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10 Days Scotland Itinerary —Best Places to Explore In Scotland

If Google brings you here when you search for “10 Days Scotland Itinerary”, you are in the right place!

You might first know Scotland from the Loch Ness story (I know I did when my home teacher talked about this during the class!) Nevertheless, there is more to Scotland than that infamous folklore. 

Historic castles, beautiful islands, and breathtaking landscapes—these fascinating gems of Scotland attract millions of travelers around the world to this small country. 

Written by WWB Writer Sam Lee, this 10 days Scotland itinerary will serve as an informative guide that shows every major highlight to go, how to get around, and handy travel tips to ensure this trip to Scotland is among the best travel destinations that you have ever been to.

10 Days Scotland Itinerary

Summary Of 10 Day Scotland Tour

Day 1: Edinburgh Part One

Day 2: Edinburgh Part Two

Day 3: Perth or Scottish Borders & To Highlands

Day 4: Fort William & Glenfinnan 

Day 5: Glencoe 

Day 6: Loch Ness & Inverness

Day 7: Isle of Skye Part One

Day 8: Isle of Skye Part Two

Day 9: Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park 

Day 10: Glasgow

Disclosure: Some of the links on here are affiliate links and I may earn if you click on them, AT NO EXTRA cost to you. Hope you find the information here useful! Thank you.

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Day 1: Edinburgh Part One

  • Wander along Royal Mile and alleyways
  • Explore Edinburgh Castle and The Real Mary King’s Close
  • Walk around Grassmarket and Victoria Street
  • Visit Palace of Holyroodhouse
  • Hike up to Arthur’s Seat 
  • Explore Greyfriars Kirkyard
  • Optional: Visit free admission museums 

Start the first day of the 10 Days Scotland Itinerary at Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland.

This UNESCO World Heritage site comprises 2 equally unique parts: the Old Town and New Town.

10 Days Scotland Itinerary

After settling down in Edinburgh, start exploring the Old Town from the heart of this beautiful city—Royal Mile. 

This street connects Edinburgh Castle to the Palace of Holyroodhouse.  

Enjoy the scenic view of the historic buildings and small alleyways along the walk. You get to listen to bagpipe music performed by street performers in this area too. 

The first stop to go along the Royal Mile is Edinburgh Castle

10 Days Scotland Itinerary

Visit the castle to learn about the history of this city or simply to admire its ancient medieval architecture. This castle also offers picturesque views over Edinburgh

You can get the ticket here.

Note: Edinburgh Castle is set to reopen on 30th April 2021.

Edinburgh Castle Entrance Fee: US$24 (£17.50)

Visiting Hours: 9.30 am-6 pm or 10 am-4 pm (winter season)

Along the Royal Mile, you will pass by: 

Another popular attraction that you need to go to in Edinburgh is The Real Mary King’s Close

You get to learn the authentic truths and hidden history about the city on a guided tour. 

To skip the long queue and to have a cheaper priced ticket, you can book online here

Note: The Real Mary King’s Close is set to reopen in mid-May 2021.

The Real Mary King’s Close Entrance Fee: US$25 (£17.95)

Visiting Hours: To be updated 

Next, head over to Grassmarket and Victoria Street to kick start your shopping spree and to grab some lunch. 

Note: Victoria Street is a perfect place to use as the backdrop of your Insta-worthy snap!

Keep walking down the Royal Mile and you will reach the Palace of Holyroodhouse at the end.

This palace is the official residence of The Queen in Scotland. 

Over here, you get to see some historical items belonging to Queen Mary and Bonnie Prince Charlie and magnificent galleries with precious artwork. 

You also have the opportunity to explore the ruins of Holyrood Abbey and the lovely garden of the palace.

Note: It is recommended to have your ticket booked in advance before the visit to skip the queue.

Just right behind this infamous palace lies Arthur’s Seat

To experience the impressive view of Edinburgh city from the peak of this dormant volcano, expect to hike about 1.5 to 2 hours (round-trip) on the stone staircase.

