11 Best Women’s PFD For Paddle Boarding In 2023

Ladies! Are you planning for a new adventure to paddle board this weekend? Let me show you the best women’s PFD for paddle boarding.

The importance of a PFD is undisputed and can save our lives!

It is important to choose a PFD that is comfortable and not too heavy. This will ensure your paddleboarding experience to be enjoyable and safe.

With so many options out there in the market, I have compiled the best women’s PFD for paddleboarding. 

Summary: Best women’s pfd for paddle boarding

To summarise, we have picked the top 3 favourite brands for you based on quality, price and best features. 

1. Best Quality Astral Greenjacket PFD 

2. Most AffordableStearns Adult Classic Life Vest 

3. The compromise-  Astral YTV Life Jacket 

To know more, continue reading this article as we are providing more details on the products below.

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best women's pfd for paddle boarding

11 Best Women’s PFD For Paddle Boarding:

1. Astral Greenjacket PFD – The Best Quality

This life vest for paddleboarding is the highest quality of our life but also the most expensive yet very comfortable. Astral Greenjacket PFD is mainly designed for sea, stand-up paddleboarding and white water rescue.

Size: (measure your chest and find the perfect size)

Small/Medium: 31-37″

Medium/Large: 38-44″

Large/X-Large: 45-51″


-Type III PFD. This is suitable for most paddlers

-500 Denier Cordura Nylon shell. Great for water repellent


With the right sizing and perfect fit with much storage and rescue harness. It also provides versatility and added protection for your back and spine


-Minor nuisance with over the head PFD

-Bulky on the front, could use more side storage.

2. Stearns Adult Classic Life Vest – Most Affordable

If you are looking for budget picks and comfortable life jackets for paddleboarding that fit, you can consider Stearns Adult Classic Life Vest. 

However, if you are slimmer or more substantial, I would suggest that you pick a more suitable life jacket designed for your size. 

In general, this jacket is great for any water sport. But you may find it less comfortable for paddleboarding. 

Size: One size


-Type I PFD. Suitable for remote waters.

-4 adjustable buckles for breathability

-200D Nylon Material and lightweight PE for flotation foam with a reliable design

Pros: Lightweight 

Cons: Not great for any sizes. Choose a different size PFD if you are petite

3. Astral YTV Life Jacket – Mid Range Pricing 

Astral YTV Life Jacket is a mid-price range SUP PFD great for paddle boarding and kayaking too. It ensures a snug and tight fit that provides comfort.


Small/Medium: 31-37″

Medium/Large: 38-44″

Large/X-Large: 45-51″


-Type V PFD. Suitable for intended activities

-Pockets: 2 zippered front for easy accessibility & storage



-Provides unrestricted motion

Cons: The pullover style may not be for everyone with smaller pockets. 

4. NRS Ninja Life Jacket  – Best women’s pfd for paddle boarding

One of the best SUP life jackets is the NRS Ninja Life Jacket because of its perfect cut for women. Some important characteristics to look for in PFD are buoyancy, comfort and the large range of motion. This PFD has a 6-panel foam design that provides excellent comfort for female paddlers.


-Type III PFD. suitable for most paddlers.

-4 adjustable buckles for breathability



-Front zipper pocket

-Soft foam contours to your body

-AirMesh for ventilation

Cons: Few colour options

5. ONYX MoveVent Dynamic SUP Life Vest

This ONYX MoveVent Dynamic SUP Life Vest is the best women’s PFD for kayaking and any other watersports including stand-up paddleboarding. It provides excellent comfort and comes in a range of sizes to match any body type. 


X-S/S – 90lbs and over, 28″-36″ Chest

M/L – 90lbs and over, 36″-44″ Chest

X-L/2X-L – 90lbs and over, 44″-56″ Chest


-Built with reflective material for a safety bonus

-Storage pocket for easy accessibility & storage

-Made with heavy-duty Nylon


-Mesh panels give breathability 

-A safety whistle is attached to the PFD in case of emergencies

-Very comfortable life jacket

Cons: Fulfil most requirements of life jackets for paddleboarding, but the zipper pocket is small to store your items  

6. Stohlquist Women’s Flo Life Jacket

A low profile with high mobility PFD for paddleboarding. Comfortable with excellent support. Stohlquist Women’s Flo Life Jacket has been considered as one of Stohlquist’s most versatile PFDs for those looking for recreational, touring and sailing.


