11 Best Wetsuits For Paddle Boarding [2023 Guide]

If you feel overwhelmed from choosing the right wetsuits for paddle boarding, do these things: take a deep breath, relax, and continue to read on.

That is because WWB Writer Sam Lee has done all the hard work for you!

Here is the list of the 11 best wetsuits for paddle boarding that come with an in-depth review so that you can skim through directly without doing any hectic research by yourself—hence more time to plan for your next paddle boarding trip.

11 Best Wetsuits For Paddle Boarding:

  1. Hyperflex Access Wetsuit
  2. Hevto Wetsuit Women
  3. NeoSport Wetsuit
  4. OMGear Wetsuit
  5. Synergy Triathlon Wetsuit
  6. Seavenger Wetsuit
  7. ZCCO Ultra Stretch Wetsuit
  8. CtriLady Wetsuit
  9. Dark Lighting Wetsuit
  10. Cressi Shorty Wetsuit
  11. Seaskin Shorty Wetsuit

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11 Best Wetsuits For Paddle Boarding

Here are the 11 best wetsuits for paddle boarding to consider:

1.Hyperflex Access Wetsuit

One of the best wetsuits for paddle boarding, Hyperflex Access Wetsuit boasts its minimalistic design and form-fitting cut. 

This lightweight 3mm neoprene suit provides exceptional protection against UV rays, making it suitable to be worn during summer without retaining too much warmth. 

This Hyperflex Access Wetsuit is designed with a back zipper, making donning and doffing the suit a total breeze. 

A durable wetsuit that comes with a flatlock seam, the suit offers a full range of motion and great comfortability that will definitely enhance your overall paddle boarding experience.  

The paddle board wetsuit also has knee pads and underarm gussets, which provide additional protection and help in reducing fatigue after paddling over a long period. 

Do remember that the Hyperflex Access Wetsuit runs a size small so that you can pick the right size that feels like a second skin on you!

What We Like:

  • Lightweight
  • 3mm neoprene
  • UV protection
  • Back zip with leash
  • Flatlock seam
  • Knee pads and underarm gussets

What We Don’t Like:

  • Suit runs small so consider get one size up before buying

Eg: If your regular clothes size is M, consider getting at least a size L for Hyperflex Access Wetsuit

2.Hevto Wetsuit Women

If you prefer having distinct patterns and colours on your paddle board wetsuit to stand out from the crowd, Hevto Wetsuit Women is your best bet. 

This full suit offers extra protection against the cold and marine creatures, thanks to its long sleeves for upper and lower limbs. 

A 3mm neoprene wetsuit, Hevto Wetsuit has a fitting neckline and tight cuffs design that helps in reducing water flushing into the suit. These two key features contribute to the suit’s buoyancy, making swimming less energy-consuming. 

The suit material also consisted of nylon fabric, contributing to overall increased flexibility and glove-like fit comfortability. 

Above all, Hevto Wetsuit is available in a wide range of sizes—promoting all-women-sizes inclusivity.

Nevertheless, you might be welcomed by a harmless pungent odour from this wetsuit upon receiving the new paddle board wetsuit. 

What We Like:

  • Multiple designs and sizes
  • 3mm neoprene
  • Nylon fabric
  • Back zip with leash
  • Flatlock seam
  • Fitting neckline and tight cuffs

What We Don’t Like:

  • New suit might come with a harmless pungent odour due to the chemical processes

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3.NeoSport Wetsuit

If you are looking for the available best wetsuit for stand up paddle boarding options over here, look no further—NeoSport Wetsuit is one of them!

NeoSport Wetsuit is catered for both male and female users. 

Available in three different thickness ranges from 3mm to 7mm, this wetsuit is one of the perfect alternatives to put on for paddle boarding in the colder months. 

The suit is also relatively comfortable and durable, thanks to the flatlock seams. Besides, the neck, arms, and waist parts have lycra openings, providing an additional layer of comfort to users. 

