Should You Wax a New Snowboard? (It Depends)

Should you wax a new snowboard? This is the question you will be asking yourself if you have just bought a new board.

First of all, congratulations on your purchase! It’s an exciting feeling to bring home a brand new snowboard.

Waxing is an essential part of taking care of a snowboard and getting the best performance possible.

It is generally recommended to wax your new snowboard before taking it out for the first time. However, you might be in a rush to just quickly get out and try your board.

It might be okay to take your new snowboard out for a ride before waxing it. 

But it depends on whether your new snowboard is already waxed and what kind of snowboarding you’re intending to do.

I’ll help you figure out these aspects to your new snowboard so you can hit the snow as soon as possible.

should you wax a new snowboard

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Do You Need to Wax a New Snowboard?

Generally, snowboards are sold pre-waxed, but with “factory” wax.The answer to the question of “do you wax a new snowboard?” really depends on the state of the factory wax, your expectations, how long your first ride would be and whether your board has an extruded or sintered base.

should you wax a new snowboard

The State of the Factory Wax

Usually new snowboards are sold with a coating of factory wax. But your board has probably been sitting in the shop or storage for a while. Therefore the factory wax may have started to dry out.

How dry the wax is would depend on:

  • how long the board has been in storage for;
  • the environmental conditions of the shop where the board was stored;
  • whether or not there are stickers on it; and, 
  • whether or not it is wrapped in protective plastic.

You can see how dry the wax is by taking a good look at the base. If there are cloudy white patches in the wax then that means it is probably drying out and would need fresh wax.

Even with those cloudy patches, you can probably still take it out for a ride, but the board won’t perform at its best.

However, if you’re just going for a short trip and you’re not planning to go hard and fast then it should be fine to take out your board for a quick ride without waxing.

should you wax a new snowboard

Why Should You Wax a New Snowboard?

Are you still wondering, do I need to wax a new snowboard? Here are the conditions when you should definitely consider giving your board a fresh coat of hot wax before riding it:

  • If your first snowboarding trip with your board will go longer than a few days.
  • If you like to snowboard very fast and hard.
  • If you ride at a location where there are many flat patches where you will need optimal speed.
  • If your board has a sintered base.
  • If you really want to protect your base right from the start.

What Will I Need To Wax A New Snowboard?

Now you know the answer to the question of “do new snowboards need to be waxed?”, it’s time to get ready to wax your board. 

I recommend that you get your hands on the best snowboard wax kit: Demon Complete Basic Tune Kit with Wax which contains everything that you need to wax your board. 

should you wax a new snowboard

This kit includes:

  • A flat file
  • Edge tuner
  • Wax scraper
  • Tuning stone
  • 3 wire brushes
  • Adjustable temperature iron
  • Polish pad
  • P-tex
  • Carry case
  • 133 grams of Demon Wax

New Snowboard Waxing: How to Do It

Now you’ve decided to go ahead, are you wondering how to wax a snowboard? Here are step-by-step instructions.

1. Loosen and Remove Bindings

Remove the bindings before you put a hot iron near your base. If you accidentally use an iron near binding screws, the screws can conduct heat and damage your board.

2. Clean the Base of Your New Snowboard

There are two ways to clean the base:

  1. Use a base cleaner and a cloth.
  2. Use the hot scrape method (using an iron to apply a thin layer of hot wax which you then immediately scrape off while still warm).

Once done, wipe off any residue with a polishing cloth.

3. Choose Which Wax to Use

A rule of thumb is to select your wax based on the temperature of the location where you’ll be riding. 

Looking for the best snowboard wax for your location? Here are our picks:

The best all-temperature wax: Hertel Hot Sauce Racing Snowboard Wax.

should you wax a new snowboard

The best cold weather wax: Swix Biodegradable Ski and Snowboard Wax.

should you wax a new snowboard

The best warm weather wax: ZÜMWax Ski and Snowboard Racing Wax.

should you wax a new snowboard

4. Melt Your Wax

You can buy a waxing iron for snowboards, but in all honesty, a normal clothes iron works fine. However, do keep in mind that once you use a clothes iron for waxing a snowboard, you won’t be able to use it with your clothes again.

The way you use it is to warm the iron to medium-level heat. Then hold the wax next to the iron until the wax starts melting at a slow drip. The wax will drip onto the board.

Move it around the board edges before moving it up the middle in a zig-zag pattern. This will create an even wax coating on the board.

5. Iron the Base

Place your iron on the board base and in a circular motion, move it around. You’ll want to make sure the whole surface of the board is covered with wax. Be sure to keep moving the iron so the board doesn’t get too hot.

6. Allow the Wax to Cool

The wax will set in about 20-30 minutes.

7. Start Scraping

During this stage you will scrape off any excess wax. Hold your plastic scraper at a 45-degree angle and work from nose to tail carefully. For a smooth base use long continuous strokes.

8. Assess the Edges

Make sure there is no wax left on your rails. Remove stray wax with the notch on the end of the scraper.

9. Structure the Base

Using a structuring brush, give the board a brush from nose to tail. Remove any excess wax and expose the structure of the base. This means your board will run smoother and faster.

