Solo Travel Hong Kong- All you Need to Know

Solo Travel Hong Kong-All you Need to Know

Have you ever dreamt of exploring a foreign land alone? WWB Writer Aisha H shares a secret. It is not difficult and there are lots of safe places you can visit, even for the ladies. Solo travel Hong Kong!

I am going to share with you a comprehensive guide on how to embark on a solo travel holiday to Hong Kong. You do not need anyone to be with you to have the time of your life in Hong Kong. 

Things to do in Hong Kong alone
Things to do in Hong Kong alone

Image by Marci Marc from Pixabay 

It is quite unbelievable how many diverse activities and places there are to visit in Hong Kong. 

Nature, fun, food, shopping, trekking, beach, going on a fancy Viking ship or cable cars, there is something in Hong Kong to tickle the taste buds of all you solo travellers.

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Why Travel Solo in Hong Kong?

Because it is so easy to get around. You can plan your solo travels in Hong Kong with Hong Kong MTR. It provides full public transport travelling directions to go anywhere in Hong Kong. 

Hong Kong solo travel guide
Hong Kong solo travel guide

Image by Andy Leung from Pixabay 

The Hong Kong Public Transport System is extremely efficient with clear directions, all in English to boot. It is the ultimate Hong Kong solo travel guide.


Is Hong Kong safe for solo female travellers? 

Hong Kong should be one of the first few destinations on your solo travel adventure. People are so civilized and polite with law enforcement at strategic spots. 

Solo Travel Hong Kong
Solo Travel Hong Kong

Image by Andy Leung from Pixabay 

The roads are well-lit, there are train stations everywhere and you can safely walk from your bus stop / MTR station to your hotel. This makes Hong Kong perfect for the adventurous solo female traveller.

Solo Travel Hong Kong-How do you get around? 

You need to buy the Hong Kong Octopus Card and it can be picked up at the airport.

The Hong Kong Octopus card is a functional stored-value card that can be used on most forms of public transport, as well as for purchases in convenience stores, fast food shops, supermarkets, vending machines and more. 

Once you have decided where you wish to visit, you can plan your journey using this. Their map makes it so safe to travel alone in Hong Kong without any worry. 

What can you do alone in Hong Kong? 


Solo female travel Hong Kong
Disney, Hong Kong solo trip

Image by nextvoyage from Pixabay 

  • It truly is one of the happiest places on Earth loved by children and adults. As a solo traveller, beware of the crowd and try to pick an off-peak day to visit if possible.
  • Get your tickets here on Klook. It is 10% cheaper and you gain Klook credits that can discount future purchases.
  • You can stay at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel if you wish to experience the magic of Disneyland day and night. Book your tickets here.
  • Within Disneyland itself, you will not run out of food options as the options are endless. Find out all the food options here

Ocean Park

Things to do in Hong Kong alone
Ocean Park, Hong Kong solo travel

Image by JUNG HYUN HA from Pixabay 

  • Ocean Park is unique to Hong Kong as it contains four magical realms – an amusement park, a marine mark, an oceanarium and a zoo.  Perfect for the Hong Kong solo traveller to be fully immersed.
  • Get your tickets here. Remember to make an online reservation after buying your general admission ticket.  
  • Find out all the food options here.
  • Bonus: If you love pandas, you can meet Ocean Park’s 14-year old giant pandas – Ying Ying and Le Le. 
Things to do in Hong Kong alone
Cute giant panda, Hong Kong solo trip

Photo by Elena Loshina on Unsplash

Interestingly, they have been taught to mate naturally since 2010, but have been unsuccessful until their first mate in March 2020. 

Hopefully, there will be a long-awaited pregnancy announcement for this endangered species.

Hong Kong Skyline and Symphony of Lights Show

Solo Travel Hong Kong
Hong Kong Skyline

Image by teetasse from Pixabay 

  • If you enjoy looking at skylines and modern architecture, then do visit the Hong Kong Skyline. It is a magnificent mix of skyscrapers, mountain backdrop and Victoria Harbour
  • By MTR, exit at East Tsim Sha Tsui (Exit L6), walk by foot for 10 minutes to Victoria Harbour.
  • This view is best enjoyed at night with the daily Symphony of Lights show which is a combination of colourful lasers and music to show more than 40 Hong Kong skyscrapers. 

Dragon’s Back Hike

Solo female travel Hong Kong
Dragon’s Back Hike, Hong Kong

Photo by Elton Yung on Unsplash

  • After a 3-hour hike to the top, you will get breathtaking and uninterrupted views of the bay and mountains. The hike is perfectly safe for the solo female traveller in Hong Kong.  
  • Hike lightly as you need to carry water. Remember to pack insect repellant. 