Another great feature of this NeoSport Wetsuit is its thermal-bonded knee pads—protect your knees from any potential abrasion and reduce knee strain when paddle boarding.  

It also comes with an internal key pocket and adjustable collar—another two handy features when you have smaller items to keep and provide extra stretchability. 

The only draw-down of this NeoSport Wetsuit is the limited sizes available. 

What We Like:

  • Neoprene 3mm to 7mm
  • Back zipper
  • Flatlock seam
  • Thermal-bonded knee pads
  • Internal key pocket
  • Adjustable collar

What We Don’t Like:

  • Limited sizes available 

4.OMGear Wetsuit

OMGear Wetsuit comes with a mock turtleneck design, reducing the water inflow and improves the user’s buoyancy. 

This 3mm neoprene wetsuit provides the optimal heat retention and protection against UV rays, making it an ideal paddle board wetsuit in warmer months. 

The suit material also consists of nylon that increases the wetsuit stretchability and skin-fit comfortability.  

Besides, OMGear Wetsuits are available in either front and back zipper styles, aiding the process and shortening the duration of putting on and taking out the wetsuit. 

If you prefer fashionable and eye-catching coloured wetsuits for paddle boarding, OMGear Wetsuit definitely fulfils that definition. 

However, it is worth noting that OMGear Wetsuit runs a size small before placing your order. 

What We Like:

  • Multiple designs
  • 3mm neoprene
  • Stretchy nylon
  • Mock turtleneck design
  • Back or front zipper
  • UV protection

What We Don’t Like:

  • Suit runs small so consider get one size up before buying

Eg: If your regular clothes size is M, consider getting at least a size L for OMGear Wetsuit 

5.Synergy Triathlon Wetsuit

One of the priciest SUP wetsuits, Synergy Triathlon Wetsuit features hydrodynamic 5mm neoprene material that provides ultimate buoyancy and protection against cold weather and water. 

The suit has a soft inner lining and heat-taped joints for warmth and comfort. It also boasts a wide range of motion, considering this Synergy Triathlon Wetsuit the most flexible wetsuit for paddle boarding in the market. 

Apart from having a high-grade internal back zipper, this paddle board wetsuit comes with adjustable velcro that ensures a glove-tight fit on the body. 

What We Like:

  • Multiple sizes
  • 5mm neoprene
  • Soft inner lining
  • Heat-taped joints
  • Back zipper
  • Adjustable velcro

What We Don’t Like:

  • Expensive wetsuit

6.Seavenger Wetsuit

Seavenger Wetsuit is a lightweight 3mm neoprene wetsuit. 

With a snug fit design, this suit provides a sufficient amount of warmth for paddle boarding in warmer months.  

This suit is also very flexible and allows a wide range of motion, thanks to its stretchy material. 

The wetsuit comes with a back zipper attached to a long leash, making it relatively easy to put on and take off the paddle board wetsuit. 

Besides, its non-chafing flatlock seam feature makes Seavenger Wetsuit a comfortable all-day wetsuit paddle boarding that you can opt for.

Nevertheless, some people might find it too tight at the neck. 

What We Like:

  • 3mm neoprene
  • Stretchy materials
  • Non-chafing feature
  • Back zipper

What We Don’t Like:

  • Tightness at the neck 

7.ZCCO Ultra Stretch Wetsuit

The next best wetsuit for paddle boarding in this list is none other than ZCCO Ultra Stretch Wetsuit

ZCCO Ultra Stretch Wetsuit comes with four small zippers on upper and lower limbs, making it convenient to put on and take off the wetsuit. 

Besides, this suit has tight cuffs on both wrists and ankles. This important feature helps to reduce water flushing into the wetsuit and hence better protection against cold water. 

As the name suggests, ZCCO Ultra Stretch Wetsuit is a 3mm neoprene wetsuit that provides high stretchability, flexibility and mobility. 