10 Days Scotland Itinerary

Note: Get waterproof and slip-resistant shoes before going for a hike in Scotland. 

Alternatively, you can head over to Greyfriars Kirkyard to end the first day of your 10 day tour of Scotland. 

Greyfriars Kirkyard is a must-go place, especially for Harry Potter’s fans! 

This graveyard was used as an inspiration by J.K Rowling for her character’s names, and you can even find Tom Riddle’s grave here! 

To know more about the spooky stories and haunted sites in Edinburgh, you can opt for this tour that includes visits to underground vaults and Greyfriars Kirkyard. 

If you do not want to spend too much on ticket entrance or tour and want to know more about this ancient city’s history and culture, you can opt for a visit to some free admission museums in Edinburgh: 

Rest well at night and wake up early the next day to continue exploring this lively city—the New Town. 

Day 2: Edinburgh Part Two

  • Explore Princes Street Gardens and Royal Botanic Garden
  • Wander around Charlotte Square and Calton Hill
  • Walk over to Dean Village for a less touristy place
  • Visit Scottish National Portrait Gallery and National Museum of Scotland
  • Have a drink at the local bar and experience city nightlife

Dedicate Day 2 of 10 days Scotland itinerary to explore the New Town of Edinburgh.

You can start the day by heading over to Princes Street Gardens to admire the morning view of this lovely garden

Next, walk over to Charlotte Square to visit the official residence of the Prime Minister and admire the dazzling Georgian architecture of the neighborhood—the distinct feature that separates the Old Town from New Town. 

To admire the city view from another perspective, walk up to Calton Hill. This is the easier hiking version of Arthur’s Seat. 

If you like to bring yourself to a less touristy place in Edinburgh, head over to Dean Village

Have a stroll along the river to enjoy the scenic view in this smaller and quieter part of the town. 

10 Days Scotland Itinerary

There are also free admission museums that you can visit in the New Town to know more about the culture of this country. 

These museums include the Scottish National Portrait Gallery and the National Museum of Scotland. 

Scottish National Portrait Gallery Visiting Hours: 10 am- 5 pm daily

National Museum of Scotland Visiting Hours: 10 am- 4.30 pm daily

Note: You will need to book the free entrance ticket to the National Museum of Scotland in advance. 

Another garden that you can visit in the New Town is the Royal Botanic Garden. This 72 acres garden offers a stunning landscape view featuring Edinburgh Castle to visitors. 

You will also get to see garden-related artwork in the exhibition and several distinctive yet fascinating smaller gardens with an extensive and diverse collection of plants in this place.

Royal Botanic Garden Entrance Fee: Free

Royal Botanic Garden Visiting Hours: 10 am-5 pm

Note: You can book your free entrance ticket to the Royal Botanic Garden here. 

At night, head over to one of the many bars in Edinburgh to have a drink and experience its vibrant nightlife. 

Note: If you are on a budget mode traveling the country, you can opt for a cheap drink at Stramash, Sneaky’s Pete, or The Globe Bar located at Old Town. 

Spend the last night in Edinburgh before heading over to Perth or the Scottish Borders to continue the travel journey spending 10 days in Scotland. 

Day 3: Perth or The Scottish Borders & To Highlands

  • Visit Scone Palace in Perth or
  • Explore historical abbeys in the Scottish Borders
  • Drive to Highlands
  • Explore Fort William

It’s Day 3 of your 10 Days Scotland Itinerary!

You can choose to either go to Perth or the Scottish Borders before driving to Highlands on the third day of your 10 day Scotland tour.  

If you opt for Perth, you get to discover the historical Scone Palace that is located about an hour’s drive from Edinburgh.

Explore the palace to admire its beautiful Georgian architecture and an extensive collection of antiques and paintings. 

Do wander around the Palace grounds and garden to enjoy the splendid castle view from the outside. The grounds were used as the crowning site of the Kings of Scots in the past. 

