. 

Famous among birdwatchers for its many interesting bird species, the Fraser’s Hill International Bird Race involves participants racing to identify as many birds as they can within 24 hours.

Hire a couple of bikes and ride to the Public Park and stop by the hawker stalls at the Food Garden. Take a pedalo (pedal boat) out on the lake at Allan’s Water.

Alternatively, hike up to the gorgeous Jeriau Waterfall. There’s a well-laid-out path, and you’ll reach the falls within minutes. 

End your evening at Ye Old Smokehouse for a delicious spot of cream tea with scones and sandwiches.

10. Genting Highlands

Often regarded as the  Las Vegas of Malaysia, this is the closest and most accessible Hill Resort to KL city and a must-visit if you are looking for short getaway to Malaysia.

Less than an hour away up the windy roads, you could even jump into the famous cable car gondolas up to the summit. For an added thrill, take the glass-floored ones for RM21 (USD5) one way.

Though it’s famous for housing the only casino in the country, there’s much more to Gentings than the slots.

The outdoor theme park has been closed for renovation recently but is rumoured to open with rides and attractions that will rival Singapore’s Universal Studios and Tokyo Disneyland.

Be sure to stop by the Chin Swee Caves Temple. A large Taoist temple with one of the largest statues of Buddha around with hillside views unlike any you’ve ever seen.

Malaysia short getaway
Photo credit:

The last thing you’d expect to come across in Malaysia is snow, but if you’re keen on sub-zero temperatures, check out Snow World for everything from toboggan slides to building your own snowmen. Tickets start at RM45 (USD9).

Finally, on your way back, a visit to the nearby Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary is a must. You’re able to engage with orphaned, young elephants in their natural environment as they’re rehabilitated for release into the wild.

11. Taman Negara

Malaysia’s premier National Park. Kuala Tahan is the main entry point and serves as a base for the nearby canopy walkway, river trips, and treks through the jungle to the top of Mount Tahan, the tallest in Peninsula Malaysia.

Malaysia short getaway
Photo credit: via Pinterest

The park is home to tigers, macaques, and birdlife, as well as the enormous rafflesia plant.

Take a boat out to Lata Berkoh and witness the beautiful cascading rapids or go rapid shooting in a wooden boat on Sungai Tembeling. Be prepared to get wet!

Caving enthusiasts can check out Gua Telinga for a half-day trip or Gua Kepayang Besar for a full day’s trek.

For a unique dining experience, check out Wan’s Floating Restaurant in Kuala Tahan for tasty local delights.

12. Belum Rainforest

The Belum Temenggor forest reserve is located in Perak and stretches into southern Thailand. It forms the last and largest contiguous block of natural forest in Peninsular Malaysia at over 300,000 hectares. 

The tropical rainforest is thought to be more than 130 million years old, making it one of the world’s oldest rainforests. Tasik Temenggor is the vast lake located in the reserve and within it lie many small ‘islands, including Pulau Banding, home to the enchanting Belum Rainforest Resort.

Malaysia short getaway
Photo credit:

Activities at the resort include bird watching (hornbills, to be precise), rafflesia spotting tours, hiking up to Sg Kooi Waterfalls, and fishing. 

13. Malacca

The ancient capital of Malay civilization, Malacca was a well-developed center of trade and shipping way before Kuala Lumpur was even inhabited. Founded around 1400 by Parameswara, an exiled Hindu Prince from nearby Sumatra, the tiny port city flourished as a Malay-Muslim sultanate for centuries. 

Portuguese, Dutch, and British colonial rule soon followed, along with settlements by Chinese, Arab and Indian merchants. Their influence is invariably evident in the local Peranakan culture, food, and architecture.

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage City in 2008, Malacca has enjoyed an urban renaissance and status as one of Malaysia’s most alluring tourist destinations, making it one of the must-visit places in Malaysia for short getaway.

About 145km south of KL, it’s easily accessible by car via the PLUS highway. Buses are also available from the TBS station in KL for about RM10 (USD2.50) one way.

Malaysia short getaway
Photo credit: Tuul & Bruno Morandi via

Must-see when in Melaka

Start your day with a walking tour of the old city. Start at the beautiful flower-filled gardens and villas of the Portuguese quarter and make your way to the Chinese quarter’s bright and colorful buildings. Finish at the Stadhuys, the country’s oldest standing Dutch building, now converted into the Melaka History and Ethnography Museum.

Visit the Porta de Santiago, the sole surviving gateway to the once majestic A Famosa fort, built by the Portuguese in 1511. 

Make your way to Christ Church on Jalan Gereja (Church Street). This bright red church with a white cross was built by the Dutch and houses handmade pews and decorative plaques dating back to the 16th century.

On the base of St Paul’s Hill, you’ll find the Melaka Sultanate Palace, a brilliantly constructed replica of Sultan Mansur Shah’s 15th-century palace. Expertly crafted using traditional techniques without nails and featuring a copper and zinc roof.

Every Friday and Saturday evening, make your way to the Jonker Street night market. You’ll find everything from souvenirs to delicious street food, with live music and pop-up bars throughout.

For their signature chicken rice balls, check out Kedai Kopi Chung Wah. For a hot bowl of Laksa goodness, drop by Jonker 88.

Malacca boasts some of the prettiest boutique hotels in the country. My favorites include 5 Heeren Museum Residence, Liu Men Hotel, and The Nest House

If you have covered all those places and are looking for more adventure, here are 53 Things To Do In Melaka With Family!

14. Penang

Penang is the best place for short vacation in Malaysia for all foodie! Known as the food capital of Malaysia, the Pearl of the Orient, is Malaysia’s only Island state. About 360km north of KL, Penang is easily accessible by air

The island’s capital city of Georgetown is home to amazing street art and the best street food in the country.

short getaway in Malaysia for a family
Photo credit:

Take the train up to Penang Hill. You could hike it but won’t find a train ride like this anywhere else. A standard two-way ticket costs RM12 (USD 3) for locals. The summit offers spectacular views of the island.

