16 Best Cheap Inflatable Paddle Board For Any Budget!

Are you planning to go paddleboarding soon? If you are a watersports lover, you must be looking for the best cheap inflatable paddle board that is durable and of good quality.

Paddleboarding can be a relatively cheap water sport.

The only concern is how expensive a paddleboard can be. With so many options in the market, I personally find that an inflatable paddleboard is a more financially and economically wise decision to invest in.

Therefore, an inflatable paddleboard is almost a must for us paddleboarders without the large cost and storage space that a normal rigid paddleboard needs.

I have compiled a list of the best cheap inflatable paddleboards for you. Keep reading for more detailed reviews, paddleboard guide and FAQ.

To summarise, we have picked the top 3 favourite brands for you based on quality, price and best features. 

1. Best Quality –  ISLE Pioneer Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

2. Most affordable – Fbsport Premium 10’ iSUP 

3. The compromise – iRocker Nautical 

To learn more, continue reading this article as we are providing more details on the products below.

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best cheap inflatable paddle board

16 Best Cheap Inflatable Paddle Boards:

1.  ISLE Pioneer Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board – Best Quality

ISLE Pioneer Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is one of the most versatile iSUP for any watersports. Great paddleboard for beginners and riders. This cheap inflatable SUP perfect for flat water such as ponds and lakes, small surf performance and river runs.


– 6 point front bungee and 4 point rear bungee, let riders grab and go with safe and easy gear access

Comes with tail, nose and grab handles, used to tie up points for docks or for a leash


Easy to carry around and fit in any car size

– Strap easily onto the top of the car or golf cart when inflated


The pump comes off easily and you will have to open and put it back again

NOTE: It takes 5-7 minutes to inflate with an electric pump or 10 minutes to inflate with the included high-pressure hand pump.

2. Fbsport Premium 10’ iSUP – The Cheapest

This Fbsport Premium 10’ iSUP has a measurement of 10′ x 30″ x 6″ (length x width x thickness). This best budget SUP board is suggested to withstand a max weight of a paddler of 280 pounds.  


– 1 D-ring and 1 bottom D-ring. This gives you the option to attach more bungees

– Carry handle, easy to hold when wet

– Inflation valve, a gateway in which air is inflated and deflated from the board.


– Designed to protect you from losing your grip or slipping off from the board. It can also overcome rocky shores and extreme weather conditions

Cons: It has a width of 30 inches. This is only suitable for average-sized paddlers. For heavier paddlers, they might find it hard to balance.

3.iRocker Nautical – The Middle Price Range 

If you are interested in a sturdy and well made cheap inflatable sup with average accessories, you should consider the iRocker Nautical.


-17 D-rings for extensive add-ons and accessories customization

-A lighter fibreglass paddle and nylon blade, they are lightweight

-Neoprene covered three carry handles for easy accessibility

-Dual-layer military-grade PVC construction, provides supports and longevity 


-A simple adjustable cheap inflatable paddleboard that fits well into a backpack

-Offers a great performance for entry-level paddlers


The Nautical board may not be the board that offers the best performance. However, it is suitable for beginners or leisure paddlers.

4. GILI Air 10′6 Stand Up Paddle Board

The GILI Air 10′6 Stand Up Paddle Board is once again one of the best cheap inflatable paddleboard that offers a good balance of stability and tracking as well as easy maneuverability for beginners. 

Built with a 31’’ wide deck and 6’’ thickness, this cheap iSup offers a firmer base which is perfect for larger and heavier paddlers. 


-Removable centre fin and side fins for improved tracking

-16 D-rings for versatile accessory customization

-A deck pad with a grippy rear section and a more comfort-oriented front section


-Suitable for most beginners

-Provides a good balance of maneuverability, tracking, speed and glide 

-Lightweight makes it easier for paddlers to carry around


Due to its lightweight, the performance may be threatened by stronger wind and heavier chop. For heavier paddlers may struggle to balance when first used.

5. Retrospec Weekender Tour 10′ Stand Up Paddle Board

This Retrospec Weekender Tour 10′ Stand Up Paddle Board comes with an adjustable paddle, removable fins, a high-pressure dual action pump, a carry bag and a no-slip deck pad even when it is wet. This best budget inflatable SUP literally has everything you need for a carefree paddleboarding experience. 


-The board is covered with Military-grade PVC with drop-stitch technology, provides longevity and support

-3PC adjustable & lightweight aluminum paddle,thus lightweight

-3 removable nylon fins, easy for transportation 

-Waterproof cell phone case



-Pet-friendly, the durable EVA foam deck provides traction and enough grip for animals 

-Budget inflatable paddle board 


If you are taller or have a heavier weight, then you may find it hard to stabilize yourself on the paddleboard.

