Top 12 Cornwall Walking Tours in 2023: All You Need To Know!

Feeling like you need to stretch out your legs on vacation? Itching for fresh Cornwall coastal walks but unsure about where to start? Check out Cornwall walking tours, where routes, accommodation, and even food have been planned out for you!

Here you will find a list of customized walking tours, with an added option for free walks at the end of the article!

At a glance, here are some of the best Cornwall walking tours:

  • Doc Martin Tour
  • Vibrant Historal Tour Through Falmouth
  • Guided Walking Tour In Mousehole 
  • Guided Walk On The Remote And Wild North Cornish Coast
  • Lizard Point Audio Tour
  • Guided Tour Of Cornish Garden 
  • North Cornwall Coastline
  • South Cornwall Coastline
  • Somerset And Devon Moors Tours
  • South West Coast Path (St Agnes)
  • St Ives Tour
  • Penzance Tour


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Short Walking Tours

cornwall walking tours short walking tours

1. Doc Martin Tour 

Location: Port Isaac, Cornwall 

Difficulty: Easy 

Cost: USD 22.15 

Contact: Viator 

This one-hour tour out of walking tours in Cornwall is recommended as it brings you on a behind-the-scenes tour of the famous British telly series Doc Martin. Port Isaac (fictional name in the series: Portwenn) is showcased via the top filming spots from the series.

Your tour guide will also entertain you with stories and anecdotes about actors or the filming stories. 

2. Vibrant Historical Walking Tour Through Falmouth 

Location: Falmouth 

Difficulty: Easy 

Cost: USD 19.38

Contact: Falmouth Uncovered

Fancy a 90-minute walk through the quaint town of Falmouth? You’ll peel back its deceiving cover to discover the history of pirates, sailors, and a whole lot of sea lingo! It’s enjoyable for everyone in the family—from the parents to even children who will be entertained by fun activity sheets. 

Note: If you’d fancy a 2-hour walking tour for a longer dip in the Falmouth historical walk, consider the longer Cornwall walking tours run by Falmouth History Walks!

3. Guided Walking Tour In Mousehole 

Location: Mousehole, Penzance 

Difficulty: Easy

Cost: USD 22.15

Contact: Mousehold Heritage Walks

Join this private, guided walking tour in Cornwall by a local Mousehold girl who holds the key to unlocking the local history of this lovely village!

The lovely dock harbouring turquoise waters and bobbing boats is alluring enough to keep visitors interested. Get entertained by local stories and the best sea views that only an insider knows. 

4. Guided Walk On The Remote And Wild North Cornish Coast 

Location: Bude, Morwenstow 

Difficulty: Medium 

Cost: USD 21.30

Contact: TripAdvisor 

This is a private walking tour that may last up to 3 hours (definitely for the photography opportunities) with a dash of hiking thrown in.

Not for the faint-hearted, traverse past cliffs, meadows, and valleys under the patient guidance of the local guide. Not to mention the stories and history of the area as you experience it for yourself! 

5. Lizard Point Audio Tour (For Budding Photographers!)

Location: Lizard Point

Difficulty: Easy 

Cost: USD 5.20 

Contact: Voicemap Porthleven 

If you’re not up for company, feel free to take on this walking tour that uses a special audio platform to guide you on your path!

The tour may take up to 75 minutes and is specially curated for photographers who wish to develop their skills in the amazing landscape of Cornwall.

Photos aside, the vantage points that will be introduced are definitely to die for. 

6. Guided Tour Of Cornish Garden (With An Experienced Horticulturalist!) 

Location: Helford River, Falmouth

Difficulty: Easy

Cost: USD 48.45

Contact: Birgit Wielwald 

This walking tour boasts of international plants in Cornwall, credits to the rest of the world who appreciated the perfect climate of the area for breeding plants in the 18th and 19th centuries. 

The horticulturalists will show you exotic plants with a backdrop of picturesque views of the Helford river! Those who fancy a slow walk and implementing their own hothouse of plants back home will appreciate this walking tour. 

Long Walking Tours

Longer walking tours are the next greatest invention for an alternative touring option. It keeps things fresh by travelling from place to place, with no worries for your luggage and accommodation (all planned and carried for you!).

Additionally, it is perfect for all in the family as tours are kept to a minimum number of hours each day. The rest of the time is for you to rest, relax, and chill! 

