12 Places to Get the Best Coffee in Cornwall (Shops and Cafes)

On the prowl for the best coffee in Cornwall? You’ve come to the right place. 

Cornwall is world-renowned for its rich history, coastlines, and incredible landscapes. It is home to Bodmin Moor, stunning beaches, scrumptious Cornish pasties, and Cornish Cream Tea. 

What you probably were not aware of is that Cornwall serves up some of the best coffee in the UK

Locally roasted, imported quality, fair trade, decaffeinated – take your pick. Cornwall has a good deal of coffee shops worth exploring.  

To make cafe-hopping easier on you, we’ve shortlisted the finest coffee spots at the forefront of Cornwall’s thriving coffee scene. 

At a glance, the best coffee in Cornwall can be found in:

  1. Origin Coffee Roasters, Porthleven 
  2. Box & Barber, Newquay
  3. Seaspray Cafe, Newquay 
  4. Cherry Trees Coffee House, Padstow
  5. Ben’s Crib Box Cafe, Padstow 
  6. Bread & Butter Cafe, Truro
  7. Grounded, Truro
  8. Yallah Cafe, St. Ives (has a view)
  9. Mount Zion Coffee, St. Ives
  10. The Honey Pot, Penzance 
  11. Maria Chica, Penzance 
  12. Olive & Co, Liskeard


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1. Origin Coffee Roasters, Porthleven

best coffee in cornwall Origin Coffee Roasters, Porthleven

A Cornwall coffee company, Origin Coffee is an independently run, sustainably sourced coffee roasting establishment. 

Founded in the early 2000s, Origin Coffee is a full-service coffee business and is known throughout the UK as speciality coffee roasters, you may come across their coffee in hotels, restaurants, and cafes in the UK. 

Origin’s Coffee has coffee shops in Cornwall and London, their noteworthy outlets in Cornwall are situated in the fishing town of Porthleven. 

Origin Coffee’s Harbor Head looks over the picturesque harbour of Porthleven, this coffee shop serves up amazing views alongside their coffees. 

Also, if you’re looking for a sweet treat to accompany your coffee, I hear that the cinnamon buns here are to die for! 

At The Origin’s Coffee – The Roastery Cafe, you get to witness the magic happen, enjoy piping hot coffee with a view of the roastery. 

If you’re serious about your coffee and would love to enhance your coffee-making skills, there are a variety of exciting workshops for coffee enthusiasts available at this location. You can also get certified as a barista with their accredited training courses

2. Box & Barber, Newquay 

Box & Barber is hands down where you’ll find the best coffee in Newquay. Popular with locals as well as tourists, it is also one of the best cafes in Cornwall with a stellar rating on Tripadvisor

Box & Barber owned by two brothers, prides itself on using organic and locally sourced ingredients. Their coffee is also locally sourced from a variety of Cornish coffee producers. 

Open from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily, they have an extensive brunch menu with healthy, vegan, and gluten-free options. If you’re feeling adventurous or want a less caffeinated option, you can opt to indulge in one of their wellness lattes. 

The small cottage-turned-cafe is cosy and has a casual vibe. Outdoor seating on the front terrace is also available. There are also baked goods from local bakeries available to go with a hot cuppa every morning! 

3. Sea Spray Cafe, Newquay 

best coffee in cornwall Sea Spray Cafe, Newquay

Another crowd favourite that will pop up when you search “best coffee Newquay” is Seaspray Cafe. This beachfront joint is a gem set below the cliffs, giving you the best views of the idyllic Fistral Beach and a mean coffee!

Recently refurbished, Seaspray Cafe is the ultimate family brunch spot, it has a kid’s breakfast menu and is also dog friendly. 

Outdoor seating is available for you to enjoy the spectacular views and sea breeze. 

Open from 9 a.m., they’re famous for their fluffy pancakes amongst other things and they source their coffee from a Cornwall coffee co, Olfactory Coffee Roasters. Decaf coffees are available for those who are not a fan of caffeine but still enjoy a cuppa. 