Expect to spend 1 to 1.5 hours exploring this place of attraction before heading over to Highlands to reach Fort William. The drive will take about 3 hours. 

Scone Palace Entrance Fee: Free

Visiting Hours: 10 am- 4 pm 

If you opt for Scottish Borders, head over to Dryburgh Abbey and Melrose Abbey.

Dryburgh Abbey is the popular one among the other abbeys in the Scottish Borders. 

The ruins portray some of the best Gothic architecture in the country and acted as the final resting place of David Erskine, one of the Earl in Buchan, and Sir Walter Scott. 

Dryburgh Abbey Entrance Fee: US$9 (£6)

Visiting Hours: 9.30 am-5.30 pm (April to September) & 10 am-4 pm (October to March)

Melrose Abbey is one of the famous ruins in Scotland. This ruin has a history dated back to the year 1136 and its fascinating exterior has some interesting sculptures such as hobgoblins. 

This site also acted as the final burial site of Robert the Bruce’s heart (King of Scot). 

Melrose Abbey Entrance Fee: US$9 (£6)

Visiting Hours: 9.30 am-5.30 pm (April to September) & 10 am-4 pm (October to March)

10 Days Scotland Itinerary

After you have done exploring the Scottish Borders, have a drive of about 4 hours to Highlands before stopping at Fort William. 

Once reaching Fort William, get acquainted with the town by taking a stroll and enjoy the beautiful landscape. 

You will spend 3 nights out of 10 days in Scotland here.

Day 4: Fort William & Glenfinnan 

  • Hike at Steall Falls in Fort William
  • Admire Glenfinnan Viaduct 
  • Visit Glenfinnan Monument and Glenfinnan Church
  • Explore Glenfinnan Station Museum

There will be lots of hiking activities during this 10 day driving tour of Scotland and Steall Falls in Fort William is one of them!

Wake up early on Day 4 of 10 Days Scotland Itinerary and drive for about 20 minutes to Steall Falls for a hike. Enjoy the scenic view of hills and waterfalls along the way. 

Next, drive to Glenfinnan to continue mesmerizing yourself with the beauty and vastness of nature this country has to offer. 

Glenfinnan is famous for the scene in the Harry Potter movies sequel where the world-famous bridge, Glenfinnan Viaduct, was featured as the railway for Hogwart Express. 

Note: Due to its popularity, you might have difficulty in finding a car park space as this stop attracts tourist crowds. 

10 Days Scotland Itinerary

To have the panoramic view of Glenfinnan Viaduct, head over to Glenfinnan Visitor Centre

If you want to have a closer look at the viaduct, you can walk down the private path near the parking area and follow the trail on the left. 

There is also a steam train service that uses the viaduct where it travels between Fort William and Mallaig. 

If you are keen to board the steam train pretending you are one of the wizards in Harry Potter movies, or simply want to capture the picture of the steam train on the viaduct, you can refer to this link for the train schedule. 

Apart from being popularised due to movie filmings, Glenfinnan is also rich in history with several standing monuments and buildings as solid proof to that.

Some of these monuments are Glenfinnan Monument, Glenfinnan Church, and Glenfinnan Station Museum

Note: All these places are within walking distance. 

Head over to Glenfinnan Monument to admire the stunning view over the nearby loch and hills. 

This monument serves as a reminder of a historic battle against the English. 

Glenfinnan Monument Entrance Fee: US$9 (£6)

Visiting Hours: To be updated

Note: Glenfinnan Monument is set to reopen in May 2021.

A well-preserved Catholic church, Glenfinnan Church boasts Gothic architecture and offers a magnificent view of Loch Shiel.

Glenfinnan Station Museum is located in the Glenfinnan Station. The museum offers interesting insights into the construction of the train station and the people who built it since the 1890s.

Note: Another alternative site to see an even closer view of the steam train is Glenfinnan Station. 

