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What To Wear For Hiking In Fall – Cute and Comfy Ideas!

What to wear for hiking in fall when the temperatures have started to drop, and everything around you turns colorful? It’s lovely, but don’t forget to take good care of yourself. 

What is your fall hiking outfit?

You are about to embark on a colorful but chilly hike. 

The forest floor is more inviting than ever; the dry leaves will crunch beneath your feet with every step you take; it’s time for some autumn adventures! 

Pack the right fall hiking clothes, as temperatures can dip below freezing at night during this period- wear layers so that if one layer gets wet or dirty

Read on to learn how to dress for hiking!

What to wear for hiking in fall

Here is everything you need to know on what to wear for fall hiking when getting ready to hit the trails.

At a glance, here are some of the things we will be looking at:

  • First Layer to Wear When Hiking In Fall: Bras, Underwear, And Tank Tops
  • Mid-Layer To Wear When Hiking In Fall: T-shirts, Long-Sleeve Shirt, Pants
  • Outer Layer To Wear When Hiking In Fall: Vest, Jacket
  • Shoes To Wear When Hiking In Fall (And Socks)
  • Accessories To Have When Hiking In Fall 
  • Pro Tips For Hiking In Fall 
  • FAQs About Hiking In Fall

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What To Wear When Hiking In Fall?

First Layer to Wear When Hiking In Fall: Bras, Underwear, And Tank Tops 

A base layer is moisture-wicking. It will be in direct contact with the skin, so it needs some stretch and breathability. 

They should feel very comfortable and stretchy. 

This clothes layer should have the feature of drying quickly when you’ll get wet or sweaty, so you don’t get stinking hot all day long. 

Some of the best first layers you can consider are:

1. Champion Store’s Bra 

What to wear for hiking in fall

This bra will keep you dry during a long day out with its moisture management technology and knit in ventilating mesh. 

The seamless design helps reduce chafing while the four-way stretch fabric maximizes comfort so that there’s no need for back-ups!

2. Fruit of the Loom Women’s Premium Underwear 

What to wear for hiking in fall

You will love this underwear because they are ultra-soft & breathable.

It is made up of the perfect combo of Polyester and Spandex for athletes. This fabric is breathable, making it great to wear during hot weather or intense workouts. 

Thanks to their lightweight construction, you’ll be able to stay warm no matter how cool it may get outside.

 3. Icy Zone Tank Tops 

What to wear for hiking in fall

Their tank tops have 95% polyester and 5% spandex. It features a banded crew neckline so it can stretch without being too tight, which offers you more comfort while hiking. 

With a racerback design coupled with bound edges along flatlock seams, this garment will not dig into the skin during intense physical activity.

Additionally, there’s no chance the top will rip after frequent washing.

Mid-Layer To Wear When Hiking In Fall: T-shirts, Long-Sleeve Shirt, Pants

Hiking in the fall is a great way to enjoy the crisp, cool air. Days can start dry, but suddenly, it may be pouring rain with running streams at your feet.

Or, you may leave the house under a cloudy gray sky, and by mid-day, the sun may be the shiniest ever, and you may feel like you are roasting.

So, what to wear on a hike in fall? The golden rule is to layer in and out.

By this,  we mean to have layers to add in or remove those extra layers causing discomfort anytime. 

So, the mid-layer base has:

 1. Amazon Essential T-Shirts 

What to wear for hiking in fall

They are super soft and quick-drying, made of 94% polyester and 6% fabric. This feature makes them an ideal garment for full-body exercises, including hiking. 

The material also has a slight stretch to account for comfort without sacrificing shape! A reflectivity logo is at the hip, which helps if it gets dark and you walk away from your hiking mates.


What to wear for hiking in fall

We highly suggest this breathable zip-up hoodie! It has a lightweight fabric on the back to keep you dry and comfortable all day long. 

It is the best when it comes to regulating your body’s temperature.

Their design is so clever! 