This paddle board wetsuit also comes with an anti-abrasion knee cap, allowing you to paddle boarding around at ease with extra knee protection.

However, some find it more difficult to take off this front-zipper SUP wetsuit compared to back-zipper ones.

What We Like:

  • 3mm neoprene
  • Stretchy materials
  • 4 smaller zippers at arms and legs
  • Tight cuffs
  • Anti-abrasion knee cap

What We Don’t Like:

  • Difficult to take off the suit when it is wet

8.CtriLady Wetsuit

Yet another best wetsuit for paddle boarding, CtriLady Wetsuit is a full suit that offers complete coverage and protection against UV rays to both arms and legs. 

The suit is made of 3 different layers consisting of neoprene and polyester material, providing a comfortable glove-tight fit. 

CtriLady Wetsuit has 1.5mm neoprene thickness, making it an ideal paddle board wetsuit in summer and warmer water conditions. It is also relatively flexible to paddle around due to this low thickness feature.

For additional knee protection, the knee pads of the paddle board wetsuit have an anti-slip design too. 

Besides, this stylish wetsuit also comes with a back zipper attached to a leash. 

However, the CtriLady Wetsuit might not be suitable for those who have low cold tolerance or for paddle boarding adventures in winter.

What We Like:

  • 1.5mm neoprene
  • Flexible 
  • Snug fit
  • Back zipper
  • Anti-slip knee cap

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not suitable for colder months or people with low cold tolerance

9.Dark Lighting Wetsuit

Available in different sizes, Dark Lighting Wetsuit is an impressive wetsuit where it caters to all women that further narrow down to different body shapes too. 

The wetsuit thicknesses range from 3mm to 5mm, making it an ideal paddle board wetsuit option against cold water conditions in colder months. 

Dark Lighting Wetsuit boasts its skin-tight fit feature, contributed by the presence of a back zipper and premium adjustable velcro. 

The nylon component of the paddle board wetsuit makes the suit super stretchy and comfy even after a long period of paddle boarding session.

However, some people might not be comfortable with the harmless pungent odour of the new Dark Lighting Wetsuit. 

What We Like:

  • Multiple sizes for different body shapes
  • 3mm neoprene
  • Stretchy material
  • Snug fit
  • Back zipper
  • Premium adjustable velcro

What We Don’t Like:

  • New suit might come with a harmless pungent odour due to the chemical processes

10.Cressi Shorty Wetsuit

Cressi Shorty Wetsuit is a great SUP wetsuit option. 

This one-piece shorty wetsuit is ideal for a paddle boarding session, particularly in warmer seasons and water environments. 

Aside from protecting against UV rays, the suit prevents overheating while on the board and provides optimal warmth retention while being in the water after some time. 

Besides, the 2.5mm neoprene thickness offers much-needed flexibility in arms and legs when paddling around. 

The wetsuit also comes with a back zipper attached to a leash, making the suit donning and doffing an easy chore. 

Cressi Shorty Wetsuit’s design includes a velcro neck seal and special cut fitting, making this paddle board wetsuit fit comfortably onto the body. 

Since this shorty wetsuit doesn’t cover the whole length of legs, one may need additional gears such as neoprene leggings to keep the body warm under the cold environment.

What We Like:

  • 2.5mm neoprene
  • For warmer season
  • UV protection
  • Comfortable fit
  • Back zipper
  • Velcro neck seal

What We Don’t Like:

  • Need additional gear to keep the body warm 

11.Seaskin Shorty Wetsuit

Another excellent option for stand up paddle board wetsuit, Seaskin Shorty Wetsuit boasts 3 layered fabric materials that provide comfortable skin-fit snug on the body. 

With a 3mm neoprene thickness, this shorty wetsuit offers good heat insulation for colder water environments. Besides, the wetsuit also provides exceptional stretchability and, hence better paddle boarding experience.