-S/M sea level buoyancy 15 lbs, 8oz

-L/XL sea level buoyancy 16 lbs, 8oz

-XXL sea level buoyancy 17 lbs, 8oz


-Type III PFD. Suitable for most paddlers.

-Large, top-loading front pocket for secure storage

-Low cut, offset front-zip entry, easy to take off


-Shoulder straps articulate away from the neck to reduce chafing

-Great mobility for sailing, paddling and SUP

-Convenient centre lash tap for knife and utility attachments

Cons: Can get warm if you paddleboard during hot weather

7. Onyx M-16 Manual Inflatable Belt Pack PFD

This USCG approved SUP life belt PFD is a choice for more advanced paddlers, recreational and stand-up paddleboarding yoga. Onyx M-16 Manual Inflatable Belt Pack PFD is lightweight weighing only 15 ounces, you will not feel anything hanging around your waist. 

Size: One size


-Protective cover is constructed with heavy-duty polyester fabric which repels water


-Has a zippered pocket for convenient storage of keys, cell phones and other accessories

-Reflective piping for increased visibility

-Convenient reusable mesh storage


Only one size. Thus, might not fit well for petite or more substantial body types

8. Stohlquist Betsea Women’s Kayak Life Jacket

Stohlquist Betsea Women’s Kayak Life Jacket is one of the best PFD for SUP featuring the ergonomically shaped torso that will wrap around the body. Thus, providing a comfortable fit. 

The princess seams give a more feminine and elegant look for female paddlers. 

In addition, there is a built-in contoured supportive inner cups wrap. 


-XS/S: fits bust 28 – 34 inches

-M/L: fits bust 34 – 40 inches

-PLUS: fits bust 40 – 46 inches


-Type III PFD. Suitable for most paddlers.
-4-Way Accessory Lash Tabs located on the chest and back shoulder

-Two large zippered pockets for easy accessibility & storage


-Ergonomic Wrapture Shaped Torso

-Sturdy, high-quality vest

Cons: Bulky in the chest area that might feel snug and uncomfortable to sit in. You will feel hot if you paddleboarding in the summer. 

9. Kokatat Women’s UL MsFit Tour PFD

This best PFD for women is designed to make your paddleboarding experience safe and fun. . Kokatat Women’s UL MsFit Tour PFD also offers a style to suit every paddler with plenty of storage capacity.


-Reflective tape, so you can be seen underwater

-14 bellows pockets with zippered side entry for easy accessibility & storage


It is very easy to put on and take off. The various zipper pockets and snap-buckle closure pockets allow the storage of many accessories.

Cons: Might be too uncomfortable and bulky for some people

10. Absolute Outdoor Onyx A/M 24 Inflatable Life Jacket 

Absolute Outdoor Onyx A/M 24 Inflatable Life Jacket delivers reliable safety and a comfortable fit when you are on the water. It will inflate automatically when in the water or you can choose to inflate manually by pulling the inflation handle.


-Type V PFD. Intended for specific activities.

-Flex-Back insert makes it stretchable

Pros: Lightweight, comfortable, slender design keeps you cool in warm weather

Cons: May have fitting issues

11. NRS Women’s Siren Paddle Board PFD

NRS Women’s Siren Paddle Board PFD comes with a soft, comfortable liner. It is a solid vest with a secure fit for adventurous women. Its 6-panel construction conforms to the body and moves as you move.


-XS/M: fits bust 30-42 inches

-L/XL: fits bust 42-52 inches

-XL/XXL: fits bust 50-56 inches


-1 side pocket, to allow you to carry your items around

-AirMesh inner panels gives breathability 

-Padded shoulders that will give you comfort

-Reflective accents, increase visibility

Pros: Comfortable fabric, durable and secure fit

Cons: Not enough space for breathability.

best women's pfd for paddle boarding

FAQ: Best Women’s Pfd For Paddle Boarding

What is PFD?

A personal flotation device or also known as a PFD keeps you afloat in the water by providing buoyancy. A PFD is a very important piece of gear that you must carry along with you when you go paddleboarding. 

There are many types of PFD. Some common mistakes people think are that a life jacket or life vest are all the same. The terms may change interchangeably but a life jacket denotes a certain type of PFD.