Be sure to check out the Habitat Penang Hill while you’re up there. Get up close and personal with nature with the canopy walk, and do try out the zipline.

Visit the stunning Batu Ferringhi beach and stick around after sunset for the night market along the strip. 

Other must-visit spots include:

You’ll be spoilt for choice when looking for good food on the island. My top picks include:

Quite similar in style and vibe to Malacca, boutique hotels would be the way to go when spending the night in Penang. Top picks include:

15. Pulau Langkawi

We travel further north for our last stop on the west coast of the Peninsula. Langkawi is probably the best known and most developed of Malaysia’s island resorts and a great short vacation Malaysia destination for family or couples!  

With a multitude of luxury and budget accommodation as well as a top-notch International Airport, the duty-free island is a hub for local and international holidaymakers looking for the ultimate tropical beach getaway.

Must-dos when in Langkawi

short getaway in Malaysia for a family
Photo credit:
short getaway in Malaysia for a family
Photo credit: Kiran Chalam via Tripadvisor

As mentioned above, the best food options on the island are found close to Cenang beach. The wide variety of delicious local and international cuisine is a testament to the tourists that visit from all over the world. My favorites include:

  • India Palace – for outstanding North Indian cuisine.
  • Haroo Haroo – for surprisingly authentic Korean food.
  • Yellow Cafe – Cocktails by the jug and thin-crust pizzas with seating by the beach.
  • Kak Yan Nasi Campur – A little further away in Ulu Melaka but most definitely worth the trip. The closest you’ll get to homemade Malay cuisine.

Get beach-ready with this Tankini Top with Shorts. It’s stretchy, comfortable and breathable

malaysia short getaway beach wear

Luxury stays in Langkawi are aplenty. These are the finest all-inclusive resorts with private beaches on the island.

short getaway in Malaysia for a family
Photo credit: @alexpreview via Instagram

The best budget stays include:

Langkawi is the perfect Malaysia short getaway for those who want a beach holiday, but don’t want to travel too far from KL.

16. Cherating

This laid-back beach town on the east coast of Peninsula Malaysia often doesn’t get the attention (and hoards of tourists) as its neighbouring beaches and islands. Best accessed from KL by flight to the nearby city of Kuantan.

Besides the obvious Cherating beach, which could very well be the only place you need to be during your visit, there are a few additional spots and attractions to check out:

Soak in the rays and enjoy the breeze at the Cherating Beach Bar and enjoy the best local seafood offerings at Intan Seafood Restaurant and Restoran Ah Low.

If you are looking for the best Malaysia weekend getaways packages, Club Med at Cherating provide all-inclusive packages from RM1000 (USD250), this would be an Malaysia short getaway that is full of luxury.

weekend getaway in Malaysia
Photo credit:

Among the fun activities available include rock climbing, archery, tennis, trapeze classes, sailing, bocce ball, and excursions catered to your liking. 

For a more budget-friendly stay, check out the Royale Chulan Cherating Chalets and Cherating Inn Beach View.

17. Pulau Kapas

This lovely drop of paradise in the South China Sea is accessed via speed boat from Marang jetty.

This is a Malaysia short getaway perfect for those craving the sand, sea and sun.

Fly or take a bus from KL to Kuala Terengganu and make your way to Marang via taxi. The speed boat takes about 15minutes to cover the 6km to get to the island and costs around RM40 (USD8) per person.

The best time to visit is from March to October. Try to avoid weekends or school holidays, and you’ll have the entire island to yourself. There are no ATMs on the island, so have some cash handy.

There isn’t a whole lot to do besides snorkeling, diving, and chilling by the beach. Totally my kind of getaway!

Rent a kayak for RM20 (USD5) an hour and make your way around the island and check out all its stunning beaches.

The snorkeling experience isn’t as commercialized as you’d see on other islands. Parrotfish (Nemo), rays, and even coral sharks approach the brightly colored coral reefs. 

weekend getaway in Malaysia
Photo credit:

There aren’t many choices when it comes to accommodation. Kapas Beach Chalets are recommended, specifically KBC2, a more recently-built block with better rooms. Also, check out Qimi Chalet and Kappas Turtle Valley.

18. Pulau Tioman

Further south on the east coast, this duty-free island is located 32 nautical miles off the mainland. Connected through Mersing in Johor and Tanjung Gemuk in Pahang via ferry, Ferries from Mersing cost RM35 (USD 8) one way and take about 2 hours.

Tioman and its surroundings have been gazetted as a marine park and is popular for diving enthusiasts from around the world. Diving season is from March to June.

Besides diving, snorkeling, and probably some jungle trekking, there’s not a whole lot else to do. As booze is cheap, you’ll find a good number of tourists just chilling by the beach bars.

It’s a Malaysia short getaway for those who just want to chill.

There are four main areas or beaches on the island:

  • Air Batang (ABC) in the North West of the island. You’ll find several cheap chalets with a few beach bars. Perfect for backpackers on a budget. Check out Restu Chalets if you plan to stay here. 
  • Salang – similar to ABC but without any bars. The Puteri Salang Inn is a popular choice.
  • Tekek on the West coast is probably the main village in Tioman. It even has a tiny airport and the only ATM on the island. Cheers Chalet is recommended if you plan to stay here.
  • Juara on the east coast is popular with couples and families. Hotels like Permata Beach Chalet and the Barat Tioman Beach Resort offer more luxurious rooms with a good variety of dining options and easy access to the stunning Juara beach.

The island is open all year round, unlike neighboring islands (like Perhentian) that close for the monsoon. This, of course, is perfect for surfers who flock to Juara beach for the best waves of the South China Sea,

weekend getaway in Malaysia
Photo credit: B&J Dive Center

19. Pulau Perhentian

Another gem on the east coast, make the Perhentian islands, Besar (large) and Kecil (small), your next Malaysia short getaway. The best time to visit would be in the dry months of March to September.