One of the best things about these shirts is their two hidden windows on either wrist. They allow you to check your watch or fitness tracker without having to pull off any thumbhole at all. 

 3. Young Charm’s Pants 

What to wear for hiking in fall

These pants are crafted from premium non-see-through fabric that will move with your body and give you comfort. 

The material offers insulation but keeps moisture away and is breathable, so you’ll stay cool during your uphill hikes! 

These stylish stretching leggings have deep side pockets for storage or carrying items on the go and an inner waistband band to keep them in place when you are active.

The deep pockets offer protection for those essential items you need on hand. The waistband helps the leggings not slip and keeps you warm in cold temperatures. 

Outer Layer To Wear When Hiking In Fall: Vest, Jacket

Now, the outer layer ensures you will be warm and protected. 

If you are wondering what to wear to go hiking in fall if it is a warm day, cool day, or a cold day, keep reading:

At cool temperatures, make sure you have a vest.

 1. Columbia Vest

What to wear for hiking in fall

Columbia’s vest is the best-insulated vest around, and we LOVE it. 

Not only does it help you stay warm, but the interior lining also helps retain your body’s natural moisture so that sweat doesn’t occur as often or cause discomfort from dampness on exposed skin.

When there isn’t enough sunlight, and you feel cool, these vests will heat you like small ovens.

 2. Columbia Fleece Jacket

What to wear for hiking in fall

Once you start hiking in the cold, but not the icy winter cold, we suggest that you keep choosing the same brand. It has a fantastic lightweight fleece jacket, made of a 100% soft polyester MTR filament fabric for ultimate warmth. 

This garment features two side zippered security pockets to secure your small items.

 It also has a collared neckline and closure system to easily slip over any outfit without being too bulky or tight! 

The cold weather essential has a full zipper closure and unbelievably soft fleece that makes it perfect to wear when temperatures drop below freezing.

A MUST have!

 3. Diamond Candy Store’s Raincoat 

What to wear for hiking in fall

Now, the very important raincoats.

You must be prepared for rain during a hike in the fall, and you should choose that kind of raincoat that compresses easily and takes a tiny place in your backpack.

It features a soft and lightweight shell with wind-resistant fabric that adjusts to get an optimal fit. We like the water repellent technology that keeps you protected from all angles!

The best of both worlds, it offers the perfect balance between comfort and durability. 

This jacket will keep you warm all winter long with its super-soft lining that’s also durable enough to protect against wear and tear from everyday use in harsh weather conditions!

No wonder why this raincoat is a bestseller.

Shoes To Wear When Hiking In The Fall

In the fall, you must look for durability in hiking shoes. 

Look for shoes with good traction and support to keep you safe and comfortable on the trail. You need a shoe that can take on wet leaves, mud, and rocks without slipping or falling apart. Waterproofing is also key to keeping your feet dry while hiking.

 1. Merrell 

What to wear for hiking in fall

With its luxurious, 100% suede leather upper and rubber sole, this shoe will make you feel elegant in your movements.

 The shaft measures 4″ from the arch with a waterproof membrane sealing out water so that moisture cannot get in. 

The boots also have pigskin for added comfort and mesh lining that allows airflow, keeping feet warm.

The molded heel cup offers extra support due to its advanced technology, allowing them to be easily removable. 

The EVA foam midsoles will give you comfort and stability during your hike. They’re lightweight, which means they’ll feel like nothing’s on their feet!

However, be careful when picking the hiking socks as well.

Don’t forget that cotton is not the best when hiking because it holds the moisture and makes your feet cold.

 2. Meriwool Socks

What to wear for hiking in fall

According to our research and experience, these socks are perfect for any adventure during cold weather.

These thermal boot socks have insulation that will not weigh down or let moisture get inside. The material is also machine washable.

The breathability and wicking properties of Merino wool make them an excellent choice. 

Accessories To Have When Hiking In Fall

Now, onto what to wear on a fall hike when to protect your hands and head?

 1. Furtalk Beanies 

What to wear for hiking in fall

The cute hats are made of 100% super soft cozy acrylic that performs great in flexibility and stretchability, so one size fits most.