Standard PFDs

These are the most common Type III USCG-approved PFDs that stand up paddle boarders wear. They look like a vest with flotation material that creates buoyancy.

Inflatable PFDs

A newer version of PFDs is the inflatable PFDs with vests and waist packs. 

These are usually  Type III or Type V USCG-approved PFDs, depending on their design.

Hybrid PFDs

These types of PFD are a combination of a standard PFD and an inflatable one. They provide a very comfortable-to-wear package with a slightly higher cost.

Buyer’s Guide For Different Types Of PFD For Women

There are 5 categories of PFDs as determined by the U.S. Coast Guard.

 However, most stand up paddle boarders always choose Type III or Type V. The best PFD for paddle boarding are Type III and Type V PFDs which are typically the most comfortable for these activities.

It can be helpful to know more detailed information of all types of PFDs available for you  make a decision to pick the best option for you: 

Type I PFDs: Suitable for rough or remote waters. Although they are bulky, they provide the most buoyancy that allows most unconscious people to turn into a face-up position. 

Type II PFDs: Suitable for calm waters. These types of PFD are less bulky than Type I and less expensive. They will turn some unconscious wearers to the face-up position.

Type III PFDs: Suitable for most paddlers. They provide comfort and freedom of movement. These PFDs are designed to put wearers in a face-up position. However, wearers have to tilt their heads back to avoid being face down in the water. 

Type IV PFDs: Suitable for most emergency situations to conscious persons who are in trouble. These types of PFDs are not meant to be worn on normal occasions and are not usually mandatory for stand up paddleboarding.

Type V PFDs: Intended for specific activities. According to the regulations of USCG, they must be worn at all times for specific activities on the label. Type V PFDs come in inflatable or hybrid designs

Features To Look For The Best Life Jackets For Paddle Boarding 

Colour: Pick a brighter colour to improve visibility

Reflective tape: This will also add visibility in low-light conditions for safety purposes

Tabs: Look out for a number of tabs that allow you to attach a knife, whistle or other accessories

Pockets: Most PFDs have pockets on the front. An important tip is to reconsider the size and placement of the pockets 

Ventilation: If you are planning to paddleboard in the summer or in the summer, try to look out for a PFD with built-in vents that allow body heat to escape. 

Best women’s pfd for paddle boarding :What Size Of PFD Is Right For Me?

PFDs for Adults: To get the right PFD size for adults, you need to check the chest size instead of your weight. Most adult PFDs come in sizes of XS, S, M, L and XL. 

PFDs for Children: To determine the perfect size, it is best to use their weight. Young kids and toddler style life jackets usually come with crotch straps to give extra security.  These tend to come in two options:

-Child size – 30 to 50 lbs

-Youth size – 50 to 90 lbs

All PFDs are adjustable to fit perfectly for wearers. Make sure to check the fitting and size charting before buying. 

Here is how you would measure to get the right size:

1. Measure the circumference of your chest at its broadest point.

2. Follow the number along with the PFD manufacturer’s size recommendations to find the right size for you. 

best women's pfd for paddle boarding

FAQ: Best women’s pfd for paddle boarding

What Type Of PFD is the best women’s pfd for paddle boarding?

The best types of PFD recommended are Type III and Type V. These two types are most popularly used for a stand-up paddleboard that provides both comfort and safety. 


Do You Need a Life Jacket for Paddle Boarding?

Yes. If you are planning to go paddleboarding, you need a USCG-approved life jacket for each person. You will also need a sound-producing device on board while on the water.

What does 50N buoyancy mean? 

One of the paddleboard life jacket requirements is to have 50N buoyancy because it provides you with a minimum of 5kg of buoyancy. This is suitable for competent swimmers or those who are close to the land.  Bear in mind that 50N buoyancy cannot save someone who can’t save themselves.

Remember to carry along your life jacket or buoyancy aid for SUP at all times. 

To summarize, here are the 11 best women’s PFD for paddle boarding for those who are looking for one. You must always remember that it is important to keep yourself safe when you go paddleboarding. 

With the different types of PFD out there, you can easily find and compare the best PFD that could find your style and requirements.

After reading this article, you now have a clear understanding of how to find a suitable PFD for you. However, I believe everything boils down to comfort and needs. 

What are you waiting for? You may start your shopping spree now!

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