The easiest way to get there is by taking a flight out of KL to Kota Bharu and then a taxi to Kuala Besut jetty

Alternatively, you could get a bus directly from KL to Kuala Besut that takes about 8 hours and costs RM35 (USD8). A return ferry ticket from Kuala Besut to the islands costs RM70 (USD 17).

Blessed with white sandy beaches and a clear, emerald coastline, there aren’t many island resorts on Earth that can match what Perhentian has to offer.

Activities at Pulau Perhentian

For the best diving spots and guides, choose either Panorama or Turtle Bay. PADI Scuba courses are available, as well as special trips out to famed diving spots like the Sugar wreck (wreckage of a cargo ship loaded with sugar that sank in 2000) and the Pasir Tani wreck (A US landing craft used for Vietnamese boat people which sank while being towed in 1976).

If diving isn’t your thing, a full-day snorkelling trip costs around RM50 (USD12) and is well worth it.

The popular beaches on Pulau Kecil are Long Beach, which is a haven for backpackers. Party it up here. It’s a lot quieter out at Coral Bay and Romantic beach.

Most beaches on Pulau Besar belong to resorts except Turtle Beach in the north, perfect for spotting sea turtles.

The best resorts in Pulau Perhentian Besar include:

This is a Malaysia short getaway for those who crave beach life.

Malaysia short getaway
Photo credit:

The accommodation options on Pulau Perhentian Kecil are more suited to backpackers and young travelers with affordable hostels and chalets up for grabs. A lovely but slightly pricier option here would be Alunan Resort

Do bear in mind that electricity is limited to the evening and early morning till around 8 am unless you’re at a resort. WiFi is limited to cafes and hotels. There are no ATMs on the island,

20. Pulau Redang

You’re spoiled for choice on the east coast when it comes to perfect beach getaways. Redang and its surrounding waters have been gazetted as a marine park since 1985 and boast some of the best-kept corals and marine wildlife in the country.

A haven for scuba diving, snorkeling, and swimming. Every dive site on the island offers something different to see and experience

Getting your own Mask Fin Snorkel Set Gear will save you rental costs, and since it’s yours, you can use them anytime and every time.

malaysia short getaway snorkle set

Visit two historic shipwrecks, the H.M.S. Prince of Wales and the H.M.S Repulse were sunk at the beginning of World War II, prior to the Japanese occupation of Malaya.

Malaysia short getaway
Photo credit:

Accommodation on the island is dominated by three resorts, the 2 Berjaya properties (Berjaya Redang Island Resort and Taaras Beach & Spa Resort) and Laguna Redang Island Resort. They offer full board packages, including flights (for Berjaya) and diving gear. 

Access to both Berjaya resorts is by boat from the Shahbandar jetty that takes about 1½ hours or by flight via the chartered Berjaya Air from Subang Airport in Kuala Lumpur or Seletar Airport in Singapore.

The Laguna resort is accessed via the Merang Jetty.

Other budget stays on the island include Sari Pacifica Resort & Spa and Redang Bay Resort

21. Kuala Selangor

malaysia short getaway
Pic credits

Kuala Selangor is usually among the first few places that pop into one’s mind when they are thinking of a weekend getaway from Kuala Lumpur. 

Known as the Estuary of the Selangor River, some of the attractions in Kuala Selangor include the firefly populations, the nature reserves, and the history of the town itself.

Even though the firefly activities in Kuala Selangor are often the main attraction, Sasaran Beach has stolen the spotlight in recent times. 

Considered a dupe for Uyuni Salt Flat in Bolivia, Sasaran Beach offers the Sky Mirror effect that is enjoyed by many. Instead of a salt bed, the Sky Mirror is a seabed that emerges above water during low tide season, exposing a large sand flat!

To learn about the history of the city, head on over to Melawati Hill which is located in the center of the town. This hill, which was constructed in the 18th century was initially a point of defense against invading armies!

The best thing is that admission is free, allowing people to drop by whenever they like to simply take in the cool wind from the hilltop.

Some other activities to try out in Kuala Selangor are:

22. Ulu Yam, Batang Kali

malaysia short getaway
Pic credits

If you like historical towns, then Ulu Yam should be your next destination for a short getaway.

In the past, the British government surrounded Ulu Yam as a Communist stronghold in order to control the Chinese. All locals were prohibited from entering the jungle at the time to reduce the spreading of Communist influences.

You can find the largest Orchid nursery in Malaysia in Ulu Yam. The World of Phalaenopsis has a charming hidden cafe that serves sweet treats and coffee along with a wide selection of orchids. 

Some other activities to try out in Ulu Yam are:

23. Taiping

malaysia short getaway
Pic credits

For many years, Taiping served as the hub of Perak’s thriving mining sector.

Huge amounts of tin were mined by British and Chinese miners. Many became billionaires practically night, making Taiping a booming city. However, despite aggressive marketing initiatives by the state government of Perak, the city continues to go unnoticed.

These days people flock to Taiping for a short staycation with their families and to visit the ever-famous Taiping Zoo. The zoo expanded to hold over 1,200 animals since it opened in 1961 and the Taiping zoo serves as both a research and conservation facility.

The native environment of the animal is recreated by creeks, lakes, and wildflowers. During the night,  Taiping Zoo reopens so that guests can see nocturnal animals. 

Among other activities in Taiping are:

24. Bukit Jugra

malaysia short getaway

Bukit Jugra, which lies in the Kuala Langat neighborhood of Selangor, was formerly the previous royal capital of Selangor. The area’s landmarks include well-preserved structures and ruins.

