Frog Hill Penang [A 2023 Unique Guide]

Did you know that Frog Hill in Penang is famous for its scenic and Instagram-able worthy photographic location?

This hidden abandoned quarry, locally known as Frog Hill, attracts many with the beauty of artificial lakes and reddish granite hills, as well as lush vegetation from the surrounding overgrowth. 

Frog Hill is a wonderland with many hues of colours that attract many tourists and locals from near and far. 

To be standing at the centre of this panoramic location is akin to being in a meditative state simply because it is so serene and majestically beautiful.

Where Is Frog Hill Located?

frog hill penang
Photo credit: Frog Hill Map by google map data 2021

Located on the mainland side of Penang, in Tasek Gelugor, Frog Hill encompasses Kampung Guar Petai and Kampung Guar Perahu. At the top of the hill the view there is notably breathtaking with scenic landscapes.

Despite being hidden from public view, the scenic location may very well be reached by the exit from Jalan Arumugam Pillai in Bukit Mertajam.

For instance, Frog Hill is more of a sightseeing spot than one of the many hiking trails in Penang Mainland, such as:

If you are looking for a small island, don’t miss Pulau Aman and nearby Batu Kawan.

Where the internet is not available, this is a perfect location to be with friends and family.


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Why Is Frog Hill Penang So Famous?

frog hill penang
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Frog Hill is a former quarry in Kampung Guar Petai, Penang. 

It has become a well-known tourist attraction by many netizens praising it on social media.

Visiting the 50 m high cliffs requires a 15-minute hike after driving on the red laterite road. At the summit, hikers can see the cocoon from every angle. Swimming is possible in the lake, while cliff diving is an option for the more daring souls.

The magnificent water pools encircle the observatory hill at Frog Hill on three sides, with the entry walk and “parking” area in the back.

Turn around to enjoy a stunning picture of Bukit Mertajam (the hill where the Cherok Tok Kun trails are located) soaring above a carpet of palm oil farms and forest.

3 Reasons To Visit Penang Frog Hill

1.A Tourist Attraction

Frog Hill is a small secluded area that promises a great view regardless of its hot weather, and do make sure you are well-prepared for all conditions. 

The weather there can be fiercely hot, and there are not many options for shelter. It will be a good idea to bring a hat and sunscreen

Also please keep all your belongings in a waterproof sack or bring an umbrella instead during rainy days. 

An umbrella could also serve as a hiking staff to assist you on your hike.

Do you want to swim in the pools?

While immersed in the majesty of a beautiful wonder of nature, the cold water will provide a refreshing sensation. But as a word of caution,  abandoned quarries have their own dangers and you need to be careful. 

Why you may wonder?

It is because quarries are particularly abandoned and are disused- several people have died in disused quarries. Most quarries are private property and you should never climb over the damaged fences or gates to get inside.

2.A Scenic Hiking Spot

Frog Hill in particular, is not too difficult, making it ideal for a hike with family and friends. Visitors will come across an old red-brick factory, which marks the start of your trail. 

The trail is lined with red laterite road, which adds to the picturesque feel of the former mining site. Your hike to the summit will be a breeze if you wear a pair of comfortable, gripped shoes

As you climb higher, the trail’s reddish landscape begins to fade.

Now is the time to be mesmerised by the formation of rocks that surround your trail, along with the green wild grass and bushes that accompany them.

Enthusiastic mountain bikers will love this sport and to go up and down the hills for a daredevil act to satisfy their adrenaline. It also has diving locations for cliff diving, which will give you a sense of adrenaline. 

However, make sure to exercise caution when engaging in any of the activities. Mountain biking is far less dangerous than most other sports, but it is always better to be careful. 

Mountain biking has more injuries than other sports such as roller skating but far less than football and baseball.

3.A Photographic Instagrammable Location

frog hill penang
Photo credit: Photographic Instagrammable Location by

Frog Hill, as quoted by Jim Richardson who is a well-known National Geographic Magazine photographer. “You should stand in front of more intriguing stuff” if you want to be a better photographer. 

Many people would agree with Richardson that with the introduction of social media, it has never been easier to turn an undiscovered area like Bukit Katak (Frog Hill) into one of Penang’s most popular Instagrammable attractions. 

That is how picturesque the Frog Hill Penang location is.

Frog Hill is also a popular location for wedding couples to have their pre-wedding photoshoots so expect ladies in wedding clothes hiking! 

How Much Does It Cost To Climb Frog Hill? 