Repulse Bay / Big Wave Bay

Solo female travel Hong Kong
Repulse Bay, Hong Kong

Photo by Joshua J. Cotten on Unsplash

  • This is near Dragon’s Back and Shek O. A refreshing dip in this beach is the perfect tonic to cool yourself after your hike.

Ngong Ping 360

Hong kong solo trip
Ngong Ping 360, Hong Kong

Image by buttermia from Pixabay 

  • A trip here will be an unforgettable Hong Kong solo adventure. You get to enjoy 4 glorious attractions when you take the cable car from Tung Chung Cable Car Terminal. 
  • Get your tickets here to enjoy a comprehensive experience of all the 4 attractions which will be described below.
  • Tip: do book the crystal cabin cable car which has a glass bottom and allows you to see the uninterrupted picturesque view underneath your feet. It costs more than the standard cable car, but the view is amazing and there is a much shorter queue to board this cable car.
  • At the end of your cable car journey, you will reach Ngong Ping Village where you can walk and explore the beautifully landscaped designs of the traditional shops and houses. 
Solo Travel Hong Kong
Tian Tan Buddha statue, Hong Kong

Photo by fruit pat on Unsplash

  • Keep going till you reach the iconic Big Buddha. It is the world’s second-largest statue of Siddhartha Gautama when he was enlightened under the Bodhi Tree. 
  • Do take note you need to climb 268 stair steps to reach the Big Buddha. It is exhausting, but the sense of accomplishment and the glorious view after will be well worth the pain.
Traveling to Hong Kong alone
Tai-O Fishing Village, Hong Kong

Image by Benny Chan from Pixabay 

  • After that, you may proceed for a boat excursion to Tai-O Fishing Village. It is one of the oldest fishing villages in Hong Kong and takes you back in time where you can observe the nature of the quiet locals there.
  • If you are lucky, you may even spot the native but rarely seen Chinese Pink Dolphin which was the official mascot of the former British colony’s handover to China in 1997.
Hong Kong for solo travellers
Po Lin Monastery, Hong Kong for solo travellers

Photo by Joshua J. Cotten on Unsplash

  • Another important attraction that holds heavy historical significance especially for Buddhists is the Po Lin Monastery. It is a rich combination of Buddhist beliefs, traditional architecture, art and contains more than 100 statues.

Ding-Ding Tram

Hong Kong travel alone
Ding-Ding Tram, Hong Kong for solo travellers

Image by Andy Leung from Pixabay 

  • An iconic way of enjoying Hong Kong’s history and sight-see is to board the 1920s themed open-top tram known as The TramOramic Tour. It is a perfect thing to do alone in Hong Kong. 
  • Get your tickets here.
  • You can attach your ear-piece to your seat audio and listen to an interactive history lesson available in 8 languages as you pass through the various sights. 

Victoria Peak

Solo journey to Hong Kong
Peak Tram, solo journey to Hong Kong

Image by Mario Ohibsky from Pixabay 

  • No solo journey to Hong Kong is complete without a ride up to Victoria Peak on the Peak Tram, which is one of the oldest funicular railway vehicles. It has been operating for over 130 years.
Solo Travel Hong Kong
Victoria Peak, solo travel Hong Kong

Photo by Chapman Chow on Unsplash

  • The ride up in itself is magical with steep views of the buildings and it goes up to 396 (1300 feet) above sea level. 
  • Get your tickets here. Tip: do visit 30 minutes before sundown so you can catch the glorious sunset from the Peak.

Star Ferry

Hong kong solo travel
Star Ferry, Hong Kong solo travel

Image by Andy Leung from Pixabay 

  • The beauty of Hong Kong is that you can enjoy the view from the sky, land and even the sea. The iconic Star Ferry is THE way to drink in the spectacular night views of the skylines from the harbour. 
  • Get your tickets here

Hong Kong Heritage Museum

  • This is free of charge to enter, completely educational and if you love Bruce Lee, you can learn plenty about him.
  • There are some great historical artefacts on display here which would be the perfect exploration adventure for history buffs. As a solo traveller in Hong Kong, time will fly here.
  1. The schedule for their exhibitions can be found here for you to plan your journey depending on your interests.