They also have free wifi and power plugs on most of their tables, which is great if you intend to work on your trip. 

4. Cherry Trees Coffee House, Padstow

Cherry Trees Coffee House is high up on the list of the best coffee shops Cornwall has to offer., If checking out cafes in Cornwall is on your agenda, it is a must to pencil in a visit here.

A family-run business, this quaint little cafe is situated on the harbour side of Padstow and gives off the cosiest vibe. 

This spot has so much more to offer than just amazing coffee, delighting customers with Cornish favourites such as pasties, seafood chowder, open crab sandwiches, incredible cakes, and traditional Cornish cream tea. 

Here is the menu for you to have a glance at! 

Non-dairy alternatives are available to be paired with coffee or tea, vegan and vegetarian options are aplenty as well. 

They’re open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day, it is recommended to get there as early as possible especially if you’re hoping to have brunch as tables fill up fast and you may have to wait for a table, however, the takeaway is also available.

Be sure to head on over for the best coffee Padstow has onboard! 

5. Ben’s Crib Box Cafe, Padstow 

best coffee in cornwall Ben’s Crib Box Cafe, Padstow

Another gem in Padstow, Ben’s Crib Box Cafe. If you’re from overseas and have yet to try a full English breakfast, here’s where you get your hands dirty. 

Get yourself a table here to enjoy authentic British grub paired with a steaming hot cup of coffee. 

The simple cafe is set in a cabin and has a homey vibe, the staff is friendly and vibrant. Famous for its coffee, bacon rolls, and breakfast fry ups, Ben’s Crib Box is known to serve generous portions at very affordable prices. 

According to Tripadvisor, this is one of the best joints in Cornwall for a full English breakfast at an inexpensive price of £6 ($ 8.15). Whilst you’re there, you can catch Ben, the owner, freshly cooking his customer’s orders in full view. 

Afternoon, an assortment of baps, jacket potatoes, gyros, and burgers are available. There is also a built-in ice cream hut, treat yourself to Cornish ice cream, smoothies, and milkshakes with a view of the ocean. 

6. Bread & Butter Cafe, Truro

Truro is the heart of Cornwall, its beautiful cathedrals, cobble-stoned streets, and Gothic architecture make it worth a trip. 

Whilst exploring this beautiful coastal town, treat yourself to the best coffee Truro has to offer at Bread & Butter Cafe

Bread & Butter Cafe is a dog-friendly cafe with outdoor garden seating. It’s also allergy-friendly, providing gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan options. And, if you fancy Mimosa brunches, this is the spot.

Be sure to drop by before noon if you want to try their American pancakes that have a range of topping options. 

Serving breakfast and lunch, have your pick of sourdough sandwiches, nutritious salads, and scrumptious cakes, check out their elaborate menu

7. Grounded, Truro

best coffee in cornwall Grounded, Truro

Well known for its coffee and revered for its diverse variety of sandwiches, Grounded is Truro’s hidden treasure. 

Centrally located, and on the quieter side of town, this family-run establishment serves locally roasted Olfactory coffee.

Grounded uses locally grown and produced ingredients for their specially curated menu, they’ve added their own spin to typical cafe food. 

Besides artisan sandwiches with bread sourced from Da Bara (one of the best bakeries in Cornwall), they also serve all-day breakfasts, delectable soups and cakes baked in-house. 

They also do takeouts, beware, there is usually a lunchtime rush for takeaway sandwiches. 

8. Mount Zion Cafe, St Ives

Mount Zion Coffee is strictly for coffee aficionados, it is the best coffee Cornwall has put out. A small coffee shop with indoor seating overlooking the harbour. 

The owner is the barista here and he knows his coffee alright! He makes it with such precision that word on the street is it’ll be the smoothest coffee you’ll ever have. 

This is the place for speciality coffee, they offer up the best filter coffees, espresso, and flat whites, however, they do not do cakes. 

Mount Zion also provides professional barista training courses and coffee-making courses tailored to your needs, check out their website if you are interested. 