7. South West Coast Path Walking North Cornwall Coastline

cornwall walking tours south west coast path walking north cornwall coastline

Location: Bude to Penzance 

Number of days: 13D12N

Difficulty: Medium

Cost: USD 1,610.95

Contact: Viator 

If you cannot decide on which northern coastal Cornwall walking tours, why not go for all? This tour includes popular routes like Port Isaac, Padstow, St Ives, and Penzance.

It averages 2 hours of walking per day in different parts of the north Cornwall coastline. One day you’ll be looking at ancient buildings, another on golden beaches, and grassy meadows! 

8. South West Coast Path Walking South Cornwall Coastline 

Location: Penzance to Plymouth

Number of days: 12D11N

Difficulty: Medium

Cost: USD 1456

Contact: Compass Holidays 

If you prefer to sink your teeth into the southern walking Cornwall coastal path, this is one of the walking tours of Cornwall coast for you! It leads you from fishing villages to Lizard Point and rugged paths on daily walks that average 2-hours.

How to make the best of this tour? Arrange it for summer when the area is simply bursting with life! 

9. Somerset And Devon Moors Tour

Location: Somerset & Devon 

Number of days: 11D10N

Difficulty: Medium 

Cost: USD 1,292.01

Contact: Compass Holidays 

Read the Secret Garden and you are hooked on by the moorlands? This walking tour is perfect for you as it traverses past the Cornish moors along the North Devon coastline. It includes stops along Braunton, Combe Martin, and even Porlock, ending in Minehead.

Breakfast is included to ensure that you’re full of energy to take on the day’s walking. 

10. South West Coast Path (St Agnes) 

Location: St Agnes to St Ives

Number of days: 5 days

Difficulty: Medium

Cost: £569 (USD 758.28)

Contact: Hillwalktours 

Fancy walking longer distances each day? Consider the walking tour that will bring you along the 173km South West Coast Path between Padstow and Penzance. The 3 ½-hour to 5-hour hikes along the coastline are bound to satisfy your adventurous spirit! 

11. St Ives Tour

st ives south west coast path

Location: St Ives to Padstow & Tintagel 

Number of days: 8D7N

Difficulty: Easy

Cost: USD 1,415 

Contact: Macsadventure

This self-guided walking tour is for the nature lover who prefers quaint towns and rugged landscapes. Be entertained with tales of King Arthur and Merlin, as you will be walking through towns that are acquainted with the birth of the lovable fable.

The GPS guidance will ensure that you will never get lost on your walks in the great outdoors. 

12. Penzance Tour

Location: Par to Penzance 

Number of days: 7D6N

Difficulty: Easy 

Cost: USD 3,398 to 3,598 

Contact: Countrywalkers 

This walking tour ambles from 5.2 miles to 6.5 miles per day, depending on location. The history content ranges from Wind In The Willow to castles and guarantees that you get your fill on insider’s knowledge about each area you visit! 

Walking Holidays In Cornwall

Another name for long walking tours is walking holidays, where the paths taken are customized to a certain theme. Most guided walking holidays in Cornwall are in the countryside or at places where outdoor walks are encouraged. Walking holidays in Cornwall are also popular with tourists. Below are WWB’s top tips for your walking holiday!

#1 Get Suitable Equipment

No special equipment is needed, but sturdy boots and a backpack to store your necessities. Note that your boots should be broken in—never wear a new pair of boots on your long walking holiday! If you have no hiking equipment at all, you may consider checking out these articles on hiking pants or hiking shirts.  

#2 Start On Walking

Although it is meant to be a walking holiday, train your stamina and fitness by walking around your neighbourhood prior to your trip.

It will be a good chance to break in those new boots or try out the straps to your backpack!

Like any good warmup before exercise, getting started on walking will reduce the chances of accidents during the walking holiday. 

#3 Stock Up

Ensure that you have plenty of snacks, energy bars, and a good water bottle for your walking holiday. You wouldn’t want to arrive in an unfamiliar town where your favourite snacks are unavailable. A happy stomach means a happy and fun trip!

Why Join A Walking Tour

1. Different Perspectives Of The City

Do you ever find that zipping through the streets of a city you’re touring makes you miss out on the best parts of the trip? 

You yearn for the bustle of the local residents and crave insider knowledge on which parts of the city to see! That’s why WWB recommends that you stay on your feet and take your time to enjoy the city, bite by bite!