Day trip to Macau 

Solo trip to Hong Kong
Macau, solo trip to Hong Kong

Image by Jess Cheng from Pixabay 

  • If you are craving for a bit more adventure on your solo trip to Hong Kong, you can consider a day trip to Macau. The most economical route is to go by ferry for a 1-hour journey. 
  • Get your ticket here. You can visit landmarks such as St Paul’s Ruins, Monte Fortress, Senado Square, A-Ma Temple or The Venetian Macao.
Solo female travel Hong Kong
Macau, Hong Kong

Image by Henry Wang from Pixabay 

  • If you wish to have a fuss-free sightseeing adventure, consider buying day tour tickets of Macau here. You can travel with a max of 7 other tourists and immerse fully in your hong kong solo travel adventure. 

Best places to stay for solo travellers in Hong Kong

Consider Airbnb as your first choice for accommodation options. The filters available make it easy to find the perfect place to fit your budget and needs (solo, living with a family, sharing a room, etc). 

A quick check reveals that the majority of the venues suitable for solo travellers are priced between USD 40 to USD 160 per night. There are some gorgeous rooms at USD 60 to USD 80, which is a great bargain.

If you prefer a hotel with all its fancy facilities, you can try booking The Fleming (nightly rate from USD 130) located in Wanchai.

A mid-range venue is Mojo Nomad Aberdeen Harbour by Ovolo (nightly rate from USD 61)  located in Shek Pai Wan Road, Aberdeen. 

A more affordable option is Hotel Ease Causeway Bay (nightly rate from USD 50 located at Morrison Hill Road, Causeway Bay. 

Just to take note, rooms in Hong Kong are generally quite small, but they are clean, classy and comfortable. And it’s not like we are going all the way there to stay in the rooms right? We are there to have an amazing solo travel adventure in Hong Kong.

Useful tips for solo travellers in Hong Kong

Safety First

  • Never take your safety for granted, especially for solo female travellers. Keep copies of your identity, cash, written address of your hotel and emergency contact numbers on your person at all times. 

Stay connected

  • Get an international prepaid sim card here to make calls for emergencies with 4G data to check for directions if you are lost.

Plan ahead

  • Plan your journey before leaving your accommodation. Sometimes the better route might be by just walking. 

Walk and Explore

  • Hong Kong is a beautiful and safe place to just walk and take in the sights. There is no need to take a taxi. 

Things to bring or purchase

Face Mask

The air pollution is quite heavy there. You need a face mask. But the outskirts are gorgeous and fresh such as Ngong Ping 360 and the Dragon’s Back Trail.

Drink plenty of water

Travelling alone in Hong Kong
Water, Travelling alone in Hong Kong

Image by Jana Wersch from Pixabay 

  • Related to the above, due to air pollution, you must drink lots more water. As a solo traveller in Hong Kong, you are alone and need to remind yourself to be hydrated.

Attraction Passes

Use one Klook account and keep accumulating points when you book tickets/packages. 

Tip: write a review of your Klook purchase with photo attachments of your experience, and you get more points. All these points will help get you discounts for future purchases. 

Good trekking shoes

Hong Kong solo travel blog
Trekking shoes, Hong Kong solo travel blog

Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay 

  • You need proper comfortable shoes to make the most out of your solo trip to Hong Kong as you will be walking a lot. Check out these best-seller shoes for men and women.

Solo Travel Hong Kong Recommended Restaurants:

Sushi Haru

Fresh Seafood delivered daily by Master Sushi Chef Motoharu Inazuk. 


Authentic traditional dim sum, Chiu Chow specialties and refined Cantonese fare. 

  • Address: 2/F, Fringe Club, 2 Lower Albert Road. 
  • Contact: Call 2130-6546 / Text 9027-8573

Club Rangoon

Authentic Burmese cuisine. 


Fusion of Spanish and Japanese tastes. 

Yung’s Bistro

Traditional Cantonese Cuisine in a modern contemporary setting. 

  • Address: Victoria Dockside, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui.
  • Contact:
  • Tel: (852) 3892 3890


Modern Vietnamese Cuisine. 

  • Address: 18 Lun Fat Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong. 
  • Contact: +852 2891 1177

Crown Super Deluxe

Classic Beef Teppanyaki. 

22 Ships

Refined Spanish Food.

  • Address: 22 Ship Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong. 
  • Contact:
  • Tel: +852 2555 0722


Contemporary Indian Cuisine. 

  • Address: Level Five, Rosewood Hong Kong, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. 
  • Contact: Hongkong.chaat@ 
  • Tel: +852 5239 9220

Harbour-side Grill

French Grilled Delicacies. 

Well there you have it folks. This is a comprehensive Hong Kong solo travel blog. 

The beauty of planning solo adventures is that everyone has their own unique idea as to what will make it worthwhile. 

Good luck and enjoy exploring Hong Kong when you embark on your solo travel trip.

Solo Travel in Hong Kong-All you Need to Know

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