If you have planned your 2d1n trip in Malaysia to Jugra, be sure to visit the Jugra Insitu Museum. The structure, which was once a police station under British occupation, is currently home to a number of exhibits about Bukit Jugra’s local history.

You will find armored trucks employed by the Royal Malaysian Police from 1948 to 1960 among other interesting finds in the museum.  Next is the Bukit Jugra Lighthouse which serves as the main landmark of the town. 

There are two lighthouses and one of them was constructed relatively recently, in 1976, the taller lighthouse was constructed during the colonial era. Since that time, the lighthouse has continued to guide ships and boats into the Straits of Malacca. 

Depending on the time of day and the wind conditions, the lighthouse organizes paragliding activities which you can include in your itinerary!

25. Port Dickson

Another popular destination for Malaysia getaways is Port Dickson. Bring your family and head on to Cape Rachado Lighthouse, which provides a breathtaking view of the forest and the coast. 

Right next to the lighthouse is the Blue Lagoon. A thick layer of lush greenery and a steep forest surrounds Blue Lagoon.

This magnificent attraction has a more stunning coastline with fewer visitors, a spectacular view of the sea, and you can indulge in some swimming activities due to its calm water.

Pantai Cahaya Negeri, which is located on a large coastal strip of Port Dickson, is praised for its infinite sea view and is regarded by many residents as the largest beach in Port Dickson.

Due to its stunning natural surroundings, plenty of public amenities, and excellent infrastructure, it houses most of the family hotels and resorts in the region.

Port Dickson offers accommodation to customers with various accommodation budgets. For those seeking luxury stays, look into Lexis Hibiscus for villas with their own private pool.

Alternatively, for a more affordable stay, the Glory Beach Resort Condominium offers multiple rooms for all to stay.

26. Cameron Highlands

malaysia short getaway
Pic credits

Cameron Highlands, which is located a couple of hours from Ipoh, is well-known for its sizable tea plantation. The highlands are peppered with nostalgic replicas of English houses and tiny streets which makes it one of the best places to go in Malaysia for a short trip. 

The BOH Tea Garden offers a tranquil backdrop of beautiful tea plantations, making it one of the most well-known attractions in Cameron Highlands.

The first tea factory for BOH was established in the tea garden in the 1930s, and it has a long history that goes back almost a century.

Along with touring the lovely plantation, visitors may also visit the tea factory, buy gifts, and savor premium teas at the cafe that looks out over the fields.

Another attraction is the Cameron Highlands Flora Park. It is a feast for the eyes in this gorgeous area with all types of lovely blooms if you adore flowers.

Visitors can have a beautiful private picnic with a sea of flowers as their backdrop in addition to being able to wander throughout the park via the various walkways and staircases. 

One place you have to visit is the Kea Farm Market. This well-known market is widely known as the stop to buy fresh flowers, vegetables, and fruits, as well as various trinkets offered by neighborhood merchants and farmers.

27. Desaru Beach

If you are looking to have the best weekend getaway in Malaysia, then head on over to Desaru!

Desaru, a relaxed beach community on the east coast of Johor, is only an hour’s drive from Johor Bahru.

The town has a 22-meter strip of beach, quiet fishing settlements where you can find great seafood, an ostrich farm with over 100 ostriches, and a tonne of outdoor recreation opportunities.

Your first stop has got to be the Desaru Adventure and Waterpark! This waterpark has one of the largest wave pools in the world, measuring almost 3 acres and holding more than 4 million gallons of water.

There’s a selection of water slides, a pirate ship, and a roller coaster among the exciting things to try at this theme park. 

Do not leave Desaru without visiting the Ostrich Farm. On this farm, you will have the chance to interact closely with these enormous animals. Get the chance to feed and even ride ostriches while learning some intriguing and educational facts about them. 

These are some other places to visit while you are at Desaru:

28. Tambun

malaysia short getaway
Pic credits

Tambun is a quaint town located in Perak and it is often overlooked as one of the best places to go in Malaysia for short trip.

It goes without saying that one of the main attractions in Tambun is The Lost World Of Tambun and the Tambun Hot Springs.

One of Malaysia’s most well-known theme parks is The Lost World of Tambun. It offers various rides that are sure to keep both young and old guests entertained and is located in a valley surrounded by stunning mountains, which makes for a beautiful view. 

The Tambun Hot Springs are popular among tourists who desire a more tranquil setting. A hot spring spa, which is situated at the base of a limestone hill, is reputed to offer medicinal qualities that will ease any bodily aches.

29. Kota Kinabalu

malaysia short getaway
Pic credits

An explosive mix of beaches, history, art, entertainment, and parties can be found in Kota Kinabalu. This capital city of Sabah can offer you everything from inexpensive seafood to conveniently accessible islands, spectacular sunsets, adorable cafes, and picturesque views!

Get a taste of Bali at Le’ One – Kokol Elf. This is a lovely hangout location close to the town perched atop Kokol Hill. It is ideal for hanging out and taking shots for Instagram because it has a huge swing, lovely views, lots of seating spots, and even a restaurant.

Island hopping should definitely be on your list because thanks to Kota Kinabalu’s vicinity to a number of stunning islands, the majority of which are only accessible by boat in 20 minutes, island hopping is a well-liked recreation here.

Among the islands that you should look into are:

  • Pulau Gaya
  • Pulau Sapi
  • Pulau Manukan
  • Pulau Mamutik

Once you have explored all these islands but still want to try more, here are the 14 Best Islands In Sabah.

Do not miss out on the Gaya Street Sunday Market while you are at it to shop for anything from a range of carefully crafted handicrafts to flowers and herbs.

Get all sorts of trinkets under shady trees and large umbrellas, or simply stop by to take in the lively ambiance. For Sabahan families, the market is a favorite Sunday hangout location.

30. Kundasang

malaysia short getaway
Pic credits

The 2-hour journey from Kota Kinabalu makes Kundasang the perfect destination if you are wondering where to go in Malaysia for a short trip.