6. Roc Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

If you have kids to bring along for paddleboarding, the Roc Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is a perfect choice. This board is also lightweight enough for the kids to strike forward easily. 

However, do note that this particular board of brands comes with a lower average quality.


-DuraWeld military-grade PVC composite construction, provides support and longevity

-Three-piece aluminium paddle, thus lightweight

-A Duffle bag style travel backpack – easier to wear, especially if you are a long-distance hiker planning for paddleboarding


– User-friendly for kids

– Lightweight and stable SUP


I personally find it a disadvantage of its lack of accessory compatibility, especially in the event where you have extra gears to carry along. 

7. SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board 

One of the best selling paddleboard in Amazon and Costco. SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is available for less than $400. This is a cheaper option for paddleboarders, especially for beginners who are trying paddleboarding as a new hobby with no commitment. 


-Diamond grooved EVA foam deck pad, provides aerodynamic

-Three-piece aluminium paddle thus lightweight

-Military-grade PVC composite construction, provides support and longevity 


This SUP has military-grade PVC composite constructions that allow the paddleboard to be light and durable to sufficiently sustain any common damages. 


Poorer performance and it is not a long-term paddleboard that you should consider

8. Aqua Spirit 10’6 Stand Up Paddle Board  

If you are looking to paddleboard for a tour or race, the design of Aqua Spirit 10’6 Stand Up Paddle Board is perfect for it. The nose of the board narrows into a raised tip. This is to provide more aerodynamic for the board to slice through choppy water. 


-Grooved footbed that keeps feet standing on the board, regardless of salt or freshwater

-Paddle made of aluminium is adjustable to set to your preferred height

-Comes with SUP Kayak Seat, GoPro Holder, Waterproof Phone Case, Changing Mat, Center Fin, Repair Kit


-Suitable for beginners and intermediates

-Great for Tour or Race 


The straps on the carry bag are a little thin and are uncomfortable to wear 

9. Bote Drift 10’8 Stand Up Paddle Board

This 33’’ width cheap inflatable paddleboard is suitable for beginners and enthusiasts alike. Bote Drift 10’8 Stand Up Paddle Boardis designed with an extra-wide tail that will give you extra stability. 

You will slowly gain confidence and be comfortable enough to just go about anywhere with this brand of paddleboard.


– EVA foam deck pad, not slippery

– Bungee straps, allows

– Grab handles, easy to grab when wet


-Suitable for beginners 

-Highly durable with military-grade PVC

-Stable and manoeuvrable 


– You have to buy the leash separately

10. Goosehill Rainbow R 10′6 Stand Up Paddle Board

Goosehill Rainbow R 10′6 Stand Up Paddle Board uses SCE Technology which allows these best cheap paddleboards to be more durable and stronger yet still lightweight enough to transport around.


-Deck-pad compressed with high pressure to ensure no defect in any conditions

-Well-built valve so that no air will leak out

-The board is sealed with heat treatment to ensure the highest level of airtightness

-Dense, strong drop-stitch core that can withstand the pressure of 20psi


-Suitable for beginners 

-Highly durable with military-grade PVC

-Stable and manoeuvrable 


It doesn’t have any extra flashy features such as back bungees, extra D-rings, deluxe accessories

11. Murtisol Pro 10.5 Stand Up Paddle Board

Looking to do yoga paddleboarding? Add Murtisol Pro 10.5 Stand Up Paddle Board into your shopping list! This best cheap sup board is also ideal for fishing, bringing pets along. 


– 30 inches width and weight of 20lbs

– Three bottom fins for extra stability

– Military-grade PVC for top and bottom of the board, provides longevity 


– Anti-slip top deck and ultra-thick

– Suitable for beginners


The bag rips off easily and you might need extra help with the valve closure.

12. FunWater Tiki Inflatable Paddle Board

FunWater Tiki Inflatable Paddle Board is an inexpensive inflatable paddleboard choice for all the standard paddleboard activities.


– 33” board width, ample space to move around

– 7 D-Rings, to securely strap your items such as cooler bags

– 3 piece aluminium paddle, thus lightweight

– 3 removable fins construction achieved amazing balance ability

– The board is constructed with an additional PVC layer of board rails 


– It is 35% lighter than comparable models with the new ultra-light construction dual layer PVC  

– Low price and good for value 


Ensure that the pin is fully up when inflated. If not, the board will deflate the board when disconnected from the pump.