Glenfinnan Station Museum Entrance Fee: Free

Visiting Hours: To be updated

After spending the whole day exploring Glenfinnan, head back to Fort William for another night’s stay. 

Rest well and head over Glencoe the next day in your 10 days Scotland itinerary. 

Day 5: Glencoe

  • Hiking spots: Lochan Trails, Signal Rock, Lost Valley Trek, or Pap of Glencoe
  • Have a drive around Loch Leven
  • Visit The Three Sisters
  • Visit Wee White House 
  • Optional: Visit Castle Stalker

If hiking is your passion, this will be your favourite part of the 10 Days Scotland Itinerary!

Glencoe is one of the favorites hiking spots in the Highlands. 

The view is picturesque and refreshing as this place is surrounded by high, beautiful mountains and waterfalls. 

On Day 5 of the 10 Days Scotland Itinerary, have a 30-minute drive from Fort William to Glencoe to kick start your outdoor activities of the day—hiking and more sightseeing!

Note: You can get a map from Glencoe Visitor Centres to decide which local trail or hiking spot to opt for. 

There are several places you can choose to hike at in Glencoe:

  • Lochan Trails hike: The easiest hike among all that will take you about an hour to complete and get acquainted with the region. This hike starts at the end of the main street in Glencoe. 
  • The Signal Rock hike: The trail will take you up to the beautiful Signal Rock hill and expect to spend 45 minutes round trip. 
  • The Pap of Glencoe hike: This hike is the longest among all 4 hiking spots where it takes about 4 hours for a round trip. Nevertheless, the stunning view of Pap of Glencoe mountain at the top makes all your hiking effort truly worthy. 

Note: Remember to get a proper and sturdy pair of hiking shoes before hiking!

If you are not feeling like doing a hike, you can drive around Loch Leven to admire the breathtaking view surrounded by the lush green mountains and pretty purple flowers.

You can also have a stop at The Three Sisters to immerse yourself in the relaxing and awesome view of the 3 mountains. 

Another place that you need to visit in Glencoe is the Wee White House

The house is located just in front of Buachaille Etive Mor, another fascinating mountain in Glencoe, making the view absolutely dazzling. 

If you still have the energy to continue exploring the area, you can head over to Castle Stalker located near Port Appin. 

To get there, you will have to make some planning in advance as the place is only reachable by boat service. 

Alternatively, you can enjoy the view of the castle from the shore which is equally impressive. 

Get back to Fort William for another night’s stay and pack your bags before moving on to Inverness and Loch Ness on Day 6 of this 10 day itinerary in Scotland. 

Day 6: Loch Ness & Inverness

  • Explore Fort Augustus and Loch Ness
  • Explore Urquhart Castle
  • Visit Free North Church, Victorian Market, and Inverness Castle in Inverness
  • Visit Clava Cairns

It’s Day 6 of the 10 Days Scotland Itinerary. Today is the day where you get to see whether Nessie, the rumored Loch Ness monster, is true or just a myth! 

10 Days Scotland Itinerary

Head over to Fort Augustus from Fort William on Day 6 of this 10 day driving tour of Scotland which is about 50 minutes drive away. 

This small village will be the entry point for a cruise around Loch Ness. Walk over to the cruise desk to get the ticket for £20 (US$28).

Drive over to Urquhart Castle next; this castle offers another breathtaking view of the loch

The view of the castle ruins itself is lovely and you get to see some historic artifacts and explore some of the intact parts of the castle. 

Urquhart Castle Entrance Fee: US$14 (£9.60)

Visiting Hours: 9.30 am-6 pm (April to September), 9.30 am-5 pm (October), 10 am-4 pm (November to March)

After you have done exploring Loch Ness, head over to Inverness—the capital of the Highlands. 

Some of the places that you can visit in Inverness are Inverness Castle, Free North Church, and Victorian Market

Alternatively, you can head over to Clava Cairns. This place is an interesting burial chamber with a history of more than 4000 years. 