The Seaskin Shorty Wetsuit comes with a front zipper and lined with flatlock seams that improve the overall durability and comfort of the suit. 

Apart from having silicone printing on both knee pads to offer additional knee protection, this SUP wetsuit protects against UV and foreign objects in the water.  

However, water may flush into the paddle board wetsuit through the neck opening due to the front zipper feature. 

What We Like:

  • 3mm neoprene
  • 3-layered wetsuit
  • UV protection
  • Durable and stretchy
  • Front zipper
  • Silicone printing on knee caps

What We Don’t Like:

  • Water flushing in through neck opening

Wetsuits For Paddle Boarding- Why You Need One!

A wetsuit is one of the essential gears that a paddle boarder needs to have for paddle boarding.

Generally, the ultimate function of wearing paddle board wetsuits is to conserve body heat and prevent hypothermia.  

The wetsuits keep a small amount of water between the body and suit—adding an extra layer of protection in keeping the body warm. 

There are times where even a professional paddle boarder falls into the water, and putting on paddle board wetsuits will surely come in handy. 

Paddle board wetsuits increase the paddler’s buoyancy and reduce water resistance. 

In short, you will spend less energy in keeping yourself afloat and have more energy to swim back to your paddle board or the safer ground. 

Some stand up paddle board wetsuits are equipped with water repulsion technology, increasing the movement speed. This new technology also aids in removing the suit efficiently as it is less sticky to the body. 

Wetsuits for paddleboarding are also crucial in protecting the main parts of the body against foreign objects, which include coral reefs, sharp rocks, and jellyfish stings. 

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Types of Wetsuits For Paddle Boarding

Wetsuit Vest

A wetsuit vest is more prevalent on paddle boarders during summer, especially for those who want protection against the sun and chilly wind. 

It usually comes in 2mm or 3mm (millimetre) thickness. 

Wetsuit Jacket

A wetsuit jacket is similar to a wetsuit vest—except the former comes with long sleeves to offer slightly more protection to the torso and arms.  

With thickness ranges from 1mm to 2mm, a wetsuit jacket is the better paddle board wetsuit option in warmer weather that helps retain body heat against the always unpredictable water condition of the sea.

However, the flexibility of a wetsuit jacket is lower than a wetsuit vest, given the design and function of a wetsuit jacket.  

Short John Wetsuit

A short john wetsuit is more versatile—a wetsuit that can offer protection against the chilly wind without getting uncomfortably hot when the weather changes. 

A short john wetsuit enables unrestrained arm movement, covering both torso and thighs. 

If you are looking for a paddle board wetsuit for an all-day paddle boarding attire in the warmer season, this is the better buy. 

Long John Wetsuit

A long john wetsuit is the longer version of a short john wetsuit, covering the torso, thighs, and legs. 

With additional protection and heat retention features, a long john wetsuit is more practical when the surrounding air is warmer while the water temperature is lower. 

Among all, the long john wetsuit is one of the highly sought-after stand up paddle board wetsuits.

Spring suit

Spring suit, also known as a shorty wetsuit, is one of the paddle board wetsuits that comes in several variations. 

Typically, it covers the arm, torso, and upper part of the thighs. 

Depending on your preference and cold tolerance, you can get a spring suit with short or long sleeves. 

Spring suit is ideal for when the water temperature is at a higher range. 

Putting on and taking out the wetsuit is also relatively easy, accompanied by a wide range of flexible motion for upper and lower limbs. 

Thanks to these features, the spring suit is also deemed one of the best wetsuits for paddle boarding. 

Short Arm Steamer

A short arm steamer is a full-length wetsuit designed for better protection and heat retention against cold weather and water. 

The usual thickness of such a wetsuit ranges from 2mm to 3mm.  

Among the best wetsuit for SUP, this short arm steamer is commonly worn by paddle boarders during competition due to its increased functionality and protection at an affordable price. 