Staying at least one night here for a more fulfilling vacation will spare you from having to rush by the many stunning sites Kundasang has to offer.

Apart from the scenery, Kundasang is known for its windy weather, which is frequently a few degrees colder than the lowlands.

While you are at Kundasang, check out these amazing attractions:

31. Kuching

malaysia short getaway
Pic credits

Kuching city is home to a number of quaint alleys jam-packed with pubs and a stunning waterfront along the Sarawak River. Kuching is the capital of East Malaysia’s Sarawak province, which is part of the larger island of Borneo.

You might also be startled to learn that Kuching is dotted with cat monuments; this is because Kuching, which is Malay for cats, was miscommunicated at some point during the colonial era.

A 35-minute short trip from Kuching will bring you to the Sarawak Cultural Village, where you can explore a variety of local crafts and structures while learning everything about the various indigenous people that call this region of Malaysia home.

Live demonstrations of old crafts like weaving, carving bamboo, and creating beads are available, and you may walk this miniature village to see the many buildings.

The Old Courthouse, which was constructed in 1871, is now the location of the official Sarawak Tourism Complex. The facility is ideally situated close to Kuching’s major waterfront, making it a nice area to wander while admiring the views of the water.

This complex is a terrific place for history enthusiasts to visit because it has a tonne of intriguing buildings, like a clock tower constructed in the Baroque style during the colonial era and a Renaissance Pavilion that is now the Textile Museum.

If you are up for a workout, here are 13 Best Trails For Hiking In Kuching to explore.

These are some other things activities to do in Kuching:

32. Lang Tengah Island

malaysia short getaway
Pic credits

This island is one of those uncrowded beaches that are perfect for a weekend getaway in Malaysia. Lang Tengah is a little tropical island located between the Perhentian and Redang islands, two more popular islands, off the northeastern coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

While still providing convenient access to activities like diving and snorkeling, this island is the perfect place to spend a peaceful night’s sleep. If you want a peaceful vacation on Lang Tengah Island, you are in for a delight as it is filled with soothing activities.

When it comes to snorkeling, you may come across schools of parrot fish, clown fish, and other marine life in addition to vast collections of vibrant corals and sea anemones.

Every Lang Tengah Island resort offers guided snorkeling and diving tours through its dive center, with a variety of packages available for your consideration.

33. Pulau Rawa

malaysia short getaway
Pic credits

Pulau Rawa, often known as the Maldives of Johor, is a stretch of heaven that lies just off the east coast of Johor and is protected by the Johor Marine Park.

It is ideal for those who enjoy the sea, sand, and sun but who also value peace above the bustle. Pulau Rawa is stunning, untouched, developed, and protected. This island is mostly undiscovered by tourists, in contrast to the well-known beaches.

Despite being only 30 minutes by boat from the mainland, the island’s serene beauty makes it seem much further away.

One of the best taking a thrilling ride down the famous Rawa Slide!

This entertaining huge slide is meant to send you directly into the crystal-clear waves and is built on the pier. It is entirely safe for children and the young at heart and stands at a height of three flights of stairs.

You can stay at the well-known Rawa Island Resort, one of the most stunning beach resorts in Malaysia. 

While you are already in Johor, try exploring 13 Islands At Johor For An Incredible Sweet Escape In 2022!

34. Bukit Merah

malaysia short getaway
Pic credits

Bukit Merah is a developed town in the northern region of Perak. The main attraction in this town is situated in the Bukit Merah Laketown Resort.

It is one of the largest of its kind, measuring up to 11 acres. All ages can enjoy countless fantastic activities. You and your family will be amused all day long by rides and water activities like the ones below:

This resort also gives you the opportunity to explore the rainforest in a new way – via a skycycle! The skycycle, the first of its type in Malaysia, allows you to bike through the forest canopy on an elevated monorail while taking in the tranquil surroundings.

Families and groups of friends can unwind, bond, and spend time with one another in Bukit Merah. Due to its lush surroundings, it is the malaysia short trip, away from the city where everyone can receive some peace and quiet.

35. KL City Centre

malaysia short getaway
Pic credits – K.Azwan (Ohsem Photography)

The usual assumption is that when it comes to a short getaway in Malaysia, you need to be away from the city. How about exploring the city instead? 

Due to Kuala Lumpur’s emphasis on tourism, there is a vast selection of attractions to pick from depending on your preferences.

There are mosques and temples that symbolize the diversity of the city, as well as amazing buildings and modern towers, local markets, street cuisine, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

These are some of the places to explore in Kuala Lumpur:

36. Pulau Sibu

Sibu Island, off the eastern coast of Johor and not far from the Singaporean border, is a fantastic destination for a quick family getaway in Malaysia. There is not much in the way of infrastructure. however, there are a few resorts that provide a variety of activities.

Most visitors to these islands are from Singapore and Johor, and they are perfect for a quiet vacation. While on vacation here, you can take in the sunset, coral reefs, marine life, sandy beaches, and crystal blue water.

To stop the overwhelming loss of marine life on these islands, a Marine Park was established in 1993. 

You can have fun with activities such as snorkeling, jungle trekking, waterfall walking, and scuba diving. 

37. Semporna

malaysia short getaway
Pic credits

Semporna, which is situated on the southeast coast of Sabah in Malaysia, is excellence in the form of a group of lovely islands.

Semporna is perhaps just as spectacular as The Maldives, boasting the same turquoise oceans, white sand beaches, and some of the gorgeous dive locations in the world.

Whatever your budget is, Semporna has a wide range of lodging options for you. From inexpensive inns on the jetty to lavish chalets perched above crystal-clear waves, you are sure to find something here that suits you.

Many tourists choose to stay in Semporna Town as their base and organize their planned activities from there, but you may also choose to have a memorable stay at one of the upscale private resorts situated on the nearby islands.