9. Yallah Cafe, St Ives 

Yallah Cafe, St Ives

Yallah Coffee Roasters is where you’ll get some of the best coffee in Cornwall. The roastery, powered by renewable energy, is set on the lovely Argal Home Farm

Head over to sample and purchase sustainably and ethically sourced, freshly roasted, single-origin coffee packaged in plastic-free, biodegradable material. 

Their quirky little cafe, Yallah Cafe & Kiosk is right by the waterfront on the harborside of St Ives. It has plenty of vegan and vegetarian meals and cakes. 

Top picks on their menu are their vegan burritos, cheese toasties, and of course their coffee! 

Their baristas are attentive and walk you through the various coffee they offer, helping you make an informed purchase. The coffee, grub, staff, and excellent view make it one of the best cafes in St Ives. 

10. Maria Chica Cafe, Penzance 

Owned and run by two Portuguese sisters, Maria Chica offers more than you can imagine. Known for its mind-blowing coffee, illustrative chocolates, and delicious tapas, this cafe is a must-visit out of all the Penzance cafes. 

The chocolate shop portion of the cafe sells Cornish-themed chocolates. Maria, one of the sisters is a self-taught chocolatier that specializes in customizable, illustrative, handmade chocolates. 

She can even draw faces on chocolate and make figurines, all she needs is a 24 hour notice period! Here’s an opportunity to bring home an exquisite souvenir. 

The sisters are inspired by their rich Portuguese heritage and this is reflected in their considerable tapas menu and cakes. 

The tantalizing flavours of their Portuguese dishes are a crowd pleaser and offer a unique dining experience. 

They also serve up a lovely breakfast menu and delectable sandwiches. And if you want to try something other than coffee, their hot chocolate, and chocolate shots are a hit. 

11. The Honey Pot Cafe, Penzance 

The Honey Pot Cafe, Penzance

The Honey Pot Cafe is an Insta-worthy spot, brewing the best coffee in Penzance. The cafe is tucked away at the border of the town, chicly decorated, brightly lit, cosy and spacious. 

What’s unique about this establishment is that it has been plastic-free since 2018 and they compost all their food waste. The waste is then provided to the local organic farms that supply their produce.  

If it’s important to you that your coffee and meals come from a sustainable source, The Honey Pot has got you covered. 

Their coffee supplier is none other than Yallah Coffee Roasters, both parties share the same interest in sustainability. Everything including bread and milk is sourced from within Cornwall. 

Well known for their desserts, everything from their jams and spreads to their scrumptious scones are homemade with love. 

They also provide catering services to locals and do private parties and host themed events at their venue. 

12. Olive & Co, Liskeard

Olive & Co is an independent cafe owned by a lovely couple and the cafe is named after their six-year-old daughter, Olive who is the real boss around here (obviously). 

Highly rated as a cafe with the best coffee in Cornwall and Tripadvisor’s Travelers Choice 2021, this place is definitely worth mentioning. 

Their simple philosophy is to make meals that they enjoy and everything is homemade with great care and detail. 

Their coffee is from small independent coffee roasters who use fair-trade beans. They do a variety of big breakfasts including a vegan option and breakfast is served up till 11.30 a.m. and is available for takeaway. 

For lunch which starts at noon, they have vegetarian wraps, sandwiches, dhals and chillis, sausage rolls, and cakes that are available all day. 

They cater to all dietary needs, whether you’re dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, or a carnivore, they’ve got all the options for you. 

What’s extraordinary about this cafe is there is a killer view of Sibylback Lake that you can enjoy with a cup of jo. As the cafe is right by the lake, you can also take a walk around the lake to burn off the calories! 


best coffee in cornwall bartender

There you have it, the best coffee in Cornwall. There are so many options for good coffee here, one is spoiled for choice. 

There are cafes for those who want a cuppa by the beach, with amazing views or paired with some yummy grub and even vegan food options. 

If you are in need of a pick-me-up, or you simply love coffee, be sure to check out some of these spots when in Cornwall, you won’t be disappointed. 


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