This unisex cuffed watch hat is stretchable enough to make it stay on your head without falling off. Additionally, you can pull down the cuff if desired- covering your ears when needed.

It is great for wearing every day and wearing for outdoor sports.

 2. Aegend Gloves

What to wear for hiking in fall

Other than being polyester fleece, the gloves are moisture-wicking and anti-slip.

What makes them even more preferable is their feature that makes touching possible. 

Years ago, it was nearly impossible to take a picture or scroll on a smartphone while wearing gloves. These gloves say no more because the material on the thumb and index fingers is so sensitive that you can touch your phone screen even with your gloves on! 

Pro Tips For Hiking In Fall 

What to wear for hiking in fall

1. Keep yourself hydrated. No matter how cold it can be outside, hydration is vital.

Keeping yourself hydrated is essential for any activity, but it is especially crucial when you are out in the cold. No matter how much breathability an outfit may provide, the effectiveness will drop rapidly if there aren’t enough fluids running in your body.

 2. Pack snacks or sandwiches you enjoy having.

Pack a lunch to enjoy during your hike. You’re going to need some fuel, and what better way than with the food you love most? 

Enjoying a meal is one of those things that can make or break an outdoor adventure; so be sure not to forget this important step in preparation for your fall hike!

3. Carry an insulated water bottle. I like using insulated bottles because they maintain constant heat which can be tough otherwise! This is one way to keep your tea, coffee, or water at the most pleasant temperature possible.

We have chosen the Under Armour Store water bottle jug. We like the non-slip side grip that controls dropping and slipping.

What to wear for hiking in fall

 4.No matter how far you go, make sure you have an emergency kit with you. 

Ensure your emergency kit is stocked with everything you might need, including a first aid kit, a flashlight, and extra batteries.

Like the kit from Yiderbo Store. It has everything!

What to wear for hiking in fall

In a pinch, your emergency kit can be a lifesaver. So don’t forget to pack it whenever you hit the road.

 5. Always have a plan B. If things don’t go as expected, you’ll be prepared. 

Knowing that there is another route to get home quicker in the event you find yourself arriving late and it starts getting dark can be very useful. Days also start shortening, so knowing how long your walk will take becomes important as well!

Having a backup plan shows that you’re resourceful and ready for anything.


What Is The Best Outfit To Wear When Hiking? 

What is the best outfit to wear when hiking? Have two jackets with you. Jacket one should be a lightweight fleece top. Jacket two is a lightweight puffy. 

Make sure your puffy jacket compresses well enough to easily fit in your backpack. Choose the jacket you need for the trip you’ll have. If it’s colder, you can wear the fleece to hike. If it’s cool, you can as well not wear it. 

What Should A Woman Wear On A Hiking Trip? 

What should a woman wear on a hiking trip? The best thing to wear is leggings or hiking pants. Pants offer more protection against scratching. Leggings are more lightweight for summer. Either one provides comfort. It depends where you will go hiking.

What Pants Should You Wear While Hiking?

What pants should you wear while hiking? When hiking in fall, it is best to choose pants with a lightweight material. Bear in mind you should not wear jeans. Opt for synthetics materials, like nylon or polyester. Your pants should dry quickly and be durable.

Can You Hike In Jeans? 

What to wear for hiking in fall

Can you hike in jeans? You can have a successful hike in jeans like many people already do. Jeans provide lots of protection, but they feel heavy sometimes. This is why many hikers choose synthetic pants to handle more light and comfortable. 

To learn more, check out this article on hiking in jeans

Hiking in the fall is a beautiful experience, but you still need to know how to be prepared. 

Now, you are completely equipped with everything you need to know about what to wear for hiking in the fall! 

Maybe after hours spent hiking with a heavy pack and excitement from seeing all these vibrant flowers in bloom-you might realize you forgot something important.

Just remember: extra layers are key when experiencing this festival for yourself so grab them before you forget again 🙂

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