38. Mulu National Park

malaysia short getaway
Pic credits

Mulu National Park has beautiful caves, hiking trails, ecotourism activities, and daring experiences that can be found here.

Consult the National Park guidebook in advance to include canopy excursions and a trip to the Deer or Clearwater caves, and definitely make plans to arrive in time for the bats’ dusk exit from the caverns.

This well-known UNESCO World Heritage Site is teeming with cave networks that will blow your mind!

The incredible ecology also offers a wide range of fauna, including the well-known bat exodus, over 270 different bird species, lush vegetation everywhere, and stunning fireflies.

A few things to keep in mind when visiting Gunung Mulu are that it is a remote jungle and you can only get there by flight. Have a good amount of cash with you because you will not be finding any ATMs or shops there. 

Okay, let’s hop onto the things you can do when visiting this National Park on your short trip to Malaysia:

39. Bako National Park

malaysia short getaway
Pic credits

Located in Sarawak, Bako National Park is home to some of the most remarkable animals and rock formations.

There are lots of hiking paths to discover, from easy to challenging hikes. Visitors should expect to encounter some wildlife on their paths.  You might even be able to see animals like proboscis monkeys if you’re lucky!

The walking trails are the park’s main attraction, with 16 different routes to pick from. You can independently explore the trails without the need for a guide. You will pass by numerous waterfalls and natural pools along the way where you can have a quick dip.

40. Johor Bahru

malaysia short getaway
Pic credits

Johor Bahru is an excellent place for a Malaysia weekend getaway with your loved ones because it is plenty of attractions to offer and it is situated in the southernmost part of Malaysia, right on the border with Singapore.

You can not visit Johor Bahru and not head over to LEGOLAND. Yes, you read that right. It is an entire theme park inspired by the movie Legoland.

You can expect to find multiple rides and attractions – all made out of legos! You’re sure to have a memorable trip at one of Malaysia’s top theme parks with seven themed zones to explore.

Another place to visit is the Old Town in Johor Bahru which is full of vibrant murals and historic structures. You could happily spend the day exploring the area and taking a tonne of pictures!

Among other places to visit in Johor Bahru are:

Looking for more things to do? Here are 47 things to do in JB, Malaysia!

41. Jungle Railway of East Cost

The East Coast Jungle Railway of Malaysia offers an exciting and nostalgic means to travel through the remote east coast states of Malaysia.

Between 1910 and 1930, the forest railway track was constructed in phases. Long segments of track were taken out of service by the Japanese during the war to be used on their Thailand-Burma railway.

If you are looking for a more laid-back short holiday in Malaysia, just hop on the train and take in the scenic routes of this train ride.

42. Ipoh

Nestled in the northwestern region of Malaysia, Ipoh is a quaint city where life is more laidback and the city center still retains its timeless charm with old colonial architecture dated since the 1980s. 

Around 2 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh is a great weekend getaway Malaysia as this city has much to offer- from great food, rich history, nature and fun attractions! 

Let’s explore why Ipoh is a great place to go in Malaysia for short trip!

What To Do

short malaysia getaway

Visit Ipoh Railway Station

This railway was constructed in 1917, drawing elements of Neo-Moorish and Mughal styles influenced by British Indian colonial architecture during the British colonial period. 

Stroll around Concubine Lane

Concubine lane is the tourist hotspot in Ipoh for a good reason. This narrow alleyway is filled with quaint local shops, cafes and unique boutiques. 

Mural Art’s Lane

Get your camera ready for this destination because all the murals at the art lane are so mesmerizing! Each mural tells a unique story, giving a glimpse of Ipoh’s culture and heritage. 

Visit Tasik Cermin (Mirror Lake)

Escape the bustle city and head to a serene beauty of Tasik Cermin (Mirror Lake) located within lush greenery of limestone formations. 

The best time to visit Tasik Cermin is early in the morning, when the ray of sunshine beans through the lake, giving the reflective mirror effect. 

Visit Kellie’s Castle

Kellie’s Castle is an unfinished mansion that was once built by a Scottish man named Willian Kelli Smith in 1915. 

The story took an unfortunate ending which led the castle to remain unfinished till today. I don’t want to spoil the interesting story about Kellie’s Castle, you just have to visit it for yourself to find out! 

Where To Eat

short malaysia getaway

The locals at Ipoh take pride in their cuisine, be ready to experience some of the best culinary adventures in Ipoh! 

For breakfast, head to Nam Heong Kopitiam or New Holly Wood (Halal), both eateries are locals favorite breakfast spots serving classic kopitiam food, from kaya toast, Chee Cheong Fun (Rice Noodle Roll) to strong delicious coffee. Be sure to be there early to get a seat! 

For dessert, a place you can’t miss out is trying the famous Tau Fu Fah at Funny Mountain, a silky and soft soy bean pudding that melts softly every bite. 

Another great Café serving Chinese traditional dessert is at Seong Man, a café with Zen ambiance, where you can enjoy a cup of tea along with delicious traditional dessert. 

Where To Stay

De Cafe & Rest House– For budget travelers, De Cafe is a perfect haven for all backpackers and it is located at the heart of Ipoh city making it convenient to visit nearby attractions. 

This dormitory style rest house is unlike the typical budget dormitories with bunk beds. Instead, you will find a very comfortable, clean individual bed with a curtain, providing plenty of privacy for individual guests.

It cost around RM116 (USD 25.29) for 2 guests per night.

MU Hotel– Another great affordable place to stay during your short getaway Malaysia trip is at MU Hotel. This hotel includes all the essential amenities required for a cozy overnight stay, with the added bonus of breakfast as an option. 

The starting price for two guests per night is around RM 254 (USD 55).

Octagon Premium Ipoh Homestay– For those who are traveling to Ipoh with a group, the Octagon Premium Homestay is an excellent choice designed to comfortably accommodate up to 5 individuals. 

