11 Best Gloves For Snowboarding [Different Budgets!]

Going on a snowboarding trip but you’re not sure which gloves to get? Fret not, as I’ve listed some of the best snowboarding gloves to get you covered in no time!

I’ve been in your shoes where there are so many varieties each year, and there will always be new ones to choose from and it can be a daunting experience. 

To help ease your nerves, I’ve consolidated a few into different categories that will cater to your needs. 

Read on to find out more about which gloves listed below that can keep you warm and covered on your trip! 

Consider me your helping hand in selecting one of our top selections.

My Top Choices For Best Gloves For Snowboarding

My top 3 pick out of the list would be:

best gloves for snowboarding
best gloves for snowboarding
best gloves for snowboarding

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11 Best Gloves For Snowboarding [2022 Guide]

best gloves for snowboarding

1. Burton AK Gore-Tex Guide 

This pair of gloves is undoubtedly one of the top rated snowboard gloves you can find. They serve as a wonderful example that top-notch design and excellent insulation do not have to burn a hole in your pocket. 

The outside of this amazing pair of gloves is composed of soft yet sturdy leather, ensuring that you may enjoy them on your snowboarding adventures. 

These gloves will ensure your hands are dry even during the sunny days when it’s warmer thanks to the Gore lining that is completely breathable and waterproof.

The fact that the liner is attached to the inside is a huge benefit because it prevents you from pulling it out with sweaty or wet hands.

For further warmth without adding undue weight, the backs of your hands are covered in a material that resembles sheep fur.

Excellent insulationThe fit may not be great
Good quality material used in the manufacturing of the gloves
best gloves for snowboarding

2. Black Diamond Tour

The Black Diamond Tour is a fantastic glove to take into consideration if your hands tend to perspire and you rarely get cold.

They are extremely comfy and light because they are constructed entirely of goatskin leather. 

You will feel a little bit warmer thanks to the fleece lining in the inner layer.

Additionally, this layer aids in reducing the moisture content of your hands. 

These gloves are made with a velcro strap on a two-layer Pertex shield short cuff to keep the cold out.

You don’t want your fingers and hands to freeze up because of the cold now do you?

The velcro straps can be easily adjusted should you need more airflow for your hands. These gloves do not have a lot of insulation or warmth.

While they may not perform in severely cold temperatures, they are good if your hands get sweaty quickly.

Strong insulationToo thick
Long cuffsNot dextrous
best gloves for snowboarding

3. Black Diamond Mercury Mitten

If you are in search of one of the top snowboard gloves that are going to keep your hands warm, then look no further than these mittens. 

The shell of the Black Diamond Mercury Mitten is 4-way stretchable and has replaceable split-finger liners.

If you are anything like me, your hands are going to get cold fast while snowboarding. 

The bomber build of the Mercury allows it to withstand significant wear and tear.

Although many chooses gloves for snowboarding, mittens are still a great option for individuals who frequently experience chilly hands. 

This glove is 100% waterproof and has 2 shell layers. The first shell is made of

100% Polyester, Palm, and 100% Goatskin Leather whereas shell 2 is made of 100% Polyester.  The insert is made of 100% thermoplastic polyurethane.

Primaloft Gold Cross Core is used to fill the detachable insulated liner, which dries rapidly and provides insulation even when wet.

Excellent durabilityCuffs may not fit well
best gloves for snowboarding

4. Oyuki Sencho Gore-TEX Gloves

These gloves are one of the best waterproof snowboard gloves and are made up of excellent goat skin leather for the shell.

The glove is ventilated from within by a Gore-tex fabric that aids in  removing any moisture that tries to enter and recirculating the warm air within that will make your hands damp.

The Senchos’ insulation is divided into two parts – one being the palm, the other being the back of the hand.

The palms have 133g of PrimaLoft Gold insulation is because they are naturally the hottest area of your hand.

Your backhand needs greater protection because it is more exposed to the environment, so there is 200g of PrimaLoft Gold insulation.

Adjustable double-layer cuffSizing range
The exterior and interior of the glove offer different levels of insulation
best gloves for snowboarding

5. Arc’teryx Fission SV 

Price: $199

With Fission SV, Arcteryx is offering complete extra insulation, as it combines the tested functionality of FortiusTM 1.0 with a waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX insert. 

Maximum warmth is provided by PrimaLoft® Silver and Gold Insulation, while an extra Octa® Loft permeable insulation liner close to the skin controls any dampness and enables an effortless on or off.

The second layer of fine goat leather reinforcing increases durability and adds to the robustness.

A wrist strap with elastic assures a precise fit and the gauntlet’s pull-open & pull-close mechanism keeps out any potential harsh weather faced while snowboarding. 

This is the glove to get if you want a pair of gloves with all four important characteristics of good snowboarding gloves – insulation, durability, waterproofing, and breathability.