Note: This place is popularized by the TV series Outlander. Outlander fans, rejoice!

Have a night’s stay in Inverness and prepare to explore the Isle of Skye for the upcoming 2 days!

10 Days Scotland Itinerary

Day 7: Isle of Skye Part One

  • Visit Eilean Donan Castle
  • Explore places in the Trotternish Loop
  • Spot the iconic Highland cattle

The Isle of Skye is a must-visit place during the 10 Days Scotland Itinerary.

There are many magnificent highlights to visit around this area and allocating 2 days exploring the Isle of Skye is the bare minimum. 

If you are a fan of ancient Scotland castles, make a stop at Eilean Donan Castle en route to the Isle of Skye. 

Note: This castle was used in the filming of the Outlander series and one of the James Bond movies. 

Spend Day 7 of 10 days Scotland itinerary by exploring the Isle of Skye’s Trotternish Loop.

The Trotternish Loop consists of: 

  • Fairy Glen
  • Mealt Falls
  • Kilt Rock Waterfall
  • Brother’s Point
  • Old Man of Storr 
  • The Quiraing

A touristic place, Kilt Rock Waterfall is a stunning 60-meter tall waterfall that flows directly into the sea.

10 Days Scotland Itinerary

Brother’s Point has lesser tourist crowds—means more spaces for yourself! You will get to enjoy a beautiful coastline and breathtaking peninsular view

Note: You can even see Kilt Rock Waterfall from here!

Old Man of Storr and The Quiraing are some of the places in the Isle of Skye that you shouldn’t miss during your 10 days in Scotland.

10 Days Scotland Itinerary

You can enjoy the magical views of these 2 places from the comfort of your car.

If you have extra time, you can get on the hiking trails to admire an even more fascinating and picturesque panoramic view from the top.

Note: Expect to spend 2-3 hours to complete the hikes for each place. 

10 Days Scotland Itinerary

Along the drive, you can also spot the iconic Highland cattle hiding in the plain sight of tall grasses. These Heilan’s Coos are too cute to be ignored!

10 Days Scotland Itinerary

Spend a night’s stay at Portree and continue exploring the other part of the Isle of Skye tomorrow.

Note: Portree is the capital town of the Isle of Skye. 

Day 8: Isle of Skye Part Two

  • Visit Fairy Pools and Cuillin Hills
  • Visit Talisker Distillery
  • Explore Dunvegan Castle
  • Watch the sunset at Neist Point
  • Visit Coral Beach

Head over to Fairy Pools from Portree to admire the beautiful waterfalls. The walk from the parking lot to Fairy Pools takes about 30 minutes. 

Note: To avoid the crowd, it is recommended to reach Fairy Pools before 9.30 am.

10 Days Scotland Itinerary

You can also have a short stop at Cuillin Hills to have another dose of nature-landscape-greenery of Scotland. 

Next, visit Talisker Distillery for a short tour around the distillery and an entry to its tasting room bar. You can also buy some whisky as souvenirs from the store. 

If Scotland is lacking something, ancient castles are definitely not on the list. 

Another alternative stop in the Isle of Skye that you can opt for is Dunvegan Castle and its garden in Dunvegan. 

To experience the breathtaking sunset view in the Isle of Skye, Neist Point is the place that you must go to.  

10 Days Scotland Itinerary

If you still can’t get enough of the Isle of Skye, hop on your car for a 15-minute drive away from Dunvegan Castle to Coral Beach. 

Coral Beach is famous for its white sand, clear water, and lava rock.

Spend another night in Portree before continuing the 10 day Scotland tour at Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park the next morning. 

Day 9: Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park 

  • Explore Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park
  • Have a picnic in Killin near Dochart Waterfalls
  • Visit Falls of Falloch 
  • Hike to Conic Hill
  • Explore Stirling Castle and Doune Castle

On Day 9 of the 10 Days Scotland Itinerary, it is time to explore Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park. 