This apartment offers a spacious living room, fully equipped kitchen and a bathroom with a bathroom featuring a relaxing bathtub.

There is also a swimming pool facility within the apartment property, great for cooling down during a hot day in Ipoh. 

With room rate starting from RM 245 (USD 53), this is a perfect accommodation for a family with children or a group of friends seeking a shared retreat! 

43. Seremban

For a short gateway during the weekend, Seremban is only less than an hour drive from the heart of Kuala Lumpur. 

Seremban is popular among the local tourist for foodie trips or for those who are seeking a nature getaway during a weekend trip Malaysia.

Beyond food and nature, this humble small town is rich in cultural heritage, from its Minangkabau heritage, regal palaces to old iconic temples and churches that continue to stand resilient through the passage of time. 

Things To Do:

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Visit the Seremban Cultural Complex

What better way to start your trip in Seremban than learning the history about this city! The Seremban Cultural Complex consists of three buildings- The Negeri Sembilan House, The State Museum and the Ampang Tinggi Palace. 

The architecture of the State Museum is a unique attraction by itself, as it was designed with Minangkabau influence as there aren’t many existing architecture with this design today. 

There is no entry fee for this unique Seremban cultural experience, be sure to drop by to learn more about the fascinating history of the state of Negeri Sembilan! 

Lorong Seni

Step into the most colorful alleyway of Seremban old town known as the Lorong Seni. This vibrant alleway is filled with over 30 captivating murals created by local artists. 

Each mural showcases a unique tale, made using different eclectic mediums, including graffiti and doodles. Who knows you might even find inspiration while admiring these works too!

Masjid Sendayan

Masjid Sendayan is one of the most beautiful Mosques in Malaysia and it has been making some buzz since its emergence as Seremban’s latest attraction. 

This grand mosque has earned the nickname as the ‘Taj Mahal’ of Malaysia, given its architectural resonance and the overall grand scale- which can hold up to 5000 worshipers! 

Take a hike at Gunung Angsi

For a dose of adventure in Seremban, Gunning Angsi is one of many great hiking places to experience the great nature in Negeri Sembilan! 

The hiking route stretches around 10 KM long, and has two different routes to reach the top that are good for beginners and experienced hikers.

If you are feeling more adventurous, Ulu Bendul is a longer route that circumvents the hill with a river crossing in between, this is an easier route good for beginners. 

Bukit Putus route is recommended for more experienced hikers, even though the route is shorter, the elevation is steeper, making it more difficult to reach the peak.

The overall hike should not take longer than 3 hours, making a great hike route to enjoy and immerse yourself in the flora fauna of Guning Angsi. 

What To Eat:

Warung Salai Seremban– Salai (smoked beef) is Negiri Sembilan iconic must-try dish and the best place to try Salai is at Waring Salai Seremban for the authentic culinary experience! 

Hayyan Huda Opah’s Kitchen– If you want to experience more Malay Negeri Sembilan traditional food, Hayyan Huda Opah’s kitchen is a rustic restaurant, loved by the locals and tourists.

Muguntha Kitchen- Craving for delicious Indian cuisine, head to Muguntha Kitchen! Located in the heart of Seremban, this eatery specializes in Indian vegetarian dishes with a variety of dishes that are great for breakfast, lunch and dinner! 

Restoran Melido- This old kopitiam (traditional coffee shop) has been operating for a long time and it’s a go-to breakfast place for the locals. They are known for their signature Hakka Mee and freshly made Yong Tau Foo dessert. 

Haji Shariff Cendol- For a quick refreshment, try the best local dessert in town at Haji Shariff Cendol. Cendol is shaved ice dessert that contains coconut milk and palm sugar syrup, a delicious dessert to enjoy especially during the hot humid day! 

Where To Stay:

Bilik-Bilik by MUO– This chic boutique hotel offers a cozy comfortable stay at Seremban without breaking your bank! The room is well-equipped with all the essential amenities and the comfortable bed will assure you a good night’s sleep! 

It cost around RM 140 (USD 30) per night for two adults.

Spyder Hill– For an ultimate serene escape, Spyder Hill is a charming boutique villa nestled among the lush forest. The villa architecture is influenced by traditional Malay-wooden vernacular home, adding the authentic nature experience as it blends in with the surrounding. 

The view from Spyder Hill is impeccable, with uninterrupted greenery and mountainscape, making it a very relaxing short getaways in Malaysia if you are looking to unplug!

To experience this unique tranquil stay, the starting price per night for two guests is around RM 595 (USD 129)

44. Pangkor

Photo credit by Deva Darshan

Pangkor island is one of the best places in Malaysia for a short getaway! This small island is known for its stunning beaches, crystal clear waters, scenic nature and mouth watering seafood experience! 

As the island is relatively small, it is easy to explore all the best attractions and activities during your short getaway Malaysia!

Located near to Ipoh, this island can only be reached by ferry at Lumut Marina Jetty. It is only a 20 minute ride and it costs RM14 (USD 3.05) for a round trip. 

What to do in Pangkor?

To experience the best of Pangkor’s snorkeling scene, head to Pulau Giam- a tiny Island located just 500 meters from Coral Beach. 

Beneath the crystal clear water, you can explore the beautiful aquatic life, from sea cucumber, starfish, seaweeds and even corals. 

What to Eat?

As a fishing village, Pulau Pangkor’s seafood scene is a must-try! Kedai Kopi Eng Eng Leong is a famous local cafe known for their handmade dried Shrimp Chee Cheong Fun (Rice noodle) and also their Fried Shrimp Cakes. 

The rice noodle is a perfect meal to enjoy for breakfast while the fried shrimp cake is a great snack treat post-meal! 

For a memorable dining experience in Pangkor, head to Nipah Deli, a local seafood restaurant located at the most scenic location overlooking the turquoise blue water. 