You may ask how much it costs to get to Frog Hill, and to be honest, there is NO entrance fee charged. You only need to take yourself there driving in your car.

With that, you can not expect any proper facilities either. So make sure you prepare accordingly.

Also, it is advisable not to litter around there and to always be mindful to maintain cleanliness. This would help other visitors and hikers to be more comfortable and to enjoy their adventure.

How To Get To Frog Hill Penang?

It is best to drive your car, motorbike or hire a Grab Car in Penang to go to Frog Hill Penang since there is no public transportation. This e-hailing service provider is quite reliable and it would make your trip there more secure and comfortable.

Frog Hill can be found in the northern part of Seberang Perai, off the main road near Kampung Guar Perahu near Kubang Semang. There is a half-hour drive from Bukit Mertajam, a town on the Penang mainland. 

frog hill penang
Photo credit: Scenic Hiking Spot by

If you’re driving from Penang, you should head towards Bukit Mertajam first, and if you have time, you should stop and check out the many things to do in Bukit Mertajam is highly recommended.

Bukit Mertajam to Frog Hill – It will take roughly 30 minutes to drive.

Penang to Frog Hill – It will take around 40 minutes to drive.

Can I Park My Car At Frog Hill?

YES, you can park your car at Frog Hill! The route comes to an end with a huge parking lot where you may park your car safely. But, unfortunately, it is just at the commencement of the ascent to the top of Frog Hill. 

The access road is unpaved and can become muddy after rain, although any conventional automobile can be driven on. Just keep in mind that the tanah merah (clay road) present everywhere will turn your wheels and sides crimson. 

Please continue driving if you are alright with that.

Otherwise, it is a 30-minute walk down a flat road backed by lovely rice fields where you will observe a variety of egrets and other local birds.

What Are The Best Times To Visit?

frog hill penang
Photo credit: Scenery On Frog Hill by

The right time to visit Frog Hill Tasek Gelugor Penang is in the evening before sunset, between 5 PM to 7 PM.  

At this time, the lake will look highly blue, and it renders spectacularly into photographs. The best scenery can be captured during this time of visits. It compliments the camera lens during this hour.

Do not go there too early as you will get sunburn. As you may notice, there are no big trees on the hills. 

Do remember to pack some water and snacks for the trip. Also, put on some shoes, but not your favourites because the red rocks will leave some stains on the sole. Red rocks will leave a stain of color red on your shoes sole and thus it would make it difficult to wash the stain away should you wear a branded pick.

Tips For Planning A Trip to Frog Hill Penang [Updated 2021]

  • You need to bring water and a hat along with you
  • Mosquito repellent is recommended because they do bite!
  • If you are not kind enough to relieve yourself outdoors, use a toilet BEFORE arriving here because there are no facilities nearby.
  • Consider food. Bring some refreshments if you intend on visiting around lunchtime (which is not suggested owing to the severe heat and less-than-stellar hues of the water ponds).
  • We believe it is viable to camp here because the top of the panoramic hill is relatively big and flat. However, it will be great if you were entirely self-sufficient because there is nothing here.
  • Taking the dirt road from the main intersection is the simplest way to get here. 
  • The course is clearly indicated on Google Maps (see the map above), and to avoid mistakes, always take a right turn when going in and the left turns when coming out.

Things To Bring Along With You

  • Drinking water bottle
  • Sunhat
  • Sunscreen
  • Mosquito repellant
  • Hiking shoes
  • First-Aid kit
  • Waterproof sack
  • An Umbrella

Where To Stay Near Frog Hill Penang?

5 Star Hotel in Bukit Mertajam

Mid-Range Hotel in Penang

Budget Hotels in Bukit Mertajam

What To Eat At Bukit Mertajam?


Frog Hill Penang is a beautiful location that is easily accessible by car. You can either take a Grab from Bukit Mertajam or ask a local acquaintance to drive you if you do not have one.

Overall, a visit will take roughly two hours, including travel time to and from Bukit Mertajam longer if you want to take many pictures or stop for lunch.

Frog Hill is also a bit of a wild spot, so bring a spare tyre and tools, and be prepared for poor cell phone signals.

However, it is well worth seeing at least once, and it is not nearly as scary as locals believe due to its secluded position. We found several people at the summit in the middle of the week as early as Wednesday morning.

Anyone visiting Frog Hill would definitely bring back memorable moments in the form of a wide range of photo collections. They would also be making another planned trip  to make a comeback!

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