Loch Lomond is located at the heart of Trossachs National Park. 

You can either drive along Loch Lomond to enjoy the view from the comfort of your rental car or head over to Tarbet to get on a cruise to explore the loch. 

10 Days Scotland Itinerary

Note: Loch Lomond is the largest loch in Britain

You can also have a stop at Killin to have a picnic accompanied by the beautiful scenic view of Dochart Waterfalls.

Another impressive waterfall that you can visit is the Falls of Falloch, a 30 feet high waterfall. 

If you are looking for a hiking trail with a stunning view from the top, you can opt for Conic Hill instead. The hike takes around 2.5 hours round trip to complete. 

Alternatively, you can visit Stirling Castle and Doune Castle to admire the medieval castle architecture and exterior design. 

Once you are done, drive about an hour to reach Glasgow in the late afternoon. 

This yet another beautiful city will be the last place to visit in this 10 days driving tour of Scotland. 

Day 10: Glasgow

  • Explore Glasgow University
  • Visit Kelvingrove Art Gallery Museum and Gallery of Modern Art
  • Admire murals along Glasgow City Centre Mural Trail
  • Explore Glasgow Cathedral and the Necropolis
  • Shopping at Buchanan Street
  • Bar-hopping at Ashton Lane

We have finally reached the final day of the 10 Days Scotland Itinerary. After spending a few days immersing yourself in nature and the lush greeneries of Scotland, it is time to get back to the modern city vibes. 

Spend the last day of the 10 days Scotland itinerary at Glasgow before flying out of the country in the late evening or the next day. 

Glasgow University is one of the places that you need to visit in Glasgow. Its impressive neo-gothic architecture is simply captivating. 

10 Days Scotland Itinerary

If you want to have a look at the beautiful artwork collection for free, head over to Kelvingrove Art Gallery Museum and Gallery of Modern Art

You can also admire remarkable murals along Glasgow City Centre Mural Trail. 

One mural that you shouldn’t miss is Billy Connolly’s mural—a famous Glasgow-born comedian.

10 Days Scotland Itinerary

Next, head over to the oldest medieval cathedral in Scotland—Glasgow Cathedral. Over here you get to visit the tomb of St Mungo and enjoy the impressive exterior of the cathedral.  

10 Days Scotland Itinerary

Located just beside Glasgow Cathedral is the Necropolis. This site is the cathedral’s Victorian cemetery and you can see the scenic city view from the hilltop. 

If you want to do some shopping in Glasgow, head over to Buchanan Street. You can enjoy some live performances too along this street. 

Another thing that you need to do in Glasgow is bar-hopping in Ashton Lane! The hippest part of the city, this lane houses a number of bars and restaurants. 

You can also do some shopping here and get to visit a classic movie theatre, Grosvenor Cinema

And that is all for your stay of almost 2 weeks in Scotland! Pack your bags and it is time to bid farewell to this lovely country.

What Is The Best Month To Go To Scotland?

The typical weather in Scotland is wet, chilly, and gray throughout the year. 

The best time to visit Scotland will be during its summer season (July to August). The days are longer and the temperature is at its highest, making traveling around Scotland easier and comfortable. 

These are also the reasons why Scotland is flocked by tourist crowds every year during this season, especially at Glenfinnan.

Note: The highest temperature of Scotland summer ranges from 16 to 20 degrees celsius. Do bring along a waterproof jacket as it can be quite chilly even during the summer season. 

If you want to avoid such crowds during your 10 days in Scotland, you can opt to visit the country in late spring (June) or early autumn (September) where it is still warm. 

The cheapest time of the year to visit Scotland is during its winter season

However, some places of attractions might close throughout this season or might have shorter operating hours that require you to have additional planning to accommodate such change. 

How Many Days Are Enough For Scotland?

To visit the main highlights in Scotland at your pace, spending 10 days in Scotland will enable you to do so. 