Here, you can indulge in scrumptious seafood dishes at an affordable price with one of the best views Pangkor has to offer- can’t get any better than this!

45. Gopeng

While Ipoh is known as the best short getaway from Penang, Gopeng presents itself as an undiscovered small town gem for those who are seeking for fun adventure and a tranquil escape. 

Once a leading tin mining town until the 1890s, Gopeng still preserved its rich historical heritage.

The Gopeng Heritage House is a museum that shares the tale of the local’s lives back in the day, filled with authentic antique and decoration that gives you a glimpse to the past. 

What to do in Gopeng?

Gopeng is one of the best spots in Malaysia for white water rafting! The thrilling rapids of Sungai Kampar are great for all adrenaline seekers going through 22 rapids and immersing in the serene beauty of the lush forest surrounding.

The cost for white water rafting is RM 150 (USD 34) per person with lunch provided and personal accident insurance included. 

For an even more thrilling adventure, waterfall abseiling experience is an exhilarating activity that involves gently descending down from a waterfall. 

This adventure is not for the faint-hearted, but if you are looking to conquer your fear, an expert instructor will ensure appropriate guidance and a memorable experience you will never forget! 

What to Eat?

Don’t leave Gopeng without indulging in some local authentic delicacy! For breakfast, Chop Kheng Bee Kopitiam, a coffee shop that has been operating since 1966! 

Their Kaya Sticky Rice is truly a unique dessert to try, can’t be found in any other kopitiam. 

For Gopeng’s specialty dish, Lai Fun (Thick Chinese Noodle), head to Chee Wan restaurant

This restaurant is a local hot spot and often sold out before 10 AM! If you missed it in the morning, worry not, come during dinner time instead as they are closed during lunch. 

These are merely a glimpse of many adventures, activities and cultural experiences Gopeng has in store. 

If you haven’t explored Gopeng, consider planning a short trip Malaysia and it might just become your next best getaway in Malaysia!

FAQs on Malaysia Short Getaway

How Many Days are Enough for Malaysia?

How many days are enough for Malaysia? To experience the most of Malaysia’s richness in diversity and culture, it is highly recommended to spend at least 10 days in Malaysia

If you do not have much time to spare, it is possible to get a taste of Malaysia’s top attractions within six days or less, by visiting the capital city Kuala Lumpur and its nearby city. 

Where To Go For A Short Trip In Malaysia?

45 Best places to go for a short trip in Malaysia: 

  1. Janda Baik
  2. Sekinchan
  3. Kuala Sepetang
  4. Batang Kali
  5. Hulu Langat
  6. Pulau Carey
  7. Bukit Tinggi
  8. Kuala Kubu Bharu
  9. Fraser’s Hill 
  10. Genting Highlands
  11. Taman Negara
  12. Belum Rainforest
  13. Malacca
  14. Penang
  15. Pulau Langkawi
  16. Cherating
  17. Pulau Kapas
  18. Pulau Tioman
  19. Pulau Perhentian
  20. Pulau Redang
  21. Kuala Selangor
  22. Ulu Yam, Batang Kali
  23. Taiping
  24. Bukit Jugra
  25. Port Dickson
  26. Cameron Highlands
  27. Desaru Beach
  28. Tambun
  29. Kota Kinabalu
  30. Kundasang
  31. Kuching
  32. Lang Tengah Island
  33. Pulau Rawa
  34. Bukit Merah
  35. KL City Centre
  36. Pulau Sibu
  37. Semporna
  38. Mulu National Park
  39. Bako National Park
  40. Johor Bahru
  41. Jungle Railway Of East Coast
  42. Ipoh
  43. Seremban
  44. Pangkor Island
  45. Gopeng

Short Getaway In Malaysia For Family

19 best short getaway in Malaysia for family:

  1. Kuala Sepetang
  2. Hulu Langat
  3. Bukit Tinggi
  4. Fraser’s Hill
  5. Genting Highlands
  6. Pulau Langkawi
  7. Penang
  8. Malacca
  9. Taman Negara
  10. Kuala Selangor
  11. Taiping
  12. Cameron Highlands
  13. Port Dickson
  14. KL City Centre
  15. Kuching
  16. Johor Bahru
  17. Seremban
  18. Gopeng
  19. Pangkor Island

Is Malaysia a Cheap Destination?

Yes. Malaysia is relatively an affordable travel destination with plenty of budget-friendly options for accommodation, foods and attractions. On average, the cost of meals for a day is around $19 USD and $12 USD a day for local transport. A one week trip to Malaysia for two people costs an average $1,200, excluding flight tickets.

How Do I Plan a Short trip?

Here are some tips for on how to plan a short trip:

1. Once you have decided on your destination, research the sights/ things you want to do or see during the trip.

2. See if you need to book any of the attractions in advance or lookout for tour packages or deals.

3. Research the must-try local cuisine and add it in your itinerary so you don’t miss out on the best delicacy during your trip.

4. Set a budget plan and calculate how much you will need to bring for the trip.

5. Pack light and avoid bringing the last suitcase for a short trip.

6. Research the best way to commute around during the trip. 

7. Don’t overpack your itinerary for your short trip- leave room for spontaneous discovery and relaxation.

Ready Start Your Next Malaysia Short Getaway Plan?

From small town exploration, nature escape to tropical island holiday, you are spoiled with choices for your next vacation in Malaysia! 

I hope you no longer need to wonder where to go in Malaysia for short trip with my extensive list of 45 great destinations all over Malaysia.

The best part about planning a short trip in Malaysia is that there are plenty of great destinations located within less than 2-hours from Kuala Lumpur, making it convenient to reach either by driving, train, bus or taking a flight. 

Whether you are looking for a short getaway in Malaysia for family or a quick weekend getaway from KL, I hope you’ve enjoyed my take on Malaysia’s best short getaways! 

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