Very dextrousExpensive
Long cuffs
best gloves for snowboarding

6. Hestra Army Leather Patrol

This pair of gloves is one of the best womens snowboarding gloves.

The Hestra Army Leather Patrol features a waterproof outer layer made of a combination of leather grip and Hestra’s Dobby Polyester Melange material on the back, making it warmer than conventional gloves. 

It is based on the same robust design as Hestra’s Heli Ski model but is intended to be worn underneath the jacket sleeve and has a cozy neoprene collar that encloses the wrists. 

Even in cold weather, the fleece lining with microfiber insulation will keep your fingertips all warm and toasty. It is also simple to remove for washing or drying.

If you happen to be perspiring more while snowboarding, for instance, you can alter the warmth by switching out the insulation for a thinner lining.

If you remove the glove to adjust your snowboarding gear, its straps lessen the likelihood that you will drop it. 

This pair of gloves is a sturdy and trustworthy friend for individuals who spend extended periods of time outside in the cold and who prefer to venture outside of ski resorts and their amenities.

Excellent insulationShort cuffs
best gloves for snowboarding

7. Oyuki Chika GTX Glove

The Oyuki Chika GTX Glove is an extremely supple glove made with an exterior made of superior water-resistant goatskin leather.

The company uses 133g of PrimaLoft® Grip on the insides of the glove and 200g of the well-known synthetic insulation industry leader, PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation. 

As you are swiftly going down the slopes, the exquisitely crafted neoprene wrist-seal and Velcro strap will ensure that no snow will penetrate through the gloves and wet your hands. 

The double-layer cuff may be adjusted for the best seal and a hook and loop fastener to ensure you have a seamless experience with these gloves. 

DurablePoor fit
Great dexterity
best gloves for snowboarding

8. Black Diamond Legend Glove 

If you are looking for one of the best mens snowboard gloves, then look no further. This pair of gloves is known among serious snowboarders for its outstanding insulation and sturdiness.

The Legend combines safety with ease like never before thanks to its 170g PrimaLoft Gold insulation, GORE-TEX waterproof and breathability protection to keep out damp weather, and a fleece lining for a warm feel. 

The Guide is challenging to beat if you frequently have chilly hands or ski in subzero temperatures.

It has an improved 3D mapping that provides greater agility than ever before, and its supple yet tough sheep leather fingertips and palm provide a far better feel.

A hook-and-loop wrist fastening keeps the snow out while the abrasion-resistant Pertex shell resists dampness and rough terrain.

Excellent insulationNot very dextrous
best gloves for snowboarding

9. Dakine Wristguard

Look into the Dakine Wristguard if you are looking for the pair of best snowboard gloves with wrist protection that can serve as body protection.

These provide additional support for both the front and rear of your wrist with a set of detachable, sturdy nylon plates.

The gloves are primarily designed with protection and security in mind, but they also feature strong warmth and endurance. To keep out snow and wetness, they contain a DWR-treated shell and a Dakine Dry waterproof inner.

Synthetic insulation with a high loft provides a significant amount of warmth and continues to function even when wet. For additional protection, there is a fleece lining and a gauntlet that cinches in one hand.

Fleece liner for protectionNot very dextrous
best gloves for snowboarding

10. Dakine Sequoia 

The Dakine Sequoia provides straightforward warmth, the ideal mix of functions for year-round use, and an affordable price.  thanks to a large detachable liner and significant polyester fill in the shell.

The Sequoia can function in a wide temperature range thanks to detachable Storm Liner gloves.

The Rubbertec palm firmly provides grip and increases durability, while a GORE-TEX insert with Gore Warm innovation optimizes the lining, barrier, and outside material to keep hands warmed for an extended period of time. 

In addition, when the weather gets chilly, the heat pack compartment and a water-resistant external zippered cache can be used to store cash.

Great for cold temperaturesPoor fitting
Excellent insulation
best gloves for snowboarding

11. SWANY Men’s X-Cell 2.1 Sports Gloves

The dextrous Swany makes it simple to grip a jacket zipper pull or maintain control of your snowboarding equipment while you are at full tilt because it is made of durable leather covering with a reinforced palm. 

The X-gauntlet Cell is practical and does a good job of keeping out snow and chilly wind gusts.

The heating pouch will maintain dry hands and may be used as an outlet to cool off or to add a hand warmer for further warmth. It can also be used to store small items or to store a heat pack.

The superior Dunatherm lining of these best snow gloves for snowboarding promises rapid drying, quick absorbency and dispersion, and high heat-producing properties. 

Breathable gloveHigh price points
Great warmth

FAQS On Best Gloves For Snowboarding

What Gloves Should I Use For Snowboarding?

Down gloves and mittens are an excellent choice for skiing and snowboarding in cold, dry climates. In addition to being less expensive than down, synthetic insulation dries more quicker and insulates even when wet. 

However, there are plenty of ways to choose snowboarding gloves. 