Long Arm Steamer (Full Suit)

A long arm steamer, or also known as a full suit, is considered the best wetsuit for paddle boarding under icy air and water conditions. 

A full-length wetsuit that covers all parts of the body, a full suit gives a solid and additional layer of warmth and protection to a paddle boarder. 

The thickness of a long arm steamer ranges from 2mm to 6mm. Typically, every vital segment of the wetsuit—torso, arms, and legs—has varying thickness. 

Nevertheless, it is recommended not to stay too long in the cold water even with the full suit on without additional warmth-retention paddle boarding gears.  

Among all the different types of wetsuits for paddle boarding, a long arm steamer is the most expensive option. 

Alternatively, you may opt for a dry suit for paddleboarding where the suit material is waterproof and uses different mechanisms in keeping the body warm.

How To Choose The Best Wetsuit For Paddle Boarding


One of the key features that make up a good wetsuit for paddle boarding is well-fitting onto the body. 

Generally, a paddle board wetsuit retains a small amount of water that helps in conserving heat around the body.   

A bigger-sized wetsuit results in a substantial gap between the skin and wetsuit, leading to poor execution in heat retention. 

On the other hand, a smaller-sized wetsuit may restrict your movement and cause a chafe on your body which will be uncomfortable after a certain period during paddle boarding. 

Therefore, it is best to measure yourself and get the exact fitting size before buying a paddle board wetsuit.

A correct-fitting wetsuit size will not restrict both your upper and lower limbs’ movement, although it may be going to be slightly difficult to put on.  


There are different thicknesses of paddle board wetsuits in the market, depending on the weather or season of paddle boarding.

Your tolerance to cold will also need to be taken into consideration when choosing the wetsuit thickness.

Essentially, the thicker the wetsuit, the better the heat insulation—and therefore, a better layer of protection against the frigid water. 

The thickness of wetsuits for paddle boarding ranges from 1mm to 7mm. 

The wetsuit thickness is usually written in 2 to 3 individual numbers, separated by a “/”. 

Each number represents wetsuit thickness on certain parts such as torso, arms, and limbs areas. 

For example, a 6/5/3mm paddle board wetsuit denotes the material thickness of 6mm, 5mm, and 3mm for torso, arms, and legs respectively.


Wetsuit flexibility correlates to wetsuit thickness. 

The thicker the wetsuit, the less flexible the wetsuit will be. It will hamper your movement, especially your arms and legs. 

Therefore, you might have to spend more energy paddling around, and it can be exhausting if the duration of your paddle boarding session is prolonged. 

Entry Type

The 2 usual entry types found on paddle board wetsuits are either front entry or rear entry, depending on the zipper location. 

Putting on and taking out is more convenient with a rear-entry wetsuit. 

However, you might need help zipping the suit up if no strap is attached to the back zipper. 

The front-entry wetsuit has a zipper that usually zips horizontally across the chest area. 

Due to this feature, front-entry wetsuit design is getting popular among paddle boarders as it offers more flexibility.


The pricing for paddle boarding wetsuits ranges from as low as US$50 to a whopping US$500, depending on the wetsuit paddle boarding quality.  

Wetsuit pricing is also dependent on the wetsuit thickness—the thicker the wetsuit, the better the body insulation, and the more money it will cost.

Besides, a wetsuit price is influenced by the number of built-in gears that enhance the overall paddling experience. These gears include wetsuit booties, wetsuit hood, or cap. 

Common Accessories You Might Need

Other essential gears complement well with your paddle board wetsuit offers additional protection and warmth to other parts of your body. 

These are the items that you need to consider getting to enhance your overall paddle boarding experience, especially during winter or cold weather:

Paddle Board Shoes

There are different types of paddle board shoes available on the market, depending on your preference and budget. 

Paddle board footwear keeps your feet warm in cold water, apart from protecting your feet against sharp debris and hot surface.  

To know more about the best shoes for paddle boarding, click on this link here!

