Best Breweries In San Diego

10 Best Breweries In San Diego For 2022

San Diego County is known as the ‘Craft Beer Capital of America’ as it is home to the largest number of breweries than any other country.

In this county, you can find 155 breweries that are fully licensed and offer impeccable flavors and new experiences.

If you are a beer lover and 21 plus, be sure to make your way to some of these breweries and taste their beers for yourself. 

1.Puesto Cervecería

Puesto Cervecería can be found in Mission Valley, San Diego. This site is the biggest in the Puesto chain and has its first craft brewery, making it a big attraction.

Here, Puesto Cervecería specializes in Mexican-style lagers and beverages, some of which can be found at other Puesto sites in California.

To come here and enjoy drinks such as Puesto Mexican Amber or Negra Lager, reserve a table online to try your luck by walking through the door – though there’s no promise that there will be spaces left with how popular it is.

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2.Border X Brewing

Border X Brewing

This brewery is another spot where you can find a beautiful blend of Latino flavor with its Mexican-inspired blends of craft beer.

You can find Border X Brewing in the Barrio Logan neighborhood and try flavors such as hibiscus and agave Blood Saison and Horchata Golden Stout.

Inside, you can not only enjoy the drinks, but also the taproom, which is decorated in street art.

If hunger strikes, you can indulge in street tacos and sit back in the beer garden, watching to taking part in games of Jenga and cornhole, all the while jamming to Latin music.

3.Stone Brewing 

Opened in 1996, Stone Brewing is San Diego’s biggest craft brewery. Not only that, but it is considered to be one of the biggest independent breweries in the US and is local royalty.

In the incredibly impressive taproom, you can expect to find timeless drinks with just as timeless names.

At either of the two bars, you can try out the Arrogant Bastard Ale or any other beverage from the 36 rotating beers from the house as well as guests.

Food is also served here, and guests have a menu to choose from, which typically includes ahi nachos or Brussels sprouts with candied bacon.

Outside, seating areas are dotted around the one-acre space, giving you the chance to find the perfect spot in the sun for your next experience. 

4.Burgeon Beer Company

Burgeon Beer Company is not only a fantastic brewery, but also a company well known for philanthropy.

With one of three tasting rooms located behind a facade of a boxy and corporate park in Carlsbad and the other two in Escondido and Little Italy, this brewery is very popular.

Here, you can try out the Treevana IPA, Lone Forest and a multitude of other hazy brews. Inside, the industrial-chic decor is created partially with recycled materials.

Some of these materials include wood from the Cedar Fire and a shipping container that is now used as a bar.

If you want to support nature, be sure to try out their wild IPAs such as Reclaim the Wild, which aided the National Forest Foundation.

Be a part of the journey to making the world a more environmentally friendly place and help the Burgeon Beer Company by trying their wonderful and weird flavors.

5.Thorn Brewing

Thorn Brewing’s first site opened in 2012 and has taken the world by storm ever since.

That comes as no surprise, as they have done their fair share of experimenting with flavors, including creating a cannabis-flavored IPA.

At Thorn Brewing, you can also try the breweries key beers such as Hopster Pot New England-style hazy IPA and Barrio Lager Baja-style lager, all the while getting to know some of the most interesting people and pets you could imagine.

If you get there on time, you might snag a seat on the patio or inside for dining, a perfect way to enjoy a strange beer.

For anyone who loves Thorn Brewing’s brews more than they care to admit, there is a subscription service which allows you to get kegs or cases of beers delivered to your door, though this depends on locations.

What else could you possibly want out of a brewery?

6.Pure Project

At Pure Project, you can sit back and try out a number of tropical-inspired beers that are sourced locally and ethically.

With several locations, these tropical tastes have won the hearts of many to visit, with some favorite flavors being Milagro stout and Tropical Mist blonde with Valencia oranges.

There are seasonal flavors, too, such as Maplesaurus Rex – a stout made with maple syrup and vanilla.  

7.Kairoa Brewing Company

Kairoa Brewing Company

Kairoa Brewing Company can be found in University Heights and is unlike any other brewery.

The brewery itself is decorated with odes to New Zealand, such as Maori art and stunning scenery.

Here, you can try out a number of drinks, ranging from English-style ales to New Zealand specialties.

To try unique flavors such as Sneaky Buggah, Cheeky Buggah and Tweaky Buggah, make sure to reserve a spot for groups larger than 12 people.

This popular spot works on a first come first serve base when it comes to seating groups of less than 12 so pick a good time to be there if you want to stand a chance of testing their tantalizing brews.

8.Resident Brewing

This brewery can be found downtown and also boasts of a series of singular beverages.

With flavors such as Vacation Coconut IPA and food like tacos, shrimp and ‘Big Ass Nachos’, Resident Brewing takes another top spot for breweries in San Diego. 

9.Modern Times Beer

There’s no such thing as a bad beer at Modern Times Beer. This brewery has become famous in the beer world since it first opened its doors in 2013, and for good reason.

It has become known as the brewery where every beer is good, even if they have strange names like Wizard Nebula or Dungeon Map West Coast.

At Modern Times Beer, they specialize in session beers and coffee flavors as a tribute to their in-house coffee roasting.

So, if you love beer and coffee, and you can’t seem to choose which one you want to go with, try both. Their coffees are just as good as their beers, and that says a lot.

10.Amplified Ale Works 

Last but by no means least on the list is Amplified Ale Works.

This is the spot you go to if you want to have a great view of Petco Park and Pacific Beach and have some incredible beer.

Music is a big part of this place as there’s always something playing and the whole vibe is about music memorabilia. Stratacaster!,

Black is Beautiful and Rare Form bourbon barrel aged Belgian quad are popular choices when visiting this brewery with rooftop access.

When it’s time to eat, the beers will go down perfectly with kebabs, a house favorite.

Conclusion On The Best Breweries In San Diego

There you have it, the best breweries in San Diego. There’s something for everyone on this list, even coffee lovers!

Make sure to check out some of these places on your next visit, or else you’ll have to take a trip to San Diego again just to try them out.

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