If you opt for Scotland 1 week itinerary, you can tweak this 10 day itinerary by skipping the visit to Perth or Scottish Borders (Day 3), Glencoe (Day 5), and Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park (Day 9). 

For a longer stay of 2 weeks in Scotland, you can include a trip to Cairngorms National Park, Pitlochry, and St Andrews. 

What Is The Best Way To See Scotland?

Major cities such as Edinburgh and Glasgow are easily accessible by public transportation such as buses. Most of the places of attractions here are within walking distance too. 

To make the best out of this 10 day trip to Scotland, getting a rental car will be a better option as you get to reach any beautiful rural town conveniently and make any stop at the roadside to enjoy the scenic view at your pace. 

The road condition on major highways in Scotland is relatively good, though things can get slightly tricky in smaller towns. 

You can click on this link to know more about Scotland driving etiquette.

Besides, along with the technological advancement, you can reach any highlights mentioned in this 10 day itinerary by simply using Google Maps

To get a rental car, you can compare the prices and choose your preferred car model at RentalCars. 

10 Days Scotland Itinerary

Where To Stay In Scotland?

There are a lot of accommodation types in Scotland you can choose from in your 10 day driving tour of Scotland, depending on your budget

Below are some of the recommended places to stay in the cities or towns that are mentioned in this 10 day itinerary:   


Fort William




What To Eat In Scotland?

Here are some dishes that you have to try during your 10 day Scotland tour. In other words, you shouldn’t leave Scotland until you have a mouthful of these scrumptious meals!

Note: Some Scottish favorite food might sound funny and weird but never doubt the taste!

Haggis: This national dish of Scotland is made from sheep’s pluck—minced liver, heart, and lungs—mixed with salt, spices, oatmeal, and seasoning and stuffed into the sheep intestine. The bag is then boiled or baked and usually served with neeps (turnips) and tatties (potatoes).

Scottish salmon: Scotland is famed for its salmon due to its perfect texture and taste. Make sure you have the dish at least once during your trip to experience that greatness yourself!

Grouse: This bird is usually found in moorlands and hunted especially during the hunting season (from August to December). Each bird is usually enough to serve a person and it can be roasted or stewed

Porridge: Scottish porridge is made by mixing oat with water or milk. Some might even add salt and whisky into the dish to make it more flavorful. 

Shortbread: A typical gift during the Christmas season, this iconic Scottish dessert is usually consumed with raspberry, honey, and a cup of tea. 

Whisky: There are several flavors of whisky in Scotland depending on the local water used and the processes. You can try this drink for free when you are visiting the local distillery for samples.

For vegan travelers, you can browse the links below to check out some vegan and vegetarian eateries for your 10 day itinerary in Scotland. 

Edinburgh: Vegan Edinburgh

Highland: The Wildcat, The Geographer Restaurant
Inverness: Zizzi, The Alleycat

Isle of Skye: The Old Croft House, Seumas’ Bar

Glasgow: The Glad Cafe, 13th Note

Note: Some of these are B&B (bed & breakfast) too! 

If you would like to check out other vegan restaurant options, you can browse at HappyCow. 

How To Get Around Scotland?

You can walk or take the subway when you are exploring big cities such as Edinburgh and Glasgow. 

Most of the main highlights in the city are located nearby or within walking distance.

To travel around major cities or towns, public transportations such as buses and trains are readily available, making it convenient. 

Alternatively, you can opt for a guided tour to get to some popular-among-tourists towns from the city on a day or multi-day trip.

To look for a list of guided tours available in Scotland, you can browse at Get Your Guide. 

However, to get around the country especially to rural areas and off the beaten paths easily at your own pace, it is recommended to get yourself a rental car. 

To find the best deal of car rental for your 10 day driving tour of Scotland, you can check out RentalCars.

Note: You can get the rental car on the morning of Day 3 of this 10 day itinerary when you are leaving Edinburgh for Perth or the Scottish Borders. 