13. Runwave 11′ iSUP

An all-round paddleboard has a measurement of 11′ x 33″ x 6″ (length x width x thickness) and a max weight limit of 352 pounds. Runwave 11′ iSUP which is the best cheap iSUP comes in a package with everything you’ll need for a water experience.  


– Deck pad, non-abrasive when knee paddling

– Inflation valve, a gateway for air to inflate or deflate the board

– 4D-rings, to securely strap your items such as cooler bags

– Carry handle, easy to hold when wet


– A good combination of speed and stability

– Perfect for recreational paddling – yoga, riding, fishing, cruising 


The fin can break easily and the pump could be better.

14. Thurso Surf 120 Waterwalker


– 3 removable quick-lock fin setup

– 3 piece carbon fibre shaft, nylon Blade


– Great for shorter, lighter paddlers

– Stellar wood design with 3 color options

– Versatile all-around SUP with good performance


Hope to see the action mount moved to where you can reach it

15. Bluefin Cruise 10’8 Stand Up Paddle Board – Most Expensive

Bluefin Cruise 10’8 Stand Up Paddle Board is the best affordable inflatable paddle board because of its well-built board that provides additional features you will hardly find in other boards of the same price range.

With a heavier weight capacity due to the materials used, I would suggest this to taller and heavier paddleboarders. This best cheap inflatable SUP is built using a triple-layer PVC with UV resistant coating and drop-stitch with higher density.


-Comfortable deck pad , non-abrasive when knee paddling

-A raised stomp pad for improved stability

-10 d-rings to attach your gears

-A Kayak conversion kit 

-Two safety handles for kids

-Three other handles for carrying the board


A suitable SUP that is great and rigid enough for stability in the water.


This is rather heavy for entry-level paddleboarders. For younger and weaker paddlers, you might require assistance to get into the water.

16. GILI 11’/12′ Adventure

The GILI 11’/12′ Adventure is one of the best affordable inflatable stand up paddleboard specifically designed for touring, utility and performance.


– 19 D-Rings and Front and rear bungees to haul all of your gear

– Machine laminated and free from defects


– Designed for trekking, exploring 

– Great for channels, lakes, Intracoastal

– Lightweight and ultra-durable


– Few colour options

– A little bit more expensive 

NOTE: For every paddleboard sold, a portion of the proceeds is donated to conserve the ocean and save our coral reefs as well as endangered aquatic creatures. 

best cheap inflatable paddle board

Best Cheap Inflatable Paddle Board: What Makes The Best Cheap Inflatable Paddle Board?

The key decision for the best inflatable paddleboard is to look at the correct volume and capacity, the shape of the board as well as the proper width, length and thickness. 

Best Cheap Inflatable Paddle Board: Buyer’s Guide – How To Choose An Inflatable Paddle Board

If you are new to buying inexpensive inflatable paddleboards, we will start with some basic information to get you to be well-equipped with information such as board constructions, types and uses. 

Board Constructions: 

We will begin with some knowledge of the differences between solid and inflatable paddleboards just to ensure you are choosing the right one.

Solid boards are made of a foam core generally wrapped in epoxy and fibreglass. They can also be wrapped in carbon fibre which costs more or plastic for a cheaper alternative. 

Solid SUPs have shapes that offer the best performance because of their streamlined shapes and effective rails. They also provide more stability. The only downside is they take up a lot of space.

Inflatable boards can be easily stored and transported since they use air to provide buoyancy and stability. They gain rigidity and can be sturdy when properly inflated. I would recommend this to casual paddleboarders or those with little to no storage space.

Different brands of inflatable paddleboards have different constructions and prices. 

For the expensive versions, the boards are double lined to make the board stronger and more rigid. However, this makes it heavier and more energy is needed for each stroke to move forward. 

On the other hand, cheaper paddleboards are more fragile and might damage easily. 

Inflatable paddleboards are lighter in general compared to solid boards. Since it is made up of air, it is important to pump it up to the manufacturers suggested pressure.

Board Sizes and Shape Considerations:

There are some factors to take into account for the different purposes of paddleboarding. It is important to choose the right shape of the paddleboard for an enjoyable experience. 

As a general rule of thumb, larger paddlers should use bigger boards with consideration of their skills and preferences. 

1. All-round board

All-round boards are user friendly. The board is thicker as well as has a wider nose and tail which provides more stability.

Sizes: 32” – 35” wide and 4”-6” thick

Suitable for: All levels of paddleboarder 

Recommendation: FunWater Stand Up Paddle Board 11’x33”x6”

2. Touring board

Touring board is typically longer and has pointed noses allowing you to slice through the water with little resistance and more efficiently. However, you may feel a little unstable being on a touring board.