When you’re walking, you’re not on any schedule—you can decide to stop for a siesta at any random cafe or take photos at a lake you randomly stumbled upon. Similarly, there’s no tour leader politely telling you to keep to time in a passive-aggressive manner. The world is your oyster!

2. Meeting New People

Walking tours are undeniably a superb way of getting to know new people. There are no awkward stabs at searching for mutual interests—it’s evident that you have one thing in common, the interest in walking!   

Some of you travel alone and joining walking tours ensures that you have the company, safety, and entertainment of being part of a group. Who’s to say? You might even enjoy it so much that you form your own walking groups after the tour. 

3. Keep Planning To A Minimum

Are you one of those who hate planning and schedules with a passion? Let me tell you some good news—walking tours have everything planned out for you! 

If you are out to just enjoy some good walking without the need for excessive planning, this is for you. Some walking tours even send out checklists of everything you need to pack—saves time that is better spent shopping and making that Margarita drink. 

Insider Tips 

It always feels special when you can boast that “Oh, we dropped by this local tavern that only serves roast buck—it was superb!”.

 Or following local recommendations into a shop that sells vintage beads. There’s no limit to the insider tips you may get from joining a walking tour. Some walking tours even invite local anthropologists or animal lovers for that extra dash of local expertise! 

Value For Your Holiday Funds 

Honestly, who enjoys spending extra on holidays? Walking tours ensure that there are no extravagant expenses for silk sheets or limousines. It keeps a cap on your expenditure, especially when you still have personal commitments to maintain. Save the big bucks for your next walking tour instead! 

Free Walking Tours In Cornwall 

cornwall walking tours free walking tours in cornwall

Join A Walking Group

If you’re a local resident of Cornwall, did you know that there are several walking groups in Cornwall that aim to explore as many Cornwall walking trails as possible?

It’s the perfect solution for you if you want company on your walking adventures. As an added incentive, most of them end their walking in Cornwall with a yummy feast at nearby pubs or eateries!

You can find a full list of walking groups here

Get An Accountability Partner

Perhaps walking in a group is not your thing. Well, don’t worry! You can easily seek one walking buddy (your family members, close friends, or that unexpected colleague) to commit to scheduled trips down one walking trail or another.

This way, you wouldn’t have to worry about awkward conversations with strangers.  

Start A Walking Tour Yourself 

If you find yourself failing to seek a local Cornwall walking tour guide, it may be that YOU are the walking tour expert in your area. One way to encourage others to take on walking as a hobby would be to start your own free walking tours in Cornwall England! The benefits of joining would be endless–better health, building connections, improved familiarity with the local scene, and much more! 


What Are The Best Places For Walking Tours In Cornwall?

The best places for walking tours in Cornwall are:

  • Doc Martin Tour in Port Isaac, Cornwall
  • Cornwall Hidden Gems
  • Vibrant Historical Walking Tour Through Falmout
  • South West Coast Path  

Which Places Provide The Best Walking Tours In Cornwall For Kids And Families?

The places that provide the best walking tours in Cornwall for kids and families are:

  • Tehidy Woods, Camborne
  • Porthkidney, Lelant
  • Tintagel
  • Chapel Porth, St Agness
  • Carn Marth, Redruth

Most tours may be customized to accommodate both kids and families. To engage kids during walking tours, seek tours that have historical or geographical themes such as pirate stories or a sunken shipwreck. Bear in mind that some walking tours may include places that are steep or involve longer hikes that kids may find exhausting. 

Which Places Provide The Best Walking Tours In Cornwall On A Budget?

The places with provide the best walking tours in Cornwall on a budget are:

  • Lizard Point
  • The Doc Martin Tour in Port Isaac
  • The Historical Walking Tour Through Falmouth

Alternatively, download your own self-guided walking tour (with maps!) from Walkitcornwall or Walkingbritain and formulate your own walking tour for free!


Are you ready to put on your walking boots and pack for a walking tour? As a novice, feel free to start with local free walking tours and level up to long walking tours.

 If you are a seasoned walker, take the plunge into a long walking tour for that additional adrenaline rush! Walking in company side-by-side regardless of experiences brings people closer together.

Cornwall walking tours are a treasure trove of a variety of landscapes and sceneries. One tour may bring you from the heights of windy cliffs while another brings you through sunny beaches. All you need to do is bring your adventurous spirit along!

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