Unique Tips You Should Know When Visiting Scotland

It is always a good practice to know the dos and don’ts before visiting a foreign country. 

Below are some of the helpful tips and guides that you can refer to for your 10 day Scotland tour: 

Scotland Travel Visa 

US citizens do not need a travel visa to enter Scotland. However, they do need a valid passport to travel around the country. 

For other nationalities, you can check your travel visa eligibility here.


The official currency in Scotland is the pound Sterling (£).


English is widely spoken in the country, though some of the English words are only native to Scotland. For example, loch (lake) and glen (valley).

Fret not— you can always rely on Google for their meanings!

Internet Connectivity 

You can get a local SIM card with an internet plan when you reach Scotland. Some telcos to choose from are Three, O2, and Vodafone

Plug Socket Type 

Bring along a universal adapter before visiting the country. You can get the travel adapter here

Driving Etiquette

If you are driving for your 10 day trip to Scotland, remember to always drive on the left side of the road. 

Single-track roads are common in smaller towns so you will have to understand the local driving etiquette before starting driving around in Scotland. 

Click on this link to know more about Scotland’s driving etiquette. 

10 Days Scotland Itinerary

Food Ordering At Pubs Or Bars

You will have to place your food or drinks order at the bar counter as there is no table service provided in most pubs and bars. 

Tipping Etiquette

Tipping is not mandatory in pubs and bars but expect to tip 10% when you are in restaurants

Cash And Credit Card

Credit cards are widely accepted in Scotland but do bring along cash with you as some establishments in rural parts of the country do not accept card payment. 


Scotland is a relatively safe country for traveling. However, do stay alert to your surroundings as petty crimes might happen to anyone anywhere.

Travel Insurance 

Get travel insurance for yourself before leaving for Scotland. You can buy one from World Nomads. 

Bring Insect Repellent

Some places in Scotland are prone to have more midges which can be a nuisance when visiting around the country. 

Therefore, bring along insect repellent and apply it to your clothes when you are out of your hotel or guesthouse.  

Bring Raincoat

Bring along a raincoat with you when traveling around Scotland as rain is prevalent in this country. 

The strong wind that comes along with the rain might blow your umbrella away even before you get to use it. 

Get Sturdy Hiking Shoes

Hiking trails are always in wet condition due to frequent rainfall in Scotland. 

Therefore, get a pair of waterproof hiking shoes to minimize any slip or fall when hiking up the hill.

Embrace Scotland Weather

You can check the weather forecast in Scotland but don’t rely on it completely as the weather can be unpredictable. 

Being said that, embrace that fact as part of your travel experience and bring the necessary items to brace yourself with any type of weather that comes into your way. 

“In Scotland, there is no such thing as bad weather—only the wrong clothes.”— Billy Connolly

Book Your Accommodation In Advance

It is recommended to book all your accommodation in Scotland in advance especially during peak season. 

There might be no room availability or simply the room price shoots up due to high demand. 

10 Days In Scotland  Packing List

Here are some of the essentials that you should have in your packing list when visiting Scotland: 

  • Waterproof jacket and raincoat
  • Reusable water bottle 
  • Waterproof hiking shoes
  • Hiking equipment
  • Insect repellent
  • Comfortable outdoor clothing
  • Basic first aid items/ medicines

10 Days Scotland Itinerary: Conclusion

And there you go—a comprehensive and reliable guide that you can ultimately refer to and tweak for your upcoming 10 days trip to Scotland!

Remember that it is not necessary to go to all the highlights that are mentioned in this itinerary; you can always travel at your own pace and skip all the hikes if you are not a fan of hiking. 

Because no matter where you go, it is undeniably that Scotland is a beautiful country surrounded by stunning landscapes and interesting history that will definitely capture your heart. 

Let us know in the comment section below if you have been to Scotland, or if you have any recommendations in terms of attraction places that we missed out on; we would love to hear from you!

Enjoy your wee dram in Scotland!