When choosing gloves for snowboarding, focus on these criteria prior to choosing them:

  • Warmth
  • Waterproof
  • Cuff Length
  • Durability
  • Dexterity
  • Fit And Sizing
  • Warmth

The majority of snowboarding gloves are insulated, keeping your hands warm on chilly, challenging days.

Nevertheless, the challenge is determining the ideal amount of insulation. 

It’s difficult to predict the insulation level of a pair of gloves because gloves are insulated in a variety of methods, ranging from fleece to polyester fill.

The two common indicators are the synthetic fill’s quality and weight.

PrimaLoft is the market leader in fantastic warmth and is frequently seen on expensive gloves.

If you look at the description above for the Black Diamond Legend glove, you will find that there are 170g of PrimaLoft, making it one of the warmest designs.

If you are seeking ultimate warmth, then go for mittens that warm up effectively by squeezing your fingers together. 

  • Waterproof

Keeping your hands dry while snowboarding is just as important as keeping them warm. 

The reason why the waterproofness of a pair of snowboarding gloves is important is that while most gloves out there are waterproof, a snowboarding glove needs to be permeable so that sweat does not accumulate within.

This is where waterproof and breathable inserts like Gore-Tex come into the picture. It essentially acts as a thin layer between both the insulation and the exterior, enabling water vapor to exit while blocking snow from getting in.

Even the warmest gloves will be useless if they are dripping wet. For this reason, you should look for ski gloves with a high grade for waterproofness.

  • Cuff Length

There are two kinds of cuff:

  • Gauntlet Style
  • Undercuff 

Gauntlet Style

Long gauntlet-style gloves wrap the cuff of a winter jacket and extend well past the wrist. They are typically warmer since they have additional insulation and can effectively keep the cold out. With extra material on the glove, they also provide the wrist with a little less range of motion.


When it comes to undercuff gloves, they are easier to put on and take off but would not provide as much warmth as a gauntlet-style glove would. However, they provide greater agility and are simpler to breathe because less weight gets in the way of wrist movement.

  • Durability

If you want a pair that will last for a very long time, seek gloves with double-stitched or closed seams, leather on the outside and inside, and cuffs.

Due to the use of robust materials like leather or fabrics that can withstand abrasions and misuse, the majority of current snowboarding gloves are made to be durable enough to survive over multiple seasons. 

  • Dexterity

Warmth and dexterity typically both play a role because, in summary, dexterity decreases as insulation increases.

However, some well-insulated gloves nonetheless offer surprisingly good dexterity because they follow the shape of your hands they are relaxed, which helps eliminate extra fabric and improves touch.

A thickly insulated glove is thicker and more difficult to use for activities like answering a phone call whereas this would not be an issue with thin snowboarding gloves. 

Naturally, mittens are less dextrous than 5-fingered gloves, with 3-finger gloves bridging the gap between warmth and dexterity.

  • Fit And Sizing

It is worthwhile to take the time to determine your optimal size because a properly fitting glove plays an important role in how your hands feel when you are out on the slopes. 

Even though the market is not uniform in how they display glove and mitten sizing, you will see the typical small, medium, and large sizes being offered.

In order to minimize pinch spots and being too tight, it is preferable to size up if you find yourself in doubt.

best gloves for snowboarding

Why Do Snowboarders Wear Mittens Instead Of Gloves?

Both mittens and gloves are equally great for snowboarding but if you have to choose either one, mittens have more advantages as opposed to gloves. Mittens are generally warmer than gloves due to their material as your fingers will share the same warmth.

While gloves provide better dexterity and space for your fingers’ range of motion, worse dexterity might occur if it’s a poorly fitted glove as compared to a poorly fitted mitten.

Are Leather Gloves Good For Snowboarding?

Leather gloves are good for snowboarding as the shell of your snowboarding gloves. Its excellent material will only get better when you wear them often but be mindful not to opt for the standard leather gloves.

Basic leather gloves often at times come without the proper treatment, membrane, and thermal insulation to protect the skin from the cold.

But with proper treatment of leather, it is worth the investment as it can be waterproofed, provide extra dexterity, and will break nicely to the shape of your hands.

Are Gore-Tex Gloves Worth It?

Gore-Tex gloves are worth the investment as it is such an adaptable and lightweight material that can easily be mixed with other materials to compose a nicely fitted warm glove. One of the best materials to combine with Gore-Tex is a material called down as it keeps them in optimal condition.

All of the gloves featured in this article are some of the best products that stand for the vast majority of the market.

Once you’re accustomed to the top selection of the best gloves for snowboarding, you can narrow down and keep an eye out for their useful features. 

Essentially when choosing the right pair of gloves means having to balance between two factors; dexterity and warmth. The optimal snowboarding gloves should work in any weather condition as nothing ruins your day at the ski than having cold hands.

Be sure to not opt for the mediocre gloves and don’t drop your gloves off the lift! Keeping your hands warm can go a long way in making your day at the ski the best time of your life. 

Happy shopping!

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