Best Coffee In Seattle For All Budgets!

Looking for the best coffee in Seattle?

Since Seattle is famous for its coffee, visiting coffee shops when you visit is a must.

We already know that the Emerald City is where Starbucks was born, but what about all the other coffee shops?

With so many places to actually choose from and no way to see them all yourself, why not take a look at some of the best coffee places in Seattle?

This will save you the shop-hopping and go straight to some gems around the city for coffee that won’t disappoint you.

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Starbucks is, without a doubt, one of the best coffee places in Seattle. Instead of visiting the Pike Place Market shop, though, take a look at the Capitol Hill location.

Here, Starbucks roasts its specialty beans on-site and experiments with new flavors before the rest of the world gets to see them.

On top of having immaculate coffee, you can indulge in the specialities of Princi, a high-end Italian bakery. 

Sound And Fog

For those of you who love wine as much as coffee, Sound and Fog is the perfect place for you.

Here, you can get Heart Coffee Roasters as well as an array of international and local roasters.

It’s the perfect place to try out new things and expand your caffeinated horizons.

Besides coffee, you can find beer on tap, sparkling cocktails and a standard beverage menu, so there really is something for everyone.

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Victrola Café And Roastery

The Pike’s Street location of Victrola Café and Roastery is fantastic. Here, customers get to enjoy a free coffee tasting or cupping in the shop at 11am every Wednesday.

Victrola Café and Roastery offers an array of both blends and single-origin coffees, and like to experiment with roasts and blends.

This café gets its name from home phonograph depicted in the 20s, as jazz was the soul of this shop.

Café Allegro

Café Allegro

Known as one of the oldest roasteries in Seattle, Café Allegro has gifted the public with their espressos since 1975.

It’s been dubbed ‘the original espresso bar’ and is a highly popular location for aficionados and students like, since it is located in the University district.

Unlike many other roasteries and cafés, Café Allegro gets its coffee beans from family farms around the globe.

After the beans are perfectly roasted in the café, you can enjoy the art-lined walls of the former mortuary garage.

Makeda And Mingus

Makeda and Mingus is a lovely dog-friendly café in Phinney Ridge, North Seattle.

This place is named partially after the owner’s dog and if you visit here, you might even see the hound itself.

You can enjoy a range of hot and cold beverages, including mochas, espressos and Seven Roasters Coffee.

If you find yourself hungry, this place had you covered, too. On Thursday nights, you can settle in and try out the home style Indian dinner offered.  

Café D’Arte 

At Café D’Arte you can try out several kinds of coffees. Stove top espressos and nitro wood-roasted cold brews are a must in this spot.

To top it off, while enjoying the brews, you can spoil yourself with the amazing sandwiches and pastries from the surrounding shops. 

Elm Coffee Roasters 

Elm Coffee Roasters is one of the most stunning spots for coffee in Seattle.

Visiting this café, you can take in the natural light from the big windows, the exposed brick and blonde wood – a beautiful combination.

The coffee beans used here are roasted on location, where you can even watch it happen.

Customers can take freshly roasted coffee home after having a soothing espresso or trying any other beverage, giving you the chance to try out the hazelnut milk that is made in house.

Seattle Coffee Works

Seattle Coffee Works can be found up the road from the original Starbucks.

Here, you can learn about coffee beans and brewing methods while enjoying delicious treats and a coffee bar.

You will have the chance to learn more about coffee-growing regions around the globe and various single-origin coffees.

Try out the Seattle Space blend, a single-origin cold brew made from freshly-brewed drip coffee – an award-winning blend. 


Take a step back in time and visit Analog.

Instead of finding everyone on their laptops and phones, you’ll notice those around you reading newspapers or comics while listening to vinyl.

You can try out a selection of coffees, including cold brew on tap. You will learn that the coffee beans used here are sourced from Herkimer Coffee, another fantastic coffee spot. 

La Marzocco

La Marzocco

La Marzocco is both a coffee spot and a museum. You can learn about Italian espresso in a showroom and soak up the history of coffee itself.

This gives you the chance to try new flavors, experiment with different beans from various countries, and learn to taste the difference in differing techniques, all the while enjoying great music from the KEXP radio station.

General Porpoise

The General Porpoise offers mouthwatering donuts as well as coffee.

Here, you can experiment with different roasts and flavors, all the while indulging in baked goods that are made on-site.

You can find this coffee shop in three locations in Seattle – Capitol Hill, Pioneer Square and Laurelhurst, making it a great choice for the Seattle explorers. 

Fulcrum Café 

Fulcrum Café is run by a fifth-generation Costa Rican coffee farmer. With incredibly high standards, this café offers visitors top-notch and strange drinks.

You can try out a pink beetroot latte or an espresso that will knock your socks off.

Different roasts are on offer to be tried, but whatever you get, nothing in this café will disappoint you.

Conclusion On The Best Coffee In Seattle

Seattle is known for its coffee culture, and by looking at the spots mentioned n this list, it isn’t hard to see why.

Being the home to Starbucks, coffee is an integral part of the Emerald City’s culture and allure.

If you’re going to be staying in Seattle and are a caffeine-lover, be sure to stop by at least one of these coffee places. There’s something to suit everyone on this list.

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