Wetsuit Gloves

Same as paddle board shoes, wetsuit gloves are equally important in providing an extra layer of warmth to your hands while protecting them when paddle boarding. 

These accessories come in different designs, thicknesses, and other different features that will further enhance your paddle boarding experience. 

Wetsuit Caps And Hoods

A wetsuit cap or hood is also crucial in insulating the head and reducing the rate of heat loss.

Some wetsuits are with built-in hoods. Nonetheless, you can get an individual wetsuit cap at a very affordable price. 

Wetsuit Care & Maintenance

Right after your paddle boarding session ends, rinse your wetsuit with tap or cold water. This is because salt water can corrode your wetsuit and affect its condition and functionality. 

A washing machine is a big no-no when it comes to cleaning your wetsuit. The same goes for hot water—the neoprene material will be damaged by hot water, leaving creases on the wetsuit. 

To maintain the good condition of the paddle board wetsuit, it is advisable to get the wetsuit washing detergent designed for wetsuit cleaning purposes only. 

Refrain from using chemicals, bleach, and usual detergent when washing the suit.

It is also crucial to let the wetsuit completely air-dry for both sides before storing it away unfolded. 

As the wetsuit material is sensitive to high temperature, do refrain from using a hair dryer or hanging it under direct sunlight in the process of drying the wetsuit.  

It is also advisable to get a specially designed wetsuit hanger when storing the wetsuit for the next paddle boarding session. 

Alternatively, you can store your wetsuit laid down in a cool place. 

To extend the lifespan of a wetsuit, it is also imperative not to store your paddle board wetsuit inside the car or any place that has direct access to sunlight. 

Lastly, do not fold your wetsuit. In most cases, wetsuit folding causes crease to be formed on the suit, leading to its reduced stretchability and functionality.  

How To Put On A Wetsuit 

There is no absolute guide that you need to follow religiously when it comes to putting on the paddle board wetsuits. 

Nevertheless, for those who have just stepped into paddle boarding world, you can follow this general guide on how to put on a wetsuit: 

  1. Unzip and turn the wetsuit inside out completely
  2. Slide in your one leg into the wetsuit until your foot pokes out and adjust the suit to fit nicely on your leg 
  3. Repeat this step for the other leg
  4. Pull the wetsuit up to the waist to ensure no crease on the legs part of the wetsuit
  5. Continue roll up the wetsuit to chest level
  6. Slide in 1 arm followed by the other arm
  7. Pull the neck panel and over the head with both arms
  8. Zip the paddle board wetsuit 

To have a better visual on how to put on the paddle boarding wetsuit, check out this video from Big Winds. 

Here are some stress-free and time-saving tips that you can apply when putting on the paddle board wetsuits:

  • Remove all jewellery, watches, or any accessories to avoid wetsuit ripping 
  • Choose a flat ground or surface away from any sharp rocks when wearing or removing the suit
  • Turn the wetsuit inside out and unzipped completely
  • Put on socks on both feet to slide into the wetsuit at ease
  • Use fingertips to adjust the snugness of the wetsuit on the body
  • Get a strap attached to the zipper for zipping up and down the suit independently

Benefits Of Paddle Boarding

If you need some valid reasons to convince yourself to spend some money to get brand new wetsuits for paddle boarding, here are the 7 benefits of paddle boarding:  

  • Great cardio exercise
  • Improves your balancing and posture
  • Improves mental health
  • Reduces stress level
  • Calories burner activity
  • Low-impact workout
  • Boosts Vitamin D level


So these are the 11 best wetsuits for paddle boarding that you can get today!

Getting a wetsuit for paddle boarding is going to be one of your greatest investments for paddle boarding adventure, given that the water condition and temperature may change drastically without any prior heads-up. 

We hope this review and buying guide has been very informative and helpful to all of you. Share this article with your family members or friends who are looking forward to buying the best wetsuit for paddle boarding! 

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