10. Admire your Hard Work

Well done! You have just waxed your new snowboard. 

should you wax a new snowboard

Types of Snowboard Wax

There are many different types of snowboard wax, but as I have already mentioned, you should choose the right wax for the temperature of the location you will be snowboarding at. If you are unsure, just go for the best all-temperature wax: Hertel Hot Sauce Racing Snowboard Wax.

should you wax a new snowboard

Best Snowboard Wax Kit

As suggested above, the very best snowboard wax kit is the Demon Complete Basic Tune Kit with Wax. Within this kit, you’ll find all the items that you will need to wax your new board.  

should you wax a new snowboard

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Waxing A New Snowboard

Here are some common mistakes you should avoid when waxing your new board:

  • Mistake #1: heating up your base too much by repeatedly going over and over the same spot with the iron, or ironing one spot for too long.
  • Mistake #2: Accidentally creating a wax build-up by not scraping your board enough.
  • Mistake #3: Being too hasty when you iron the area under the mounting.
  • Mistake #4: Accidentally leaving the board bindings attached to the board while waxing.

How Often Should You Wax Your Snowboard?

You are probably wondering “how often should I wax my snowboard”? A general guide is to hot wax your snowboard after every 3 to 4 days of riding.

Detuning & Edge Maintenance

Detuning a snowboard involves rounding off any sharp edges of your snowboard with a file. This helps avoid unexpected edge catches while snowboarding and lowers the risk of a bad fall.

should you wax a new snowboard

FAQs On Should You Wax a New Snowboard?

Are Snowboards Already Waxed?

Are snowboards already waxed? Yes, snowboards are already waxed. This means you can ride your new board for 1 to 2 days without needing to apply new wax.

Is the Factory Wax Enough to Use my Snowboard Straight Away?

You might be wondering, why wax a new snowboard?  If you are keen to protect your board, are taking a trip of more than a couple of days, and plan to go hard and fast, you should get your snowboard waxed before using it.

Should I Wax my Snowboard Before First Use?

Should you wax a brand new snowboard before first use? Generally, you should get your snowboard waxed before using it. While not essential it is a good idea to protect your board and optimize performance.

When Should You Wax Your Snowboard?

When should you wax your snowboard? Beginner snowboarders all want to know: “how often should you wax your new snowboard?” Most experienced riders will hot wax their board every 3 to 4 days of riding.

What Should I Do With My New Snowboard?

Wondering what should you do with your new snowboard? When you get a new snowboard, you should inspect the factory wax to see how dry it is.

If you plan on taking a trip of more than 2 days and plan to go hard and fast, you should definitely look at waxing your board before using it for the first time.

How Long Does Factory Snowboard Wax Last?

So, how long does factory snowboard wax last? Factory snowboard wax will only last for about 1 to 2 days of riding. If your trip is longer than that, you will definitely want to hot wax your board – either by yourself or at your local shop.

What Happens If I Don’t Wax My Snowboard?

Are you wondering what happens if I don’t wax my snowboard? It is possible to ride without waxing your board, but you will not be able to ride as fast and your board will not be protected and at a higher risk for rust and abrasion or damage.

How Much Does It Cost to Get A Snowboard Waxed?

So, how much does it cost to get a snowboard waxed? Generally, these are the prices for snowboard tuning:

Services for SnowboardPrice
Debur & Wax$30
Hot Wax$20
Wield (per inch)$10

How Do You Set Up A New Snowboard?

How do you set up a new snowboard? As well as giving your board fresh hot wax, basically, you want to customize your binding to match the size of your boot and the size of your foot. This will make your ride as comfortable and safe as it can be.

Do You Need to Wax A New Salomon Snowboard?

Do you need to wax a new Salomon Snowboard? Many new riders ask “do new snowboards need to be waxed?” According to Salomon: “Most snowboards, like ours, come with a factory wax and tune. This means they don’t need a hot wax before you take them out for their first spin”.

Do New Snowboards Need to be Sharpened?

Do new snowboards need to be sharpened? The good news is that normally new snowboards are sharpened at the factory as part of the assembly process. Ask the shop staff when you buy your board, so you know for sure whether your new board is pre-sharpened.

Do I Need to Detune My New Snowboard?

Do I need to detune my new snowboard? Yes, many shops will recommend detuning the contact points to keep the edges from catching unexpectedly and jerking the rider or skier around no matter what they prefer to ride.

should you wax a new snowboard

Final Thoughts On Should You Wax A New Snowboard

Now you have all you need to know about waxing a new snowboard.

You are probably in a super keen rush to take your new snowboard out to the snow and try it out for the very first time.

If you plan to go on a short ride and won’t go too hard and fast, then the factory wax should be enough.

But if you plan to go out for more than a few days and will ride hard and fast, it is probably best if you take the time to get your new board properly waxed. You can either do this by yourself at home D.I.Y or have it done by a professional.

A new snowboard is a thing of beauty. Keeping it well maintained will make it perform better and last longer.

What tips do you have for caring for a new snowboard? Let us know in the comment section below.

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