Sizes: Vary from 11’ – 14’ in length and 28” – 34” wide

Suitable for: Open Ocean paddlers, Flatwater paddles and Downwinders (moving from Point A to B with the wind direction behind your back)

Recommendation: ROI 11’6″ Touring SUP

3. Race board 

Designed for speed and comfort. 

Race board offers speed with comfort with a similar shape as a touring board. They are long with pointed noses. However, the width is narrower and stability is pushed aside for performance.

Sizes: The width varies, usually with a narrower width of 27”-28”; 12’6 or 14’ long

Suitable for: Racing paddleboarders 

Recommendation: ROI 12’6″ Race SUP

4. Surfboard

Typically shorter, a narrower nose and tail, and more rocker. 

This board is perfect for paddlers who want to spend more time in the surf. Having a narrower shape allows the board to maneuver more easily on the wave. The trade-off of the surfboard is that they are slower and less stable. 

Oftentimes, it does not track in a straight line on flat water.

Suitable for: Leisure paddleboarders

Recommendation:Goplus Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board

5. Crossover board

This is made to be multipurpose in a single board. It is almost like a more advanced All-round board with some extra features usable in another situation. 

A cross-board has a pointer nose than a normal All-round board. This allows the cross-board to work better by allowing it to go for a longer distance.

Recommendation: Ozoboard Cross-over Stand Up Paddleboard and Surfboard 

Best Cheap Inflatable Paddle Board: What Size Board Do I Need?

To determine the right size of the board, you need to consider your weight and the type of paddleboards.

You will want to look at the length and width of the board:

Under 10’ (short): For surfing and a reasonable choice for kids

Between 10’-12’ (medium): Best choice for casual use and yoga

Over 12’ (long): Great for racing or touring because they are faster and steer straighter

In general, paddleboard has width ranges from 25″ to 36″. A narrower board is a better option for smaller people or more professional paddlers who want speed. A wider board, on the other hand, is best for bigger people.

best cheap inflatable paddle board

Best Cheap Inflatable Paddle Board: Commonly Asked Questions

Are Cheap Paddle Boards Worth It?

Depends. A cheap inflatable paddleboard may be worth buying if you find the right paddleboard according to your needs and a trustworthy seller. For example, if you are a beginner looking to paddleboard as your new hobby without any commitments, then you can buy the cheaper alternative. 

What Is The Difference Between A Cheap And Expensive Inflatable Paddle Board?

As attractive as the pricing looks, a cheaper paddle board does not equate to good material quality and construction. Cheap paddleboards have performance far inferior to their more expensive counterparts and are less durable. In the long-term, you end up spending more money buying a new paddleboard. 

What Is A Good Price For A Paddle Board?

A decent branded paddleboard costs between $900 to $1200. The price varies depending on the characteristics you are looking for in a paddleboard. For $900, you can get a solid durable paddleboard. If you want additional material layering for special use, then there are higher-end paddleboard that cost more. 

Do I Need To Wear A PFD While Using A Paddle Board?

Yes, you must. If you are a paddler of age 12 and under, you must wear a USCG-approved life jacket throughout the whole ride on a stand-up paddleboard. For paddlers above the age of 12, you can choose to wear a USCG-approved Type I, II, III, or appropriate Type V life jacket.

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How Long Does an Inflatable Paddle Board Last?

An inflatable paddleboard can last for mostly 3-5 years with proper care, even with frequent usage. However, if the paddleboard is not taken care of well, it will last for 3 years or less. 

Are Inflatable Paddle Boards Good?

Inflatable paddleboards are much better overall for paddleboarders looking to paddle for leisure. Inflatable paddleboards have proven to be more durable and lighter. 

Thus, it helps in injury prevention. If you are paddleboarding to race or surf, I suggest considering the technical attributes of the hardboards before making a decision.

Can Pets Ride On An Inflatable Paddle Board?

Yes! An inflatable paddleboard is perfect for dogs because of its stability and provides traction for their paws for a little more grip than hardboards. If you are worried about your dog’s claws on the paddleboard, get an affordable inflatable paddleboard that is tough and durable. 

To all my budget travellers and paddleboard enthusiasts, paddleboarding does not always have to cost you a lot of money. After reading this article on the best cheap inflatable paddleboards, you can easily make your decision now. 

With so many options out there in the market, it can be overwhelming. However, you should choose to buy the best inexpensive inflatable paddleboard that is of high quality and can last you for years. 

A good quality inflatable paddle board could also keep you safe. 

One last tip before you go, is to always check the model of the inflatable paddleboard. If it is an old model and you don’t mind, you can get those at a discounted price. 

Best Cheap Inflatable Paddle Board


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